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Delena Forever Ours ♡ July 20th: 5/5 Meetings
→ 6x13 The Day I Tried To Live

Elena always find her way back to Damon, it doesn’t matter if she chose Stefan, it doesn’t matter if she was sired to him, if she is a vampire or a human, even if she has memories or not, every path leads her bad to Damon. Even without memories, Elena’s love and confidence in that love holds strong. There’s so much in their past that while they may regret, Elena recognizes that none if it can be changed, so there’s no point in dwelling on it. She tells Damon exactly what he needed to hear, to help wash away his fears and insecurities. Because ultimately, a past that doesn’t involve Damon and Elena being together, is a place that neither of them want to live in.