my coloring is so shitty on some of them


I haven’t been updating, I’m sorry about that. I have a good reason, two actually. One is the fact that it’s been so hot, and in order to run my computer I need to sacrifice the use of my AC to play it. (That’s due to the shitty power of my house) The second reason being, I realized how messy the hair section of my game is. It needed a complete overhaul. And I decided since I don’t really use natural hair colors, to get rid of them completely. So I put together 18 unnaturals and while I have time on the computer I’ve been spending it defaulting all the game hairs, recoloring age conversions, and next would be doing some CC hairs as well so it’s taking a while, but I’ll get it done and hopefully get to play again :3.

Here is a look at the colors. I like the pastels of this set so much better than what I’ve been using. I can update the Lillium family with much better looks :3. And of course my Firestarter hair color is included, because Berry wouldn’t be Berry without it.

Edit: If anyone is interested I made actions for them, so I’d be willing to upload them :3.

Got7 reaction you walking in a dress T-shirt

Request: Got7 reaction to you walking around with a dress T-shirt

Genre: Smut, fluff,

A/n: There we go


“You bought a dress that I can wear as a T-shirt? That’s useless. Use my T-shirts, this way I’ll be close to you somehow twenty four seven.”

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“If you continue walking around in this, you’ll end up on the table instead of the dinner Y/n.”

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“Baby, I love you, but I won’t be able to keep my hands to myself if this dress continues to swing around like this.”

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“Baby, this dress makes me horny. I’m sorry. Do something. Pretty pretty please”

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“It ain’t Gucci baby. That’s my apartment and in it wear my Gucci shirt. The red wine colored one. Why? Because I have some kink seeing you in it.”

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“Damn girl. I like it. I really like the way this is going. You should wear it outside too. Swing it. Show them who’s the boss.”

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“What I think about the dress? Baby, I like it, it makes it’s hints, but I still love the most when you  are naked.”

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RICK GRIMES IN EVERY EPISODE 1.03 tell it to the frogs
   ↳ “I felt like I’d been ripped out of my life and put somewhere else. For a while I thought I was trapped in some coma dream, something I might not wake up from ever.”

Hi guys!

Today I have for you a recolor of Dreamteamsims’ conversion of Pixicat’s buckle boots! These are definitely my favorite shoes I have in TS4 (and in TS3 tbh), and I thought it was time to give them some more colors! 

Still kinda new to creating recolors and actually sharing them with others instead of everything just sitting in my mods folder, so I’m sorry for the shitty preview

There’s 50 swatches, each with a custom thumbnail in CAS:

!! You’ll need the mesh for these to show up in your game: HERE

Credits to @pixicat​ for creating the mesh and @dreamteamsims​ for converting it to the Sims 4! Big thanks to both of you! <3

Download: SimFileShare 


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Jesus, and I thought I had it rough in terms of checking labels being allergic to food coloring... If you are able to ever go to restaurants, do you ever get that BS from staff where they all assume you're on some unnecessary fad diet and are rude about checking (or straight up refuse to check) ingredients for you on something?

I don’t eat out anymore so no. I’ve only really ever had a few waiters be shitty, most of them have tried to be super good about checking things because I straight up tell them there’s about a 20 minute delay between me putting the food in my mouth and me projectile vomiting everywhere. I also have a sulfite allergy, which is used in most pesticides and preservatives so unless I know something is 100% organic I’m risking a reaction from that as well. Which, haha guess what they use to preserve dental anesthetics, go on guess. 

Except my dentist, cause he’s literally sent from God to save me.

But boy it sure is fun when someone tries to come at me and make out like I have nothing worry about because GMOs are in so little foods in the US. Except corn. Which is only used in, oh y’know, everything.

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When I was a child, shit, maybe four or five I was at Lake Fork in East Texas with my Paw paw. I stood on the edge of the lake in overgrown grass. I wore khaki shorts and a stripped shirt. I can’t remember my shoes.

I had a shitty yellow fishing pole made of plastic. I’m not sure if he wanted to teach me a lesson about life that day. That pole was shit. It couldn’t catch a fish if you threw it to the numbers.

The sun two-stepped off the crescent waves of the water. Years after this story, there was a drought in Texas that nearly bled it dry. I guess water is like plants. No frontal lobe, but an understanding of what it needs to survive. How to continue if it doesn’t.

He was a country boy who grew up on a farm in Buffalo, Texas. Broke as fuck and wound up owning his own business. Buying a house. Cadillacs. Being a Father. A True Man of God who loved Everyone and taught me how to do the same. I never go to church anymore, and sometimes people piss me off. I look at the stars and I wonder how we got here and just what our purpose is. Why we hate each other for no reason.

Why the fuck is life after High School never leaving High School?

Pawpaw knew better than to trust me with that shitty rod. Yellow was my favorite color. I liked the Summer. I guess Apollo has been asking me to pay attention to him for sometime now. Maybe he wanted some prayers. We could all use them from time to time. Even God’s. Especially Gods.

Pawpaw just stood there with the winning smile on his face. His skin wasn’t as wrinkled as I remember it. He stood there, smiling, watching, waiting.

It happened. I was staring at the sun through the waves. Poseidon got pissed or something. Water is cool and all but come on y'all. The. Sun.

So Poseidon sends the fish I never saw but felt. I was daydreaming about something. Half of my memories are bumping into trash cans, closed doors, random stumbling-strangers because I’m so occupied with my thoughts I’m just not here. I’m there.

I was brought from the other there to there, back then, when that fish yanked that shity pole out of my Freudian hands into the depths of a Lake I saw many times after.

I never saw that pole again.
Grandpa did what Grandpas do.
Torches are passed.
Women suffer the most. They are never pretty enough or smart enough or strong enough for anything. They bury lovers and other pieces of themselves along the way. That’s all bullshit, but it’s the cross we made for them.

The Women in my life taught me how to hold open doors, when to buy flowers, why dressing nice is important sometimes,
how to apologize, who to bring home, where to find the words when I see grey clouds in irises, and how important it is to stand in the rain when you find there is nothing to say..

Paw paw got caught by a fish one day. He was day dreaming about his farm. About taking me to the deer lease. Taking me to
the lake,
my fourth birthday when I was so sick
I laid in his lap and my friends played
min-golf and no one really gave a shit
but Paw paw did.

He got caught by the fish that swallows us all. Our spirits are bait for the monsters of our bodies. We are indestructible otherwise.

Nana taught me that after carrying her cross. Birthing three women to carry their crosses in this world. Spending hours on make-up and going to a beauty salon to make my Paw paw smile. She never saw him smile over the paper during unmake-upped saturday morning coffee like I did.

She buried him and I carried him with cousins and my brother to a quiet place that he would sit and feed squirrels if he had the life left.

I feel his hands tighten mine in job interviews when I shake firmly.

I smell him in the aisle at HEB with Brut aftershave.

I taste him in Coffee.

I see his spirit pinballing
around Orion

I hear him tell me to pray when I should.

I never do. I see his ghost every night and sometimes he doesn’t have the smile that taught me so much and I just tell him

I’m trying.

—  Bryan Grissom-Fishing

Some shitty paintings I am doing for my art final. So far I have done two and I am working on the third. It will be a collection for Child Sexual Abuse and the environment or situations that are caused by it.

The first one represents the internal turmoil of (mostly dissociation) being the unable to see and having your ability to outwardly express anything taken away. The background colors were my idea of having a storm that is dark and torn at the surface, but you can see the child has good in them once you try to be there for them.

The second was based around that feeling when you are a child and have to watch the family and your life fall apart. You can’t do anything, but see and observe. You are forced to let everything happen and have absolutely no power.

I hope others will like this, but my objective is for this to make it into the art show and I want people to see child abuse for WHAT IT IS. Not the vague, undermined nonsense that people make it out to be.

“Oh, it’s normal, they are over exaggerating.”

“They asked for it with how much skin they show.”

I’ve been told this, even though I dress like a conservative Arabian women. (According to my close friend)

Sorry for the rant.

i saw this and i just couldnt resist sorry

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A lot of your edits get reposted on twitter and get like 2-5k rts and likes

I just did a huge google search and I found some but also in some other weird websites and I’m so disappointed and mad bc even tho they may look like nothing, they take time and I do the coloring from scratch to all of them ugh

like the ones from the 4 years with bts was so hard to do bc I had to search for all the photos and most of them were in a shitty quality lmaoooo

my writing has never been reposted but having your edits reposted sucks just as much as the writing does ughhhhh I struggle so much for my edits to get reblogs here and they get a lot over there when they are stolen???? I’m so mad lajsldkdk

why can’t they give at least some credit ?????? stealing and reposting content online is just as bad as stealing irl

Fellow Candies

Since summer break is nearing I decided to practice art. I got pictures of some clothes that I find cute but I don’t have any models to draw them on . So I need your beautiful Candies. Probably no one will be interested in my shitty art but yeahh hopefully. So can you please reblog this with the picture of your Candy? Optionally with the colors you prefer. (If you don’t tell me colors I will draw it with the original color of clothing.)

So I caught up on One Piece today and yeah this is my ship but I also just really like them as friends and their teamwork is great and I love them. Long distance fighters for the win!  lol But yeah, I just feel like they’d work really well as a ship I mean, you can’t not find it cute when they’re grabbing each other, screaming in horror as Luffy is about to kill them all. haha

My shitty art “style” doesn’t really do them justice but it’s such an under appreciated pair that I felt I needed to contribute in some way… and I’ll probably contribute more later but this is a start! :)

why are you reblogging my shitty art 

more importantly why did you reblog it from a blog that is not my art blog

even more importantly how did that blog not reblog it from my art blog so that you could reblog it from them



Just got my Poptepipic tankobon, so I thought’d I’d post some shitty iPhone pics of the colored pages (as well as a picture of everyone’s favorite “You are mother fucker? strip). Please note the hilarious picture of Pipimi and Popuko throwing steamed rice onto a burning house, as well as the adorable one of them on the back cover. There’s a few strips that weren’t posted online, so hopefully some kind person NOT ME WWWWW will scan and translate them at some point. A big thank you to bkub for the great series, and big fuck you to Takeshobo, who we will never forgive.

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Hi! First thing first I want to thank u for giving the link of my shitty meme to pleasepleasepleaseme - I didn't know how to react when I saw it so I just let out a dying dolphin scream. Anyway, your depictions of Poseidon, Hera and Hermes are perfect -- I think Hera's regal cheekbones can stab someone and Poseidon is just DAMNNN -- so I'd like to see you draw them more, please! :)

The pleasure is all mine! I seriously cracked up when I saw it because it’s so on-point for my depiction of Hades. Perfection.

Poseidon is the only brother whose costume I’ve not drawn past the “shitty ballpoint doodle” stage, so when I saw this ask I got motivated and plunked my ass down with my tablet for a couple hours. I’m currently in the progress of coloring (been trying some new painting techniques) but here’s the sketch — with bonus Amphitrite.

I’d love to draw out Hera too, so I’m going to see if I can get a sketch of her done by tonight. As for Hermes, I’m not really sure if I have anything in the works for him. I might tidy up the drawing I did of him tho cause it’s pretty messy.

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Can you please do a pastel eren in #6 and a punk Levi in #8 if you haven't done it already. Thanks😊.

Bless you for giving me my two fave nerds to draw in my fave styles of them. Hope this is what you wanted(i couldn’t handle flat colors so i used some special pens i have but i swear the only colors used was from their respective pallets.

pose pic was used for ref for this as well.

Send me a character and a pallet

Fix Your Attitude: Chapter 10

Read on AO3.
Part 9 here.
Part 11 here.

Summary:  Just when you thought you had gotten your control back, Kylo Ren does something that reminds you why you hate him so much.

Words: 2982

Warnings: Inappropriate memories.

Characters: Kylo Ren x Reader

A/N:  I tried out something a little different, this chapter–let me know what you think? I’m trying to flex my style a little bit since I’m feeling angsty and shitty about it for some reason. NICE.

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I’m seriously considering a go fund me account I wouldn’t ask for much if everyone just donated 2$ I could possibly get out of this pit I’m currently in. I walked into my math class this morning with my venti iced white mocha ( I may have pocketed someone’s gift card they didn’t know they had it so it’s not stealing right) (ps. Yes I feel shitty for it but 4 espresso shots is the only way I can stay awake in math and I am not taking statistics a fourth time I swear!) and pulled out my multi colored highlighters (also not mine), and attempted to type in math problems into my $200 dollar graphing calculator(I bought it my freshman year when I was swimming in financial aid$ with my long acrylic nails ( my mom made me go get them done in hopes I would feel less depressed or some shit idk). Even with all this exterior appearance of wealth i woke up to a -$2 balance on my account on Tuesday. I had to go and deposit my only $3 bills to get out of the negative red zone. If it weren’t for my parents I’d be homeless and crying into a dumpster while in search for food idk I mean everything is a growing experience I just really wish I could find a job already. Why do I have to have morals? I could be a sugar baby and not worry about a single bill but noooo. Okay I really hope you didn’t read all this nonsense I felt like ranting. K.