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Klance week day 4: Free Day! 

I think it’s sweet to learn to say ‘I love you’ in your significant others native tongue, and Keith is saying ‘Y-you can’t just say that!’

Movie night! 

Sooo.. I started this some days ago and then I noticed someone else had already done an awesome movie-night fanart w these dudes (click the link to check it out its real cute),, but I finished this anyways so have these two gay nerds all cuddled up and stuff,, :> they’re from my current favourite webcomic @longexposurecomic by @smokeplanet

Please don’t remove my caption!


「風邪引き一松漫画 ※言葉汚い 」
“Ichimatsu with a cold manga ※ Foul language

Source: (x)
Artist: null_areaO
Translation by me :) Hope you enjoy!

※Permission to translate & reprint this was given by the artist. Do not re-post without permission.

WIP Again...

Because Old Xian brought me back to drawing exactly one year ago… and I LOVE her dorks!!! :3 (I almost have to translate her and MOSS´s Manwha books “Joker Danny” from french to german… and I can´t speak one word french ^^; but I will work together with my mom on them and hope to understand it haha). And YEAH I need a lot of layers for my pieces!! @_@


Ghost Corazon by 童子

Translation by ferra-rii

My very first attempt to translate a comic. I am so, so sorry if there’s any mistakes (and also for the handwriting). I’m neither a native to Japanese or English and I did this around 30 minutes before my final exam and idk anymore c ry.

Forgive me if there’s any mistakes. I’ll try to correct it as soon as possible. Thank you!

Thank you

really you are really nice beautiful people 

i always was sad about my writing skills because of hates or jokes message 

but you made me so happy telling it’s ok and making me realize i should not care about these haters 

and i realize i  translate my comics not for them but for you “ good people “ who follow me and encouraging me and say nice things to my drawings 

that why i translate my comics because i want everyone to read it i didn’t want to be selfish and translate just only my language  ( not all artist need to translate there comic they are not selfish i said that to myself because personally thing ) 

i mean i can just stop  translate them but every time i read something very nice from you all 

that what makes me want to translate my comics <3

so thank you for all your kind message <3