my clumsy bb

Addison was late. She had just gone to grab a cup of coffee and left the book ship in the not so capable hands of her intern – probably not a very good idea. She wasn’t looking where she was going, in fact she was trusting only on her instincts – and that is where she was wrong. Turning a corner, a few meters away from her final destination, Addison bumped into a figure, spilling her still full cup of boiling coffee all over the place. “Oh my God! This burns, shit!” The brunette groaned, swaying her hand to try and get rid of the burning liquid. Noticing for the first time someone was the victim  of her distraction, she was quick to come to their aid. “Oh God…are you okay? Please tell me you are okay.”


Mairin: “A banana? You really think I’d trip on that? You should know me better….” *trips on a stone*

Chespie: *is done*