my coloring is so shitty on some of them

Hi guys!

Today I have for you a recolor of Dreamteamsims’ conversion of Pixicat’s buckle boots! These are definitely my favorite shoes I have in TS4 (and in TS3 tbh), and I thought it was time to give them some more colors! 

Still kinda new to creating recolors and actually sharing them with others instead of everything just sitting in my mods folder, so I’m sorry for the shitty preview

There’s 50 swatches, each with a custom thumbnail in CAS:

!! You’ll need the mesh for these to show up in your game: HERE

Credits to @pixicat​ for creating the mesh and @dreamteamsims​ for converting it to the Sims 4! Big thanks to both of you! <3

Download: SimFileShare 


i saw this and i just couldnt resist sorry

i can’t believe this y’all

mY DUDES MY SHITTY UNORIGINAL BLOG now has 200 followers what the HECK

reminder that i love all of you, and even tho my blog is small it’s much bigger than it should be because of all of you guys banding together to support me and my unoriginal content

thanks so much for following and i love you all so sO much talk to me at any time <33 

i’ll be taking some color pallette art requests to celebrate (i’ll probably leave requests open for the whole week) ALTHO it might take a while to get to them bc i’ve been very sick lately, as well as having the rest of my requests and projects i have to finish up! i’ll reblog the post in a sec <3 but anywho, i lov u guys a lot. i’m honestly surprised i got this far!! 



Just got my Poptepipic tankobon, so I thought’d I’d post some shitty iPhone pics of the colored pages (as well as a picture of everyone’s favorite “You are mother fucker? strip). Please note the hilarious picture of Pipimi and Popuko throwing steamed rice onto a burning house, as well as the adorable one of them on the back cover. There’s a few strips that weren’t posted online, so hopefully some kind person NOT ME WWWWW will scan and translate them at some point. A big thank you to bkub for the great series, and big fuck you to Takeshobo, who we will never forgive.

I don’t fucking care what friends I lose over this shit. I’m tired of people’s anti-blackness towards the people I care about and even my own people. I’m tired of people of color being talked over and pointed out as being aggressive when something bothers them and is being insulting. I’m tired of white people always making up excuses for their shitty behavior and even coming out as far as bringing up mental illness. These subjects have been brought up time after time after fucking time and some even spoke out and said “if you need help with research, you are welcomed to come to me” which no one really came for. So don’t you act entitled to jack shit. People of color don’t owe you shit. It’s 2017 and we’re fucking tired of this constant bullshit.

Cries and tears...

(Warning: angst, one-sided love)

He doesn’t know what’s crueler. The fact that he chose her, as he knew he always would, or because he pleaded for him to be there, standing beside him as his best friend.

It’s all done now. Everyone’s gone.

There’s just some random colored streamers and flower petals left, and Shinya wonders if any of them touched Guren’s feet while he was dancing with Mahiru.

She looked so radiant. They both did. And Shinya was able to smile long enough for someone to snap a picture of the three of them. Two happy lovers and one lovelorn friend.

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Concept: Adam discovering he likes having painted nails.
•Ronan painting Adam’s nails.
•ronan is probably like really shitty at it at first so Adam always goes to Blue but
•slowly he gets better and can do designs
•ronan always wants to paint like weapons and shit on Adam’s nails
•or like paint them black or dark colors
•but Adam always plonks a bottle of pastel nail polish in front of Ronan
•with it comes a pinterest pin for some cute floral design
•ronan always tries to convince Adam to let him do something different but,
•"pastel pink is my favorite Ronan.“
•cue adam’s pouty face which Ronan CANNOT resist because he is WEAK.
•and somehow Adam always convinces Ronan to let him do his nails.
•in pastel
•and opal makes them flower crowns
•at that point, Ronan has given up on trying to resist
•he just puts it on and grumbles
•adam also make him take selfies and pics of their nails and flower crowns
•(he also secretly posts these pics on ig and tumblr)
•(where he is extremely famous bc of his beautiful face and his aesthetics and boyfriend etc)
•what Ronan doesn’t know won’t hurt him
•and if Ronan forgets to take off his flower crown and nail polish before meeting up with everyone at Nino’s, you can bet your ass Blue will laugh at him and say he’s cute