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At first I thought of her as a dark Cosmo or a Bloody Mary, but last minute idea guided me to try a gradation one because of the fire. Wrong idea. My pulse is horrible so sunrises and flag shots are very difficult for me. This one is the third attempt and still not good, so I’ll try another day :(

Ingredients: Grenadine, coffee liquor, orange juice, vodka, blackberry, ice.

Steps: Pour grenadine (20%) and a dash of liquor on the glass. Orange juice, vodka and ice to mix&freeze cocktail shaker. Pour these ones over the grenadine, trying to do better than me xD

Glass: Cocktail/martini one.

Decoration: Blackberry (Christy’s dark side)

Notes: I used Absolut and Tia Maria. No sugar. It’s soft. Really. Less dangerous than her xD


Alice’s one has to be pretty, simple, transparent and easy (I love the girl but hey, this is true, in the good and “bad” side). I think of melon liquor and green tea when I think of asian girls, so…

Ingredients: Green tea, melon liquor, melon wedge. No ice.

Steps: Make the tea (remember: green tea 2 o 3 minutes, no more). Mix it with the melon liquor, even directly in the glass (no need of cocktail shaker, no ice, no sugar).

Glass: Cocktail/martini one.

Decoration: Melon wedge.

Notes: Named for Midori brand (although I used Marie Brizard). I used Rapsodia verde (a black/green tea + spices mix from TheTeaShop, I love it). No sugar, it’s sweet enough, believe me.

Serve hot. Yeah, I know, melon liquor needs to be served freeze, but try it hot. Alice is hot. Alice’s mouth sure was warm too. So try it hot. Good for autumn and winter nights xD


Starting with the girls: Albright’s one. At first I thought a Godmother variation for her, and still believe it would be right: feminine and strong, like BR Zhora, beauty and beast, she’s both. But at last I tried other combination: strawberries (pretty and feminine but also acid, not so acid like Mark’s lemon one but a little bit), hazelnut liquor (her hair & eyes) and vodka as base.

Ingredients: Strawberries (real ones, please xD), vodka, hazelnut liquor, ice.

Steps: Grind the strawberries (I don’t have a whisk ‘cause my house is very small, so I used a fork, but it would be better with the appropiate tool xD). The pulp, ice and alcohol (50/50) to the cocktail shaker. Retire the ice. Pour in the glass.

Glass: Cocktail/martini one.

Decoration: Little strawberry

Notes: I used Absolut and Frangelico. No sugar needed: it’s strong (just fruit and alcohol) but sweet :)