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Cheryl Blossom // Christmas

Cheryl Blossom x reader

Imagine: Cheryl surprised reader with a Christmas present

Warnings: strap ons

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I was spending Christmas break with my girlfriend, Cheryl and she had just pulled me upstairs quickly. I saw a box with red wrapping paper on the bed. “Open it” she gestured to the box. I nodded and tore the wrapping paper and opening the box. It was a 10 in. strap on with veins. “I thought I’d maybe want to try it on you” she walked backwards and locked the door. I nodded and she took her skirt off leaving her with her red tights and underwear. She then took her shirt off revealing a red lace bra. She smirked when she saw me stare at her as she put it on and I slipped my pants off. “hands and knees baby” she whispered, placing her hand on my back. She licked her thumb and rubbed my clit in small circles. She rubbed my slit with the tip of the cock and teased me before sliding it in slowly, giving me a second to stretch around it. She began thrusting slowly at first, her hands on my hips to help her pace. “Cheryl, fuck!” I whined. She giggled before spanking me. “You like my cock in you baby?” She asked lowly. I whimpered a yes and she began going harder. Her nails digging into my sides. She then spanked me again. I felt her place one hand on my shoulder as she went even harder and faster. “cum for me, y/n, baby” she said. She raised her hips purposely to reach my gspot and I nearly screamed in pleasure. “Cum for me! The sooner you cum, the sooner I get to ride you wearing it” Her thumb reached my clit and I lost it. “Cheryl I’m cumming, don’t stop” I yelled. “that’s it babe” she said as I painted, brushing my hair out of my face. I looked back and her licking her thumb slowly. “Fuck you’re delicious” she gasped. She pulled out and helped me out it on. I sat by the pillows and she straddled me and lowered down. She began rolling her hips and running her hands through her hair. “oh fuck your cock feels so good in me baby” she hummed and threw her head back. I felt my self getting wetter as she placed her hands on my shoulder and lifted her hips up and slowly back down and did this a few times until she came. “fuck” she groaned along with my name. “I want to try something” she said and stood up up, I followed her and she got onto her knees put her hair to the side. She wrapped her lips around the tip and sliding them down onto it, moaning as she did. I gripped her hair as she sucked on the fake cock. She licked it clean before standing up again and giggled and kissed me, smiling into the kiss. “Merry Christmas baby, now do you want to fuck me with this big, huge cock?” She bit her lip. I nodded. She smiled and got onto the bed and got on her hands and knees. She looked back and bit her lip waiting as I kneeled behind her. The moment I slid it in she let out a loud drawn out moan that made me even wetter. “God I love your cock!” She moaned and placed her hand on my ass, indictating me to go faster and I did. “Your cock is so huge baby, fuck” she moaned. “You’re so tight” I told her causing her the moan. “I’m so tight for you y/n” she said and her breath became shallower and quicker. “Oh I’m cumming y/n I’m cumming!” She screamed and her legs shook. “Holy shit baby” she panted and I pulled out. She kissed me softly. “Love you baby” she whispered against my lips. I took off the strap on and we both cuddled into eachother, her warm body next to mine. “best Christmas present ever” I said making her laugh. I kissed her shoulder softly and brought her in closer to me. We laid there for a while before falling asleep.

(This took me over a week to write)

Neighbor sued me after harassing my dog for months, lost horribly.

About 6 or 7 months ago, my neighbor got a drone. I don’t mind people having hobbies, but for some reason he insisted on flying like the biggest jerk possible. He would hover in front of other houses and windows, try to “race” cars going down the road, and worst of all he had a habit of flying his drone in my fenced back yard buzzing over my dog, diving low just over my dogs head before circling around to do it again. My dog isn’t small, he’s about 70lbs and a Malamute, but the drone terrified him, and I was worried what would happen if it hit him.

I asked my neighbor several times to please not fly in my yard and explained that it was scaring my dog, he basically told me to get lost and laughed in my face. When it still continued, I called the police. Unfortunately there wasn’t much they could do other than ask him to please not fly over my house/property.

Finally, in late December it happened - my dog got tired of his shit and managed to catch the drone right as it was diving towards him. He shredded the drone, the thing was just a jumbled mess of wires and plastic.

Neighbor was pissed. He stormed over to my house swearing and threatening me, which I ignored. A week later, I got a summons to small claims court - he wanted $900 for the cost of his drone and an additional $300 for supposedly denying him access to his property (the drone sat in my yard for a couple hours before it was retrieved). F*ck that. He could have killed my dog. I don’t have kids or a girlfriend, I just have my dog who is my best friend for the past 7 years. That dog has moved with me three times, was there when I graduated college, saw me buy my first house and my first new car. I love my dog.

Went to LegalAdvice, got some great help from them. Turns out, him suing me was the best thing to ever happen. When we got to small claims court, the judge basically laughed away his claims that I had intentionally trained my dog to attack his drone. But little did he know I was prepared. I had dozens of photos of my yard showing it was impossible for him to “accidentally” fly that low to my dog, videos of him harassing my dog in the past, and I had saved all my medical bills from taking my dog to the vet. $700 for an xray? Check. Another $250 to sedate him during? Why not, don’t want him being uncomfortable. Full dental exam with tooth cleaning/repair? $400. Then there was the cost of anti-anxiety meds and a secondary check up, wet food for a week in case his teeth were hurt, and extra just for good measure. In the end, the a-hole ended up owing me almost $2,000, and now is being investigated by the FAA for not having a registered drone and violating several FAA regulations concerning drone flight, too near an airport, too close to other people, out of sight of operator and waaay above the maximum altitude.

Enjoy never being allowed to fly drones again, d*ck.


Small worlds.

Happy Asexual Awareness Week! Here are some canon a-spec ladies of lit.

Felicity Montague: The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue. Author confirmation.

Ling Chan: The Diviners.

Sandrilene Fa Toran: Circle of Magic. Author confirmation.

Nancy: Every Heart a Doorway.

Keladry of Mindelan: Protector of the Small. Author confirmation.

Natalie Oscott: The Tropic of Serpents.

I don’t hold grudges, it’s not healthy. I’ve made my circle quite small, and I like it that way. For people who I don’t speak to anymore, know this: I don’t lose sleep over not having you in my life, my life is great. I don’t hate you, because hate would only bring me down. But know this, if I’ve cut you out of my life you handed me the scissors
Issues (Smut)


Request: Jeep sex and a good bit of fluff.

A/N: This is my first story in like 8392 years and I’m so put of practice so please bare with me because it’s not great. Also shoutout to Emily. You’re the real mvp. Feedback would be great. 

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Word count: 4,185

We were sitting in the jeep on the highway from Toronto back to Pickering and though we weren’t even half way yet, the drive seemed longer than usual.
Painfully longer. 

Though it was a rather warm summer day, I felt the chills run down my bare arms the soon as we got into the car. The pesky silence between us was smothering, suffocating really and made my entire body linger in the most uncomfortable way possible. 

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Context: our half elf fighter and two halflings just convinced a bunch of goblins that they were also goblins

DM: okay they buy it what do you guys do

Halfling 1: I drink some of their alcohol

Halfling 2: I try to look at their prisoner

Half elf: I hug the goblin

DM: you what?!??

Half elf: I hug the goblin I rolled an 18

DM: ummm okay you hug this goblin and the goblin just breaks down crying in your arms

Half elf: I rub his back in small circles

There’s something so different about him…
Most make me anxious, nervous, and unsure.

He makes me feel safe.

I want to crawl into his arms and feel his warm hand on the small of my back, tracing circles over and over.

I want to thread my fingers through his hair and sigh into his ear, content and happy.

—  Safe
Study and Going Steady - Jeff Atkins Smut

Jeff Atkins x reader

Request: I was wondering if you could do a smut on Jeff Atkins about y/n coming to his house while his parents are away and we want to “Study” but things go another certain way

WARNINGS: Fluff, smut, cursing

Originally posted by knightlley

“I’m heading out now mom!” I scream as I head for the door.

“Okay hun, text me when you get to his house, love you!”

I say a quick love you too as I lock the door and jog to my car. I’m happy cause I’m staying the night at my boyfriend Jeff’s house. His first game can be next Friday if he passes his upcoming test so I promised him I will help him study before we binge watch cringy romance movies. As I pulled into his car, I noticed his parents car isn’t there. I forgot they went away on a business trip for the weekend. I knock on the door and as soon as it opens I’m welcomed by his lips.

“Hey beautiful” he smiles.

“Hello hunnybun” I joke as I walk into his living room.

“Oh gosh, let me stick to the cute names” he laughs as he jumps on the couch.

“Whatever you say boo bear” I smile as I sit down and put my legs on his lap. 

“Did you bring everything for the night?”

“Yep textbooks, pencils, pajamas, charger, hair ties, underw-”

“You don’t have to tell me everything babe” he laughs

“Yeah yeah when do you want to start studying?”

“Uh how about you go upstairs change into your pjs while I get us some food then we can start.”

 I nod my head and take my bag to his room. He has such a modest, but boyish room. I change into my clothes, purposely bringing the tight shorts and tank top Jeff loves so much. I throw my hair in a messy ponytail and get our books out.

“So I brought some classic chips and popco-”

He stopped and made no effort to hide the fact that he was staring right at my ass. That made me blush as I tried to pull down the already revealing shorts.

“And y-you expect us to study with you wearing that?”

“Wearing what?” I ask innocently as I turn away from him to put the rest of the books on the bed. I then felt his breath behind me as he grabbed my waist and pulled my back towards him. 

“This” He said and started kissing my neck and went from my waist to my breast, knowing I don’t wear a bra to bed. A light moan escaped my mouth as I put my hands over his. I felt him smirk on my neck and I almost forgot what we were suppose to do.

“Babe babe babe” I squirm from his grip as I turn to face him and peck his lip. 

“I love you, but we really need to study so I can cheer you on at Friday’s game”

he sighed, but he knew I was right. “Fine fine, but your missing out” he jokes as he slaps my butt. 


“Jeff pay attention!”

“I am babe I swear”

“Which president wrote the Declaration of Independence then?”

“Um.. Abraham Jefferson?”

“Yeah, no this studying is over, I hope your going to enjoy watching the game on the bleachers with me.” I start closing our books and Jeff grabbed my hands.

“I’m sorry babe, I just can’t stop looking at you that’s all, it’s easy for Jensen to tutor me because he isn’t my hot girlfriend.”

“Shall I dress up like Clay then?”

“No no no” he laughs.

“Then what do you want to do?”

he bits his lip and looks at me up and down as he climbs on top of me. he leans down to my ear and kisses it, “you” he whispers.

I can’t help but moan at how sexy that sounded and push him down onto the bed. I attack his mouth, not that he had a problem. He grab my thighs and squeeze them. I wrap my arms around his neck to deepen the kiss. his hands travel to my butt as his slides his hands inside my shorts. I rub against his pants and start to feel his bulge coming on. He starts groaning and I smile against his lips. He stops kissing only to remove our shirts and turn me over. He starts to slowly kiss my neck, knowing I hate it.

“Jeff stop teasing” I wine.

“Sorry baby” he smirks.

He started to harshly suck on my sweet spot and I moan into his neck. He then goes to one of my breast and starts sucking on my nipple while massaging the other and then switching. I squirm under him, grabbing his brown hair just wanting to feel him already.

“Babe, I want you already” I wine

“In just a second” he smiles as his kisses travel to my thighs. he pulls my shorts down painfully slow, making me a groaning mess. he laughs at my reaction and comes back up to kiss me. I feel vulnerable being completely naked under him so I tug on his sweats so he gets the idea which he does. He pulls them down and went back to sweetly kissing me. I then feel his hands go in between my legs and I suck in my breathe. He circles his fingers around my clit and I try hard not to moan.

“Oh my go- Jeff!”

he bits his lip as he watches me come undone under him. I buckle my hips into his fingers and just need to feel him. 

“Jeff please..” I whimper with my eyes a shut. 

He doesn’t make me ask again as he grabs one of his condoms from inside his nightstand and slide it on. I can’t help but stare at his huge member and grab it in my hand, knowing he likes me to put it towards my entrance. He groans from my touch and kisses me passionately. He positions himself and stops kissing to look at me.

“Are you ready babe?”

I smile at him for always asking before he did anything. I nod my head and he slowly pushes himself into me. I moan and grab his arm as he stretches me. When he’s all the way in, he stops so I can adjust to him. He starts to slowly thrust into me and I wrap my arms around his neck.

“Fu-Jeff- my god” I moan. He takes my moans as his que to go faster. He takes my legs and wraps them around his waist as he starts quickly thrusting to me. I start to lose air from his speed. I dig my nails to his back and come close to almost screaming.

“Jeeeeeff! Fuck! my gosh!!” He puts one off my legs on his shoulder to deepen himself and goes faster. I moan with every pound he gives me. He’s a groaning mess as he whispers curse words with sweat coming down his forehead. His grip on my waist tightens as his thrust become more sloppy. 

“Babe I-I’m about to-”

I moan over his words as his thrust still didn’t slow down, but only got faster. I felt my stomach tighten as now both of my legs are over Jeff’s shoulders, feeling all of him. 

“Je- I c-can’t” before I can finish I came undone under him.

“Fuck y/n” his thrusts got sloppier as he rode out his high, putting my legs down and kissing my forehead. he slid out of me and collapsed onto the bed next to me. Both of us breathing hard, he turned over so that he was facing towards me and wrapped his arms around my bare torso. He started tracing small circles on my side and pecked my lips.

“If this is whats gonna happen every time we study, I don’t mind sitting on the bleachers” he lazily smiles.

“Well I’m not, your playing next game so text Clay”

“Fine, later” he sighs. 

He looks in my eyes and smiles “I love you babe”

“I love you too munchkin” I smile

“What did I say with the names!”

Stoned On You

A/N: Hiii. This is a collaboration with me and @minhosmeanhoe . We figured out  that we’re the same person with the same dirty mind and this was the outcome. This is the longest and most smut I’m sure either of us has ever written in our lives and I hope you guys love reading as much as we loved writing it ! The song that goes with this fic is Stoned On You by Jaymes Young

Warnings: smut; smoking (weed), drinking, mentions of violence, hair pulling; I’m sure there is more but idk rn

Word Count: 12,529

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Forgotten Movie

We were watching a favourite movie of his, but I couldn’t focus on the film. The only thing I had my mind was this man I currently cuddled up next to, and the feeling of his skin underneath my hand. I moved my hand slight lower to test if he was focusing more on the movie than me, no movement. I kept moving my hand lower until I got to his crouch.

I felt his fingers wrap around my wrist and pulled it back up to its original place on his chest. I watched the movie for a few minutes before I moved my hand to his crouch again, a smirk upon my lips. His hand grasped mine, tighter this time, he placed my hand back upon his chest and placed a light smack on my hand as he returned his hand behind his head.

I decided to be a little more deviant, I placed my leg between his legs and leaned my calf against his crouch, applying pressure. In a blink of an eye, I was pinned underneath him, my arms above my head.

“You’re asking for it, princess.” He growled in my ear.

“Then give it to me, daddy.” I smirked. He had never heard me say that before, and something in his eyes changed dramatically.

His hands grasped the top of my thin shirt, and ripped it down the centre, leaving me in nothing but my panties.

“That was my favourite shirt.” I warned.

“I’ll buy you a new one.” He shrugged, and then placed his lips on my neck. Leaving no skin untouched as he bit, sucked and licked.

His hands trailed back down my arms and over breasts, deliberately avoiding my nipples. His hands travelled further down over my stomach, his lips following. Getting off the end of the bed, he leaned over and placed a hand on each of my legs, and pushed them apart.

“Where you planning this all along, princess?” He said, as he eyed my crotchless panties. I bit my lip and nodded innocently.

He quickly wiped the look off of my face by running his slender fingers up my core. Rubbing small, firm circles slowly on my clit, he had me a moaning mess. My hands gripped the sheets firmly, my hips moving themselves until he placed his free arm across my hips to seize their movements.

He removed his hand from my mound, and his fingertips found my entrance. Circling agonisingly slow, then without warning he forced two long fingers inside me. Moving in and out relentlessly, forcing me closer to the edge. I was writhing, the pleasure all too much.

As I got closer to that forsaken edge, he removed all contact from me. I let out a groan of frustration, my eyes opening at the sound of his deep chuckle. A stupid smirk planted on his beautiful face. He leaned over me, grasped a hand in his and tied it to the head of the bed.

“I want you to come around my cock as I fuck you senseless.” His velvety voice, deep and slow, sending shivers down my spine as he tied up my other hand. “But you can’t touch. Since you were so eager too earlier.”

I wish I could slap the look off his face. That thought left as soon his jeans touched the floor, and his erection stood freely. I licked my lips and whimpered slightly. His demeanour changed, and in seconds he was on top of me, attacking my neck for a second time tonight.

Without warning he thrusted his full length inside me, drawing a silent gasp from the back of my throat. He set a fast pace, mercifully thrusting his hips, I moved mine to his rhythm and met him half way. My wrists twisted in their restraints.

“You feel so fucking good. Do you like daddy’s cock deep inside you?” His voice scratchy and breathless as he spoke.

“Yes, daddy” I managed to breath.

He attached his lips around one of my nipples, pushing the tiny balls of my piercing up and letting it flick into place, the motion sending small shocks through my body. He pulled on the small bar, enough to create a sensation and let it go, again sending a shock throughout, and did the same to the other one.

Our breathing got shallower, his thrusting got sloppier, and I knew we were close. He moved a hand to my clit and started rubbing fast circles in my clit, making me scream slightly.

“Come in, princess. Come for daddy.” His hot breath right on my ear, and the tone of his voice was enough to bring me undone. My orgasm fuelled his as he let go of everything inside me.

He came to a stop, we let our breathing return to normal. He untied my wrists and kissed each of them. He moved to lay down next to me, and kissed all over cheek before burying his face in my neck.

I ran my hand through his hair as his arm wrapped around my waist and pulled me closer.

“I didn’t hurt you did I?” He asked, his voice muffled by my neck.

“No, baby. It was perfect.” I said sincerely. He raised his head and looked me in the eyes.

“I love you.” My breath caught in my throat, he’d never spoken those words to me. A smile started to spread across my lips.

“I love you too.” He smiles back before his finally placed his lips on mine.

The kiss was full of new, undiscovered passion. He tongue poked at my lips, begging for access, to which I immediately accepted. He rolled onto his back, taking me with him, and never once broke the kiss. I sat on his hips, grounding down on him.

He broke off the kiss, and just looked at me, running his fingertips over the side my face, pushing a rouge hair behind my ear.

“God, you are beautiful.” He spoke softly. I turned my head into his palm, to hide my face. His fingers went underneath my chin and brought me back to gaze into his eyes. “You’re with me, there’s no need to hide such a beautiful face.”

I didn’t know what to say in return, so I leaned down and kissed him with every ounce of my being. His hands curled around my waist and pulled me tighter against him, before rolling me into my back.

He lined up his dick, before entering me painfully slow. Taking his time to feel every inch of me welcoming him. Once he was in fully he moved slowly setting a good pace that wasn’t too slow or too fast.

He used his elbows as support, never once did his eyes leave mine. My arms wrapped around his shoulders gripping tightly, my breath coming out in small puffs. He speed up the slightest, eliciting a moan from me.

He kissed me deeply once more, our tongues fighting for dominance messily, we didn’t care. One of his hands travelled down the side of my body, and found my clit once again, rubbing slow, tantalising circles. I started moaning into his mouth, he broke the kiss and rested his forehead on mine. I could feel my breaking point approaching.

“I’m close.” I whispered breathlessly.

“So am I Baby.” His voice the same.

He speed up more, my hands ran down his back, leaving red marks along his skin. I was being pushed higher and higher, and then I over the edge, he too. We rode out our highs, and he kissed me one more time.

“I love you so much.” He said as he laid on his back.

“And I, you” I replied, circling up next to him.

He kissed the top of my head, and wrapped his arms tighter around me. I listened to his heart beat steadying, and then sleep took over me.

All My Love


A/N: I’m not happy with this, so I’m probably taking it down again but here goes a try. 

Word Count: 3,013

Originally posted by shxwnmendess

”Shawn? Shawn? Are you even listening to me at all?” I muttered, glancing over at Shawn in the passenger seat. 

I turned down John Mayer’s calming voice singing to us through the stereo in the jeep. My eyes fell on Shawn late enough for him to jerk up his head and quickly pop his eyes open. Confused and sleepy. For short moment probably wondering where on earth he was. 

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Train Rides: Young!James Potter x Reader *Smut*

A/N: Okay, so, this wasn’t suppose to go out until after ‘Wait For Me’ part two, but I’m like, physically and mentally not able to write that right now, and I don’t know why, so I just decided to finish this. Oh and also, I decided to post this tonight instead of tomorrow cause it was basically done, ops. 

If you didn’t read the title, this is a smut, this is also my first attempt at writing smut so, it may not be fantastic. I apologize if it doesn’t go into great detail or anything, like I said, I’m new to writing smut so this was really awkward for me to write, but I had to start somewhere, soz.

As smuts go, please do not read this if you’re uncomfortable with sexual situations, it’s tots fine to skip out on this one, my dude. 

Anyway, Enjoy! ♥

Word Count: 1504

Warnings: Mild Smut, Fluff(ish)

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Bouquet of Roses -- Steve Harrington

Requested: “hi can I get an imagines with steve Harrington because he is a babe where you guys planned a date then he was late because he was fighting the demidogs and u think he’s cheating on u sorry for the long request but thank you if write” “I know you have a ton of requests but would you be able to do a Steve Harrington x reader smut? — stilinskisuggs” “Hi! I saw requests were open and was wondering if you could do a Steve Harrington smut? Literally anything you want, thank you love x”

Warnings: SMUT!!! (16+). Cursing.

Pairing: Steve Harrington x Reader

Summary: Your suspicions that Steve is cheating only grows when he ditches your date to go to Nancy’s house. He proves to you that he would never cheat on you in the best way.

Listen To: Roses by Shawn Mendes

Words: 1827

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Needing Comfort

Hi! Hope you enjoy this spontaneous little one shot. 

Plot: Harry and Y/N have been fighting for days. On day four, Y/N starts to cry.

Picture isn’t mine. 

Nothing was working out the way it should. This morning I spilled coffee all over my new shirt which permanently ruined its white collar, my keys were nowhere to be found and once they did reappear I was already running late for my classes and additional to all of that, Harry and I had been fighting for the past three days.

It wasn’t uncommon for us to disagree on some subjects, just like any other couple sometimes would, but we hardly ever fought. In the two years we’d been dating I could recall Harry raising his voice at me a total 6 times and each time he’d apologized for it instantly. He’d never thrown or kicked a chair, had never allowed either of us to go to bed angry and instead had been focused on finding a solution with me.
This had changed. And coming home after a busy day was anything but a happy reunion.

Now that he was on his break Harry was usually home when I arrived in the evening, since he could easily schedule his meetings to be in the after noon. Normally I was happy to have him to come home to but now that with us fighting… Instead of music, the smell of food or his open arms, I was greeted by Harry ignoring me from the moment I set foot into our apartment to when we fell asleep, he of course rather on the couch than in bed with me. And if he didn’t ignore me than he made a mean remark on everything I did until he provoked me to react, which then in turn was his cue to resume his yelling.
Maybe I was being dramatic, given that it was only three days so far, but I missed Harry terrible. The one he was only a week ago. With every word he yelled into my direction he broke my heart a little more and with every venomous look he gave me my stomach turned.

Today, I couldn’t handle it.
Of course I was feeling down because of our argument pretty much every hour of each day but so far my daily routine would at least helped taking my mind off it. However my day hadn’t become better and instead turned into a complete mess. I returned home with a pounding head, an aching body and exhausted nerves. The last thing I could bear tonight was my boyfriend’s cruel attitude of ignoring me until I gave him some excuse to restart the argument.

I opened the door to the apartment with a trembling breath leaving my chest. My shaking fingers released the bag I was holding, then pushed off my thin jacket and then slipped out of my shoes, all the while with tightly closed eyes as I willed myself not to cry.

Silence. Nothing.

I’d long stopped expecting a kiss or a hug, but I didn’t even get a hello now. Any other day when I was upset Harry was there to comfort me from the moment we were reunited. He’d do anything to make me feel better, sometimes pamper me like I was his baby he needed to look after. I’d always feel better afterwards and with my boyfriend’s warm shoulder to lean on it was easy to forget.
Harry had always been my number one cure for a bad day.

Today, however, he didn’t even say hi.

I saw him sitting on the couch when I quietly walked past the living room. His fingers were busy typing away on his computer resting on the coffee table and when he heard me pass him he made a point not to look up. Great.
My heart fell and my eyes watered, but instead of saying something like I knew he expected me to, I turned around and left for the bedroom. Don’t give in, my mind whispered, don’t give him a reason to freak out on you again. Not now.
My feet made a dragging sound when I excited the living room and my body flinched when Harry cleared his throat behind me.

“Oh, I had a great day, sweetheart. Thank you for asking,” he spoke mockingly, but I ignored him and the sting in my chest.

Sweetheart. A nickname he normally used to affirm his feelings for me, not to taunt and humiliate me. It felt like a slap across the cheek and so my feet hurried to get distance between us.
Once I entered our bedroom I wasted no time and began to undress. My skin was covered in goosebumps when I stood in front of the wardrobe and I quickly changed into an old shirt and some pijama bottoms, both mine as I couldn’t bear to wear his clothes tonight, before crawling into the cold bed. I pulled the covers up to my head and wrapped both arms around my frame.

Finally, I allowed myself to break down. Sobs made my shoulders shake and I had to press my fingers against my puffy lips to quieten my cries, not wanting Harry to hear me. He didn’t need to know that I was feeling vulnerable, by the state of his mood he would probably use that to his advantage and taunt me further.
I cried until my eyes stung and the fingers I still held to my lips felt ice cold against my flushed cheeks.

I couldn’t do this anymore. I was done.

My boyfriend probably hated me. He might even break up with me in the near future. It wouldn’t even come as a surprise.
And after today, all my exhausted body needed was a break, but the upcoming exams required me to study, so technically I shouldn’t allow myself to lay down now either. I couldn’t afford taking time to myself, especially since I also had a job I needed to show up to.

I shook my hurting head and turned to bury my face further into my pillow, wetting the fabric with the salty liquid leaving my eyes. I whimpered when pain shot through me.
I stumbled earlier today and fell down an entire flight of stairs which had not only been embarrassing, but also bruised my hips, one of my elbows and scraped my knees so they bled through my jeans and had been burning painfully ever since.

I was hurting physically and emotionally. And if you’re lacking the comfort in your home, it’s really hard to cope.

The door opened without me hearing and so I didn’t notice his presence until the bed dipped and I had two other arms wrapping around me additional to my own. Instantly, my body tensed and although feeling his warm chest pressed to my back felt good, I didn’t want his touch. Or at least I couldn’t admit that I did.
Harry’s soft curls tickled the exposed skin of my neck when he rubbed his nose against it and I could hear him taking in a deep breath.

“What are you doing?” I whimpered mid-sob.

My shaking fingers balled into fists and I refused to turn and look at him.

Harry tightened his hold. “You’re sad. Wanna make it better.”

I’ve been sad because of you for three days and now that you’re actually not the main reason for my tears, you choose to care?
But I didn’t say anything. I couldn’t bear to hear him yell again. There was simply no energy left in me.
So I just lay there, crying and in pain. But at least his presence meant that my body was slowly warming up as well.

“I’m sorry,” Harry continued softly.

His lips pressed a soft kiss to the back of my neck and his hands found mine, opening my fists gently before intertwining our fingers and squeezing them.

“I have been incredibly unforgiving with you and awful, too. I knew I kept on hurting you and didn’t stop… I’m sorry. So sorry, baby.”

He left another kiss on my skin before cuddling himself closer against me, his forehead pressing to my shoulder. I released a deep breath and allowed myself to relax a little, leaning slightly into him. My heart hammered in my chest and I was relieved to have him back.
But my crying only increased. I wasn’t a fan of holding grudges but the fact that I didn’t even try to argue back or defend my point one last time, proved once more how done with everything I was. And I couldn’t stand it.
When I didn’t cease to cry, Harry whimpered quietly and pushed one of his legs in between mine.

“What can I do, Y/N?” he breathed.

I shook my head, my voice no where to be found. Harry sighed and leaned up to press his mouth to my flushed cheek. He hummed and breathed against my skin, but nothing worked. I wouldn’t calm down.

“I didn’t even realize how much too far I took it,” Harry whimpered into my ear, his soft lips trailing kisses along my jaw, “M'sorry, my love. Please… no more tears. I can’t bear it when you cry. Especially when it’s because of me.”

My hands searched for his, hesitantly at first but my grasp was bold once I found his fingers.

“S'not just you,” I whispered, the sobs stopping just long enough for me to form the words.

Harry stayed silent at my words and began to draw small circles against my palm. Finally my tears slowly stopped falling and I dared turning around so I could press my flushed face against his neck. My lungs felt full when I breathed in his familiar scent and Harry sighed, relieved to have me show him some affection.

“Fighting with you,” I began quietly, voice thick, “is tough, Harry. I hate it when we don’t talk. I can’t take it.”

My voice broke and I braced myself for more tears, yet no came.

“Oh, baby,” Harry breathed and I shuddered when his lips pressed to my skin in an effort to mend my heart, “I hate it, too.”

I hummed and squeezed his hand. “M'not just crying because of you.”

He squeezed me, motioning for me to continue.

“I was late,” I murmured, “I forgot my wallet so I had no money for lunch. One of my teachers just announced a huge exam and I don’t understand the subject at all. I fell down an entire flight of stairs which wasn’t just super embarrassing but also very painful and if that wasn’t enough I feel like my head is going to explode. And my shift tomorrow is going to be longer than usual cause we’re short on staff.”

I shook my head and sniffled noisily. I tiredly reached up to wrap both arms around Harry’s neck, finally allowing myself the much needed contact with his skin. Harry reacted by pulling me flush against his body, our intertwined legs bringing the both of us even closer together.

“I’m sorry,” he murmured, his words quickly followed by a kiss to my cheek, “Should’ve been there for you to call. M'sorry I made you feel like you couldn’t.”

He hummed lowly and I just shrugged before my lips found his collarbones to kiss. His hands squeezed me once more, then he pulled back slowly. He easily slipped out of the hold I tried to tighten on him and climbed off the bed, a hand held out for me to take.

“What are you doing?” I asked confused, a frown on my forehead, “I really don’t feel like getting up, Harry.”

“I know,” he assured quietly, “And you won’t have to for long. Just wanna take care of you for a moment, then we can go to bed.”


I was sitting on the closed toilet seat as I watched Harry move around the bathroom in search for our first aid kit. He looked funny, I noticed. His hair was ruffled and messy and his appearance strangely resembled the comic figure Waldo. A white/red stripped shirt adorned his torso, a pair of blue sweat pants his legs. I couldn’t help but smile and once he noticed, Harry did too. We hadn’t acknowledged each other in this way in days… it felt good to be back.
Once victorious, he knelt down before me and took my hands.

“Hold on to my shoulders to steady yourself,” he instructed, setting them down just by his neck, then his own fingers found the top of my pijama bottoms


“Need to get these off you so I can take look at those knees.”

“I think I can undress myself, Harry,” I murmured and rolled my eyes, but my heart warmed at his caring actions and I happily allowed him to pull the material off my legs with a quick yank, before I could even so much as get up.

Harry hissed at the sight of my bloody knees and his pink lips instantly pouted. My hands continued to hold on to his board shoulders when he began to clean out the wounds with a disinfected piece of cotton and I was cautious not to hiss too much, afraid Harry’s guilt would only increase. Not that any of this was his fault, of course. But he’d said it himself. If we hadn’t fought, I would have called him. It was quite the sight though, I thought, Harry Styles on his knees before me, his face bearing an expression of pure concentration as he tended to my injury like a private nurse. A very handsome one, I might ad. And an incredibly gentle and tender one, too. Almost afraid.

“I won’t fall apart,” I whispered.

My fingers found the back of his neck and I gently massaged his scalp, earning a low moan from him.

Harry shrugged. “Won’t let you.”

A band-aid was carefully applied, than he pressed a kiss to it. I leaned down to kiss his cheek and murmured a quiet thank you against his skin. I was happy. The pounding in my head had slightly lessened, thanks to the painkillers Harry had made me take and with his kind gestures and tender touches he was doing a great job at mending my previous heart break.
I watched him get back to his feet and complied quickly when he gestured for me to get up.

“Stay home tomorrow,” Harry suggested, his hands finding mine, “I can call the studio and arrange a day off. We could make up for the lost time.”

His green eyes stared into my own and as always I wanted nothing else but comply to whatever he asked. A day at home with Harry sounded perfect. But I couldn’t.

“I can’t, Harry. Told you I have to work tomorrow.”

My fingers looked small compared to his and I giggled when the pout on his face increased. He pulled at my hands.

“You don’t have to, though,” he argued, “I feel like you keep on putting more and more onto your plate. No wonder you broke down, love.”

I was about to open my mouth but he quickly continued.

“I know I added to your stress, too. M'not trying to belittle my fault in this. But you know I can easily afford paying both of our bills. Paying both of our food, rent, everything. You wouldn’t be the burden you think. I’d be happy to help support you.”

“I can’t,” I protested, “No way I’d let you do that. I can’t be depending on your money.”

Harry rolled his eyes. “You wouldn’t be forever. Only for now. Until the stress at school is over. After, you could pay me back if that will get you to agree.”

I wanted to argue, wanted to decline, but Harry shook his head the moment I tried to find my voice.

“You’re the most precious person to me, Y/N. I won’t let you wreck yourself any longer.”

His hand reached up and cradled my face, making me look at him for a moment before he leaned in and captured my lips with his.
Nothing was decided yet and I surely would fight him on the subject, but for tonight I decided I would let myself to just enjoy that I had my loving and caring boyfriend back.

Hope you enjoyed it! This was completely spontaneously and written in one go, so I apologize for any mistakes. 

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Bad Temper


Requested: Jealous Shawn. Not sure I like this but I tried. 

Word count: 2,658

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“I think this might actually be it!” I said, folding the last box together. I ran my fingers through my hair, breathing out heavily. 

I thought it would never end. No matter where I looked, there had always been more boxes to start on. But now, I’d actually unpacked the last one.

“What?” Shawn yelled from the other room, fumbling with his precious guitars as always. 

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