my chubby cheeks will never go away

This is a body appreciation post. My very first one lol. When I was younger before I started school I was a little chubby kid. Not really big but I had a little tummy. Then around 1st grade I was diagnosed with ADHD and was put on some medicine. They had to strengthen the prescription 3 times before I was in 3rd great. After a few months I lost a lot of weight. I often was asked if I had food at home when we had plenty. The medicine made me lose my appetite. I never ate breakfast, barley ate lunch at school and might eat a decent size dinner sometimes. I was often told people could see the veins in my cheeks. In middle school I stopped taking the medicine and I ate a lot more. However I gained a lot more weight and became kinda chubby again by 8th grade. Once in high school I hated my body. I would skip meals on purpose and pinch my fat thinking that might make it go away. But I slowly started to accept how I looked. I didn’t care how I looked and I started to eat healthier. I lost some weight and grew into the rest of it. I still have trouble with how I look. I still see lots of flaws but I know I’m be the then what I was. I can look at my own body without wanting to cry. So anybody who hates their body. Don’t it’s your body and you’re beautiful. No matter what shape.