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Rosaline needs someone who will choose her.

Benvolio needs someone who will choose him.

And that’s the funny thing - because they don’t choose each other, not at first. They’re forced into this partnership. But every time they choose to spend time together - to plot together, work together, stay together - they are choosing each other.

And that’s why, to me, this is such a lovely pairing. Because Benvolio has lost everyone, except an Uncle who abuses him, and Rosaline has devoted so much of her love and care into others (mainly her sister) - they both need someone who reciprocates their love and trust and respect.

And they find it in each other. Because those parallels - they’re orphans, living with relatives who hate them. Their cousins die. They want to marry for love, but they’ve accepted that it will never happen to them. They want freedom, choice for their own lives, but their Uncles won’t let that happen - so they give it that up too, Rosaline for Livia and Benvolio because he has no other option. They hate each other’s families, but they also hate this feud, and they hate each other - and they’re smart and clever enough to figure out how to end all of this madness.

So, they choose to work together. They choose to respect each other. They choose to listen and trust each other. Whether they realize it or not - every time Benvolio remembers something Rosaline says, or every time Rosaline realizes she’s judged Benvolio too harshly - they’re learning to respect and to trust each other.

They’re choosing to be partners.

They’re choosing each other.

I’ll just leave this here

My mate just came up behind me and slid his arms around my waist, pressing a kiss to my neck. Would you like someone to join us in bed, Feyre darling? 

My skin stretched tight over my bones at the tone, the suggestion. You’re incorrigible. 

I think you’d like two males worshipping you. 

My toes curled.

Choices Trailers [#01]

A great kingdom divided by treacherous blade. A powerful magic hidden within mortal men. All hope rests on a mighty crown and a flickering flame.

After two years spent in exile, Kenna Rys is determined to take back the freedom she and her kingdom lost. With the knowledge her best friend, Dominic Hunter, has delivered from within the castle walls, she sets out on a search for an army stronger than her enemy’s own. 

The kingdoms have gotten word of her resurface, lies threaten to drown her under, and as Kenna’s courage is tested, Dominic discovers a power within him—a power people would kill to possess.

In this world where twisted intent is disguised as a call for unity, Kenna and Dominic must do everything in their power to protect those they hold dear. For when one enemy falls, another one rises. . . and each is deadlier than the last.


DRAKE WALKER → The Royal Romance
Men of Choices Aesthetics [#05]

“They don’t even realize that the moments that matter the most are all the ones they’re missing. Moments like right now, just the two of us and some cheap whiskey. The ones that really mean something. At least, it means something to me, anyway.”

[for @kittenmusicals]

“It’s nice,” said Kell, “to meet someone like me.”

Holland frowned. “I am not like you,” he said, and walked away.

- You’re just 18, you’re too young, don’t get pregnant or marry someone to quickly, - they pleaded.
- You’re 25, come on, it’s time to think and start doing something, you don’t need any kids, focus on your career, - they preached.
- You’re 32, what are you thinking? Do you want to end up as a single crazy catlady? - they cried.
- You’re 39, a single mother without a successful startup or a fabulous career, you’re such a disappointment, - they grumbled.
- She was 42, when she jumped out of the window. What a disgrace to the family, - they whispered.

The only thing they’ve never told you was when to start living your life on your own…

Don’t lose your way while trying to satisfy all the expectations: they are never worth wasting your life.

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Lancelot & Guinevere + guilt, desire and rage
— Guinevere: A Medieval Romance, Lavinia Collins