my childhood otps

I need a Danny Phantom AU tbh.

Like Keith is Danny, and Shiro is his protective older brother. Keith lives with Shiro and Shiro’s girlfriend, Allura, who (along with Coran) are super into the supernatural and ghosts (particularly hunting them).

Keith’s friends are Pidge and Hunk. They were there when Keith had his accident, and they both help him out whenever ghosts (who come through a wormhole Allura accidentally created when Keith caused the accident and call themselves Galra) attack the school.

And like, the best part? Keith has an incredibly huge crush on Lance, who also happens to secretly be a super skilled Ghost hunter hellbent on capturing Keith and sending him back to the Ghost zone. They’re like sickly in love, but have no idea that they’re secretly arch-rivals who fight every week. ((They do that baby project together, and thats actually how they start dating despite getting a D on the project)).

Lance has no idea that Sendak (Vlad) is also a ghost, and let’s just say when he finds out, he is hella pissed at Sendak, and eventually joins Keith in helping to fight the Galra.

ships the x-men movies pulled out of their asses:

  • rogue and iceman
  • kitty and iceman

better ships they had right in front of them:

  • rogue and gambit
  • kitty and colossus

and jokes on you 20th century fox, iceman is gay.

“Maybe the girl for you is someone you didn’t expect, after all, the most beautiful gift can come from the plainest box.” -Helga Pataki

I redrew this screencap in my own artstyle from one of my favorite childhood cartoons, Hey! Arnold, especially from this episode: Arnold’s Valentine

(I made a few artistic adjustments…)

I really miss this cartoon, I’m not sure of the relaunch, but I wish it well. I’m incredibly biased of the original. lol

(Hey! Arnold is not mine. All rights respectively belong to Craig Barlett)

My top 10 childhood OTP’s

10. Danny and Sam

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9. Sonamy

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8. Kataang

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7. Naruhina

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6. Taiora

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5. Kim and Ron

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4. Green Lantern and Hawkgirl

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3. Beast Boy and Raven

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2. Helga and Arnold

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Kurotsuki week day 1 n’ 2:  Age  (x)

Childhood friends!Au

“ When I was a kid, I was friend of my mother’s friend son…I have not seen him in a long time “

Kuroo loved to see the excited face of Tsukishima and he always did things to see him happy. ♥ 

I don’t know how to draw kids, but I’m trying (?)

The KuroTsukki week is in the second day! :’3c