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Just got home from being Dr. Harleen Quinzel for my local comic book store. Thought I’d finally take that hit for @pot-faery, @denvercaphilldabber, and @qushqween while I still looked awesome. Happy Free Comic Book day! Go stop by your local comic book store, get some free comics, and try to buy a little something while you’re there! I tag @cannabisqueenofnight, @weed-breath, and @chronicallycloudy, and @etthereal to all do the same if they wish 🖤

Making Friends as an Adult: a Primer

I have a lot of unanswered questions on this Tumblr- they come in fast and furious and I don’t have time to get to them all. (My many thanks for your participation and your patience.)

One question I get quite frequently is “I just moved to a new city/started at a new school/got dumped- how do I make friends as an adult?” and this is a fantastic question, so I thought I’d write a quick primer on making friends as an adult.

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Sooo i shouldn’t be up this late but then I remembered that Snotgirl is literally my favorite comic and i that i have not done any digital fan art for it at all(nor have i been drawing digitally but i might do a sketchbook tour l8r) But anyways, you should toptally go to your local comic book store and buy Snotgirl cuz it’s awesome :’0 ~ Micky

She’s running away.

Thank you everyone who came to see me at Momocon! I even met a few readers of the comic there, which was awesome! My next show will be Heroes Con in Charlotte, NC on June 16-18. Come by if you can!

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Like What You See?

Summery: Charlie introduces Dean and Sam to an awesome, not to mention nerdy, hunter she met at comic-con, fearing the worst Dean is surprise by how attracted he is to you.

Dean x Reader

Warnings: uh, light swearing, nothing big. Make out scene (little over due in my opinion)

Word count:1502

A/N: just a heads up, I kinda talk about the X-Men movies a bit (and the reader really likes X-Men)

Read the second part Here

“She’s way cool, you guys will love her!” Charlie said leading both of the Winchester brothers across the deserted street where your small book store, that conveniently doubled as a hunter research, resided.

“How’d you two even become friends anyways?” Dean questioned sceptically as he followed a fair distance behind Charlie.

“We met at comic-con and instantly became best friends!”

“Oh so she’s a nerd.” Dean muttered.

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It’s a rare day when I sit down to do fan art instead of working on my own stuff. Today was one of those rare days.

Pick up ApocalyptiGirl by Andrew MacLean at any comic shop or book store near you. Robots, cats, post-apocalypse, blood, aliens, sci-fi motorcycles….the list of why this book is awesome and speaks to me goes on.

On a side note; I plan to do more stuff like this when I can. I love comics and I love when comics are DAMN GOOD. So, to help break up all the talk about what SUCKS I’m going to tell you what I dig and possibly do a new piece of fan art once a week.

Moments that make me love working in a comic book store

This Wednesday, Marvel comics released All New Marvel Now #1 which featured the first super hero appearance of Kamala Khan, the new Ms Marvel who will be getting her own series next month. She is the first female Muslim character to receive her own series from either of the big companies, and because of this some people are saying this is all a stunt, that this is just something Marvel is doing to get attention. And you can say that all you want, but today two Muslim women who had never come into my store before came in and asked for the new book with Ms Marvel in it. We gave it to them and they started flipping through it and they both had the biggest smiles you could imagine on their faces. In fact I would describe both of them as being “giddy” even. So you can say its a stunt all you want, but end of the day thanks to the new Ms Marvel, those two ladies now have a super hero that they’re excited about, and that’s pretty awesome. 

I work in a comic book shop.  Today a black woman I’d never seen before came in (neither the fact that she was black nor female are unusual for my store–it’s got an awesomely diverse customer base).  She was looking for Afterlife With Archie, but stuck around to browse after I pointed it out.

Sometime later, she walked up with a small stack of issues, and while I was ringing her up, asked if I knew the name of a black superhero from way back.  I suggested Black Panther.  "Yes!  Does he have a comic?“  I told her that although he was in a few titles, he didn’t have one of his own.  But, I asked her, had she heard of Miles Morales?

She hadn’t.  I grabbed the first issue I came to in the stack where his face was visible on the cover (#25, I think), and she positively lit up.  "The comic is all about him?”

“Yup!” I said, “and it's great.  One of my absolute favourites.  If you want to start at the beginning, the first five issues are in a book.”  I grabbed the first volume off the shelf, and she added it to her stack.  After a moment’s hesitation, she looked back at the wall of issues.

“Can I get the first one you showed me, too?”

“#25?  Sure, but…you might not really know what’s going on.”

“That doesn’t matter.  I just want my brother to see it.  He used to love comics, but he hasn’t read them since he was a kid.  I want him to see this boy’s face.”

Representation matters.  Diversity matters.

Rendezvous - For @ultra-foodlxver.

      The scenery in front of you passes by slowly. The city you grew up in looked tiny and insignificant from all the way up here. You wanted to enjoy it, the view from a bird’s eye, but your teacher was calling for everyone’s attention and you were forced to look away from the window.

      “This is the first time our school has allowed something like this, so please don’t break any of the rules I issued.” In order to even go on this trip, there were an insane amount of requirements. Like, you had to be an Honors Kid (which meant you took advanced classes), no referrals, no tardies, you had to have a 3.5 GPA or higher, and you couldn’t be airsick. You weren’t sure about the last one, but you hoped a two hour flight wouldn’t make you keel over.

      You honestly weren’t sure how some of the students were invited, though. For example, the guys in the back. They were in your year, but you would have guessed that they failed the requirement of “3.5 GPA and higher”. From what you saw in class, they were always messing around or sleeping. “What were your rules again?” One of them, Oh Sehun, asks, a smile on his face and his friend snickers.

      The teacher sighs. “Please tell me you’re joking.” They laugh. “You will each have your own buddy during the tour, because there will be a time when we all get to split up to check out the city after the museum, at 4:00. You are in charge of getting your own lunch, and when it turns 6:00, we are all to meet at the rendezvous point, okay?” She turns away from the boys to look at the rest of the class. “And where is the rendezvous place, everyone?”

      A chorus of “at the door of the museum” sounds throughout the rented plane and you silently hope that you’ll actually get something out of this trip. Whether it be knowledge from the museum or a really good lunch, you’re up for either.

      “Good, then I’ll read off your partners.” She takes out a notebook from her bag and opens it up to the last page. “Baekhyun and Jongdae,” You hear Jongdae groan when Baekhyun grins. Baekhyun likes teasing people, and lately, Jongdae has been his victim. “SangJae and Sehun,” They look at each other, clapping hands and you see Sehun’s friend pout. You were turned, twisting to look over your shoulder at them in the back and his friend’s eyes meet yours. “Jongin and Sierra.”

      “What?” He spins, gaping at the teacher. “Why am I not with Kyungsoo?” You see Kyungsoo shrink in his seat, pulling his hood over his head in hopes to escape the wandering, questioning eyes of his classmates, though, his attempt fell short.

      “Because Kyungsoo is paired with Eunkyo.” The teacher states. “And you’re paired with Sierra because I trust that Sierra will be able to make you stay behaved.” She gives him a serious look. “You may be a smart young man, but I only brought you on this trip because I know you can be responsible.” When he looks back at you, he’s glaring, and you turn back around in your seat to hide. The last thing you needed on this trip was an angry partner and you hoped this whole “buddy” system wasn’t a mistake.

      After all, you were the one who offered beforehand to take up the role as his babysitter.

      You jot down notes as the tour guide rehearses his memorized lines about the history of the town and it’s relics and folklore. It wasn’t something that particularly interested you, but you wanted the extra credit. You lingered behind in the back of the group because Jongin said he “wasn’t comfortable” with being in the front. It wasn’t even 10 minutes in when Jongin nudges your arm. “Let’s ditch this place.” He says softly enough so only you could hear him. You look up at him.


      “Let’s leave.” He says it like you should have expected it. You did, but you were hoping.

      “No, we’ll get in trouble.” Shake your head, you look back to the tour guide. You realize that missed something about the town’s government and you sigh. “We have 3 more hours to go.” He doesn’t say anything for another ten minutes, but when the guide was finally leading the group into the museum, he grabs your arm.

      “Now’s our chance.” Just as your teacher looks the other way and the class walks through the doors, he pulls you away from the threshold in a heartbeat.

      “Jongin! Stop!” You say, trying to pull him back, but he was stronger than you and had no problem leading you the other way. “You can leave, but let me go!” He glances at you.

      “You think I want you to come with me?” He asks. “No, I don’t. My friends are all paired with someone else and I’m stuck with you.” He looks away. “Besides, if the teacher sees you by yourself, she’ll be disappointed in you.” You remember the way your teacher spoke so highly of your ability to keep him in check. “You’re going to have to bring me back to keep her happy, and the only way you’re going to do that is if you stick with me.”

      Jongin managed to drag you across the street and around the corner before you finally gave up and let him guide you around. “This is the first time ever that our school let students go out of state and you’re going to ruin it for every student in the future who wants to do this.” You argue, motive to make him feel bad about it. Instead, he laughs.

      “Trust me, no normal kid would want to go on a field trip to actually learn.” Speak for yourself, you think. “Hey, let’s go to that place.” He points ahead of you two, and when you look, you read the big bold letters sitting across the front of the small shop, COMIC BOOKS.

      “I am not letting you waste my day at a comic store.” You tell him, stopping in your tracks. Since his arm was locked in yours, he was forced to stop too. “We have two hours to do this later.” You try to reason.

      “Why not have five hours, though?” He clips, dragging you again. When you walk through the front doors, he lets you go to swarm around the new release section. “Awesome! Green Arrow is becoming a TV show!” He exclaims excitedly.

      You allow him to wander around a bit, watching him check every isle for comics he thought were “life-changing experiences”. It was kind of amusing watching him geek out about them, the way he’d start explaining the story line whenever you told him you’d never heard of the book and he’d get all offended before he realizes that you were just some classmate he never really talked to and he would awkwardly change the subject. When he gets close to the cashier, you speak up.

      “Are we done yet?” He looks up at you.

      “What do you mean?”

      “Are we done? Can we go back now?” He stares at you a moment, as if he were waiting for you to tell him that you were joking. You weren’t though and you met his stare head on. “Jongin?”

      “Are you kidding? It’s only been ten minutes since we left.” You cross your arms and glare at him.

      “I’m not going to let you get me in trouble so you can– mess around!” The cashier gives you two a suspicious look and you ignore it. “I’m going back to Ms. Jung.” But when you turn your heel, he lunges for you and nearly knocks the wind out of you when he seals you in his arms.

      “No! Don’t go get her!” He expresses fearfully. “Just a little longer, then we can go back.” You were mid-inhale when you turned, and when he threw his arms across your chest so roughly it locked the air in your throat. Your shoulders press into his chest because of the tight hold he had on your form, and when he breathes in after his sentence, you feel the rise of his taught stomach against your skin. Somewhere and somehow, the bottom of your shirt crinkled up in the embrace.

      “Fine, just,” You blink, struggling to breathe correctly. You blamed it on Jongin’s choking hold, but you weren’t sure if you were lying to yourself. Ignoring the growing heat in your cheeks, you close your eyes. “Let me go.”

      “Oh.” He removes his grip on you fast, and only talks when you turn around and face him. You fix the hem of your shirt, ignoring the way his eyes watch your hands. “I saw somewhere fun we can visit, instead of staying here the whole time.” You give him a long look before he adds, “‘Till we go back, that is.” He gives you a puppy-eyed look, and you thought you weren’t the kind of person to give in to such a technique.

      But you resign, sighing and motioning for him to lead the way. Happily, he takes your elbow and pulls you out of the store.

      “Jongin, this isn’t what I thought you meant by 'somewhere fun’…” His hands were a vice grip on your shoulders, leading you into a room of pitch blackness with only a pitiful excuse of a flashlight in your trembling hands. “And how could you have seen this place from the museum? It’s all the way downto–”

      “I saw it when we were at the airport,” He interrupts. You somehow let yourself get pulled into the haunted house, oblivious to Jongin’s evil intention until the woman behind the counter explained that it was a long maze. “It’s a Halloween cafe”, Jongin had said. You realized you were tricked. “And this is the epitome of fun.” He tells you, the smile in his evident in his voice.

      “Could you not stand behind me, at least?” You plead, trying to stop yourself from walking forward but Jongin is keeping you moving at a steady pace. Thankfully, he listens to you for once and takes the lead when you hand him the light.

      “If you get scared, you can hold on to me.” He smirks and you smack his back lightly in embarrassment. He laughs because you jump at the first scare and cling to him anyways. “It’s not real.” He assures.

       “I know it’s not, but it’s still scary!” You exclaim, arm tightening around his.

      There was a short time period where nothing was coming at you and it made you paranoid. You were anticipating when the next scare would come, and when nothing did, you were reluctant to let yourself start relaxing. Nonetheless, your grip on Jongin loosens and you’re finally able to breathe normally again.

      A horrid, scratching noise sounds behind you and you gasp, the both of you turning around and Jongin struggles to find the source of it with the crappy light but then– oh god. A woman was on all fours, her hair pulled over her face, exposing only a few distinct features. You scream.

      “Go,” Jongin urges when she lunges forward, her hand swiping out to grab at his clothes but she misses. He bolts down the hallway, his arm securely wrapped around your waist as he practically pulled you along to catch up.

      “I am never going to the city with you again, Kim Jongin.” You wanted to kiss the sidewalk when you finally saw the light of day. You were convinced you’d never see it again. Jongin chuckles, watching as you bend over to catch your breath. The two of you had been running through the whole last part of the house, the short period of peace forgotten because of the constant scares after that.

      “Don’t say that,” He laughs. “I really liked that room with the dolls.” You shiver, shaking your head.

      “Don’t talk about that room.” You beg. “That one was the worst.”

      “Come on,” Jongin latches onto your arm again. “Let’s go to the park.” You glance up at him.

      “There’s a park around here?” You hadn’t been to one since elementary, and even though you were both highschoolers, you liked being able to be a kid once in a while.

      “Yeah.” He smiles, and seeing the ends of his lips curl up at you and the crinkle in his eyes makes the museum slip from your mind.

      You weren’t sure how the entire three hours passed you by, but by the time you realized that you missed the entire tour, it was 4:00. “Jongin,” You stop in your tracks, making him pause his step as he looks at you. “Jongin you said we’d go back.” You say.

      “What?” There was a flicker of recognition in his eyes and he pales slightly. “Oh, I– I forgot.” It was unfair, but you found yourself getting angry at him.

      “How could you promise something and then forget?” The park was big, and he had led you to an area where kids were running around and couples were hanging out. It didn’t surprise you when you caught a few looks from passerby’s. “Do you know what kind of trouble we could get into if Ms. Jung realizes we–”

      “Don’t blame this all on me,” He starts, his voice raising louder than yours. “You forgot about it too, Sierra.” You fume silently. He was right, and it made you mad. You just wished that you didn’t, because then you could look your teacher in the eye and not feel guilty about it. Honestly, you enjoyed your day for once and it wasn’t because of a history lesson. Instead, it was because of the way Jongin confidently tugged you along. It was because of the way Jongin’s chocolate eyes sparkled when he talked about Marvel and DC. The way Jongin’s smile brightened when you agreed to let him take you somewhere else. The way Jongin’s skin was warm on your arm and how it matched the way your cheeks burned when you caught him staring.

      But you sigh anyways, avoiding his gaze. “You’re right. Sorry.” He doesn’t say anything, instead, he takes your arm, tugging you forward.

      “It’s 4:00 now, right?” He doesn’t let you answer. “That means we have more free time.” You blink at him in disbelief.


      “I saw a big girl park a few blocks away. I’m sure that’s where our whole class is headed right now, actually.” He grins at you, a sly look passing on his face. “You wanna check it out?” In the short time that Jongin had stolen you, he managed to steal your heart too, and it was painfully obvious, beating viciously against your rib-cage.

      You stutter. “S-sure.”

      Surprisingly, though Jongin had so much fun at the haunted house, he refused to go on any of the big rides. “Why, are you afraid?” He nods furiously as he drags you away from the tallest roller coaster, glancing everywhere in hopes that he didn’t bump into any of his friends. “Fine, let’s ride the Merry-Go-Round, then. It suits you.” You laugh when he glares at you.

      “I don’t think you want to push that topic.” He throws you a warning look, but you don’t catch it and continue on, a playful grin on your face.

      “Maybe your friends will see you riding the horsey.” Suddenly, your hand is being held captive and you’re being dragged towards the spinning circus of ponies. “Wait, what are you doing?” You ask, your steps faltering slightly as you tried to keep up.

      “You want to ride the Merry-Go-Round? Then we will.” You flush.

      “What? I was just kidding! I’m too old for that–”

      “Too late.” Somehow, Jongin had already bought two tickets to ride it without you realizing it. The booth personnel held the gate open for you as Jongin practically dragged you onto the ride.

      “Jongin, seriously–” He pushes you up the staircase that led to the second floor of the ride. “–I’m sorry! We’re too old to ride this. I won’t do it again!” When you reach the to of the stairs, he finally stops pushing you and he lets you turn around to face him.

      “Nice to know,” He drawls. “But I just spent my money and we’re going to ride this dang thing.” And then you’re being ushered to the closest saddle and before you know it, you’re sitting on the back of a horse.

      “Jongin, this isn’t–” Your words are cut short when he hops up, his legs settling on either side of the seat behind you. His long arms reach around you and finger for the reigns until he slips them through his fingers and tightens them around his palm.

      He whips them for good measure. “Mush mush.” At that, the machine clicks and the horse moves down as the ride moves forward. Completely and utterly flabbergasted with the situation, you mutter.

      “You say 'mush mush’ to snow huskies, not horses.” Jongin chuckles.

      “Whatever, it worked.” The amusement park span past in a blur, and you found it odd that you were enjoying yourself. You hadn’t been on this ride since you were really young, and it was faster and higher than you remembered, so it was practically a new experience.

      But you couldn’t focus on the ride itself, not with Jongin’s body so close to yours and his chest pressing into your back. He was close enough that you could feel the shift in his arm when he moved it. “It’s pretty up here.” He says quietly. “We should do it again sometime.”

      And then Jongin suddenly has a tight hold not only on the reigns of the horse, but on the reigns of your heart.

      On the flight home, Ms. Jung had everyone sit with their buddies. Jongin’s friends sat to the right of you.

      “Jongin,” They call for his attention and he has to lean forward to look past you. “The teacher may have not noticed your absence, but we did.” They snicker. “Did you have fun on the carousel?” You blush. They did end up seeing you two after all.

      But Jongin is unaffected by their banter. “I had the time of my life.” He tells them. When you look at him in surprise, he just smiles.

      Little did you know that your heart wasn’t the only one that was stolen during the trip.

A/N: Ahhh I know you said 'highschool AU’ but I wasn’t sure what fit in that boundary and what didn’t. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it. OUO And please, if there is anything that you are not happy with, I am always ready to fix it for you, okay? Thank you for waiting so long!

TBBT: The Veracity Elasticity (10x7)

If you haven’t watched, SPOILERS ahead.

Awww! Loved it!!!! I watched it 3 times today’s because there is so much to in this episode. So let me jump right in.

1. Fun with flags:

I enjoy any episode that has “Fun with Flags” in it. How cute are Sheldon and Amy when they do these shows? That’s when their nerdiness really shines through. 💖 It’s so funny how over the top and awkward each movement is when they are recording. Can we make a petition to have Fun with Flags be a real YouTube vlog? Lol! 😂 I enjoyed “Footprints on the Moon” as musical guest too. Nice touch, guys! 👍Always a fan of FOTM!

BONUS: How cute and significant was the theme of the show they both worked on. According to them it was “flags of 2 regions coming together as 1″. That’s how they view their relationship. Can we get an “amen”? 🙌

2. Living together life:

Did you guys notice how comfortable and normal they are living together? Raj and Howard left and they were both tidying up and planning dinner, chit chatting about her apartment with Sheldon offering to help her with her landlord. But poor Amy looked so nervous lying to him. 😕

3. The guys have lunch at Caltech:

Finally, a Caltech lunch scene! 😆 It feels like ages. It was nice to watch them going back and forth with their random conversations on the asteroids and the kale. And Howard patronizing the guys of course was gold. I laughed too hard at Sheldon’s “I feel both flattered and hurt. Like when people say I look like a skeleton form the Night before Christmas.” LOL! 😂

4. Sheldon is worried about Amy:

Aaaaagh!!! 😲 He is head over heels for Amy (we knew). He is not good at noticing other people’s feelings or when others are lying to him but with Amy is different. He knew something wasn’t right and he also knew she was hiding something from him to the point of not being able to eat or sleep. 😳 Poor baby! It was driving him crazy because he trust her so much.

5. Lies:

Penny putting Leonard’s stuff into storage was not cool. 😡 She knew this was part of what Leonard stood for since she met him. Come on Penny! And Amy keeping that her apartment was fixed from Sheldon… Come on Amy! There was no need for that, ladies.

6. Klingon and Ubbi Dubbi:

I found this scene amusing and extremely hilarious. How funny was listening to them 4 and their lines with the subtitles? Hahaha 😅😉 Sheldon’s face when the girls start talking Ubbi Dubbi was priceless. Icing on the cake when the rest of the gang joins them and Howard started speaking Klingon too. Everyone (including Howard and Bernie) fessed up quickly and Amy also apologized to Sheldon. It looked like she just wanted to crawl under a rock. Penny on the other hand was not having it “And what? Your wizard robes are next to go?” was her response to Leonard expecting an apology. I will admit it may have been mean but it was funny. However, can we get and episode where Leonard’s is served justice. He is a wonderful guy and attractive too. I don’t want him to be the underdog all the time. I get it, Penny’s beautiful. I mean did you see her outfit in the sex dungeon scene? 😍 Stunning! But Leonard hold his own too, Kooh-Vakh!

7. Sheldon is open to the possibility!!!!!:

When asked by Raj, Sheldon specifically said he considered their experiment to be positive. Squeal!!! 😀 He has enjoyed living with her. Amy’s “Are you saying you’d like to live with me?” broke my heart. 💔 It almost seemed like she was not expecting for him to be on board after all this weeks and how much they have grown. She still fears flight risk-shut down-closed off-guarded Sheldon. 

“I’m open to the possibility” Sheldon replied and then I died. Go Sheldon! 

I have to say I get the whole “but that’s my room”… Because it totally is. Let’s not forget he was living in 4A way before Leonard or Penny even lived in the building. I know some may not agree but Leonard and Penny got married and Penny had her apartment and it was Leonard who moved in to Sheldon’s apartment so technically its not only his room but his apartment. But I understand why the writers are doing it this way. Not to be petty, but it’s his room. Just sayin’.

8. Good night kiss:

Sheldon and Amy talking before bedtime!!! Feels! 😻 And of course, their adorable peck on the lips. 😚😚😚 Oh, my babies!!!! Did you all notice Sheldon is the one that continued thinking about the logistics of moving in together and making it work once again? He presented various options: Penny’s apartment, Amy’s apartment, a new place or move to a new city. But let’s not forget he hates changes so this is huge for him. Being with Amy is not the hard part for him, is the changes (ie. losing his bedroom) that is causing him anguish.

BONUS: “That’s my girl”. Yes she is. Agh!!!!

9. Comic book store:

How awesome that in one episode we got to revisit Fun with Flags, Caltech cafeteria and the Comic book store? In TBBT universe, each set means so much to us viewers. Anyway, how cool the guys asking the hard questions and Sheldon still taking the moving in with Amy issue very seriously? (Sheldon called it a “significant decision”).

“Do you love her?” and “Do you like living with her?”. Thank you Raj and Howard for asking the hard questions. The answer rolled right out of Sheldons mouth without hesitation: YES AND YES!!!

10. How PERFECT is Amy?

She is more than perfect. Okay, she lied which wasn’t cool. However, she wasn’t happy about lying, it’s not her element. She was honest in her apology too. But she is so understanding and patient. She really knows him, knows how to calm him or steer him and is willing to wait for him to meet her where she is at or meet him where he is at. No wonder Sheldon is in love with her. Some examples;

* She knew how to change the subject by steering the conversation in a way that caught his attention after the Fun with Flags. Sheldon said himself he found the topic “irresistible” and she knew it which was why she did it. I think this is the third time this season that Sheldon is kinda intrigued and titillated by something Amy says.

* When they were in bed, she wasn’t the one to approach their living arrangements. She let him lead the conversation about were they would live but when she saw he was overwhelmed, she didn’t ignore or minimize his feelings. She wanted to help him calm down and looked for the right way because its Sheldon we are talking about. She “sang” the Star Trek theme. Then he requested the 2001 space Odyssey. Did you see his face as she was singing it and then the big smile when he laid down?

* When Sheldon was in the hallway he seemed truly torn. 😢 When he told her he was there contemplating Buridan’s donkey, it must have been hard for her and she could have taken it as a form of rejection. She simply said “I understand” and was willing to give him his space. He seemed once again mesmerized by our Vixens knowledge of what he was referring to. Not only that, she threw in a few other references that got his attention once again focused on her because only Amy can challenge Sheldon’s brain and his heart at the same time. 

BONUS: Without a struggle or complains he ends up following her. That is their relationship. He is attracted to her and is willing to follow her and do things for her that are out of his comfort zone because she does get him but at the same time challenges him. She waits for him when she needs to but leads him when necessary. And he follows because she speaks his language, and he sees her as equal intellectually and he truly admires and respects her. This is what makes #ShAmy so special!

Awesome episode and I have to say, I’m loving Season 10 so much! 

BTW, I saw the promo right after the episode for next week and ended up rewinding that a dozen times. Can’t wait for next episode to try and figure out why on God’s green earth Amy Farrah Fowler (or any woman for that matter) ever turn down Sheldon’s “sexy” attempt. I don’t know whats up, all I saw was the commercial since I’m unspoiled but Amy please. Don’t you know that Sheldon is like a man made of sugar in a world of ants?🐜🐜🐜


My girlfriend and I took a trip to Red Bank, NJ today to visit The Secret Stash, and Quick Stop. It was awesome! We met Walt Flanagan, known mostly for Comic Book Men, but obviously he had played parts in many of Kevin Smith’s works. He was more than happy to take pictures with us, and was a really cool and down to earth guy. In fact, the entire store was down to earth. Walt and Mike Zapcic were running the registers, and it was pretty much exactly like any normal hometown comic book store. It was awesome, I definitely plan on going back one day.

I work in a comic book shop. Today a black woman I’d never seen before came in (neither the fact that she was black nor female are unusual for my store—it’s got an awesomely diverse customer base). She was looking for Afterlife With Archie, but stuck around to browse after I pointed it out.
Sometime later, she walked up with a small stack of issues, and while I was ringing her up, asked if I knew the name of a black superhero from way back. I suggested Black Panther. ”Yes! Does he have a comic?” I told her that although he was in a few titles, he didn’t have one of his own. But, I asked her, had she heard of Miles Morales?
She hadn’t. I grabbed the first issue I came to in the stack where his face was visible on the cover (#25, I think), and she positively lit up. ”The comic is all about him?”
“Yup!” I said, “and it’s great. One of my absolute favourites. If you want to start at the beginning, the first five issues are in a book.” I grabbed the first volume off the shelf, and she added it to her stack. After a moment’s hesitation, she looked back at the wall of issues.
"Can I get the first one you showed me, too?”
“#25? Sure, but…you might not really know what’s going on.”
“That doesn’t matter. I just want my brother to see it. He used to love comics, but he hasn’t read them since he was a kid. I want him to see this boy’s face.”
Representation matters. Diversity matters.
—  from

anonymous asked:

Im being bullied for liking comics and my friends have abandoned me. Can you PLEASE give me advice??? It would help just to know how to get through the year? Thanks much!

Well, I’m Angry for you. that sucks. even if they are just goofing around and don’t realize they’re hurting your feelings.

 there is absolutely no reason real friends shouldn’t be charmed by you loving something. no one should make you feel bad. passion for anything is a plus in my book

 the good news is comic books are awesome. they are wrong and you are right. and, even better news, it is very easy to make friends around comics. in a comic book store or online. people with similar interests always gravitate towards each other. it might take some time, but everything worth doing does

 so my 1st advice is to trade up to better friends. let your love of something guide you towards similar minded people

 my 2nd advice, and probably better advice, would be to take these feelings that you have and write them down. don’t walk around with a bad feeling inside. put it on paper. put it on the screen. let it out of you.

even if you don’t fancy yourself a writer. it’s just good to take feelings that you don’t want inside yourself and give them a new home. it is very therapeutic. and you just might love it.

 and I know why you asked this question anonymously but I guarantee you if you didn’t you would be flooded with kind thoughts by similar minded people.

 check in with me from time to time and let me know how you are.

…the number one way that we can expand the representation of characters in books is just to support those characters when they appear. Now I know a lot of people are saying “Well d’uh,” because yeah, that’s obvious. Of course if you support a book then stores will order more of it and the companies will get the message.

But here’s the thing, we ordered a ton of Ms Marvel #1 at my store and we sold out of it, which is awesome. But we ordered only about half as much of Ms Marvel #2 (which is a typical drop for any book from issue 1 to 2) and we still have a lot of it just sitting there on the stands. So this is the thing that most people don’t realize, supporting a comic doesn’t mean buying one issue, you have to keep buying it.

If you read the book and you like it and you think it’s doing great things, then next month another issue will be out so you need to come back. I saw a lot of people coming into my store to buy the first issue of Ms Marvel who said they were doing it because they wanted to support this, and even though two more issues of it have come out since then I don’t remember seeing any of them come back.

An Awesome Discovery

The other day I visited one of my local comic shops on a whim. I was driving home and had no intention of stopping, but something made me pull into the parking lot. I walked in and began browsing the shelves, looking for nothing in particular. Then, randomly on a counter top in the back of the store, I found a set of small hardcover books.

It took all of two seconds for me to decide I needed these in my life. I’d never heard of the ‘Little Books’ series. Some research taught me that there were 15 in all, published by Borderlands Press. When I brought the set home I was a little saddened to find that it was missing the Neil Gaiman book, but the rest were all there. Some were even from the original signed printing.

I stumbled into an awesome set of books. What’s the best thing you’ve ever stumbled across on a random bookstore trip?

trainersondaniel  asked:

I just wondering about the t-shirt you guys have been wearing, what is the meaning behind them

The shirt says BUDOBLR.

Bu means War or Martial, and Do means Way or Path.

So, Budo means Martial Arts, Martial Way or Way of War.

blr is from tumblr, because it originated as an idea for a tag here on tumblr, but it grew into a small community of martial artists.

The idea for a tag came about, because the karate tag, and the martial arts tag, were all full of jokes, and almost nothing had to do with martial arts at all. A few of us thought about making a tag for martial artists to be able to share and see each other’s stuff that were actually related to martial arts. It was mostly @magnakongcarter, @kyokushinmarine, @tankerbelll,and me, the ones who were coming up with names for it, but ultimately, it was @tankerbelll who mentioned the word budoblr, and honestly it couldn’t have made more sense from there. It was a general term, all inclusive, it was perfect.

So budoblr is basically “martial arts tumblr”, for which some of us later came up with the idea of making a logo to sort of make it more official between us. 

After talking to my friend @corverez, who’s a graphic designer, writer, and comic book artist, the logo became a thing. =]

And we ended up with 

After the logo was done, everyone started talking about stickers, patches, shirts, etc, so I once again talked to @corverez, and he was awesome enough to put it as part of his Society6 store, so we can all go and get shirts and other items, with the budoblr logo, all in one place. =] 

You can see some of us with the shirts, here!

Get yours! =D

A year in SuperWhoLock

I started this comic exactly one year ago. I was working the tail end of a holiday retail job with barely any hours, all of my shows were on hiatus, and I felt alone in a city that was much bigger than me, one teeny weeny fish in the biggest pond in the USA.

I’d applied to hundreds of jobs and internships and no one seemed to want me. I was still recovering from the most traumatic and soul-eviscerating two months of my life–AKA my previous job. I felt useless and worthless, forgettable and unwanted. And more than anything, I felt hopeless.

And then, out of nowhere, I started itching to draw a comic. I’d been on Tumblr a few months and SuperWhoLock was everywhere and ideas were bouncing around in my head–Cas coming to 221b, the Winchesters in Winter’s Quay, Martha and Mickey meeting Eleven. And then I knew I had to draw it, for me, to show myself I could do something and pull myself out of the rut I was in.

I drew fast and I drew sloppy, but I drew in a way that was natural to me for the first time since my art teacher methodically stripped me of any personal style in high school. I posted the first five pages and, just like that, I had something real. Something I could look at and say “It’s not perfect, but I made it and it’s mine.”

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Comic Book Store

Mexico City, Mexico

(I used to work on a comic book store. One day, it was only me and my manager on an early morning. An excited costumer comes in.)

ME:“Hello! How can I help you?”

CUSTOMER:“Hey, I just saw a [Superhero Name] poster outside! Do you have that movie?”

ME:“I’m sorry, we don’t sell any movies or DVD’s. That’s actually a comic book series”.

CUSTOMER:“Is it good? Do you have it?”

ME: “It is awesome, actually. But unfortunatedly, we’re sold out. You’ll have to wait ‘till the trade paperback comes in”.

CUSTOMER: “Ok, but when does the movie go out then?”

ME: “That’s not a movie sir.”.

CUSTOMER: “So you don’t have it on DVD?”

ME: (sigh)“No, sir.”

CUSTOMER: “But it will be? When will you have it?”

ME: “It is a comic book, sir. And I don’t think it’s going to be a movie. Ever.”

CUSTOMER “…So it isn’t on DVD?”

(At this point, I’m trying to gather all the pacience I’ve got)

ME: “…No, sir”

CUSTOMER: (smiling)“Ok, I’ll come back later today to see if you’ve finally got the DVD!”

(Finally, he leaves and I turn to my manager.)

ME: Please, let my shift be over for today.

(He just laughed at me.)