my common sense is tingling

Deadpool quotes || Sentence meme
  • "A-Poc-Key-Lips. I think I found my new favorite word!"
  • "My common sense is tingling."
  • "These things are like my dream arch nemesisisis or is it arch-Nemesisisi I can pummel, gouge, eviscerate and mutilate and they'll keep coming."
  • "I never miss with the sheep gun!"
  • "Look at doctor doom he is respected because he got big scary cape."
  • "Lets wear elbow pads and shin guards with spikes coming out of them."
  • "I play a pretty mean bagpipe."
  • "For the love of bill gates this thing is adorable."
  • "Oh, yeah, he's totally trustworthy! Except where money's involved. He would sell his granny's walking cane for a buck. In fact, I bought his granny's walking cane for a buck."
  • "So three mutants walk into a bar, right?"
  • "Do I get a badge for this?"
  • "Explosions attract the coveted 18 to 24 year old male demographic."
  • "Oh, oh, so they're letting Robin Hood in, but somehow the Avengers keep losing my phone number. What's up with that?"
  • "Oh man, I forgot to bring the marshmallows. "
  • "You look like something I horcked up last time I had swine flu."
  • "All right, look at that. Crap, I got a little venom on you. "
  • "Phew! Smells like somebody just teleported a bean burrito."
  • "Wanna use me for a dartboard?"
  • "You're just me without the funny, and the lithium."
  • "What, no top hat? What kind of magician are you?"
Totally getting an early night so I can wake up at a sensible time and watch new Big Bang Theory before having to go check in at the hotel before the wedding tomorrow morning

I am just that cool.  

Because I’d rather go to bed at 10:15pm and wake up at 7 and watch the first two episodes of season 5 then than try and stay up for when they are airing, probably fall asleep just before/during and proceed to be grumpy as fuck when I am meant to be getting up.

Fucking hardcore right here