my computer is dying



my computer is dying faster than i thought so i need about $700 to buy a good new one o<-< and ASAP

So yeah, commissions!! I do pretty much everything you would want, all type of charas (except mecha because i suck at that, or extremely detailed charas, but I can draw all body types and stuff…  canon, real people, oc…), all type of couples and even add a little flat-simple background, or pets, or blinking animation for a little extra amount.

Mini chibis are around 10$ per chara, Chibis are around 18-20$ per chara and Large chibis are around 25$ per chara (but couples can be sold for 40$). Prices can be changed depending on the complexity or quantity of charas! so we can negociate that on your order! More info HERE

Just message me off anon or email me at if interested! Or jut reblog so people can know about this Y_Y please!! Thankyou <3