my condolences and prayers are with his family

DAY 2549

Sopaan, New Delhi               Apr  7, 2015              Tue  10:45 pm 

Rochelle, we are so grieved at the news of the passing of your dear Father .. all our prayers and condolences with you and the family ,.. be brave and strong .. we are with you ..  

I rest and sleep in the room that my father slept in here in Sopaan .. I travel through his library and his work desk where he sat for hours and years writing contemplating, thinking and putting all that he worked on into words .. his room remains and is kept the way he left it .. I rummage through some of the books , the hundreds that adorn the shelves, and then pick up his ‘rachnavali’ his autobiography, a volume of it and run through the pages , and realise in enraged fury that I have not spent anytime with him at all .. with his words with his philosophy of life and beyond, with his literature and his writing .. every word every sentence a mammoth learning .. some of it I put out early in the morning on FB and Twitter … some I shall keep to myself … its a sort of selfishness .. sharing with all what belongs to me and my blood .. but share I must .. his genius must be made vocal and available to all .. I am tempted to give up all that I involve myself in, my work my responsibilities and my insecurities, to just exist in the realm of Father’s words and works …

There is rehearsal for the event tomorrow at the Rashtrapati Bhavan, the Presidents House, the ex residence of the Viceroy of Great Britain when India was ruled by the British, the largest private residence in the world, I believe .. its an architectural marvel … and the investiture ceremony shall take place in the historic Ashoka Hall, the hall that resounds with history .. the place where Lord Mountbatten, the last Viceroy handed over the Independent charge to India, the place where the Republic of India was inaugurated and the first Indian President, Dr Rajendra Prasad was appointed …

I have been in this hall on many occasions. The two early Padma Awards for my Father and my Padma Shri were conducted here .. as also my Padma Bhushan.. then we had moved inside to the Grand Hall with its incredible ornate ceiling work, for the other Padma Awards for Jaya and Aishwarya .. this year it is back to the Ashoka Hall ..

So many memories are attached to this residence .. difficult to describe them now, without breaking some personal protocol .. so another day maybe, when it is felt by me to state those moments .. then …

What I have discovered , and to my great relief and joy is that in the pages that I have been through of my Father’s works, there are vast pages devoted to why and where and how each one of his works were written and devised .. the meanings behind the thoughts that kept pouring out ..

Thus is a blessing .. for now I hope to be able to educate myself and in turn others that could be interested in his writings … I am so happy with this .. so happy ..

As I close for the day, it is so heartening to have the family coming together for tomorrow’s investiture .. Abhishek who is shooting in Dubai, shall come in early morning tomorrow … Aishwarya and Aaradhya have just landed from Mumbai .. Navya and Agastya have come home from London school, for their Easter break and all shall be present to witness this moment  … and of course NIkhil and Shweta and Jaya .. all shall be with me in that historic hall for the morrow ..

I shall depart .. and be a part of tomorrow with you ..

My love …

Amitabh Bachchan

My thoughts, condolences, and prayers go out to Vice President Joe Biden and his family on the loss of his son, Beau Biden to brain cancer.


Some of the best Sidney Freedman (Allan Arbus) moments 

i seriously cant put into words how much knowing that this man is no longer among us saddens me. Even though i did not follow his career closely or really knew about his private life…i know that he was a great actor. His character on MASH is one of absolute favorites and the only complaint i have is that he was not in more episodes! he brought so much insight and emotion to his character that i truly believed that he was a practicing psychiatrist. I loved how sarcastic he was, how his wit could unarm even the most guarded person (ex: Hawkeye). In a world FILLED with craziness…he was the most rational and centered person who everyone could really depend on. I will really miss this man, but I find solace in knowing he lived a full life of 95 years and that he left part of his legacy in an amazing show everyone can watch. RIP Allan Arbus you will be missed. 


Seki, a syrian refugee here in Germany and my friend asked me today if I have time to come over and go to the mosque to have a prayer for paris. His family and friends died on their way to Germany. No one prayed for him. But he wants to pray and he pray. In a mosque. He is Muslim. In Palestine they prayed extra for Paris after the midday prayer. These People are Muslim. THIS IS HUMANITY. Not Barack Obama who says that terrorism is no race-thing. Not Angela Merkel and François Hollande who shouts out condolence. Look at those who we blame, they show Humanity and we are agitate against them

Kitty0706 has passed away

A lot of you probably don’t know who that is but he was a famous Garrys mod make her as well as a YouTube poop fan who made poops on and off that were very good.

I consider myself thankful and filled with honor that I was able to meet him and make friends with him before his passing as well as feature him on my news show.

I know he had been battling leukemia and from what I heard he was getting better and his last post was a week ago on Google+ saying he was okay but unfortunately today he actually did lose his battle with leukemia and left a hell of a legacy behind

My condolences and prayers go out to the family and friends of Elliot and I hope that his videos as well as the man himself are remembered forever by the Internet.

He was a fun person with optimistic thoughts to the very end.

Goodbye Elliot and sorry we never did get to play a game together like you offered. But it was cool you gave me the offer.