my close friend is julie

Colorless- Calum (Soulmate AU)

Where when you first touch your soulmate your world is no longer black and white.

You felt nerves fill your stomach as your friend Luke stopped his car in front of the giant lake house.

“Y/n don’t be nervous, it’s just a few of my close friends celebrating the Fourth of July, nothing big,” Luke reassured, getting out of the now parked car.

You tried to smile, but you still felt particularly pessimistic about tonight. It’s not that you had never been to a party or anything like that. You went all time when you were a teenager, but that was the thing– you were now 24 and you really thought you were done with all the stupid house parties with horny kids and more kegs of beer than you had bones in your body.

You sighed as you walked into the house a few steps behind Luke, spotting the familiar sites from your past. You knew it was all going to be the same, despite Luke’s protests that it wasn’t. The only reason you had come was because you had this idea in your head– the idea that soon you would find your soulmate.

You had gone most of your life without being too persistent about finding “the one who would bring color to the world”, but now that you were slowly creeping into adulthood, you had become more desperate. It was your worst nightmare to be 40 without being able to see the colors of the sunset, or the loving warm eyes of your parents in their full colorful glory.

After pacing around the semi-crowded house for about a half an hour, greeting random people who you passed, you finally settled in what looked like a living room. You sat on a grey couch, holding a cool bear in your lap. You took slow sips as your mind wondered, thinking about what the room would look like if you could just see the real colors of it. A throaty sound came from next to your, snapping you from your thoughts. You turned to see a guy who had squinted eyes and toned muscles. He had a slight smirk on his face as he looked at you.

“I’ve been sitting here for about 15 minutes, and you didn’t even notice,” The boy smiled, “By the way the name’s Calum- Calum Hood.”

Your cheeks flushed with embarrassment before responding, “I’m Y/n.”

“Y/n,” Calum said slowly, like he was thinking it over, “Haven’t heard that one in a while.”

You shrugged looking down at your hands. Calum was attractive, but his presence was making you feel uncomfortable. It made you feel like you were in highschool all over again, and your hands were clammy from all the stressful thoughts running through your head. The silence that hung between you two was almost deafening, but he didn’t move. You willed him to, so that you could be left alone. You didn’t have time for his cocky smirks and wandering eyes.

“So what brings you to mi casa?” He said, the Spanish rolling off his tongue like it was second nature.

You fought the fluttering in your heart at his deep voice as you responded, “My friend Luke brought me along– he says I need to ‘get out more’,”

Calum broke into laughter, which to you sounded like the most beautiful sound. You shook your head to yourself.

“Gosh Y/n get your head out of the clouds he’s not that cute,” You muttered to yourself.

At least you thought it was to yourself.

“Not that cute, I take that as an insult Y/n,” Calum teased, putting his hand on his chest to mock hurt.

“I did not just say that out loud,” You moaned, completely mortified at yourself.

“Ah but you did,” Calum smiled. “How about you come outside with me, there’s hotdogs and fireworks calling our name.”

Calum stood up and motioned for you to follow, and you did despite your brain screaming at you not to. Calum was everything you didn’t look for in a guy; cocky, and over-confident, but for some reason he had you hooked.

Soon enough you were sat outside in some lawn chairs with some other dudes and Calum, a warm hotdog in your hand.

“So tell me about yourself,” Calum prompted, sitting on the lawn chair across from you.

“Um, there’s not much to tell,” You shrugged, “I’m an author who writes teen fiction and regrets their career choice.”

“What books you write, maybe I’ll recognize something,” Calum responded, ignoring your slight sarcasm.

“I wrote one popular one called ‘Milk and Cookies”

“I read that! It was about the black widow who fucked a bunch of guys and murdered them,” A boy with a eyebrow piercing chimed in.

“That’s the one,” You sighed, slightly disappointed Calum didn’t recognize it.

“Sounds badass,” Calum shrugged.

“What about you?” You asked, trying to keep the conversation from dying out.

Calum was silent, like he was thinking. You watched as his eyebrows scrunched up in thought, like he was trying to fit the puzzle of his life together.

“Well, I played bass for a while. Actually got pretty good at it, I made a shit ton of money. Music just kind of helps me through life I guess. I stopped though,” Calum stopped, looking up from where he was staring at the ground. “So yeah.”

You wanted to desperately as why he stopped, but something told you that you shouldn’t. The night progressed and a few more beers and crazy college stories later, you and Calum had become pretty close. Turns out you both had played soccer back in high school, and both went through a grunge/emo phase (you both ended up showing each other some very interesting pictures of your past selves decked with chain chokers and dark eyeliner). Before you knew it the sun had gone down, and you were playing your third game of soccer against Calum (he had won every time put you played anyways).

Calum scored yet another goal on you, and you sighed walking over to the rock wall that faced the lake. Calum followed, gloating about his victory loudly. You giggled as Calum sat down next to you, still beaming proudly. You settled into a comfortable silence your shoulds inches apart. You craved nothing but his touch. You had only known him for a few hours, but it felt like it had been years. He was everything you had ever wanted in a person, and his smile made your heart skip a beat. The idea that Calum might be your soulmate flashed in your mind, and you knew you had to touch him- even if it was for the slightest second.

“Hey Y/n the fireworks are about to start,” Calum said, standing up.

You stood up with him, your mind refocusing on what he was talking about. Ever so casually, Calum grabbed your hand, to guide you to where the fireworks were going to be. As soon as your fingers interlocked, the world burst into colors. You froze, making eye contact with his now almond brown eyes. It was like time stopped.

You looked around and drank everything; the rich green of the soft grass beneath your feet, and the tanned brown skin that covered Calum’s face and biceps.

“Wow,” You breathed in awe.

Calum looked at you, his thick pink lips pouting slightly with confusion.

Your breath swallowed, and your voice was barely a whisper.

“Don’t you see it?”

Your words hung heavy in the air, as Calum realized what you were talking about. Your heart had already dropped to your feet as Calum retracted his hand– like your touch burned his skin.

“See what Y/n? Color? No I don’t fucking see anything, it’s colorless like it always will be,” Calum’s voice was bitter and cold, contradicting the warm colors of the world around you.

Calum shoved past you, his shoulder hitting yourself. You turned to stop him, but saw he had already frozen in his tracks.

“This isn’t possible,” He said plainly, his eyes wide as he gazed around.

“Calum, we’re soulmates– you know it and I know it- the world…it isn’t colorless anymore.”

Calum’s eyes focused on yours, his frown turning into a smile.

“I knew I was secretly into nerdy chicks.”

So uhm..

My friends friend has this family member who’s REALLY close friends with julie 

so basically Kai will be coming back with Lily’s friends, but he will be back to his old self, as in evil again. He will put spell on (hex) Elena which will put her in an eternal sleep. Somehow this will be connected to Bonnie, because the only way Elena can wake up, is if Bonnie dies, and if they try to find a loophole, both of them will die.

“eternal sleep” is this tvd or some disney princess movie?? I really hope it’s not true, I hate Elena but I don’t want that to happen, like, can’t she just leave, telling everyone she never wanted to be a doctor, and then go somewhere else or something? Villain Kai’s exciting me though (but I also have mixed feelings about it) I hope that’s true but this is just bad writing, it sounds like something they have thought of in the last minute. Why is this connected to Bonnie? Why is she suddenly relevant to this? It’s like they always try to put Elena in the middle when they have nothing to do with her. Why would Kai even hex her, she’s basically irrelevant to him. They constantly try to put Elena in the mix, it’s sad. The only people thar are relevant to him rn, is Bonnie, Damon, Jo, Liv, Joshua, and a little but Alaric. Kai and Elena talked like twice. Julie Plec has really ran out of ideas. I hope this isn’t true.

Though imagine villain Kai and Bonnie. Kai has her pinned against the wall, a knife on his right hand. Bonnie heavily breathes from the magic weakening her. She looks deeply into his eyes. “Do it.” She demands in a sharp voice. He looks into her green orbs, irritated by the amusement, running down his spine, amusement of how it would feel touching her, his skin against hers. He crashes his lips on hers dropping the knife, both of his hands pinning hers against the wall. Instantly kissing him back, Bonnie’s teeth grazes his bottom lip, earning a small moan slip from his mouth. her tongue runs over his bottom lip, soothing the part her teeth were grazing. her hands free from his grip, and moves to the hem of his t-shirt…

Sleeping beauty theory

“My friends friend has this family member who’s REALLY close friends with julie so basically Kai will be coming back with Lily’s friends, but he will be back to his old self, as in evil again. He will put spell on (hex) Elena which will put her in an eternal sleep. Somehow this will be connected to Bonnie, because the only way Elena can wake up, is if Bonnie dies, and if they try to find a loophole, both of them will die.” - kaiftmccann

Since we know that JP is dumb as fuck, this is totally gonna happen.

I mean Kai comes back evil, that’s true, Bonnie learns that she is part of a twisted plan, that’s from the 6x22 synopsis, Damon is going to deliver some bad news in the finale, Kat claiming she’s good at dying…These spoilers kind of match to this theory.