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How Dan and Phil probably broke up #37
  • Phil: *gets Dan a whisk for Christmas*
Espada/Arrancar Dancing Abilites

Basically, I’m going to tell you who can or can’t dance. This is a absolute monster of a list and I tried to have everybody. If I missed someone, please let me know!

 The ones who can dance and do it beautifully

  •  Harribel is the queen of the dance floor. She can put everyone to shame and make everyone look like drunk birds compared to herself. 
  • Ulquiorra may not seem like it, but don’t be fooled. He can bust some moves and especially when it comes to classic dances like the tango or waltz. 
  • Szayel secretly practices dancing so that he may look flawless. Sure, he also likes to incorporate the weird dance movies and he may look overly flamboyant, but he has skill. 
  • Surprisingly Aaroniero knows a thing or two. Maybe it’s due to all the hollows he ate, but he’ll certainly surprise you with his moves. 
  • Tesla and Shawlong are so good at slow dancing. When they dance with a partner, you will be moved to tears. 
  • Charlotte really shouldn’t be that surprising. Of course he can dance and look fabulous while doing so. The only bad part is if he’s in one of his “outfits” which may scar you.
  • Edrad, Pow, and Nakeem do not look like they can dance, but they got some decent moves. 
  • If Harribel is the queen, Sung Sun is the literal princess of the dance floor. She moves so gracefully and beautifully you will also cry.
  • Cirucci and Dordoni can dance too. Though the latter will be more comical and theatrical about it. Cirucci does the best at the dancing that gets everyone blushing.
  • Menoly will be so shy at first and hesitant to dance but she looks so adorable when she does dance. Loly is good at sensual dancing and can cause some nose bleeds.
  • Nelliel is great at fast paced dancing and can go on…FOR HOURS. Her energy may scare you. Pesche and Dondochakka are also really good despite looking wacky at times.

Now the ones who just fail on so many levels

  • Starrk really just can’t dance and he rarely has energy for it. You know the Shepard shuffle from Mass Effect? THAT IS HIM. Lilynette is too busy laughing at him to even try dancing herself.
  • Nnoitra, my poor mantis child, he really does try but he has the skill and grace of a fish out of water.
  • Grimmjow needs to be kept away from the dance floor. His idea of dancing is literally just jumping around aggressively. Just…no dude.
  • Yammy hates dancing because one, he’s huge. Two, he accidentally destroys things when he tries to dance.
  • Di Roy, my sweet summer child, he tries too but usually he makes a fool of himself and Mom Friend Shawlong has to pull him away.
  • Yylfordt moves really awkwardly when he tries to dance. He usually just tries to copy whoever he’s closest to.
  • Ggio and Findorr try to make a competition out of it and they end up looking like drunk idiots. Ggio has the potential to dance well but he has yet to discover it.
  • Oh dear god, Abirama is a walking hurricane when he dances. He’s loud, out of control, and needs to knocked out because he’s a giant mess. He actually ends up knocking out Nirgge who is trying to mind his own business so who knows if he can dance or not.
  • Apacci and Mila Rose…I love them to pieces but the girls need dance lessons. Apacci tries a little too hard while Mila Rose barely puts any effort in.
  • Gantenbainne, he moves way too fast and ends up crashing into everything. Another one that needs to be kept away from the dance floor.
  • Luppi, my flamboyant son, is one of those people who thinks they can dance but really everyone is just cringing while watching.
  • Barragan and Zommari can’t dance to save their lives. Barragan won’t move a damn inch while Zommari looks low-key creepy.


  • Rui also tries really hard but she does a variation of a shuffle. My poor girl can’t dance, save her.
  • Erith is really good at hip hop dancing. She can make both men and women have nosebleeds.


(I only watched the movie sorry book fans)

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children © Ransom Riggs


My first contribution to Ransom Week; a Nurseyrans piece centered around the prompt “Engaged”

The ring on his finger was extremely noticeable the next morning. Justin held his hand up so that he could really look at it; it was a solid gold band with emeralds set in it all the way around. It felt heavy; not because of the material, but because of the weight of what it meant to him now. It wasn’t just some ring he was going to be wearing; it was the ring Derek’s mother had given his father when they had been married.

Justin’s mind went back to the night before, their simple evening that changed the course of their lives forever.

“Nothing big,” Justin asked of Derek when he came in from the hospital. He was supposed to be on vacation now, otherwise he would overwork himself.

“No idea what you’re talking about,” Derek grinned, draping himself over Justin, who was sitting on their couch. This apartment was theirs; had been for almost six years now. It had seen a lot from the two of them, unsurprisingly, from their biggest fights to Justin’s residency to the publishing of Derek’s first novel. It was their home.

Somehow it made sense to Justin that Derek would propose to him here, away from prying eyes, in their little home, that had seen them through so much.

“Nothing big,” Justin has said, but Derek had already planned one of the biggest things yet. When they were pressed together, watching Grey’s Anatomy (so Justin could point out the points that were realistic and the ones that were clearly fictional, mainly, it was a pastime for them), Derek quietly took Justin’s hand in his own, and the next thing Justin knew, there was a ring on his finger, and a story on Derek’s lips.

“Before my dad went off to Iraq he gave me this, told me to keep it safe for the person I wanted to marry,” he murmured, “I had to get it taken down a size, and the huge emerald that was in the middle had to come off. But last month I…”

Derek shrugged, looking up at Justin, who was still too shocked for words. “I looked at you, covered in spit and vomit and all that other nasty shit, laughing at whatever Holster said, and I wanted to. Right then. I wanted to marry you.”

His chill was failing him, Justin could tell, he was getting more and more nervous, wondering if what he was doing was right. Justin could always tell when Derek was starting to panic. It had taken a while to grow accustomed to and he couldn’t always see the signs in the beginning but now he was so attuned to his boyfriend it was easy to see when Derek was becoming unsure.

“You think your dad would have liked me?” Justin asked as he brought his gaze up from the ring to Derek’s eyes. He saw the relief there before it flooded Derek’s features. Derek pressed himself closer to Justin, giving him a small, chaste kiss.

“He would have loved you.”

And Justin truly believed that.

His belief in it and the movement at his side brought him back to the present. Derek shifted so that he was nearly on top of Justin, his face pressed into Justin’s neck. Justin smiled and brought his hand down so that it rested in Derek’s hair.

The sun glinted off the band around his finger; a promise, reminder, and engagement all at once.