my coach told me to


a: a man can only have so many issues, it is just a key.
n: you’re a foster child. you know it isn’t. […]  i’ve never belonged anywhere or had the right to call anything my own. but coach gave me keys to the court, and you told me to stay. you gave me a key and called it home. i haven’t had a home since my parents died.
a: don’t look at me like that. i am not your answer and you sure as fuck aren’t mine.


It’s always been ‘go’. It’s always been 'lie’ and 'hide’ and 'disappear’. I’ve never belonged anywhere or had the right to call anything my own. But Coach gave me keys to the court, and you told me to stay. You gave me a key and called it home. I haven’t had a home since my parents died.

favorite all for the game quotes ≡ (1/?) neil josten edition.

Celibacy (Brett Talbot Imagine)

Brett Talbot x Reader

Warnings: Sexual content, dirty talk, masturbation, NSFW.

Summary: Brett’s neglecting you sex because his Lacrosse coach told the team it would affect their results on the field, and you decide to take the ‘problem’ into your own hands.


“Please Y/N, get off me.” Brett grunted when you once again tried to straddle his lap in the sofa. Pulling you down beside him and shoved a pillow to cover your almost naked body.

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lit meme | 1/male characters: neil josten, the foxhole court

“It’s always been go. It’s always been lie and hide and disappear. I’ve never belonged anywhere or had the right to call anything my own. But Coach gave me keys to the court, and you told me to stay. You gave me a key and called it home. I haven’t had a home since my parents died.”

Reggie Mantle x Reader: Scouts & Glory


Can you write a Reggie Mantle x Reader? Where the reader is a volleyball player and is the team captain and Reggie is her bf. After their practices they talk about their big games and there’s a scout to watch her play and she freaks out bc she thinks she won’t impress the scout and Reggie comforts her saying she’ll do great bc she’s really good and he’ll be cheering her on. She ends up doing really good and Reggie says I told you so and she just hugs and thanks him for being her rock/ support.

A/N: I enjoyed writing this one, but I’m not big on sports lingo so if I wrote something so wrong, please correct me so I can fix it. I really hope you guys enjoy this imagine and thank you your support on all the other imagines.


Summary: Reader has a bug scout coming to one of her games and begins doubting herself, but her boyfriend Reggie helps her keep her head in the game *wink, wink* lol ok I’m dun.

Spoilers: Game goes well

Warnings: Reggie being supportive <3

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           Riverdale a town that was the epitome of a small utopia to the tourists who showed up every now and then. This idea of Riverdale being a utopia had swiftly vanished when Jason Blossom was missing and turned up murdered by Sweetwater River. Since then every parent became wary of their children and the town had input a curfew on everyone until the murderer was caught. Your boyfriend Reggie was no exception to the rule, he would walk you home every day after school and especially after practices. You took those times to talk about your practices. You were captain of the volleyball team at Riverdale High and Reggie was captain of the varsity football team.

           To the dismay of stereotypes, you weren’t the total self-absorbed athlete with the self-absorbed football captain. Yes sometimes Reggie could be full of himself when he was with his Goonies, but you always made sure to keep him in check. You had just gotten captain of the volleyball team and the pressure was on to be a great captain to your team.

It was your free period, and you had spent most of it in the library with Betty going over some notes for chemistry, you decided to call it so you could meet Reggie in the student-lounge for a while before your next class started.

“Hey Mantle” you noted while planting a quick kiss on his lips as you sat down next him.

“Hey babe” he noted “how was your study session with Cooper?”

“I like Betty, the girl is smart, but I can’t help but think that even after she is tutoring me” you sighed “I just don’t think I’m going to pass and if I don’t pass, I can’t be captain, and if I lose that position I lose my chance on the scholarship” you rambled on as Reggie laid his hand on your back.

“Hey (Y/N), calm down, you can do this” He reassured you “you got that position fair and square and you are such a nerd, so what if you’re having trouble catching up; I know you’ll get it” he continued.

“Thanks Reg” you smiled as he pulled you in for a hug and sadly the school bell rang announcing your next class.

“Do you have football practice today?” you asked Reggie as you stood up.

“Yeah, you?” Reg notified you and you nodded “ ‘Kay then see you after practice babe” and you both left the lounge to your next classes.

You didn’t feel so confident of now having to deal with grades and being captain, but you knew that Reggie would always be there for you and he always reminded you that if he could do it, you could do better.

You were at volleyball practice and as it was ending the coach called it and motioned you to go talk to her.

Reggie was on his way to meet you up at the gym, since football practice was cut a bit because Chuck and Moose kept missing the plays.

“Yes Coach?” you spoke.

“(Y/N), the scout is coming to Fridays game, so I hope you keep practicing and I know you’ll be great as you have shown improvement in the practices” your coach stated “Just giving you a heads up” she informed you while patting your shoulder and leaving you.

You started doubting your ability to be great on Friday’s game, so distracted in your own thoughts you got startled when Reggie walked behind you.

“Whoa! A little jumpy there, you okay (Y/N)?” Reggie guessed as he took your gym bag in his hand.

“Wha- oh, I’m sorry” you spoke as Reggie distracted you from your thoughts and you both walked out of the school.

“What’s wrong (Y/N)?” Reggie implied as he put his arm around you.

“Coach just told me the scout is coming to my game of Friday” you answered with a small smile on your face.

“Well, why are you sad, this is good! They’ll finally see you play amazingly and offer you the scholarship!” Reggie praised.

“What if I suck Reg?! What I get everything wrong?” you denied

“Hey” Reggie stopped you and held his hands on your shoulders “You are going to be amazing, why? Because you are captain which means you are worthy of being one of the best volleyball players I know okay?! And I’m going to be there cheering you on” Reggie proclaimed while slipping his hand behind your neck and kissed you and you couldn’t be more thankful over the great boyfriend Reggie was.

Friday’s game came in full swing, the bleachers packed with family and friends.

Reggie entered the gymnasium with a poster board and you were confused because he usually just came, sat down and cheered you on, he claimed posters were only for cheesy girlfriends even though he loved the poster you always made him.

The game hadn’t started and Reggie came towards you.

“Hey babe” he spoke “You are going to be amazing, I just know it!” he cheered.

“Thank you Reg” you spoke nervously “Whatcha got there?” you questioned Reggie while pointing to the poster board.

“Oh nothing” Reggie paused then continued “It’s not as great as yours (Mantle The Magnificent was what the poster read that you always made him), but I needed you know I am here for you and you are so going to leave it all on the court and if that scout doesn’t see that then they don’t know what a great thing they are leaving behind.”

He showed you the poster that read WATH OUT FOR #(Y/F/Number) SHE’S A FORCE TO BE RECKONED WITH and you smiled and pulled him into a hug.

Reggie went to sit in the bleachers next to your parents.

The game began and you gave it your all on the court, you decided to forget about the scout since you didn’t know who it was and played the better than any other game or practice ever.

The game finished and Bulldogs won and you huddled with your team, smiles all around.

“(Y/N) that dig (when a player passes a strongly spiked ball that is close to the floor) was outstanding!” one of your teammates exclaimed and you chuckled.

“Her spikes were the best, man you just kept hitting them!” another teammate complimented you and you just smiled back.

You approached your coach who was talking to a man in a suit, you suddenly remembered about the scout and became worried that maybe your best wasn’t good enough.

“(Y/N) this is Mr. Jefferson, the scout that came and checked you out” your coach stated and Mr. Jefferson took him arm out and you shook it.

“Well Miss (Y/L/N), you were quite extraordinary, I am delighted to grant you the full scholarship, you clearly are a forced to be reckoned with” He boasted and all you could do was smile and say thank you over and over  and chuckle at Reggie’s poster as he walked away.

Reggie came up to you with your parents “Soooo, what he say?!” he hinted.

“Well he liked your poster” you answered and smiled “and I got it! I got the scholarship!” you squealed as you parents took you in for a hug.

And after they finished hugging you, Reggie grabbed you by the waist to hug and kissed you as he picked you up and twirled you around in circles as he whispered in your ear “I told you so” and you chuckled at his comment.

Proving People Wrong

last year, my coach told me i needed to “take a break” from the team because i couldn’t run 5 miles at 7 minute pace. and it was true, i couldn’t. today, i averaged sub 7 for my 11 mile long run with ease. slowly learning to not let other people set limits for me and definitely to not set limits for myself. hard work can get you just about anywhere my friends.

my swim team got a coach (currently coachless) and somebody told me that he was going to bring a ton of new people to join and I was super excited for the season. The first practice was at a completely different pool. It was indoors and looked like something straight outta a horror movie with dull, blueish green tiles everywhere
(E V E R Y W H E R E) and those brownish stains running down all of the walls. However, the water was warm so nobody cared. So, I finally see the new coach and it is none other than Snoop Dogg. I only remember him having us swim a warm up of four laps and then running two in the water.

le cinq du vendredi
  1. I looked back at my output here over the last little while and realize it’s shit. And not in the shitpost fun way; actual shit. One-liners, reblogs with lame jokes, selfies. The only thing that tempers my shame is the fear that my brain is succumbing to entropy. It’s understood that cognitive function declines as we age. I search for words. I can’t concentrate. The spark of randomness that is the root of creativity is dulled or absent. And I wonder, is this the beginning of the end? Or, worse, did I peak 10, 15 years ago and this is the middle of the end? What next? Where did the smart go? Can I still move the needle?
  2. I have another conversation with a head hunter today. There’s been an uptick in interest in me recently, though I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s just seasonal, or a cosmic ray struck a database at LinkedIn. But I worry there, too, about these conversations with recruiters or employers. Am I still sharp enough? Relevant? A 50-year-old nerd with crusting-over skills needs to be especially charming and glib to get the kind of gig I want. I wonder if that ship has sailed, too. I look forward to being stuck here until this place goes out of business, and then I can see if Wal-Mart needs a greeter about my size.
  3. The regular season ended in baseball this week and playoffs start tomorrow. There has been a ton of off-field drama this year. We have a kid who is a real asshole, and several problematic parents. It boiled over into a shouting match with one of them last night. Look, I understand the urge to defend your kid at just about any cost, but if someone like a coach or teacher told me my kid was a disrespectful asshole, I’d want to know the details instead of just blindly defending him and accusing the other party of being a liar. Maybe that’s why the kid is an asshole. He’s learning from a real pro.
  4. Today is the day they announce the all-star team for the summer tournaments, so if you’re looking for me, I’ll be refreshing my email every 13 seconds. I honestly have no idea which way they’re going to go, though two dads I talked to who are neutral think my guy’s a lock, and that I’m insane for even worrying about it. We’ll see.
  5. American cheese is fucking gross, like the rest of this place right now, come to think of it.
Yuzuru Hanyu: Kenji’s Room cute moments

——“Yuzu: What is my favorite motto? “Try never to lose your initial enthusiasm.”

Kenji: Sounds good.

Yuzu: My ex-coach Nanami Abe told me this saying. When I landed a 3A for the first time, she bought me iPod. I found “AAA” engraved on it. It means “triple axel”. She gave me that words with iPod. “Try never to lose your initial enthusiasm.” I think the meaning is “You must keep on doing your best, even if you can land 3A or quads. Do not be satisfied with that. You must not be boastful.” I still treasure her words now. This words is always with me.”

——Yuzu was asked what the biggest blooper in his life was but he really didn’t answer the question. 

“Yuzu: What will I do 10 years from now? What will I do…

Kenji: You will be 30.

Yuzu: I will be enough old! I will be “OJISAN” (OJISAN means a middle-aged person)

Kenji: Hey! What did you say? The OJISAN is sitting next to you! It’s me!

Yuzu: Shoot! Haha. I made the biggest blooper in my life now.”

——“Yuzu: What is the feast for me? Ummmm if I answer to this question frankly, I would be a bit embarrassed and some people say it’s not a kind of feast but I dare to say it’s my mother’s home cooking.

Kenji: Wow, I’m embarrassed to hear that!

Yuzu: But I really think so. I think for me the feast is not always an elaborate dish. For me, the feast is the food which she makes for me thinking much of my health. She always cooks for me thinking about the nutrition to get rid of everyday fatigue and stress. I love to eat such food. I’m not interested in eating so much. She really know that. She knows my favorite taste and how I feel easy to eat. So my mother’s cooking is the feast for me!”

——“Kenji: And I have another surprise. I heard you are a fan of “Hiroshima Carp” (Japanese baseball team). Look at this.

Yuzu: Wow! This is great!

Kenji: This is Kenta Maeda’s uniform with his autograph.

Yuzu: I wonder if you have another surprise? For example, Maeken-san (Kenta Maeda’s nick name) will enter this room?

Kenji: No…. sorry, someone who looked like him came here before. Haha. Try it on?

Yuzu: I’m super happy!”

——“Kenji: Looking back all, what is the most impressive competition for you?

Yuzu: People might imagine that must be the Olympics… but I say “No.”. Let me see…. In the good meaning, I think the first National Novice Championship was most impressive.

Kenji: Why?

Yuzu: I was so excited because it was the first time for me to compete in the National Novice Championship. I was not nervous at all. Just excited. I enjoyed competing in the competition. Really enjoyed. At that time, I trained a lot. I felt I didn’t make a goof at all. I was a 4th grade elementary student, but I thought I could definitely win. At that time the scoring system was 6.0 system. I remember the grade more than 5.00 was that of the senior skaters who competed in the World Championship. But a judge gave me 5.2 at that time. I was really happy.

Kenji: Yes, you were great at that age to get 5.2 points.

Yuzu: I was surprised at myself and thought I could compete with senior skaters at the World Championship. I was an elementary school student at that time.,, haha.”

runningasabear  asked:

What do you think has had the greatest influence on your success in running?

Hey! I think a big turning point in my running career was this past fall when I went abroad on Team USA. I had expected it to be a joke (since I’m obviously not a D1 national champion or even all-American). Even as I write this, I can see that what I lacked before that trip and racing at Worlds was confidence. A race had become some kind of neurotic induced test of am I good enough? And my goals always seemed reasonable, so I didn’t understand why I couldn’t do it (why wasn’t i good enough?). I mostly hung-out with our senior team on this trip (who were all INCREDIBLE pro-runners, well out of college). I was in awe with them (although I tried not to act it), but then something crazy happened: they were in awe with me. Not just them, but my fellow junior teammates, the coaches and management officials, people from other teams and other countries. I couldn’t believe it! I was only 19 during this trip (and they were like 26-28). They told me that I had the ability to be just as good as them or better if I would just stick with it. That was their “secret” to being a pro-runner: just stick with it. I came into the trip with no confidence in myself or my training, and always feeling like I needed to “prove” myself (in practice, life, workouts, etc.). I left kind of dumbfounded: maybe I should cut myself some slack, pour myself into training, FOLLOW MY HEART, and see what happens. After XC, I built myself from the ground up. I took a leap of faith, developed a SOLID training plan, and poured myself into it. And finally to all unsupportive people in my life who told me I couldn’t (coaches, teammates, etc.), I said watch me. Now over 6 months later, looking back on this turning point I can see this has been the “breakthrough season” I always had inside me. The only secret was to believe in myself and go all-in with my training. I have only done base phase since November. I have done 2 legitimate track workouts in 6 months, and have had a HUGE PR in every event I have run. OFF OF NO SPEED WORK. Now, I am going to run for a place in grad school that I know will have my best interest in mind. And before every race, I now tell myself to “get out of your own way” and just do it. 

I tried to save him, I really did! But Coach, man is he one powerful dude… Coach, and the rest of the team, even my best fr…. frien…. Bro… Ky caught on fast, and tricked the hell outta me! I thought I was being slick, sneakin’ around finding all kinds of fucked up shit, tryin’ to get Ky back, but fuuuuck! Coach caught me in his office and fuckin’ screwed me up BIG time!

Ah, no, not again… not again! I have to control this, if I can just keep my mind, I can save Kyle and myself, we can get back to our old selves… But, Kyle, he even helped them Jock me up! He played along with me, egging me on, pretending to be scared, but, they really did turn him into just a big dumb smelly brute! And now, I joined him, all because I couldn’t see through his act, and Coach has the whole team trained to catch guys like me.
It had taken weeks to convince Ky… Kyle, that he isn’t Donkey, the team’s Quarterback. He’s been lumbering around school, and in town, eating up the attention, screwing his way through all the pretty girls and even some of the hotter gay dudes. You could hear him coming, then smell him, as he stomped around with his humungous dawgs, reeking up the place. He seemed to enjoy his pretty boy good looks, reveling in the attention, despite having hated guys like that before. But I finally broke him free of it, or so I thought, long enough to hatch a plan to get him back to normal.

We snuck into the locker rooms after all the players, Kyle included, finished practice. God, the humid, dank musty stench made me cough, Kyle pretended to hate it as well, as we broke into Coach’s office at the other end. I was picking the lock, when Kyle raised one of his thick legs, and kicked the door in, his cleat leaving indented prints in the door. I should have known something was up, Kyle isn’t a violent guy, but I ignored it and entered.

We snooped around the office, checking out every inch for a clue on how to turn him back, to free him of the control Coach has over him, when suddenly, as I was leaning over the desk, Ky grabbed me, crushing the air from my chest, and stuffed a slimy piece of plastic in my mouth!

I gagged, trying desperately to spit it out, but my jaw seemed to clench over it, and I found my tongue lapping at the goo all over the chewed surface. It tastes rank, like an old gym sock smells, rancid and sour, then changed to a sickly strong, bleachy flavor I immediately recognized as being cum! I tried to spit it out, tried to vomit, but my tongue lashed helplessly at it, drinking down the slime, and as it seeped down my throat, it burned, feeling as if I’d caught a sudden bout of Strep.

I could feel my body shaking as the mouth guard dissolved, my head going fuzzy, images of the team, of Ky, sweaty and aggressive after practice seemed to swim through my cotton candy filled mind. I found myself lapping at the flavors as they switched between distinct funk, and sweet, savory cum. I could suddenly tell the difference between them all. Feet, pits, jock ass, balls…. And I was enjoying it more and more, as my mind let go and sank into a twisting spiral.

Oh, no, that wasn’t my mind! That was the spiral on the computer screen Ky had sat me down in front of! Then, I head a deep, dreadful voice, Coach, congratulating Ky on his catch, and heard Ky grunting, and a sudden warm splatter on my arm told me Ky had just creamed himself. I couldn’t look, but I saw the door shut as Coach lead Ky out, and then came back for me.

I was shaking as words and images of football, chicks, muscle, sweaty guys, raunchy sex seemed to meld and twist into my head from the screen, and Coach sat there, goading me on, telling me all of the things I’d now enjoy more than anything else. Worshiping the team, being the team’s stress reliever, wanting desperately to be like them. I teared up, struggling to keep these things out of my head as they seemed to rip away at it, filling in deeply. The screen changed to plays, the field, grunting, running, working out, male, masculinity, virile aggression, the need to be a man! And I wanted it all, I was losing the fight, when in a flash, the screen went blank, and I realized the mouth guard was totally gone, dissolved down my dry, ragged throat.

“Fu…. Fuck bro….. the fuck you do to me Coach!?” I rumbled in a dim, dull sounding sexy timbre, the voice of a Jock, the kind that causes girls to cream themselves, and gay bros to bend over for you!

“Fuuuuuuuck! No!! Fuck!” I tried again and again to stop the words, I couldn’t control my own vocalizations, dumb bro speak pouring from my mouth anytime I tried to talk.

Coach went into a speech about loyalty, and how boys in this school who get caught doing anything against their star team, will find themselves joining. He was rummaging through a wardrobe on the other side of the room while he went on and on about the team, about my new position as a Tight End, making a lewd joke about how Donkey, I mean, Ky, and the team could use one, and how I’d find it difficult to say no. He came over with a few more items, while I tried to get up from the chair. I was sweating with the effort, when he grabbed my shirt and hiked I up and off me.

He grabbed a bottle of what looked like sun screen, and squirted a large blob into my chest, rubbing it in with hard, rough hands, making sure every inch was covered and shining in the oily goop. Then he went to town on my nipples, rubbing, twisting, pulling, pinching, all while he mentioned a surprise as well, as I leaked precum from the nipple stimulation into my pants. Then stopping, and rubbing a little oil into the rest of my torso, then my legs, arms, back, all the way down to my toes and up my neck. Not as much as my chest though.

Then he made me strip and tucked me into a jockstrap and cup, pair of purple shorts, a large, dirty pair of cleats, pads, but left the helmet on the rack in the wardrobe, and ordered me into the locker room, then the workout room with all of the heavy equipment. He put me through the most rigorous workout, yelling at me to work harder, lift more, run faster, pullups, sit ups, bench press, and all manner of grueling exercises. I was drenched by the end of it, feeling my pulse in my entire body, as well as realizing that the uniform I was in, was too tight. Especially in the chest and shoulders.

He finally released me, just as Donkey… I mean, Ky, uh, Kyle, came back, dripping sweat from his Bieber cut pretty boy hair, instantly filling the room with his… fucking, sexy… fuck… fuck no.. No! Not that!!! Anything but…. But…. Fuuuuuck……

I ended up licking him clean, from toes to neck, worshiping his muscles, sucking 2 thick, heavy loads from his balls After he left, I sat, sweating, my chest was now a true pair of man tits, big juicy nips perking up from the meaty pecs. I was panting as coach put some headphones in my ears, and with a sneer, told me to get ready for the surprise. He reached for my nipple, squeezed in between his fingers, and twisted, it hurt like a bitch, but I instantly moaned, my eyes going glazed as I filled my jockstrap and cup with a thick, creamy load of jock jizz. I was Tits now, the team’s sweat slurping, nipplegasming Tight End.

Started reading this today and I’m already in love with this book. It’s about sport and feminism, and how media influences our relationship with our bodies and being active.

And I’m thinking about all my PE teachers and my dad, and this one tennis coach who told me that Serena looked like Mike Tyson or a tank, when I was 14 and excited about how amazing she was…

  • N: Hongbin, get in the water, we're doing water exercises. The water is like three feet deep, you'll be fine.
  • Hongbin: You know I cant swim.
  • Hyuk: I hear saving yourself from drowning is great cardio.
Smash It -Calfreezy

Anonymous said to simplysdmn: Can i get a calfreezy imagine where I’m a famous singer and a massive Liverpool fan like him. I get asked to sing you’ll never walk alone at a Liverpool game and I’m super nervous but cal helps me calm down and he’s vlogging me saying how proud he is! Thanks hun! X

A/N: Hey love! I hope you like this.


I adjusted my hair for the 400th time in the last 10 minutes. My nerves were shooting through the roof and I couldn’t calm down. I had taken about nine bathroom trips with amount of water I was drinking. I kept checking my watch to see how close time was getting. The time was going so fast and I felt like passing out.

“Y/N! Hi love!” My head snapped towards where my name was being called and I saw Cal in his Liverpool jersey. My heart immediately calmed down. He was what I needed during this time.

“Hey. Cal I swear on my dog, I’m completely shitting myself.” He laughed and gave me a hug.

“You’ll be fine! You’re always great and you know that!” I noticed the camera in his hand.

“Callum, are you being extra nice for the camera or what?” I giggled.

“See, this is the kind of disrespect I get when I try to be nice.” He pointed the camera to himself and had a pout on his lips. We talked for a bit more before I was engulfed by someone.

“Y/N!” Someone screamed into my ear and that could only be one person. Harry.

“God, Harry, I’m right beside you, no need to shout.” I laughed hitting his chest.

“Sorry,” he pouted. “Are you excited? You’re going to be on TV!” My heart rate increased again and I drank some water.

“Excited, yeah. Nervous, extremely.”

“As I said, you’ll be fine! Everything will go perfectly. You’re going to completely smash it” Cal reassured me while the rest of the boys agreed. We all talked for a bit more until my vocal coach came and silenced everyone in the lounge.

“OK, Y/N, we’ll do some warm ups and then we’ll practice the song once more! I’m sure you’ll ace it!” He said. I nodded and we started on our warm ups and then we went over the lyrics once more. 

“Whenever you’re ready.” I smiled. He played the backing track and I started singing the song. 

When you walk through a storm
Hold your head up high
And don’t be afraid of the dark

At the end of a storm
There’s a golden sky
And the sweet silver song of a lark

Walk on through the wind
Walk on through the rain
Though your dreams be tossed and blown

Walk on, walk on
With hope in your heart
And you’ll never walk alone

You’ll never walk alone

Walk on, walk on
With hope in your heart
And you’ll never walk alone

You’ll never walk alone.

Once I was done, people starting clapping their hands and they started wooing and yelling. I was surprised with the response, that it brought tears to my eyes. I quickly wiped my eyes before giving my vocal coach a hug. He wished me luck and told me everything would smoothly.

“Y/N, that was amazing, I’m trying not to cry. Just do that out there and you’ll do absolutely amazing.” Cal whispered in my ear making me laugh softly. 

“How do I look?” I posed for the camera, fixing my jersey. He laughed.

“Adorable.” I waited until it was time for me to go out on the stage.

“Y/N Y/L/N?” I nodded.

“Time for you to go out.” The man handed me my pass before leading me towards the tunnel. Everyone wished me luck on the way out making my nerves increase slightly.

“And now its time for Y/N Y/L/N to sing You’ll Never Walk Alone!” The announcer called out my name and I walked out of the tunnel and up the stairs of the make shift stage. I looked into the stand and tried to find Cal to calm me down. I spotted him and the adrenaline kicked in, the nerves vanishing away.

I never in my life thought I would’ve ever sang in front thousands of people and be on national television, it was a dream come true and it was time for me to make this dream expand into something even bigger.

The music started playing and I took the mic off the stand. I closed my eyes and let the music flow and started singing as best as I could. I looked up and saw Cal smiling his ass off making me put more energy and power into the song. Towards the end of the song the music cut off leaving me sing a Capella.  

My adrenaline was high and I put so much energy into the last verse that I got a standing ovation. I was being applauded by both teams that were playing. I looked over to were my friends were and they looked very proud. I thanked the crowd and ran off the stage into the tunnel, being applauded by the players and the staff members. 

I hugged my vocal coach who congratulated me and said he was very proud. I gave my parents a hug, they were crying and told me that they were very proud. I then walked out to the stand where everyone was sitting and was applauded by friends and the strangers that had just witnessed my performance. I gave each of my friends massive hugs and saved Cal’s for last.

“I was very proud of you babe.” He gave me a hug and kissed my forehead.

“I can tell.” I giggled.

“Guys, I think Y/N completely smashed it and look at her she’s so happy! Weren’t you like shitting yourself a few minutes ago? But serioulsy you did so well, I’m very proud. ” He laughed, pulling me in for another bone crushing hug.

“Yeah but you were right! I had nothing to worry about.” We both laughed. I pulled him in for the kiss and told him I loved him.

“I was very proud of you today. I knew you were going to do absolutely perfect.” He planted another kiss on my forehead while talking to the camera. 

“And now the game!” Cal said pointing his camera at the pitch.

PSACs happenings

So this weekend marked a major milestone for my running career. In the past, I had always done the 5k-3k double, but this year my coach decided to change it up a little bit. Instead of running the 5k and the 3k, I was to run the 1600 leg of the DMR and the 3k. Now let me tell you, I am not a miler. I considered myself to be a 3k runner. I was nervous because I don’t like to stray from tradition, but I was excited at the chance to try something new.

Before I got the baton, my teammate and a girl from West Chester were fighting for 2nd and 3rd. Getting ready to receive the baton, my coach told me to stay with the girl from west Chester and that she was my race. Not being a middle distance runner, I didn’t know who I was up against. I did everything that I could to stay with her, but with 2 laps to go I started to let her pull away a little. I tried with everything that I had to catch her so that I could earn more points for my team and while she was close, I couldn’t out-kick her. I was upset with myself because I had let my coach down. As it turns out, the girl from West Chester was really good at the mile. I ended up running 5:12, which was an 11 second lifetime PR. Apparently, I am a miler as well as a 3k runner.

My huge PR had me super excited for the 3k the next day. The last time I had raced it, I PRd by 5 seconds and I knew that I could have gone faster. The next day in the 3k I was one of 4 of my teammates that placed in the top 8. Overall we scored 20 points for our team in just one event. My teammates placed 1st, 3rd, and 8th, while I placed 6th. I also ran another lifetime PR of 10:21, which was 13 seconds faster than my previous PR.

I finally feel like I’m turning into the runner that I’ve always known I could be. This conference meet has left me more excited and more motivated than ever. The best part is that even though I had 2 serious PRs, I know that I have so much left to give. These legs can go so much faster and I am determined to find out what I can really do.


Kanako’s interview/look back on her career on ‘Mai-Sports’ (05/01):

M = Mai, K = Kanako

M: Today’s ‘Mai-Sports’ will feature the skater who retired last month, Kanako Murakami! Thank you Kana-chan!

K: Thank you!

M: And congratulations on all of your achievements!!

K: Thank you so much! Thank you.

M: How are your feelings right now?

K: Even though there were a lot of tough times, looking back after retiring, I believe that it was because of the support of the fans that encouraged me to work so hard until the end.

M: It’s only been eight days since your retirement, but has there been a change since before your retirement announcement and after?

K: Actually, I decided to retire at the Japanese Nationals, but I was still feeling a bit cloudy since I couldn’t announce it because the season wasn’t over yet. I feel a lot more fresh after announcing it, and now I am excited about my ‘second life’.

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Had a great time watching all my qualifying teammates perform at the New England’s Outdoor Track & Field Championships, @ Norwell High School Massachusetts. It was such an experience, and I was lucky to even attend as an alternate! Guys…it’s the farthest I have ever come in track & field and it feels so great! During our banquet my coach told me “this has been your best season so far” and that I have to come back next year ready to blow some people away…AND I’M SO READY! This week will be the beginning of training for my first year of XC as a senior and I’m beyond excited…the future holds for  a lot of happiness and miles.❤️