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NEW TOY Alert (part 2)!

I am so excited I can barely type…  :D In fact, I am so excited about this that I broke 2 of my (self-imposed) “cardinal rules” of photography to take this shots:

  1. Generally, I only use natural light for my guitar shots…because I can’t stand the yellowness and multi-directional shadows I get when using house lamps (each separate lamp causes a shadow in a sightly different direction)!  But because these were taken after dark, I have used the incandescent lights in in my studio* and then tried to remove the the ugly yellowness in Adobe Lightroom.
  2. I used a flash for shots 2 and 4.  See above: I try to use only natural light at all times, and yet here I am breaking my own rule because I wanted to get these up asap!!

Now…the story:  I got a great deal on this Flying V today.  I had an SG up for sale on Internets, and was not getting a lot of responses from “serious” buyers - just the typical Craigslist/Kijiji bullsh*t like

  • I’ll give you ¼ the asking price for it, and when you refuse I will rant about how my offer is the best you are going to get and I should know because I have bought so many high-end guitars over the years and I have never paid more than 75 bucks for any of them!  
  • I will pay the asking price but I live 500 miles away from you so please ship it and I will pay you upon receipt.  also: please tell me your bank account number so I can make a direct deposit.
  • I don’t have any money but would you take a straight trade for my 1984 Vantage (or Hondo, or any other cheap crappy brand you can think of…), and here is why I think my 100 dollar Vantage (or Hondo or etc…) is worth the same amount as your limited edition Gibson SG…

And then I got a message from a guy that wanted to trade me a Flying V, plus some cash to make up for the value difference between the SG and the V.  In the back of my tiny little mind I have always wanted a V, so when I received his offer…I snapped it up!

It’s my first V ever.  I have never even played one…I can’t wait to get it freshly stringed and set up…and then I’ll probably spend the rest of the day playing Scorpions tunes…  :D

* By “my studio” I of course mean “my kitchen”