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Emergency Contact - Bruce Wayne x Reader

After sitting through another dull meeting all I wanted to do was go home and take a nice, relaxing bath but the pile of paperwork haphazardly stacked on my desk demanded to be completed. I was slowly making my way through it, craving home more and more as I went, when my phone began to ring. Glancing at the screen I didn’t recognise the number, and being too irritable to deal with a cold caller I decided to let it ring. The call ended and my office returned to a serine silence before the buzzing started again. Deciding that it must be important, I begrudgingly picked up the phone.
“Hello, is that Miss (y/l/n) speaking?”
“Yes, this is she” I didn’t recognise the voice, confusion furrowing my brows.
“I’m Mellisa Martin, a doctor at Gotham General Hospital, I’m afraid that I have to inform you that a Mister Bruce Wayne has been in a serious accident and has been taken to the ICU”
I shot up in my chair, my heart started to beat frantically as the room began to spin. As my breaths got out of control I struggled to stop my words.
“Is he going to be okay? Can I see him? Oh god, I can’t believe this is happening”
My voice trembled as my thoughts ran wild, images of Bruce in a coma or injured unrecognisably swirled around my head.
“His stable but his condition is very serious, you can come to the hospital but he won’t be conscious due to all of the medication”
Despite the doctor’s soothing tone, I couldn’t control the sickening feeling of panic spreading across my chest and settling within my stomach.
“O-okay, thank you. I’ll come as soon as I can”

Having rushed out of my office building and getting in the first cab I saw, I was on my way to the hospital. Bruce and I hadn’t spoken in months, our relationship had been forever damaged after I confessed my love for him only to be met by rejection. It was excruciatingly painful and I couldn’t bear to look at him after that. I knew I couldn’t force him to love me but deep down I’d always hoped he might return my affections. I distanced myself from him with the hopes that maybe my feelings would fade away, if anything they had only proceeded to grow stronger, making me crave Bruce and his incredible personality.

When the cab reached the hospital, I paid the driver before frantically making my way towards the front desk. The stress flustered me and took away my ability to breathe normally. When I finally reached the desk my words were rushed and my voice breathless.
“I’m here to see Bruce Wayne, could you tell me where he is, please”
The nurse gave me a sympathetic look before searching the records for his room number.
“You need floor 7, room 12 sweetheart” She offered me a kind smile which I attempted to return but my mouth formed a grimace instead, my worry making it impossible to smile.

Reaching floor 7 after an agonisingly long elevator ride, my unsteady feet carried me down the ward as I searched for room 12. I was halfway across the ward when I spotted Alfred. His face was ghostly pale and his hands were shaking. My heels clicked against the polished floor as I rushed towards the distraught old man. Upon hearing my footsteps he turned to face me, as I approached him, I opened my arms, desperate to comfort him in any way. He welcomed my embrace, wrapping his arms tightly around my waist.
“What happened Alfred?” My voice trembled with anxiety as I stepped out of his arms.
“He came back in such a state I had to bring him in-” His voice shook with worry for his surrogate son.
“He did this as Batman?” My voice turned to a whisper, not wanting to reveal Bruce’s alter ego. Alfred solemnly nodded his head.
“I tried to warn his that it was too dangerous-but he-he just wouldn’t listen”
As his emotions overwhelmed him, I pulled him in for another hug, trying to soothe his frayed nerves. It wasn’t until I tasted salt on my lips that I realised I was crying. Fear for my best friend causing more and more tears to fall down my face.
“I’m so glad you came, Miss” Alfred took a deep breath, trying to calm himself, before continuing. “I couldn’t do this without you”
“You know I’ll always come if you or Bruce need me, you’re family” I offered him a reassuring smile, wanting him to understand the sincerity behind my words.
“I know, it’s just that you and Bruce haven’t spoken in so long-”
“You called, so I came. No matter what’s going on between Bruce and I, I’ll always come if he needs me”
My words caused a glimmer of a smile to form on the old man’s face.
“I didn’t call you Miss, you’re one of Bruce’s emergency contacts”
My cheeks flushed as my breath got caught in my throat. Though it may have seemed insignificant to Bruce, it moved me deeply to know that he chose me to be one of his emergency contacts, trusting me to come to his side during his time of need. Trying not to let my emotions run wild with the deeper meaning of his decision, I took a deep breath and made myself forget about it for now.
“Can I see him?”
Alfred’s expression returned to a distraught frown.
“He’s just down the corridor Miss, I’m waiting here to speak to his doctor”
I nodded in thanks before making my way down the corridor. Alfred’s hand caught mine as I turned away.
“Just-just try-don’t get upset, the doctors have said he could make a full recovery” My heart jumped as I nodded again before turning away.

My stomach was churning as I made my way to his room. My feet stopped and my heart plummeted. He was surrounded by tubes and wires, all connected to different parts of his body. A choked sob caught in my throat, my knees buckled as my eyes roamed his body, only to find another injury or bruise or cut. Before I could fall, Alfred’s arms wrapped around my waist, supporting my body as I sobbed into his chest. My breaths came in rapid concession, I couldn’t gain control over them. My vision faded to black as I collapsed in Alfred’s arms.

It had been days since I’d first been called to the hospital and Bruce still hadn’t woken up. I’d only left the hospital twice, showering and grabbing some food before returning. His bruises were fading to a sickly yellow as the cuts scattered across his body gradually healed. The doctors continuously told us his condition was improving but it was hard to believe without seeing his beautiful brown eyes open and a smile grow on his handsome face.

I jumped out of my seat in the waiting area as I felt a hand rest on my shoulder. I looked up to see Alfred smiling down at me.
“You were miles away, Miss. You should get some rest”
His tone was soft but determined as he took a seat next to me. He’d been telling me to go home and get a proper night’s sleep for days.
“I’m okay, promise” His disapproving expression made it obvious that he didn’t believe me. Before he could continue, we both became distracted by the rush of doctors towards Bruce’s room. We rose to our feet and hurriedly followed them.

We weren’t allowed into the room until they’d finished all of their checks on Bruce, both of us impatiently pacing in front of his door. The sound of the door opening made us freeze, we turned expectantly to the doctor. She smiled at our eagerness.
“He’s awake and talking but he’s dazed so don’t expected too much” She laughed when she saw the question written on both of our faces. “Yes, you can go in” Smiling again, she walked away to give us some privacy. Alfred rushed through the door but I was frozen in place. I couldn’t get my feet to move, nerves overwhelming me. What if he didn’t want me here? He didn’t chose to call me, he could’ve just forgotten to change his emergency contact. My insecurities glued my feet to the floor. I was about to turn away and leave when I heard the faintest call of my name. I slowly turned around to be met by Bruce’s shocked eyes taking in my presence. I cautiously stepped into the room, a tense smile on my face. I fiddled with the sleeves of my shirt before rising my eyes to his.
“Hi” My voice had dropped to a nervous whisper, my constricted throat unable to manage anything louder. I coughed and attempted to discreetly wipe away the tears that were making their way down my face before continuing. “How do you feel?”
“Like death warmed up” His joking tone attempted to lighten the mood but I was too overwhelmed to relax. I awkwardly shuffled my feet as Alfred caught Bruce up on his condition and the events that had occurred. Although he was listening, his eyes rarely left me. When Alfred finally noticed, he accused himself, saying it was time for coffee, with a knowing smile on his face.

Bruce beckoned me towards the bed and despite my best efforts I couldn’t refuse him. I pulled a chair beside the bed and sat down, refusing to meet his eyes. His hand covered my fidgeting ones and wrapped around them. My eyes focused on the bruises covering his hand, causing my breath to quicken as the tears began to fall even faster.
“Thank you for coming” His voice was hoarse from nearly a week of not using it. I smiled, wiping my eyes.
“Of course I came, what kind of person would I be if I got a call from the hospital and didn’t come to see if you were okay?”
Bruce’s eyebrows pulled down in confusion, causing him to wince as it agitated the healing cut on his temple.
“The hospital called you?”
“I’m one of your emergency contacts”
A blush turned Bruce’s cheeks pink as he looked away from me. He fiddled with the blanket covering him before clearing his throat and continuing. “Right, forgot about that, well-still thanks”
I was about to respond when he started to speak again. “I’m sorry, (y/n)” His tone was remorseful and consumed by guilt.
“Don’t be ridiculous Bruce, it’s nothing to be sorry for”
He shifted in his bed. “This isn’t what I’m apologising for”
“Oh..well-um the other things okay too. I shouldn’t have sprung my feeling on you and expected something in return”
He looked at me with disbelief colouring his features.
“It’s not okay, I was awful and I lied. You deserve a lot better friend than me”
“What do you mean, you lied?”
I was growing anxious, not sure if I was prepared to hear what he has to say.
He chuckled bitterly before speaking, his own tone proof of his nerves.
“I-uh-I really like you (y/n), I’ve been furious with myself for pushing you away. I was so shocked that my mind acted without thinking. God (y/n) I’m so sorry”
My whole body froze, stunned by his confession. The days of worry and weeks of loneliness before that pushed me closer to Bruce. Before my mind could register what I was doing I’d pressed my lips to his, it was tender and loving but grew more frenzied as he responded, our desperation making our movements clumsy. We pulled away breathless, Bruce wincing at the rush of pain the movement had caused.
“Oh god-I’m so sorry I didn’t even think-I just” Bruce’s laughter stopped my frantic apologising, making me glare at him.
“You’re adorable”
“I hate you”
“No, you love me” Despite the heat in my cheeks a shy smile formed on my face.
“C'mere” He beckoned me forward, trying to recapture my lips. I pulled out of his reach, shaking my head.
“Nope, no kisses until you’re fully healed” Bruce’s disappointed face made complete with a childish pout caused my laughter to echo around the small room.

It’d been a month and Bruce was gradually healing, he’d been released two weeks ago on bedrest. He was a nightmare patient, I don’t know how Alfred has taken care of him for years. He constantly wanted attention, whether it be cuddles or me reading to him.
I’d just stepped through the door when he called out to me. I walked into our bedroom to be met by his beaming smile, his arms outstretched towards me. I chuckled at his antics, kicking off my heels and climbing onto the bed. He pulled me into his arms, cautious not to put my weight on his healing chest. He nuzzled his face into my hair, pressing a kiss to my neck. “I missed you”
I chuckled before pulling his face up to mine.
“Really? I couldn’t tell” His expression turned bashful, muttering a soft ‘shut up’ before pressing my lips against his. When Alfred came in to check on Bruce, he was met by the sweet sight of the two of us asleep and curled into each other’s embrace.


Hey, guys! I really really really hate to do this but I do need to take some more time off. I know that I didn’t give much reasoning last time and there were a lot of you who didn’t like that. So, here’s why I’m taking off from writing for this blog; 

My little brother has fallen sick and has been hospitalised for the past week. My brother is one of the (if not the) most important people in my life and he’s in a very serious condition at the moment. I’ve been trying to be by his side whenever I can and unfortunately because of this I don’t have the time to write and prioritise this blog. I’ve been pretty stressed out about a number of things and it’s been hard for me to keep up with this blog. 

I am really sorry about taking off again so soon after just having returned. I will work on those requests when and if I get the chance. Nothing will happen to the requests; they will still be there for me to write. I hope you guys can understand the reasoning behind this and I hope that you can understand that I am really sorrry and that I do hate to do this again.

Amnesia - Luke Fluff

warming myself up to writing again, got the prompt from this post

‘I have amnesia and you say we’re best friends but I keep on forgetting and thinking we’re lovers AU’

TW: Hospital mention, car crash mention


Your eyes fluttered open, only to snap shut instantly; the harsh fluorescent lights burning your vision. Cautiously you blinked your eyes open again, letting out a small moan of confusion you tried to sit up to get a better look at your strange surroundings. It was then that you noticed your leg in a cast, propped up at the end of a… hospital bed?

You were in a hospital.

You began to panic. You couldn’t remember how you got here, or why your leg was broken, or… your name.

“Help!” You cried out hoarsely, your heart monitor was going crazy and a nurse rushed in, soothing you and encouraging you to lie back down on the bed.

“Y/N, Y/N you’re okay, you’re in Broadchurch Hospital. You were in a car accident this morning, do you understand?”

You nodded, the nurse said your name, it sounded familiar and you played the letters over in your head until something else hit you.

“My family?”

“They’re all in stable conditions, nothing serious, you were all very lucky. They can visit you soon.”

A sigh of relief left you shakily. You let yourself lean on the pillows behind your back.

“I…” You swallowed the lump in your throat, “I don’t remember a lot.”

The nurse looked slightly more concerned at that.

“Your name?”

“You said it, but I don’t remember my last. But my name reminded me of my family.”

“Temporary amnesia.” The nurse diagnosed, “I’ll get a doctor in to see you soon. But in the mean time, you have a friend waiting outside. Would you like me to bring him in?”
You considered saying no, but seeing a friend might remind you of other key elements in your life.

“Yeah, I want to see him.” Whoever this ‘him’ was.

The nurse left and a minute later a boy stumbled into the room.

“Oh my god!” He exhaled, he looked as if he had been crying. His blue eyes were red and the skin around them was puffy.

The disheveled boy rushed to your side and threw himself over you, embracing you in a hug. You stiffened immediately. He drew away as soon as he noticed your discomfort.

“Y/N? What is it?”

He looked angelic as he stared at you, but so sad, you almost couldn’t bring yourself to speak.

“I don’t remember you. The nurse said I have amnesia.”

The boy looked stunned. You felt like bursting into tears, you obviously meant a lot to each other. A small tear escaped and made it’s way down your face. The boy reached over to brush it off with his thumb instinctively. His other hand held yours tightly.

“I’ll help you remember. I’m Luke. Luke Hemmings.”

You stared at him blankly, desperately searching for some familiarity behind the words.

“We grew up together, same schools, same classes. It was almost fate.” Luke let out a small laugh under his breath, “We’re best friends.”

“Best friends?” You questioned, that bit sounded wrong, very wrong.

“Yes.” Luke looked hopeful.

“We’re not best friends.” You sat up, trying to stress to Luke that another word was on the tip of your tongue.

“What? Yes we are.” Luke seemed offended but slightly amused at your indignation.

“No… it’s another thing. I swear.”

Luke could see that you were getting frustrated at your memory loss.

“Hey, forget about it, it’s only making you stressed and I don’t want to be banned from seeing you.” He cupped your cheek with his large hand.

You subconsciously began to study his face. His crystal blue eyes pierced into yours, such a warm colour, it felt like you were home when you looked at him. The day old stubble along his strong jawline, his slightly agape pink lips. The curls of blonde hair that framed his face beautifully. You cocked your head to one side, trying to figure out just what was wrong about this setting.

“What?” A smile tugged at the corner of Luke’s lips as he watched the confusion wash away from your face.

You were inches away from his face, it felt right. You leaned in, connecting your lips and a wave of shivers rushed over you, pricking the skin at the back of your neck. Luke’s hand held the back of your neck, deepening the kiss and making you moan. It felt so right. Your lips separated for a moment, and you pressed your forehead to his, breathing heavily.

“Well we’ve certainly never done that before.” Luke smiled as he looked at you.

“Really?” You drew back, suddenly feeling self conscious, “But it felt so right.” You whispered.

“Yes, it did.” He grinned, you noticed him  pulling his lip ring into his mouth.

“You do that, it’s a habit,” You pointed out his fiddle gleefully as you remembered, and were unable to stop yourself blurting out the rest of your sentence, “I find it adorable.” You blushed.

“I find you adorable, I always have.” Luke confessed, his hands interlocking with yours again.

“So we weren’t best friends?” You were more than a little confused at how romantic he was being after insisting your friendship.

“We were, but now… I guess…” Luke took a deep breath, “Y/N, will you be my girlfriend? I can’t go another day without knowing you aren’t mine.”

You smiled wide and nodded, giving Luke the only indication he needed. He gently pressed his mouth to yours.

“This feels right.” You breathed against his lips.

“Yeah it does.”

A knock at the door startled you two apart, and Luke stood up hastily. The nurse from before entered the room.

“Sorry to interrupt, but the doctor needs to speak with Y/N now.” She directed her speech to Luke, “You could come back tomorrow?”

“Definitely.” Luke looked back at you and gave your hand a reassuring squeeze before leaving the room.

In all of your discomfort, he felt right.