my color theory self portrait

sometimes i feel like tumblrs idea of “art” is so weird like there’s so much pressure to develop a style and that style almost always ends up being something cartoony that strikes just between full out cartoon and uncanny valley and that’s. it unless you get into like they weird anime stuff where it’s drawn super cartoony but then has hyper realistic shading and it’s just. odd. and it’s all fan art or like super emo vent art. and then i go to the local art gallery and it’s all realism or between realism and uncanny valley or the other way around, all original subjects. also soap for some reason there’s always a lot of homemade soap for sale. and like they’re making hundreds of dollars a piece for this stuff but then again you see people charging 60 for commissions on here. and i go to art class and we turn in our assignments and my friend gets the same grade in their homestuck fan art that i get on my realistic drawings and it’s just like “would u look at that” cause art is made up anyway.