my coldplay collection


MX Shoes Designed by Coldplaymania
Here are some more shots of the two pairs of shoes I designed - one pair of adult size shoes (for me!) and one pair of child size shoes for my little cousin. A lot of people have asked - would I consider selling these shoes? The answer is YES! I have been thinking of setting up an Etsy account to sell MX shoes like this.

I am not sure how it would work out though. Each pair would be unique. I could buy the shoes once the buyer places his or her order. The adult pair I used was only $10 and the child pair only $7. They aren’t Vans or Toms or anything like that - just generic shoes!

Anyway, I have a lot to think about. Right now, I’m just going to admire my work :D


Haha. It’s the beginning stages of the paper butterfly chandelier I’m making for my room. This is only the first layer; I plan on making four more layers that progressively become longer. I’m so excited!

I would offer to have a competition to give this away on tumblr, but it’s too amazing. I want it for myself :)

Plus, just that has taken me about seven hours, fifty sheets of tissue paper, twenty glue sticks, and too many burns to count!

Maybe in the future I’ll make another one to give away on tumblr….