my colleciton


1998 Fender Custom Shop 1960 Custom Telecaster.

Also appearing:  various views of Toronto:

  • Danforth Ave, looking West towards downtown
  • McCaul & Queen Streets
  • Billboard, Yonge/Dundas Square.

A slice of my collection:

(here we go…)

Starting form the top row, left to right:

  1. 2011 Gibson SG Std. Exclusive
  2. 2012 Gibson Nighthawk Studio
  3. 2009 Gibson ES-339
  4. 1968 Gibson SG Special
  5. 2012-ish Partscaster
  6. 2012 Gibson SG Standard P-90
  7. 1968 Fender Telecaster
  8. 1997 Rickenbacker 360
  9. 2006 Fender Custom Shop ‘60 Stratocaster Relic
  10. 1966 Gibson ES-330
  11. 2014 Partscaster (which was built all by myself!  My parents didn’t help or anything!)
  12. 2005 Gibson Custom ES-335 VOS
  13. 2007 Nash S-63
  14. 2005 Fender Custom Shop Limited Edition '66 Stratocaster Closet Classic.
  15. 2005-ish Fender Custom Shop '67 Telecaster Relic
  16. 2009 Fender American Standard FSR.

4 hours to go in 2014.  Let’s review the top 10 highlights of my year, shall we?  :D

  1. I bought 10 guitars and 2 vintage amps this year - mostly from shops in and around Toronto, but also from New York and Seattle.
  2. I sold 5 or 6 guitars his year.  I wish I didn’t have to, but I gots to pay for the new ones somehows! ;)
  3. Got to know more and more local guitar shop people and made some great friends - Kevin, Brad, Tony, and John at Capsule; Ed, Nevin, and TC at The Twelfth Fret;  "Sam", Michael and Mark at Folkway; Phil, Sean, Will, and Rob at various Long & McQuade stores around Toronto; Adrian and Robb at The Guitar Shop, Peter at Mojo Music; Barry, Jonathan, and John B. at Steve’s; and the gangs at Retrofret, Brooklyn, Rudy’s Music Soho (NYC), and Rumble Seat Music in Ithaca NY, and of course Mike A. from M&M Guitar Bar in Seattle. I also met and got to know David and Troy, who have helped me find the affordable bodies and parts I needed to build my first guitars (see below)!  I’m sure I am forgetting some one - if so, please forgive me!  It was great meeting, learning (and sometimes buying stuff!) from you guys!  Thank you for making 2014 a great guitar-collecting year!
  4. I posted 1021 individual posts on Tumblr this year and they collectively gathered just over 84200 notes!  This is almost double the number of notes I got on my >1100 posts in 2013!
  5. I went from 4100 in January to almost 9000 Tumblr followers as of today.  This blows my mind!
  6. I reactivated my Instagram account in May (I had not used it since 2010), and as of today have almost 2800 followers over there as well!
  7. Favourite acquisitions this year:  1972 Gibson ES-355 (far left in photo above), 1969 Gibson SG Standard (on the table behind the the candy apple red Strat in the middle of the picture above), 1957 Fender Champ, 1968 Fender Drip Edge Vibro Champ, Gold 2011 SG Standard Exclusive, 1966 Musicmaster.
  8. I built my first Telecaster-style guitar using a body from Maverick Guitar parts of Toronto.  I had so much fun that I built 2 more!  Thanks to David at Maverick Guitar Parts for the affordable and beautiful bodies!
  9. Made an awesome whirlwind tour of guitar shops in the NYC area as well as Ithaca and Rochester New York this year in October.  Next year we are kicking around the idea of going to Chicago for our annual American guitar junket!
  10. I made tons of friends through Tumblr and Instagram this year and saw some awesome musicians play, famous ones, local ones, old friends and new friends.   Jamie in Preston, UK, Simon (you know who you are!) also in the UK, Daniel in Scotland, Michael, Cat, Bill, Brendan, and Gary and several other friends across the USA, as well as several dozen people here in Canada, and several more in Europe and South America.  I can’t name you all - my apologies - but if we have chatted this year on Tumblr, Instagram or Facebook - thank you!  I am so lucky to have met all of you.

Best wishes for a healthy and happy 2015.  And once again…thank you for a great 2014.


Almost complete…just need to find a decal for the headstock, and then I am going to look into refinishing the headstock in glossy lacquer.  I like “satin” finishes on the back of a neck, but I prefer a glossy headstock!


I love my SG Standard P-90.  All the goodness of an SG Standard.  Plus the even more goodness of P-90s.

I would love it if Gibson USA made “real” SG Specials again.  Not what they call an SG Special these days…with uncovered humbuckers, decal on the headstock and no neck binding, but the ORIGINAL SG Special of the 1960s.  P-90s, dot markers, bound neck. 3 on a plate Klusons with white plastic buttons.   Real headstock inlay.  And GLOSSY!   Come on Gibson!  How about it??

Ask Carlos…he knew!

(note:  half face ‘guard, so his “Special” was made before '67.  Also looks like it does not have 3-on-plate Klusons.  It was a common “upgrade” in those days to change the tuners.  Personally I love the originals….)

I am in a Tele mood today…and it isn’t even Tuesday. Sorry about that!

Wait a second.  

See what just happened there?  

I quasi-apologized for posting a Tele on a day that has the unmitigated gall to NOT be a Tuesday!  See what internets have done to us?!?  Telecasters *MUST* be on Tuesdays now!  This is utter madness.

Well, I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore! 

This is Tele Thursday.  And by god, tomorrow will be Tele Friday, and I’m pretty sure as f*ck it’s also gonna be a Tele Saturday!  

By Sunday I’ll probably get bored and switch back to SGs or something.

(PS: this is my 1968 Fender Telecaster…in celebration of the first official Tele Thursday!)