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Danni please more ridiculous headcanons for cm because they're so awesome hahaha.

  • One time Emily played Ke$ha songs so frequently in Reid’s presence that he unknowingly started to sing Tik Tok under his breath in Rossi’s presence. Rossi has yet to let Reid forget that he sang ‘the party don’t start till I walk in’ as he strode into his office. 
  • Morgan made Reid a birthday cake with the phrase written on it. 
  • Reid in turn changed all of Morgan’s ring tones to Call Me Maybe. 
  • Hotch got so fed up with the music that he banned any songs made after 1990 from the entire bau. 
  • Garcia started a pop music underground. 
  • Morgan snores really loudly when he sleeps in weird positions so they often get a soundtrack of chainsaw noises when he falls asleep on the jet. One time the pilot thought that something had gone wrong with the plane. 
  • One time Prentiss, JJ and Garcia had a ladies chick flick and bourbon night. One bottle down and a large hairy spider appeared on Garcia’s table. Garcia called Rossi in a fit of terror as they all stood on the couch. He arrived, disposed of the spider and never spoke of the incident again because he was so terrified of drunken emily and JJ complementing how symmetrical his goatee is and how he should definitely not under any circumstances feel that his goatee isn’t just as good as morgan’s. Under no circumstances. It’s just as wonderful. Just fluffier.  
  • Reid is not the worst at softball on the team. Hotch made a swing and accidentally flung the bat across the field. 
  • Rossi has no idea how him helping coach jack’s soccer team evolved into him baking things for their annual bake sale, but he thinks his little home made football cookies are fabulous. 
  • At JJ’s wedding, Anderson and Gina spent a fair amount of time trying to sneak off and find Rossi’s legendary wine cellar. 
  • One time the team tried to use the ‘google search is twitter’ thing on Rossi so they’d find out what stuff he tried to google by the tweets he’d send, but it turns out Rossi’s version of Google is named Spencer Reid. 
  • without going into detail, there were times in Rossi’s relationship with Strauss that made how similarly he pronounces Erin and Aaron very awkward. Very, very awkward. 
  • one time the team planned a meal together with all their significant others, but they got called into a case. All their partners went out to dinner anyway. When the team found out about this they were slightly terrified by all the stories they could tell. James Will got on like a house on fire. 
  • since their jobs can leave them without a proper sleeping pattern while on cases, the team is pretty familiar with early morning cartoons. As Morgan and Prentiss spent one saturday morning crashed on one of their hotel beds too tired to sleep, pinky and the brain came on. They haven’t stopped saying  ”Gee, Brain, what do you want to do tonight?” - ”The same thing we do every night, Pinky. Ttry to take over the world!”  since. 

your wish is my command 


DM: What are you reading?
EP: The HSK database. Do you know there’s probably half a dozen serial killers driving around right now?
DM: What’s really bothering you?
EP: Jody lost her mom and then her dad, and the couple that was gonna adopt her backed out. It’s all over the news. It’s just… It’s just not fair.
DM: Her aunt saw the story. She came forward. She’d lost touch with Jody’s mom over the past few years, but she’s her only living relative and she wants to raise Jody.
EP: Really?
DM: Mm-hmm.

Derek Morgan & Emily Prentiss // 5.17 Solitary Man