my comedy queen


“Gilda was a fantastic laugher. I never enjoyed making anyone laugh more than her. I remember one day, I made her laugh so hard, she thought she was going to die. And I just couldn’t stop. I used to be really funny, and in those days I used to have almost like a vengeful thing; I could go for a long period of time and try to be funny. I don’t do it like I used to. And I miss that. I’m still funny, but back then I would take something and not let go of it.”
–Bill Murray


new video. it’s a rupaul song on ukulele. kind of in honour of this past weekends frolics. but mostly because i actually uploaded it and recorded it last week but kept it private until today because that’s the kind of time we live in folks. also, please like and subscribe and validate me as a ridiculous human being.