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I took my sweet time thinking about which prompt to ask for because I WANT THEM ALL. So, Number 22 for MadaTobi, pwease? :3

Also for @kitsunesongs​. (I have severe trouble keeping these to drabble length.) It inspired interesting thoughts about what counts as “lies” in language.

22: the one where it’s impossible to lie to your soulmate.

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(They’re never going to live it down.)


“You are a jerk!” Madara spits out, chubby cheeks flushed and short hair bristling as he points accusingly back at the white-haired boy even as his exasperated mother hauls him away from elementary school, Izuna squirming under her other arm.

Tobirama just sniffs, ignoring Hashirama’s hurt puppy-dog eyes. “Yell louder: I don’t think they heard your whining in Kumo.”

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As any other member of the royal fandom will tell you, I’m vibrating with excitement and happiness over the announcement of Baby Cambridge 2.0. I can’t tell you how happy I am for Kate + Wills to have another bouncing bundle of joy to love and learn from, or for George to be a big brother to a new prince or princess! I’m excited to see Kate’s maternity wardrobe and her lil chubby pregnancy cheeks, and don’t let me even talk about how cute her bump was. COME ON SHE IS A MILF. I’m literally on cloud nine; the smile on my face may never go away! But in all seriousness, I do wish Kate a quick recovery from her morning sickness, and a healthy, easy, pregnancy. Now to count the infinite number of days until this fandom bonds over staring at a door #bringiton

Cameron Dallas Imagine for mermvidqueen

“Come on babe, aren’t you gonna come in the water?” Cameron called to you, and you shook your head. You two were at the beach with a few of your friends and a few of his friends, and you hadn’t wanted to wear a bikini. But Cameron had convinced you to go against your better judgement and wear one, insisting that you looked beautiful.
“You don’t think I look chubby?” You asked, surveying yourself in the mirror. He had taken your face in his hands and kissed you, his eyes meeting yours once he pulled away.
“You. Are. Perfect.” He said, punctuating each word with a kiss. With those three words he had you convinced, and you threw on your bikini without a second thought.
But now on the beach, you refused to take off your cover up. After a walk down the beach with Cameron, seeing all the perfectly skinny girls with their perfect hair and perfect smiles in their perfect bathing suits, you lost your nerve. You couldn’t help it, you never had much confidence to begin with. You subconsciously compared yourself to them, seeing your soft tummy and wide hips stand out among the toned abdomens and slight statures.
“Aww baby! You’ll have fun, just come on out!” Cameron yelled from the water, but you just shook your head again.
“Maybe later.” You called back, and he gave you a worried look before getting pushed over by Nash who came barreling out of nowhere.
You laughed and laid back, trying to keep your mind off of how terrible you looked compared to the sunbathing models around you. You were super aware of how chunky you were here, and wondered why you had even agreed to go to the beach. All it did was make you feel bad about yourself anyway.
“Baby, come on out.” Cameron said suddenly, making you jump. You took off your sunglasses and looked up, shielding your eyes from the sun to see your boyfriend grinning down at you, soaking wet.
“Not now. Maybe once it gets a little darker. Or when I do, I need a nice tan.”
He gave you a stern look. “How are you tanning with your cover up on? It’s gonna be all uneven.”
“Well I..I don’t know.”
He laughed, sitting down next to you. “Baby, is it because you don’t like your bikini?”
“No, I like it..I just don’t like how I look in it.”
“I think you look wonderful. You always do.”
You looked at him in surprise. “Take a look around the beach and then tell me if I still look wonderful.”
“What’s that supposed to mean?” He asked, looking at you.
“I look like a potato compared to all the girls here. A chubby, awkward potato.”
“(Y/N), you’re not a potato.”
“Says the gorgeous model over there.” You said grumpily.
“Baby, you gotta stop comparing yourself to everyone else. I love you just the way you are. I can’t find one thing wrong with you.”
“I can.”
“Name one.”
“This flat tire about my tummy.” You said, patting your stomach lightly. You exercised and worked out, but it never seemed to go away.
“Yeah, well, I love your tummy.” He said simply, as if that was going to change your mind.
“I don’t.” You said quietly, feeling your cheeks heat up.
“I love it enough for the both of us. I love all your curves, they’re cute and soft and they make me happy. Like you.”
“Seriously?” You asked, sitting up. He nodded and put his hand over yours.
“Seriously. You look great all the time, it amazes me. I don’t think you see it, but I do.”
You smiled at him and leaned forward, hugging him. He hugged back tightly, his warm skin heating up yours.
“Now will you come out in the water and stop caring about what others think?” He asked with a smile, and you nodded.
He got up and pulled you with him, and you wiggled out of your cover up.
“Anyone ever told you how hot you look in a bikini?” He asked with a grin, and you giggled, shaking your head.
“I’ll tell you every time we go to the beach, then. From here on out.” He promised, and then ran down the beach to the ocean, your hand in his.
“Look who decided to come out!” Your friend Sutton yelled before her boyfriend Jacob splashed water at her.
“No. You. Did. Not!” She yelled, chasing after him. “THERE IS FISH PEE IN THIS OH MY GOD!”
“More than just fish pee.” Cameron mumbled, making you laugh. Aaron and his girlfriend Peyton stood with you and Cameron, but Peyton was trying to pull him farther out.
“Come on! I love the water!” She begged, and Aaron laughed.
“Babe, you’ll drown.”
“You’ll save me though, right? So let’s go!”
You smiled at them, and heard Sutton yell as Jacob splashed her again. They also weren’t model skinny, and gave you a sense of confidence. If they were brave enough to not care what anyone else thought, then so were you.
“Beautiful. I told you.” Cameron said in your ear, and you smiled.
“I love you.” You said aloud, and Cameron smiled.
“I love you more.”
“N'awwww look how cuuute!” Nash drawled, and Cameron blushed. You really did love him, though. Everything about him, even the parts he didn’t love. And that was okay, because he loved the parts of you you didn’t like too. You two fit perfectly, and as you guys swam out in the ocean with your friends and played volleyball as the sun set, you realized you wouldn’t want to be with anyone else.

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