my childhood has caught up to me


* = smut


Catch Fire (Luke Hemmings fanfiction)*
When a one-night stand turns two-night stands turns friends-with-benefits turns…well good question or when youtube singer Lou met and somehow ended up hooking up with her celebrity crush, this is not what she expected would happen

Daylight (Highschool!Calum AU)*:

“I loved a challenge. And breaking a heartbreaker’s heart? Well, that was interesting…” or when Luke’s best friend moves to Australia, she makes a vow to take revenge on Calum Hood, the school’s bad boy, for having broken so many hearts



If you don’t know:
a bad break-up from Michael’s POV based on the song

Michelangelo, really?:
your roommate has a hookup over so you decide to meet your neighbor and ask for a place to sleep

so maybe Mike and you both have an obsession with winning, so what?

Whiskey on the rocks:
someone slaps your butt and you turn around to see Michael Clifford behind you???

Walks of shame AU:
you meet him while doing your walk of shame

a few stolen moments with your inspiration Michael

There’s no way that we can rewind:
you fucked up and everything hurts

Priorities AU / Part 2Part 3:
Fratboy!Michael can’t figure out his priorities

You’re it for me:
Michael and you get into an argument because you won’t let him meet your strict parents and he thinks you might be ashamed of him

Just one little problem AU:
Calum is a great roommate…the only problem is his best friend

A daydream away:
your best friend sympathizes a bit too much with the boys you date

Silence makes you an accomplice:
two band members prepare a prank

PR teams are a painPart 2Part 3:
you were already having a bad day, and then you found out you had to PR date the one celebrity you hate the most…..yay?

Dirty laundry looks good on you:
you think Michael deserves better than the mess you are…he kindly disagrees

Step by step:
getting over your ex isn’t very easy

Paris, city of love:
Michael fucks up his proposal but it’s perfect and god, you love him

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Creek Fanfics

Some nice fanfics that I’ve enjoyed 

This is a list of different fanfics that I really liked. Starting with some of the shorter ones going to the longer ones. Keep a reminder that some of these have sexual content/abuse/swearing/ and other things. 

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alexgibby: Woke up to see this picture from the Times which is funny cause I’m pretty sure they caught the literal moment in which I blacked out and started floating above myself. @greatcometbway has been making so many of my childhood dreams a reality in the last year and I am forever indebted to @rchavkin @davemalloy@pamstinkleton @stewartwhitley et al for letting me come along for the ride. (Now for some Gatorade and back to sleep! 😎)


Chapter 20. A few hours ago.

- Listen, Vick, you insist on asking me every week for a date and I refuse you every week. You yourself are not tired of it yet?
I looked sideways at the student who was hovering next to me. How many times do I still have to deny him so that he understands that I’m not going to agree to his proposal? Maybe I should not be bragging about my relationship with Denis? Something, probably, I would be calmer, at least in the fact that the sticky classmate did not come to me with such speed.

- No,- I repeated. - I’m not going out on a date with you. Why me? Are there so many beautiful girls around? You’re a nice guy, with you, anyone will happily go!
- But I chose you, Lina!
- he answered fervently, and I rolled my eyes.
- You yourself are without a boyfriend! - he continued. - Do you have such strict parents? I often see that your father takes you!

I turned in confusion to him. Father? Ooh, how furious would Denis be now if he heard it!
- Well, or brother,- he corrected himself. - In any case, let me talk with your parents, they will understand that I am very positive, and you can calmly walk with me. I even promise to return you no later than ten in the evening!
I gritted my teeth. Tired!
- I’m an orphan, - I hissed, - and I have only a sister.  And “father” is my future husband, so that you will know!
“Well, or something like that,” - I mentally added. Proposals to me Denis did not, and maybe never will, but I now was brought to the last boiling point. Father or brother! Same it was necessary so to say!
- And anyway, it’s time for me! - I ran out of the audience, fastening the jacket as I went. Hurry to Denis!
I already jumped out onto the porch and noticed Denis in the distance, rubbing his frozen hands and was overjoyed. Now I run up to him, he will hug me and everything will be fine.
- Come on, Lina! - Victor overtook me and grabbed my hand.
- What else? Leave me alone, please!
Instead of answering this … nasty type just grabbed me in an armful and kissed it. The kiss was wet and somehow slippery and I instantly broke away and panic looked to where Denis was standing. In the fact that he saw it, I did not even doubt it. For a moment he was still standing, and then walked away with a quick step. How can he so quickly manage to walk with him, not too successfully fused leg after a fracture in his youth?
- Denis! - I called out. What to do? I will now catch up with him and how can I explain that this is not what he thought?
Vick still held me, I yanked my hand and lost my balance on the poorly cleaned slippery steps. The pain came instantly, but my mind mercifully decided to leave me.

I opened my eyes and looked around the university health center. Outside the window began to grow dark. How long have I been here? I panicked, I lost so much time, and yet Denis … Who knows what will come to his shaggy head!
I hardly slid down from my bunk. The whole body was a bruised bruise, but I managed to crawl out of the clinic, rejoicing that the doctor was not there. That’s why he will be surprised when he sees an empty room.

I got to Denis’s apartment with difficulty, having caught on the way all possible traffic jams. The man’s phone was disconnected, and I nervously gnawed my nails, imagining WHAT it could do.
* I wish you were alive, if only you was alive * - I whispered to myself. * Psycho abnormal, do not you dare do anything with yourself, do you hear, you idiot? *
Forces no longer existed and I just dared to hope that he would understand everything, or at least not push me away …

I opened the apartment door and immediately came across the boiling anger of Anya. I moaned mentally. The woman looked unapproachable and I realized that she would let me go to Denis, if only a miracle would happen. But I still tried to pass by her, but Anya, without saying a word, pushed me away. Then she held out her hand and said briefly:
- The keys.
- I will not give it up,
- I snapped and squeezed the keys harder. My  bruised fingers ached, but I decided - then, then …
- All right,- Anne nodded and twisted me, tearing the keys from her palm.
I straightened, panting. The keys drowned in the pocket of Anna’s cardigan and I could only look at them sadly. But maybe I can persuade her to miss me? .. I will not be able to fight her. Or maybe it’s worth shouting?
- Do not be horrible,- the woman warned me, guessed my thoughts. - Denis sleeps with temperature and I absolutely do not want him to wake up.
Temperature? .. He is ill? I frowned.
- Then you should especially let me pass to him.
-Why, Lina? He told me everything. And I, like him, are tormented by one question - why did not you tell Denis in person that you no longer want to be with him? Are you afraid of responsibility, what do you have to bear? I already told you that he is not an ordinary man!

- Nonsense! - I cried out. - This idiot understood everything wrong! How could he even imagine that I would be with another?
Anya shrugged her shoulders and said firmly:
- Go away, Lina. Whether he understood everything correctly or not, it does not matter. Enough of him … all the experience.
- You still love him, do not you?
- I asked. - Do you hope that I’ll leave and he’ll definitely be yours now? You in fact know, that so will not be!

Raising her slender hand, Anya gave me a short and angry slap. I raised my hand to my cheek in bewilderment and stared at the woman.
- Go away!  - she repeated. - Enough of my brother’s suffering!  I will not let you ruin his life!
The word “brother” hung in the air and I suddenly understood everything. There is no love between them, but Anya will always stand guard over his interests. Because it has been so since childhood - the girl grew up with the realization that she should protect an unusual boy, because he is not like everyone else. An unladylike, misunderstood, with a constant bad luck in life. And she was so drawn into this concern about him that she began to think that she loved him. But now she has started to see and I saw how hard it is for her …
I looked at the woman with pity and, it seems, she caught it in my eyes. She again irritatedly shrugged her shoulders and began to push me out the door. I tried to resist, but the forces were unequal. After a few moments, I was already looking at the closed door.
I kicked the door and tried again to call Denis. Useless. It seems that now I lost this round.
- Nothing,- I informed the door. - He will not be ill forever. He is not going anywhere from me.

I got to the hostel when it was already dark outside. My only desire was to get to the bed and, not undressing, fall asleep.
But, the first person I saw when I entered the building was a sister who was walking unevenly near the wall.
- Kate? - I was unpleasantly surprised. - What are you doing here?
- I want to talk to you,- said the nurse nervously.
I sighed wearily. It seems that today I can not rest.

The sister was silent for a long time in the room. I looked at her with dislike. She never loved me and always stressed it. I was jealous of my mother, arranging hysterics and as a result of my mother’s attention I got crumbs.
I got angry.
- Katya, or you’ll tell me why you came or go! I already had a hard day!
My sister still hesitated and said listlessly:
- I came to apologize. Well … for everything.
Old grievances flared up in me and I hissed:
- For all? Do you really think that one apology is enough? You did not give me any opportunity to be with my mother and as a result I grew up almost alone; you drove me out of the house, and now you want me to forgive you?
I stopped. Sister looked at me pleadingly.
- Lina, forgive me! I know that it’s my fault, but the past can not be fixed, and I … I found a cancer, like my mother, and I realized that I need to apologize to you now, but what if it’s too late?
I fell into a frightened silence. My mother died long and painfully and, somewhere very deep down, I experienced relief from her death, because no one deserved such a disease, stifling, enveloping, without hope.
I straightened my shoulders. Be patient, Denis, I think I have to sort it out first.

Studies, part-time, support of my sister … In the evenings, I came to the hostel and could not sleep for a long time from exhaustion, looking at the ceiling with unseeing eyes. And when I managed to sleep, I dreamed of Denis and in the morning I got up completely broke. His phone was still stubbornly silent and I gradually stopped calling him. After a while, I began to doubt whether this man was in my life and only cursed dreams did not allow me to completely forget him.
But I still loved him.


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Russian text


Pairing: Terra/Aqua, Kingdom Hearts

Rating: K+

Words: 3257

Notes: Did I mention I love writing fluff? Cause I do lmao I’ve wanted to write this one since I started thinking of fics to write for them. I’m a huge fan of childhood friends sharing a bed to comfort one another and how that changes from kids to adults (or teenagers whatever). I also love writing Aqua, who I feel is probably more aware of her feelings on a regular basis and just has to be like why’d my best friend have to grow up to be so gorgeous lmao I also love writing them as kids?? Like holy crap they’re the cutest?? I usually don’t so it caught me off guard at how much I enjoy it haha



Aqua woke up with a cry. Her eyes frantically darted around trying to make out the outlines of her room so she knew she was really in her bed, safe. There was her bookshelf her desk, her closet, the window with some moonlight shining in. Her stuffed cat was just an arm’s reach away on her bed. Aqua quickly reached over to grab it, pressing it close to her chest where her heart felt like it was gonna pound right out.

She was vaguely aware of how sticky she felt from the sweat that covered her body, the way her arms were shaking as she hugged her stuffed animal. Aqua buried her face in the soft fur, trying to hide a choked sob. She knew she was safe. She was in her room where there were no monsters that loomed in the darkness ready to hurt her. Master was in the next wing over and Terra was across the hall. He hadn’t lived with them for very long but he seemed tough enough to fight off monsters, at least he probably thought he could.

It unfortunately wasn’t helping. She felt the fur of her stuffed animal start to get damp as she tried not to cry too loud. Really, all she wanted was to climb into Master’s bed and have him reassure her everything was okay, she was safe.

Aqua couldn’t bear to move though. She was six years old. She wasn’t a baby anymore. If she ever wanted to be a master herself one day she couldn’t have bad dreams and she couldn’t let herself be afraid of things that weren’t even there. She’d have to tough it out herself but…why did it have to seem so real?

“Aqua? Is that you?”

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The Imaginary Friend (Chapter 23)

A/N: *throws some filler fluff your way* 

The small smut in this chapter, 100% of the credit goes to @dont-hate-relate-pls

“I can feel you watching me sleep, Chuck Shurley.” I said, groggily. I could feel the light shining on my face through the window and hear the laughter of the man lying next to me, confirming my suspicions.

I opened eyes, the face of my bearded boyfriend appeared in front of.

“Good morning, Blue.” Chuck leaned down and kissed my forehead.

“Good morning, Red.”

It had been a few weeks since I had arrived at Chuck’s house, and my mental health was slowly recovering. My nightmares had slowed down considerably, and I wasn’t exactly scared to close my eyes anymore.

“What are you thinking about?” asked Chuck, lying on his left side. I mirrored him as I was lying on my right.

“You.” I said, smiling a bit.

“Me?” I could tell he was genuinely surprised with my answer.

“Just thinking about how I showed up on your front doorstep in about a billion broken pieces. Just thinking about how I don’t feel like that anymore. Thank you.”

Chuck pushed his arms up, leaning up so he could sit against the headboard. I again mirrored him.

“You don’t have to keep thanking me, you know.” said Chuck.

“Yeah, Blue. I do. I just, I just sometimes don’t feel like I deserve you.” I pulled my knees up against my chest, running my hand through my hair.

“Do you remember that time when we were 14, and we just stayed up all night talking. God, we must have been on topics as far off as Mars by the time the sun rose that morning.”

I nodded, laughing at the memory.

“My dad got so mad at me when he found me still awake that morning,” I said. Chuck took this moment to wrap his arms around me and pull me into his lap. “That was the first time you told me that you liked to write stories.”

“I had never told anybody about that before.” said Chuck, kissing my shoulder and threading his hand through mine.

“I remember feeling honored you’d tell me something like that.” I said.

“I remember something else about that night though, Red.”

I looked up from where I was sitting in his lap, waiting for him to continue. I raised my arm up, stroking the side of his face through his beard as he looked down at me.

“I remember that being the night I fell in love with you.”

I gasped, not expecting that answer out of him.

“You never told me that before.”

“I was a teenage boy, Range. There’s a lot of stuff you don’t know from then for a reason.” said Chuck, his cheeks blushing with embarrassment. God, he was beautiful.

God, I was in love with him.

“Nothing weird, I hope.” I said, laughing a little. Chuck leaned down, kissing my neck. I laughed at him as he was obviously just trying to hide his flustered expression. Chuck cut my laughter off with a kiss, pressing his lips to mine as he laid me down against the sheets.

Chuck’s hands started roaming, and honestly, I let him. His hands slid down my arms, keeping a slight grip on my waist as his lips moved down my neck. Chuck’s hand slipped down my waist as he rubbed up and down my thigh. There wasn’t a part of me he didn’t touch. I ran my hands up my back, gripping his shoulders, needing something to hold on to.

I could feel Chuck getting hard against my leg as he pressed his length against my middle, my body immediately reacting as my back arched to meet him half way.

Chuck broke the kiss from my neck to kiss me back against my lips, the two of us continued rubbing against each other, the moans growing louder as our tongues meshed together.

“G-god Chuck.” I moaned out as the kiss broke apart for just a moment.

“I got you baby.” said Chuck, whispering against my neck as he started to form a hickie.

We continued like that for a while, his mouth on mine, his hands on me. For once, I felt like we were in a bubble that couldn’t be popped.

I was his. I was his forever.

Suddenly I felt Chuck slide his hand up, fiddling with the bottom of my t-shirt. His fingers slid up under my shirt, testing a barrier.

Suddenly, my brain shut down, a new-found panic setting in at the unfamiliar action.

“Wait, stop. Stop. I’m sorry. Stop.” I said quickly, pushing Chuck off of me. Chuck immediately jumped off of me, following what I had said.

“Hey, hey. It’s alright.” said Chuck slightly, trying to be as careful as he could. I pushed myself up against the head of the bed, my knees pulled up to me as my breathing was uneven. Chuck sat across from me.

“You alright?” asked Chuck, quietly. My breathing slowed down as I ran my hand through my hair.

“Yeah, yeah. I’m sorry. I don’t know what happened.”

“Hey, hey. C’mere.” said Chuck. He pulled my body towards him, wrapped his arms around me into a hug. I buried my face into his chest, pretty embarrassed that I had freaked out.

“You know I’d never make you-.”

“Yeah, I know.” I said.

“You don’t have to be embarrassed, Red. I know you.” I smiled into his chest, pulling him closer. I liked being close to Chuck.

“I guess this is just something we haven’t talked about, you know. Boundaries and stuff.” I said. Chuck and I sat across from each other, crisscross apple sauce. I grabbed a hold of his hand, taking it in mine.

“Is that something we need to talk about? Boundaries? Or would you rather just want to see where we go?”

“I-I’d like to talk about it, actually.” I said, looking down at my lap. Chuck raised his free hand, lifting my head so my eyes met his.

“Wanna tell me why you just freaked out so badly?” asked Chuck calmly. I sighed, keeping my grip on his hand.

“We’ve known that you can’t, that you can’t exactly see the stuff that’s happened to me over the years. My childhood wasn’t exactly normal. My bodies covered in scars that not many people have seen, Chuck. And trust me, any guy that has seen them wasn’t so pleased by the sight.” I said, allowing myself to lift that weight off my shoulders.

Chuck squeezed my hand, the frustration evident as he didn’t expect that last sentence.

“I don’t know, it’s just new to me. I want to, it’s just new. My brain hasn’t exactly caught up to my heart yet, you know?”

Chuck leaned forward, kissing my forehead. All of a sudden, he just started laughing.

“What exactly is so funny, Mr. Shurley?” I asked.

“Do you realize that out of the entire time we have been in a relationship, this is probably the first normal conversation we’ve ever had.”

I laughed, he was totally right.

“Yeah, I’ll admit. It’s nice not having to think about everything supernatural for a while. It’s nice being here with you.” I said.

“Look, Red. You know I’d never push you into anything you were uncomfortable with.” said Chuck.

“And you know I’d never push you either, Blue.” I said.

“Baby steps, we go through this together. When we get to that point where we are both ready for that, then it’ll be okay. Cause we’re okay.” said Chuck.

“I love you.” I said, pressing my lips to his.

“I love you too.” whispered Chuck against my lips.

It was a few moments before either of us spoke up again.

“As much as I do love you, however, please excuse me as I release myself from the tightness that is my pants.” said Chuck, winking at me as he jumped off the bed and headed straight for the bathroom. I threw a pillow at him with laughter, content that our little bubble was still ours together.

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Batter up! Hear that call!
The time has come for one and all
To play ball.

I was just researching about baseball (since it was my favorite sport when I was a kid) and to be honest in my childhood life, I never thought that women played too! They’re call the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League and there’s even a movie about the women’s baseball team Rockford Peaches called “A League of Their Own” featuring Tom Hanks in it.

But what caught me to draw @quoth143‘s Bobbie was the uniform (don’t call me a perv) and they were beautifully worn by the players.

Oh, as a bonus:

010 Bonfire Heart

Notes: This came in as a request a couple of days ago - do keep sending them in. There is some unfavourable language in this one so do keep that in mind. I know all my one shots always end up happy in the end but I need to write more cute ones! Send me ideas! Also, a quick note more generally - none of these one shots are in chronological order; the characters are the same, the story is the same story ultimately and it will all link together - I try to make it clear in each one where they are in their lives but if you’d like the series list in order, I’d be happy to do that. Enjoy x

The first barbecue of the summer was always a big thing; the supermarkets filling with people buying the coal, the empty beer shelves, and everybody watching the weather forecast eagerly hoping that rain wouldn’t come for just one weekend, so when Anne asked you and Harry to join them with a family gathering with a couple of friends as well up in Cheshire, you both couldn’t say no. Neither of you had anything on for once and you hadn’t visited in a while so it was decided that you’d both drive from London in the late morning, arriving for mid afternoon on Saturday.

Harry hadn’t seen a few his childhood friends for almost a year now so you decided you’d give him some space to sit and chat with them on the grass in the garden for the afternoon, after all he’d be all yours later but when most of them had left for the evening, returning back to their own family get togethers, and it was just Harry, his best mate from school, and one of his female best friends who he’d known since nursery, you started to get a bit antsy. You weren’t a jealous girlfriend; your relationship wouldn’t have survived almost three years if you were, given all the attention and temptation he gets. But you’d hadn’t spoken to him all afternoon, instead spending it sat at the table with Gemma and a couple of her friends, and you thought Harry would at least have acknowledged you once, maybe when he was getting another drink.

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The House That Built Me

Songfic based on “The House That Built Me” by Miranda Lambert

Summary: After his dads pass away, Dillon Lester-Howell returns to his childhood home where his parents lived all his life, right before he plans to sell it.

Genre: fluffy angst, songfic

Warnings: mentioned character deaths, bad writing (as usual)

Word count: 1.6k

A/N: Some people enjoyed my first fic, “I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You” I just love songfics. normally I hate country music but this song holds a special place in my heart, reasons unknown as I’ve lived in the same house my whole life ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ This one if from Dil’s perspective I just thought that would be an interesting spin. (Also Dad=Dan and Papa=Phil) I may or may not have cried a great deal writing this. Enjoy kiddos!

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your face is a work of art ~ D.L

I was in my room my hair scraped up in a massive bun. My face scrunched up with confusion as I working out the lyrics to my next song. “Girl your the prettiest, your face is a work for art!” I lightly sang. I couldn’t figure out the next line to save my life. Derek was out. My flat mate was out.

I ended up watching movies snuggled up to the teddy my mum got me which smelled of her perfume. It always helped me get through stressful times aka me trying to write my second album.

“Y/N I’m home!!!” Derek shouted. “I’m in my room!” I said still holding onto my teddy and smelling it. “fuck I can’t cope with how cute you are!” He said breathlessly. He looked like he had just ran through my whole flat trying to find me. “This is embarrassing!” I said hiding my save behind my pillow. He has just caught me Cuddling my childhood teddy.

“Y/N! are you being serious we’ve been dating for 2 years! I mean you’ve been sick on my shoes before! Nothing is embarrassing to me at all!” He said jumping on the bed and grabbing my hands to make me jump on the bed with him.

“You know you inspire me so much! You inspire my songs!” I said wrapping my arms around his waist. “I love you!” I said as I ended up falling over. Derek landed ontop of me. His head ended up laying against my chest and all I could do was play with hair like I always did. “Look who’s adorable now!” I said with a wink

A/N I loved This so much I’m going to put this into my wattpad Derek imagines book on Omahaxgeraldsquad

For @royalbluereid

Translation: Hey, we’ll make ribs tomorrow in my house with the dudes so you can drop by

L was one of my 2 best friends ever since 7th grade. We’re now 23. She told me she’d always be there for me, even after my other friend, H, stopped being my friend. H was the greatest friend I could ever had, she was a piece of me. We were 1 person in 2 bodies. I was depressed, and L was there for me. I knew I’d be alright because I had her.

She was getting married, and she never told me anything about it being cancelled. When I asked, she ignored the question. I went to San Diego for 4 days to visit my then fiance, who is now my husband. I told her I wasn’t in town, and after that she never messaged me again. She deleted me from everything. I was devastated and heartbroken. I was alone.

A while had passed, and since her ex-fiance is my childhood friend and my roommate’s friend, he comes over to visit us often. One thing led to another and he ended up telling us how L demanded him to remove me from social media because, according to her, I was stalking him and was obsessed with him. That caught me off-guard because he rarely got on Facebook and I didn’t even have his phone number saved. Now that L has a new boyfriend, who was also a good friend of mine, I noticed he had deleted me from Facebook as well.

I guess she wasn’t that much of a good friend as I thought she was, and I’ll never really know why she did what she did. It pains me and I find myself thinking about her from time to time, but oh well.