my comfort watch movie

that scene in monsters university where randall is wearing glasses at first but mike is like “take those off u look like a dweeb” and randy is like “okay!!!” and when he takes them off he starts squinting is like…..the biggest reveal of the century…..biggest plot twist…..he wasnt born evil he just needs glasses…..

Reasons why I’m little and the reasons why you can’t make me feel bad about it!

  1. I have severe insomnia and an oral fixation. I use my paci to help me sleep, and to stop myself from biting my fingers until they bleed.
  2. I color and draw because IT’S FUN. GOSH PEOPLE. It’s a hobby and please tell me how terrible I am for wanting to color and make art. 😐
  3. I watch cartoons because there are so many good ones! Gravity Falls, Spongebob, Over the Garden Wall, Powerpuff Girls, Rugrats, Teen Titans, etc. like cmon guys. Those are all GREAT SHOWS. Does it really matter that they’re cartoon and not live action?????? Does them being animated take away the funny jokes, great voice acting, and memorable story lines??
  4. I have a ton of stuffies, because gee I don’t know they’re cute and it’s nice to have soft things surrounding me at night? Who doesn’t like soft cute things??!!
  5. I’m always alone, and I get sad often. When I go into little space I feel comfortable. I sit on my couch, watch some movies, and I’m mute. I don’t talk, I turn off my phone, and I just relax. How is my way of relaxing so terrible compared to yours? What do you do? Sit down, have a beer, and watch some TV?? Literally the only difference is I’m watching a cartoon with some juice in a sippy cup ALONE. Please inform me on how that harms anyone.

My mental health and well being is more important than your shallow, misinformed opinion of me!

Undeniable Heat Chapter 10: The Date part 2

Jensen Ackles x Reader

1450 Words

Chapter Summary: Your date with Jensen Ackles continues.

Story Summary: You’ve just gotten a job as one of the makeup artists on the set of Supernatural. Nervous on the first day, you become completely awkward, winning the affection of the divorced Jensen Ackles. You try to fight your desire for him, but he thwarts you at every turn. Will you be able you separate work and play, or will you let Jensen win?

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Your P.O.V.

With your third glass of wine warming your insides, you felt your tongue growing looser by the minute. It seemed to have the same effect on Jensen, his shoulders were less rigid, and his cheeks had a nice flush to them that only added to his allure.

“Are you kidding me? You seriously pranked Misha with two pies in the same day?” You reiterated, laughing hard at the thought. “I wish I had been working on set then. Poor Misha.”

Jensen was chuckling too, enjoying the memory just as much as you were enjoying his telling of it. “The first time, I was pretty sure Jar had broken the man’s nose. He swung the pie tin so hard, pie went flying ten feet away. We gave him a couple of hours to clean up, relax, before it was my turn.”

“Please tell me you don’t pull any stunts on the make up artists. I’m not sure I could handle a prank from the two of you.” You said, finishing off the last of your wonderful italian dinner. No matter what happened after this date, you had just found your new favorite restaurant.

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Q: The age of fans ranges from people in their teens to people in their 50′s. BANAs (B1A4 fans’ nickname) is a great fandom, do you have any special ways of communicating with your fans?

Jinyoung: I often meet with BANAs in person and I frequently talk with them on our internet fancafe. I go there everyday, and I upload photos. Other singers would do the same, but our fans are number one. Our fans always know out hearts.

Q: You are well known as a group where relations between members are very good. Is this the result of mutual efforts?

Baro: I was picked first for B1A4, followed by Jinyoung Hyung, CNU Hyung, Gongchan and Sandeul. I tried to get closer to everyone from the beginning. Since I was a trainee, my Hyungs have led me and the other two well, so there’s no reason to fight. 
CNU: Everyone is innocent (laughs).
Jinyoung: When we work, we support each other as fans, monitoring and cheering for each other. 

Q: What is B1A4 for each of you?

CNU: I think it is myself. I feel like I have everything. 
Baro: B1A4 is a friend to me because I met my Hyungs when I was a senior in high school. My own old friend.
Jinyoung: It’s family. We have spent almost half of my life together. It’s as precious to me as family.
Sandeul: It’s my name. At first it was awkward to act as a singer, but after spending 6 years with the members, I want to live a whole lifetime known as B1A4.
Gongchan: For me, it’s a heart. In the sense that it’s five people who run together (laughs). 
Baro: Wow! In that case I’ll change mine to liver. When things are hard it detoxifies everything (laughs).   

Q: What do you usually do when you rest?

Jinyoung: I compose or watch a movie. When you watch a movie you get an indirect experience, and that gives me new inspiration for songs.
CNU: I rest when I’m making music. 
Sandeul: Sometimes it’s fun when I wander around by myself. When I do that I usually go to the cinemas or an amusement park to play. 
Baro: I walk my dog, read, and watch movies comfortably at home. I also study English. 
Gongchan: I play video games or workout to relieve stress (laughs).

Q: There’s something that peaks my interest. What kind of woman attracts you?

Jinyoung: A polite woman.
Baro: A person with good thoughts and words.
CNU: Someone who looks after me well. I’m attracted to the typical motherly style. 
Gongchan: A woman who only looks at me and likes me.
Sandeul: I’m attracted to the ‘push and pull’ expert types who play with my heart well.

Q: What would you like to do on White Day if you had met your ideal person?

Baro: I would want to give them smooth and sweet chocolate milk. Especially Namyang dairy chocolate milk. I don’t drink other types well (laughs). 
Jinyoung: We like domestic products rather than foreign ones (laughs).
CNU: I really like chocolate. That’s why there is chocolate milk in the fridge. I often drink it all in one go. There are times when people have come and watched me.
 Gongchan: I also want to give them chocolate products rather than love. I like the feeling of the leftover lingering sweetness. 

Q: Which person do you admire the most?

Jinyoung: My parents. Since I was young I thought my parents were very nice and I admired them. I will try to be a person like my parents. 
CNU: The members. I often feel like I’m working within a team of good artists. They are always respectful and proud friends. 
 Sandeul: My Dad. When I was one or two years old, I remember watching and taking in the sight of my Dad silently enduring the weight of life, my Dad’s love gradually grew and deepened and it rid me of any hardships. 
Baro: Tiger JK, the Godfather of Korean Hip Hop. I listened to his rap and then began rapping myself. I respect the lifestyle, and it is so cool and nice to find out that there are many more things to learn. 
Gongchan: I also admire my Dad the most. Like him, I want to be a cool and bright father and man. 

Q: During you work within B1A4, what has been your most memorable stage?

Jinyoung: Our debut stage. It was the first time one of my dreams had come true, as well as the first time I got to meet fans. 
CNU: Our solo concert in February. I’m the happiest when I’m meeting fans and spending time together with them.  
Sandeul: I was also really impressed by the banner that the fans were holding at that concert, “We are always here’. It is a moment that I really don’t want to forget.
Gongchan: I also can’t forget that concert. My younger brother came up from our hometown Suncheon to see the concert and I was very proud of him. I’ve always thought of him as a child, so when I saw him doing well by himself, despite my efforts I was overwhelmed.   
Baro: Our first concert. When I was a kid, it was my dream to perform live. No words could describe how happy I was.  

Q: Do you have a wish for 2017?

Jinyoung: A lot of our fans worry that I am weak, so this year I set a goal of ‘let’s get a healthy body’. I’m working hard right now. 
Baro: I would like to have an outdoor solo concert in the Summer. Personally, I want to go backpacking in Europe by myself. 
 Sandeul: I would like to travel all over Korea with my luggage on my bike. Later on I also want to try travelling abroad. 
CNU: I hope we release lots of albums, and I want to have a brilliant year with my members. Personally, my only wish is for health. Good health. 
Gongchan: I want to show our fans a lot of good performances as well as travel alone with my brother who came to the concert. I was so sorry when my brother couldn’t go when I went on a family trip (laughs).

trans by @wment-groups take with full credit

watching tmfu because i got bored and it’s my comfort movie but guys

i feel like we don’t talk enough about how smart and skillful solo is. like he’s handsome and charming and all that but like. 

  • he evaded capture for years even though there were so many task forces made specifically to catch him (and only him!)
  • he taught himself multiple languages! learning one new language is hard enough - it can take people years to master a language. solo knows SIX (English, German, Russian and Italian he uses or is at least shown to understand in the film, but he also knows Spanish and Japanese!). it’s super uncommon for an american these days (and i assume it was the same then too) to know any language other than english, and solo taught himself five.
  • his file at the end  of the film points out he’s pretty much an expert in art and antiquities and textiles, which probably involves a ton of art history knowledge, being able to estimate how much the pieces are worth, knowledge of museums and their collections
  • which leads me to my next point - his skills at lock picking and safe cracking are obviously amazing and i doubt that happened overnight. also the sleight of hand tricks, and how effortlessly he pulls that all off.
  • he’s basically an expert marksman? which granted a lot of that probably came from his CIA training but shit. he shot out illya’s tires from a pretty decent distance while the car was moving with a 1960s handgun and knows his way around a sniper rifle
  • speaking of the CIA training - the only reason he became a spy was because they thought he was too smart and talented and putting him in prison would be a waste (and lbr, he could have broken out)

i know a lot of these things other characters in the film also do, but anyway solo is just so smart and good at so many things!! he’s honestly amazing!

edit: I fully admit I stand corrected cayse it was a different type of gun and not a sniper rifle, and he didn’t actually shoot out Illya’s tires cause he was aiming for him instead. But like still amazing shit, I love him.

#339: “Barbie in the Nutcracker was one of my favourites growing up, I was distraught when my (evil) step-mum took it and my dolls away. It gave me a glimpse into classical music, and into ballet. I got it on DVD last year and almost lost it I was so happy. I’ll always remember sitting in front of my old television, wrapped in my comforter, watching.”

- anonymous

Prom Woes

Originally posted by hothothotgg

Pairing: teen!Dean x teen!Reader
Word count: 1,244
Warnings: Tiny angst, swearing
Request: Anonymous. Hey, I saw one of your dean x reader imagines and I loved it a lot! So I was wondering if you could do a fanfic where dean and the reader are about 17 and the reader’s prom date breaks up with her during the dance and Dean comforts her and confesses his feelings? Fluff follows? 😂😂love your fics bunches!!!

Standing in the middle of the dance floor, your eyes watered. People moved around you, bodies close to their dates. Sniffing, you shook your head and turned, making your way off the dance floor. It was your senior prom, and the memories that should have been magical were shattered.

“Oh, Y/N/N, you look beautiful.” Your mother gushed, holding her hands together by her chin. She’d just put the finishing touches on your hair once you’d finished your makeup. Your dress was a lovely shade of purple, and shimmered slightly. You’d had your eye on it for months before your parents agreed to go prom shopping. Your father refused to buy a dress months ahead of time in case you changed your mind. So, you’d scrambled two weeks prior to make sure you got your dress.

As you passed a trash can, you ripped the flower from your wrist and tossed it in. “Stupid jerk.” You muttered, wanting to punch him in the face. Finding your table, you dropped into your seat.

“Well, that doesn’t look like how you should look at your prom.” Came your best friend’s voice.

You sighed and shrugged. “Doesn’t matter.” You told him sadly, wiping under your eye and smudging your makeup. “Oh, great.” You groaned, seeing the black line on your hand. “Perfect.” You sighed.

Dean furrowed his brows and sat next to you. “What the hell happened? You’ve been looking forward to this night for months.”

You grinned as you Dean sat on the couch watching movies. “We’re seniors!” You squealed.

“Technically, we’re not students until Monday.” He teased. “And you are way too excited.”

“This is the final year of high school. And prom!” You saw him roll his eyes and shoved him lightly. “I can’t wait.” You added. “Jessie will look so hot in a tux.” You sighed.

Dean chuckled lightly. “I still can’t believe you’re dating that idiot.” He crossed his arms over his chest.

You played with the table cloth. “Jessie broke up with me.” You sniffed, your eyes watering all over.

“What?!” He asked, sitting straight up. “When? Why?”

Despite how bad you felt, you let out a soft chuckle at how he sounded. “Just a few minutes ago- on the dance floor.” Your eyes shot to where it was still packed for a moment, then back to the table. “He didn’t really give a good reason, actually.” That fact was just hitting you, and made your more angry than anything. You’d been together since the July before- that was 11 months of your life with him. All to have it ended. At your prom. Your senior prom!

Dean was clearly angry. “What a dick. Where’s that asshole now?”

You shrugged. “I don’t know. He left me on the dance floor. I think I spaced out for a few minutes before I made my way over here. I kinda just wanna go home…” What was the point of staying when you looked like hell from crying, and you were miserable?

“Come on.” Dean got up and held out his hand. “Let’s have our own prom.” He grinned.

Taking his hand, you narrowed your eyes. “Should I be worried?” You asked, half joking.

“Nah.” He pretended to think for a moment. “I don’t think…” He laughed.

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Harry Styles - Meet At After Party Imagine - Part One

[Enjoy! I didn’t go sexual with the ending, I kept it cute because that’s how I would picture something like this going with Harry but maybe that’s just me.

Part Two and Part Three]

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Hellenic Polytheism 101: Xenia

Xenia is a concept in Hellenic polytheism that is very close to my heart. It’s really one of the core parts of my practice, and I don’t know if I would be comfortable trying to separate it from my practice, because it is so heavy wrapped up in everything I do.

Xenia is hospitality. It’s our responsibility as hosts to treat our guests well, and our responsibility as guests to be kind and thankful to our hosts. There are dozens of examples of xenia in ancient Greek writings. From Penelope and her suitors, to instances of the theoi disguised as humans seeking shelter, food, and drink from mortals. Xenia goes beyond a religious act, confined to ceremony, to a daily practice and a way of living our lives.

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Summer Bucket List 2014

I hope to get at least half of these done by the end of summer vacation. I have many and might add onto it.

  1. have a perfect fourth of july.
  2. go cosmic bowling.
  3. go thrift shopping.
  4. redecorate my bedroom.
  5. really hit off my youtube channel.
  6. write more music.
  7. go to a concert.
  8. pull a true all-nighter.
  9. go to a baseball game (I’ve only been to one).
  10. get a pair of vans.
  11. have a movie marathon.
  12. dance in the rain.
  13. learn how to ride my skateboard.
  14. get tan, bc im a ghost.
  15. see a shooting star and wish upon it.
  16. walk around with a free hugs shirt on.
  17. try every flavor of Arizona
  18. have a silly string war.
  19. find the perfect pair of shorts.
  20. make smores.
  21. have or go to a bonfire.
  22. grow out my hair.
  23. watch fireworks.
  24. get my nose pierced (please, mom).
  25. be given a piggyback ride.
  26. play volleyball (or set up my net).
  27. go running everyday (or almost everyday).
  28. go swimming a lot.
  29. do something stupid.
  30. learn to play a new instrument.
  31. laugh until I cry.
  32. do something spontaneous.
  33. be a yes girl for an entire day.
  34. watch the sunset and the sunrise.
  35. watch the star wars series for the first time.
  36. camp outside.
  37. photobomb somebody.
  38. step out of my comfort zone.
  39. have a photo shoot.
  40. watch some classic movies.
  41. leave a sweet letter on someone’s car.
  42. watch the clouds.
  43. carve into a tree.
  44. go stargazing.
  45. photo a day.
  46. get a betta fish.
  47. get a henna tattoo.
  48. reach 2k on instagram.
  49. go to a fair/carnival.
  50. watch a full sunset.
  51. hug 5 strangers.
  52. go 24 hours without any electronics.
  53. write in a journal everyday.
  54. lay on my roof.
  55. catch fireflies.
  56. build a fort.
  57. play messy twister.
  58. make the perfect summer playlist.
  59. give or get a number.
  60. make a tie-dye tshirt.
  61. learn how to play poker.
  62. write in a public bathroom stall.
  63. make every single day count.
  64. make a new friend.
  65. do something fearless.
  66. fry an egg on the road.
  67. spend a day sketching things I see outside.
  68. go to an amusement park.
  69. make a flower crown.
  70. recreate my wardrobe.
  71. buy a ukulele.
  72. go to a drive-in movie theatre.
  73. make a dream catcher.
  74. pick flowers for someone.
  75. rock some red lipstick.
  76. swim in the rain.
  77. draw on the driveway with chalk.
  78. make a memory jar.
  79. do dumb challenges.
  80. take a bubble bath.
  81. get some slurpees.
  82. burn old schoolwork.
  83. complete a full coloring book.
  84. roast some marshmallows.
  85. get fit.
  86. eat lots of fruits.
  87. play chubby bunny.
  88. have an amazing birthday.
  89. turn 14. :)
  90. have a me day.
  91. play flashlight tag.
  92. make an inspirational notebook.
  93. use lots of disposable cameras and print the pictures at the end of the summer.
  94. make a tie blanket.
  95. try macarons.
  96. tan tattoo by a silly band.
  97. make banana splits and rootbeer floats.
  98. have or go to a BBQ.
  99. ride the largest rollercoaster.
  100. get some American flag shorts.
  101. play mini golf.
  102. play party games.
  103. climb a tree.
  104. collect Snapple caps.
  105. go on omegle/chat roulette.
  106. stretch more and do yoga.
  107. go on late night walks.
  108. collect bracelets.
  109. try new foods.
  110. wake up to good music most mornings.
  111. be free.
  112. go to Chicago.
  113. throw a party of some sort, big or small.
  114. kiss someone.
  115. change for the better.
  116. let go (of bad people, the past, everything).

I will most likely add more to this list, so I’ll keep you guys updated if I do.

Little phan one shot

     “Come one, Dan, please just get over here.” Phil’s voice rang out across the apartment, exasperated as Dan sulked around in his room for the umpteenth time this week.
     A loud groan is all that responded, a groan that gained volume until Dan’s head appeared around the corner of the wall. “Why? I’m so tired, Phil, I just want to sl—
     what the hell is this?”  
     The entire room looked as though a six-year old had been fed ten cans of cool-whip and then had been set loose to do as they pleased. The couch was completely devoid of cushions, as they had all been set up in front of the television like some sort of makeshift fort. The lights in the room were dimmed, with the main source of light coming from a sickly green honest-to-god lava lamp in the center of the room. Dan recognized the spare sheets and pillows from their linen closet, all strewn about the fort, making up the roof and back of the small fort, which looked like it could fit maybe four and a half tiny children, and perhaps one and a half grown ones.
      Right amidst the chaos, all glowy and excited, sat Phil. His face appeared gaunt and ill as an effect of the lamp, which sat on a garden brick a few feet behind him. “Well don’t just stand there, come join me in our fort,” he said, staring up at Dan as if nothing was weird about the contents of the room they were currently in. Dan took one more look around the area, thought what the hell, and sat down in front of the tv.
     “No, you have to get inside of it, Dan, that’s the whole point of a fort.”
     “Why did you do all of this, anyway?” Dan inquired. “And I hope you don’t expect me to clean all of this up when you’re finished.”
     “Well, you were being all moody and sad again, and I don’t like when you do that, so I was trying to think of ways to make you happy, and I remembered you talking about how much you used to love pillow forts, and how you wished you could build one again, so voila,” he said, and wwith so much sincerity and excitement that Dan couldn’t help but smile.
     “Did I say that?” he asked, looking across at his flat-mate.
     “Well, you may have implied it at some point in time, but hey, it’s done, so get inside,” Phil responded, climbing inside of the half-assed fort and patting the space next to him. Sighing, Dan complied, attempting to crawl inside of the fort next to his friend. Their arms brushed together, and Dan was starting to realize exactly how small the thing actually was, noticing in great detail how the entire left side of his body was resting practically on top of the right side of Phil’s. It felt nice.
     “So, what exactly did you expect us to do in here, Phil?”
     “Oh yeah! I nearly forgot about that.” Phil slid out of the fort, told Dan to close his eyes for a second, and placed a disc into the DVD player, turning on the television and angling it so that it was clearly visible from beneath the amalgamation of pillows and sheets. He grabbed the TV remote and slid back in next to Dan, accidentally elbowing him in the face during the process. Once they were situated, and once Phil had apologized at least five times for the reckless elbowing, he told his fort-mate to open his eyes.
     “Howl’s Moving Castle? Are you actually serious? You called me in here from the comfort of my dark, somber room, to watch a Studio Ghibli movie? In a haphazard pillow fort?” Dan sounded slightly agitated, and Phil looked down in shame. “That’s the absolute greatest thing anyone has ever done for me.” Phil’s head lifted a bit, and he took in all at once Dan’s sparkling eyes and wide smile, and he felt himself beginning to grin as well.
     “So you’re not mad?” Phil asked cautiously.
     “No, you  twat,” Dan answered, laughing. “You know this is one of my favourite films. But I thought you said you couldn’t find it when you went out the other day?”
     “And I couldn’t! But just yesterday I decided to check at the little secondhand shop around the corner, and they had it there for only £6, so I bought it there. I wanted to watch it yesterday, but you seemed to be in a mood, so I thought I’d wait a bit.”
     “Damn, we should go there more often. But enough chit-chat, let’s get this show started. You start the movie, and I’ll go make some popcorn.” With that, Dan walked to the kitchen and when he came back, he had to stop and stare in awe at the sight of his best friend, on the floor, smiling happily at the screen before him. He truly is beautiful he thought, smiling softly. He shook his head at the thought, and walked back to the fort, settling in to watch what, in his opinion, was the best love story ever told in the history of romance movies.
     The minutes flew by, with Dan and Phil giggling at every small joke, oohing and aahing at all the appropriate times, throwing popcorn both at the screen and at each other. It was the best night that Dan had had in quite a while, and when Howl was over, they popped in My Neighbor Totoro because, as Phil so eloquently put it, “You can’t just watch one and not the other, Dan, that’s just blasphemy!” About halfway through Totoro, Dan leaned over to make a comment on the animation quality, only to hear soft snoring in response. Glancing over, Dan could see Phil’s head was down, resting on his arm. His face was squished against his arms and Dan couldn’t help but laugh softly at the sight. Phil’s eyes were closed, and his mouth was open slightly.
     Dan, after staring admirably at the lovely sleeping man next to him, turned his attention back to the movie. Not even five minutes later, Phil started to shiver to the point that he was snuggling up against Dan’s side for warmth. With Phil pinning him down, Dan couldn’t move enough to grab a blanket without waking him, and so he settled  for wrapping his arms gently around the other boy, and carefully moving so that both were lying in a somewhat-more-comfortable position beneath the fort.
     In this new position, Phil’s face was buried in Dan’s chest, his head resting on the younger boy’s arm, the other of which was wrapped gently but firmly around Phil’s waist. Dan’s face was full of black hair, but he didn’t mind it one bit. He inhaled deeply, and basked in the familiar scent of his home, of their home.
     Dan thought back to the times before he was “Danisnotonfire,” back to when he thought he was just another emo kid who was in love with a youtuber he had never met, who he thought would never notice him. He thought about how annoying he had been, tweeting Phil constantly and commenting on every one of his videos twenty thousand times, and he wondered how in the hell did this happen to me? How did this wonderful man, this angel of a human being, decide that he would talk to me, of all the people in the world. How did I become the lucky one? He constantly was trying to wrap his brain around the fact that he was here, living in the same building, breathing the same air, as his YouTube hero. He marveled at how far he had come since 2009, at how far they had come, and he squeezed Phil more tightly to himself, feeling finally content with his life.
     “I love you, you fucking nerd,” he murmured into Phil’s ear as he turned the TV and the DVD player off, unplugging the lava lamp—which he still didn’t understand why it was there or what importance it had—and settled in for the wonderful night of rest.

     When Phil woke up the next morning, he was surprised to find himself wrapped around his roommate. Their legs were intertwined, and their arms tangled around one another’s bodies. But Phil didn’t mind. He smiled knowingly to himself and laid his head back down against Dan’s chest, and drifted off to sleep, because what better way to spend your mornings than wrapped totally and completely around the boy you love?

[TRANS] Harper’s Bazaar May Issue

Red Velvet’s debut had a lot of people tilting their heads. A lot of people were expecting a second f(x) or SNSD, but Red Velvet came out as a third type of idol that was closer to a new genre. They were an idol group that wasn’t surprising nor public friendly. They didn’t have a cute, sexy, or hipster kind of official color like previous groups. The cheerful and fun girls were yelling ‘Booyah!’ in their debut song ‘Happiness’ and only two months later, they are putting on a chair performance while promising to invite us to a secret world. 

And their music? The song ‘Happiness’, that was made by Chad Hugo who was in the same band N.E.R.D as Pharrell Williams, wasn’t an idol genre we have seen before.Musician and song writer, Jinbo, reviewed Red Velvet’s ‘Happiness’ like this: “Using an African tribal beat instead of a 4/4 rhythm showed that rather than going for the public music charts, they were going for a mania-heavy, experimental technique that can be heard widely on soundcloud. If you look at their arrangement as well as the minimal instrumental composition, they were trying for a more progressive sound compared to other idols.” With their not-so-simple nor normal melody, their unique lyrics such as “When I wake up in the morning, I tell my mom I love her. My kind daughter”, they had music communities talking. The reviews ranged between ‘weird’ and ‘refreshing’. Although the thoughts were contrasting, one thing was for sure: Red Velvet was a brave group. They were determined to prove their first line from ‘Happiness’, “Sometimes you gotta be bold!”.

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anonymous asked:

Do you have moments where you question everything and don't know what to think things anymore and just feel lost ? And what do you do to overcome the fear that comes with not knowing ?

I’m very sure of myself and generally very happy and positive and know what path I’m on in life. I spend a lot of time on my own working. And on Friday I suddenly felt really lonely. I felt like being with someone, but realised I didn’t have anyone to call that I knew would be there for me. 

In these situations I’m usually self aware and I don’t let the sadness take over me. So I texted like 10 people asking if they wanted to go to the cinema with me. No one could. Obviously this didn’t help me feel better, I started questioning everything I’m doing. Is it smart to work as much as I do? Is it worth it in the end if I end up with no friends? Should I go to the cinema alone? Am I really that person? What will people think when I’m sitting there alone? 

Then I shook it off. I booked a ticket BECAUSE I felt scared. I didn’t want to let fear hold me back. I wanted to see this movie. I love going to the cinema. I knew it would be good for me, pushing my comfort zone. Watching a funny movie in crowded room with other people who are enjoying themselves is better than being home alone feeling sorry for myself. 

I smiled through the whole movie. I laughed out loud several times. And I cried at the happy ending. 
When I got out of the cinema I was filled with good energy and when I checked my phone lots of people were trying to contact me. 

When I reached out to people feeling lonely and rejected, that’s what the universe is sending back to me. But after the movie, when my thoughts and my energy had changed, I attracted the same positivity from people around me, and I realised I’m loved and got people who cares for me. 

I hope this story explained it somehow! Be self aware, don’t let a sudden feeling take over you completely. Analyse why you feel a certain way and do everything to change it to the better, then your circumstances will change for the better as well!


Track 2: I'll Show You

January 23, 2014 “Justin Bieber was arrested early this morning in Miami Beach, Florida–” “Pop star Justin Bieber was arrested this morning after he was caught speeding under the influence–” You didn’t care what the headlines were saying, all you wanted to do was get off this stupid plane and be with Justin. You had known that Justin was having hard times but you didn’t know that it was this bad. You felt guilty for not being with him through those times since you were supposed to be his best friend. After what seemed like forever, you had finally arrived in Miami and quickly found a cab to take you to Justin’s hotel. You had to mentally prepare yourself on the cab ride there, knowing that Justin was broken inside but was going to try to be hard on the outside. Once at his hotel, you struggled to get inside with all the paparazzi around asking stupid questions. Having enough of them you walked past them with your middle finger up in the air. As soon as those idiots let you into the hotel, you ran to the elevators and quickly pushed Justin’s floor button. You could already feel yourself getting nervous as you quickly walked to Justin’s room. When Scooter opened the door, relief immediately took over his face. He turned, hugged you, and whispered in your ear, “he won’t talk to anyone, please help him.” You nodded to him and mentally told him that you would do everything in your power to help Justin. Looking around the room, you saw a lot of Justin’s friends, Jeremy, and a blonde girl who was looking at her phone not caring about what was going on. As soon as you saw Justin, you gave him a small smile and walked to hug him. “Y/nickname why are you here? You didn’t have to fly all this way for me” “It’s okay, I wanted to see you and make sure you were okay” you sadly told him. “Can I talk to y/n alone please?” He told everyone in the room as they all nodded in approval. Once everyone was out, you were surprised to see the blonde still sitting there on her phone. “Chantel, can you please leave?” You heard Justin tell “Chantel” who you quickly grew to dislike as she groaned but left. As soon as she left though, you turned to give Justin a long hug. Minutes went by before you realized that Justin had began to cry. This broke your heart and you began to rub his back to calm him down. “It’s okay” you continued to whisper in his ear, even though you knew that he didn’t believe that. Minutes later, Justin had calmed down enough to tell you what had really happened, that the cops were being unfair when he was trying to talk to them before his arrest. You couldn’t believe this, Justin had barely done anything wrong but now the whole world sees him as the villain. You had began to cry and once Justin saw this, he reached out to dry your tears. “That’s not fair” you told him. Moments before, Justin was the one who needed to be comforted but now, he was the strong one as he comforted you. “My life is a movie and everyone’s watching. Sometimes it’s hard to do the right thing when the pressure’s coming down like lightning. It’s like they want me to be perfect when they don’t even know that I’m hurting. But there’s one thing that I know for sure, I’ll show you and them that I can get past this.”

Was It The Last Bus Already?
I got this image in my head after reading today’s sad news about the Studio Ghibli’s unsure future. It’s inevitable that all good things eventually come to an end. Studio Ghibli’s movies, especially Tonari no Totoro has been big part of my childhood. Even today it’s comforting to watch the movie in the middle of my busy life. This is my tribute to Hayao Miyazaki’s fantastic animation studio and movies.

Duality, a Niall One Shot: Part 3

Niall made me laugh. I always felt like it was important to remember that. How he made me laugh with stupid stories and stupider jokes. He could find humor in anything, and I found myself thinking that was the only way he could keep living like this: to keep himself laughing. I made him laugh, too. I was proud of that.

 I told him stories about my friends in Seattle and he told me about Catholic school and his childhood friends and his neighbors. I liked listening to him talk, the way his accent tumbled the words in his mouth.

We did that a lot, just sat in the grey light of the afternoon, with the TV off and the apartment silent, talking. We were content with the silences in between, and one day, our hands had inched closer on the couch until our fingers were twisting together.

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[FAN?? ACCOUNT] Sunggyu...Sunggyu-sama...Sunggyu-nim...(Super long! Nanosecond account)

(T/N: Contains profanity because of Internet language)

Since you guys have been waiting for the notification to go off…I wrote Sunggyu as the keyword three times.

You guys wanted the nanosecond account, so I’ll write it in minuscule details.

Well, I was at my store today.
We had four kiosks for taking orders and I saw Sunggyu-sama in line. The kiosk next to me said that they’ll help whoever is ready to order, but Sunggyu didn’t even budge from the line for my kiosk. He just stood there firmly. What a man of perseverance…he was standing in line with his older sister. (You guys told me that she was his sister)

Since he was standing with a woman I was like, ‘Hul, a woman?’ but when I looked at them they looked alike ㅋㅋㅋ …I’ll stop reading posts from the ‘Delusion’ thread…I’m sorry…

First, he ordered the roasted squid combo with grapefruitade (his sister’s) and oriental raisin tree tea (his). Sunggyu-sama paid for everything, his sister collected the points. Such a nice brother…

“I’ll have the roasted squid combo (his pronunciation was hella cute when he said this) and the oriental raisin tree tea…uh…noona, are you gonna get anything? Grapefruitade? Okay, one grapefruitade too~”

Hul, he called her noona? Why did I get confused then? Am I a baka (T/N: Japanese for dummy)? Yeah…

I asked him, “Do you have a point card?”

He was like, “No I don’t~” but his sister said, “I have one!” so he was like “Ahh! We do! She does! She has one she has one! (urgently)” ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ so cute ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

I thought it was just the two of them, but his mother was sitting down. He got the squids and was like, “Umma~ Blah blah blah (couldn’t hear)…” in a very bright voice.

So they went in to watch the movie ㅎㅎㅎ

And I give Sunggyu tickets every time he comes here. Seriously, I think I saw him more than 7? times. Maybe 3-4 times for other members? 7~9 times just for Sunggyu?

Today ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I guess he was in a good mood… He and I never acknowledged each other (on my part, cuz I wanted him to watch the movie comfortably) but…

He was like, “Oh? You’re here (snack booth) today! You’re always over there (ticket booth)!”

I guess he was intrigued that I was selling popcorn instead of movie tickets.

And coincidentally, I went to go help with cleaning the theater after eating my meal, and that happened to be the theater that Sunggyu was in. As he was coming out…as expected, such a sweet son, such a sweet younger brother.

He had his arms around his mother’s shoulders? Like…not putting his arm on top of her shoulders, but more like hugging her? He was coming out of the theater like that and his sister was like, “So Jeongjo~”, explaining stuff (T/N: King Jeongjo from Joseon Dynasty), and he chimed in, “Oh, Jeongjo?” But I couldn’t really hear him tbh because it was too loud ㅎ

Oh! And while I was making the grapefruitade, his sister asked him where he bought the hood? floppy hat? I don’t know what it’s called, but he started bragging like, “Oh, our fans~” and on…like, he looked so proud. He looked reallllly happy too.

They watched ‘The Throne’. He didn’t look like he cried. He entered the theater coolly with his hat, but came out with his hood on.

From head to toe he was covered in black. Normally, he wears a face mask, but he came with his natural face today.
His face shape is fucking pretty, Fucking v-line.
Ah and he also wore the potato sack cropped pants.

This is considered a nanosecond account right?

You guys cheered for me but even then I had to extend it ^^ fuck

Ah, and a lot of you got this wrong.

This didn’t happen in Jeonju. It was in Seoul.

Bye. Leave a comment if you have any question. I’ll try to answer them based on what I remember.

If there is a problem with this post, I’ll make this theater explode.
If there is no problem, I hope I can get a ticket to Gocheok Sky Dome…

(T/N: The writer is joking about making the theater explode and she must be an EXO fan…lol)

Reply to one comment: Yes! You may reupload this post! I hear everyone is worried about him…tell them that Sunggyu looked really happy! He had such a happy smile….he had the smile of someone who’s like, “I’m happy!“

CR: Anonymous from ‘Women’s Generation’ (여성시대)
Translated by: togetherinspirit7