my colorin

🎶on the fifth day of dhmis my teacher gave to me~


digital dancing~

roy on a laptop

another teacher

and a favorite student of mine!🎶

day 5: favorite location!

i kinda like this place because one of the only few places we see that’s “the real world”


fuckboy, boy, yous a fuckboy

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A Ratmas Tale: The Vain Little Rat

For Ratmas this year since I don’t have a very big supply of rats, I’ve decided to finally do something I’ve been meaning to do for ages: rewriting a traditional fairytale from my country (Spain) to fit the Neath, and still sound like a fairytale.

 The original tale is La Ratita Presumida. I wrote two endings, since the original one has several. So here it is, enjoy!


Once upon a time, or maybe just last week, a tiny grey Vain Little Rat pressed her fuzzy cheek to her tiny broom and sighed dreamily. Out the window of the dusty furniture store, lacre fell mournfully from the sky.

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