my childhood dreams were just realized


Clexa Week 2017 - Day 6 - Friends to Lovers.

Childhood Sweethearts Au

Drabble by @danagrint

“Do you remember that time when we were 7 years old and you wrote that card saying "you are my sun my moon and all my stars”? If I had to choose the point where it starts, I’d say it was then. But it took me years to realize. It’s not as bad as it sounds. You were my best friend, do you remember that time when we decided to wear matching weird socks for a month? I still don’t know what we were thinking, but I’m glad for all the crazy things I did with you, and for you. I’m glad that I don’t have to tell you about everything I went through, because you were there living it with me. Then college came and it was weird, because for the first time I realized that maybe our best friends forever bubble was just a childhood fantasy. New people, new places, new dreams. I still remember the afternoon when things changed. Raven was driving, Octavia was there too. And you were looking out of the window, and in this moment, I wanted to kiss you. I looked at you and I felt that pull, I wanted to feel your lips, I just… I tried to stay away. I thought I was crazy, or lonely, or it was just something about your new glasses that made you more attractive. I don’t know. I was afraid of what I felt or might feel close to you. What I could end up doing. I didn’t want to mess up what we had. I started dreaming with things I never thought I’d want to do with you. I’ve known you all my life, but I realized that there was still much to learn about you. Rediscover our memories, your body and all the little spots on your skin. And then you kissed me. You kissed me, Lexa, and you became my sun, my moon and all my stars.“

Creepypasta #1018: A Warning About Pokémon Go

Length: Long

If you haven’t already jumped on the Pokémon Go hype train, consider yourself lucky. For the millions of us who did, listen carefully; this game is more dangerous than you think. For those of you who don’t know what it is, it’s this GPS based game on your phone where you walk around in real life locating these cute little monsters to catch them with a capsule. Sounds innocent enough right?

Now, when it first came out, I like many others, was absolutely thrilled to stand outside my lawn for hours catching Pidgeys and Rattatas. It seemed I was finally living out my childhood dream even if I was just catching these stupid ass purple rats. 

My house is located in a small suburban neighborhood pretty far from town. But there were several lakes and woods nearby that made the area quite beautiful. It was really fun to walk through the trails catching Pokémon however there weren’t much around here except for the really common ones my friends already had.

I realized there was even more to this game when I discovered gym battles and Pokéstops. This got me biking all over town trying to visit them and collect all the different types of Pokémon I could find. When I finally hit level 5, I joined team Instinct, excited to finally start battling.

This went on for a couple of days. My parents were thrilled that I was spending so much time outside instead of locked up in my room playing video games. Guess I was still playing, but as long as I was outside my parents didn’t care.

About a week after I had downloaded the app, I was up late playing Overwatch when I noticed there was a new Pokémon on my nearby list. “Sweet, a Koffing,” I thought, I didn’t have one of those yet. It was almost 2 am but I figured I’ll just be outside for a little bit, I won’t go far. I mean, I gotta catch ‘em all right?

We’d just finished a round on Hanamura so I told my friends I’d be right back. When I got outside, I realized the street was pretty well-lit thanks to the multiple streetlights placed throughout the neighborhood. It was comforting.

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olympics inspired plots: 

  • i’m a low tier athlete and you’re a high tier one but we were next to each other during the parade of nations and everyone watching on tv saw you wink at me
  • we live next to each other in the olympic village and the walls are thin please keep yourself under control
  • i’m a tourist and i didn’t realize you were an olympian until the morning after I slept with you and woke up in the olympic village
  • we’re rivals in our sport and we’re both going for gold but I just can’t seem to hate you
  • we’re childhood friends and now we’re both living our dreams as olympians
  • i did really bad in my event and you found me moping 
  • i saw you in the olympics four years ago and now i’m competing against my idol
  • after i won gold i fell off the podium and you’re the one that caught me

yeah i have olympics fever please give me these


And now it is time for the man that I’ve been waiting to write for bc this is such a head canon for me, our leader, Kim Namjoon aka Rap Monster and I also want to say a hu g e thank you for 1,300 followers!!

  • He would be a big city kid
  • HE IS FROM LA when I think of Namjoon LA comes to mind bc he just screams LA to me
  • He would be in college, becoming a music major but also dabbling in fashion
  • His family moved to America when he was 8 and he was quick to learn English bc smart
  • Okay so I love it when Namjoon talks in English bc his voice is just so nice to me like he doesn’t really have a Korean accent when he speaks but then on certain words it comes out just a lil bit and it’s the cutest thing ever I lo v e
  • He would be the kid that knew where everything was
  • Like if you needed a Thai restaurant, he’s got you, if you needed a bookstore, he can give you directions, if you wanna know where you can buy old records HE HAS GOT THAT IN THE BAG
  • You two would meet in one of your classes and you would just instantly click
  • He would always tell you stories of Ilsan (and how he’d one day take you there) and his childhood there, what it was like, if he missed it, what his favorite places to go were
  • He would mainly go by joon or even just Namjoon bc most people could say it pretty easily
  • He would for sure without a doubt teach you Korean like just in small ways, like whenever he wanted something he’d say it in Korean and after a few times of him saying it you realized he was asking for a hug
  • American!Namjoon is my dream I need it I love it I want it
Steel beams and grand schemes

Hopefully it goes without saying that ahead will be some spoilers from the most recent chapter; read at your own risk.

(Disclaimer: All below is based on my relative understanding and I’m not going to claim to have memorized every part of the manga.)

So as I’m sure most of you know, we had quite a few big reveals this weekend. One of the biggest being that Furuta is basically everything we could have hoped and dreamed (literally). I was just thinking about the chapter while taking the bus home and realized something. Furuta and Rize knew each other. 

They appear to be childhood friends, but at the very least friendly acquaintances. They were both presumably created and raised by V. Together. That adds a greater depth of darkness to the fact that Furuta was responsible for the end of Rize’s life as she knew it. He dropped steel beams on his childhood friend.

Then that got me thinking. Furuta dropped steel beams on Rize? Well those things are pretty heavy, not to mention huge, and there were several dropped at once. Does this give traction to the idea that Furuta is a ghoul? With their outrageous strength it would be a lot more plausible that he dropped those huge metal objects. But it’s also possible he had help. It’s also possible that they had set up some sort of rig that they could trigger once Rize was in an ideal location.

But that would require some careful planning. They had to know that Rize would be at that place and in that exact position. It would be logical for them to have studied her hunting habits and find a likely spot for her to attack her next victim. It’s unlikely that anyone had enough influence over Rize to convince her to do anything, much less adjust her hunting habits to position her according to their plan. It’s been pretty clear that she does what she wants.

This must have been a carefully thought-out plan by whichever group of people was responsible. More than likely this was Furuta - and whoever may or may not have assisted him - hunting humans for Kanou’s experimentation. But knowing Furuta’s influences, any number of organizations could have known about the plot.

So something keeps cycling through my thoughts. Hide discouraged Kaneki from going on that date. Lighthearted as it was, Hide had tried to steer Kaneki away from the idea in a realistic way. 

Now, granted, Hide had always been intuitive. Nishiki confirms quite conveniently that Hide may have realized his intentions and tried to repel Kaneki from coming with them. That may have also been the case for Rize.

 It’s entirely possible that Hide had a bad feeling in his stomach about the idea. But what if it isn’t that simple? What if Hide knew exactly what would happen when Ken went on that date? Wouldn’t that explain why he took the ghoulification situation so well in the end? He knew Kaneki would be a ghoul before Kaneki did.

Now, I have been skeptical in the past. I’ve never bought into the theory that Hide was a Washu, and I’ve doubted that he was affiliated with V. I’ve resisted all manner of affiliations that the fandom has theorized him having. But this made me reconsider. What really do we know about Hide’s past? Dead or alive, was he ever affiliated with the organization that ruined his best friend’s life?

The Book (Dan)

All day you couldn’t get over how it had already been seven years. A little under a third of your life had been spent with Dan. In celebration, he had made dinner reservations for the two of you. He didn’t say where, only that the reservation was for 7pm.

“I’m home!” you announced as you placed your things on the dining table. You looked at the time and realized it was almost 6pm. You didn’t have much time to get ready, especially if the restaurant wasn’t close by.

Dan walked into the room and kissed you before asking how your day was. After having a small rant about people not answering their emails, he took your hand.

“Come into the lounge for a second,” he requested as he began to lead you into the room.

“I have to get ready for dinner,” you protested, although you kept following him.

“Just real quick. I have something for you.”

“I thought we agreed on no gifts…” You eyed him suspiciously as you gingerly sat down on the edge of the sofa.

“When have I ever listened to that?” he asked rhetorically as he handed you a small wrapped object.

Your eyebrows knitted together in confusion as you unwrapped it. It was a book. The cover read “26 reasons” in a minimalist white font on a contrasting black background. You turned the book over to see what it was about and realized that the title was the only text on the outside.

“What is this?” you inquired, still confused.

“Read it,” Dan stated simply as he sat down next to you.

“Wait, right now?” Just by looking at it, you figured that the book was probably around 150 pages.

Dan nodded.

“What about dinner?” you asked.

“This shouldn’t take long.”

As you curled your legs underneath of yourself to get more comfortable, you opened the book. But before you could begin, there were a few sentences right after the title page.

People sometimes ask me what the secret to our relationship is, and how we’ve stayed together for so long without any of the usual relationship drama. So, here are twenty-six things that have happened over the last seven years that I believe are the reason for that. -Dan

Next to that was a picture of the two of you from at least six years ago.

“You made this?” you asked as you looked over at him.

He nodded.

You turned the page to see a giant letter “A” with some black text on the page beside it.


Confession: I love domestic discussions. Should we buy new plates? Whose family are we visiting for the holiday? What should we have for dinner? I don’t know why, but I love them.

As a result, I loved it when we were searching for an apartment. Should we have a guest bedroom? Is this kitchen big enough? Is this too far away from work? Sure, it was a little stressful at times (especially when apartments were being rented out faster than we could look at them), but it was nice walking through each place and trying to imagine ourselves living there.

I also think that living together has been really great. I love having you here all of the time. We’ve also learned things about each other, like how you need to have a snack before bed and how I sometimes talk in my sleep (I had no idea I did that. I’m so sorry. That must be so annoying).

You turned the page again to now find the letter “B” and some text, but this time, the page was a darker gray, instead of white.


I’m still angry at myself for letting this happen– the time I forgot your birthday. And not just any birthday, but your 18th.

God, I still remember the look on your face when you walked up to me that day in school. At that point, I hadn’t realized what had happened. But I had asked how your weekend was, and then you said that you had your birthday dinner with your family. At first, I thought you just had it early, but then I put everything together– the tone you were using, the look on your face– I had forgotten your birthday. I remember the blood rushing from my face as I tried to justify that it was currently the 18th and your birthday was the next day, and that I hadn’t forgotten it like the idiot I am, but you shook your head as I checked the date on my phone. It was the 21st. I had missed it by two days. I felt like such a shit boyfriend.

You stopped reading for a second as you recalled Dan’s face the moment he realized he had forgotten. He had looked mortified. You knew it was an honest mistake– Dan was never all that good at remembering dates anyway.

But, you forgave me and still let me make it up to you, which I greatly appreciated because I knew you weren’t happy with me.

You were confused as the next page was back to white.


I guess this is where all of this started– the camping trip of 2008.

You immediately smiled thinking back to that trip.

We had gone with a group of about ten people and had four tents to share. Naturally, everyone had already split up into groups before we got there, leaving the two of us to share a tent. I had nothing wrong with sharing a tent with you, I just didn’t know you all that well.

We had spent the rest of the day setting up the tents, exploring a little, and then making food by the fire. I don’t even think either of us got any sleep that night, which sucked because we went hiking the next day– we just spent the entire night talking. But by the end of the trip, I guess that sleepless night was worth it because we realized how much in common we had and we had made plans to go on a date that following Saturday.


Dogs. Just dogs. I don’t think this one needs an explanation.

He was right; it didn’t.

The next page was completely black with white text.


I know I have thanked you for this already, but I just want you to know how appreciative I am of you always being there during my existential crises. And I know I joke about them a lot now by saying, “oh no, here comes another existential crisis. Time to go lay on the floor,” but you were always there when they were really bad a couple of years ago. So thank you, because without you, that would have been very difficult to overcome.

Now you understood. The colors of the pages reflected whether they were good or bad memories, or somewhere in between.

The next page was back to white.


Did you really think I’d skip on the opportunity to talk about Formula 1 and Kanye? But in all seriousness, I appreciate that you tolerate me ranting about them, even if you don’t particularly enjoy it. We’re our own people, but we’re our own people together. I hope you get what I’m trying to say.

As you continued reading, you reflected on how the two of you skipped prom to have a small holiday in Paris, how he loves having lazy days around the house, and the time you went to Reading festival.

And before you knew it, you were nearing the end.


What the hell starts with x? Xylophone? X-ray? What a stupid letter.

You laughed as you read that. But you had to agree though– what the hell was up with ‘x’?

The next page was dark gray.


I’m glad that we’ve only had one fight in the seven years that we’ve been together, but I must say it is one of my least favorite memories, if not the worst. I don’t even know what the fight was about anymore. I just know there was a lot of yelling and that it was my fault. But I’m glad that we can now have calm conversations about things that have been bothering us, or even joke about them at times.

You remembered what the fight was about.

“It was because you had been so caught up in work for so long that you started to ignore my texts and phone calls for days on end,” you pointed out.

“What was?” he asked, his attention clearly on something else at the moment.

“The fight.”

“Oh, right.”

It wasn’t pretty either– four years of petty frustrations were all let go of at the same time. Nothing was thrown, but there was a lot of shouting and crying on both sides because you both thought that the relationship was ending after four years. You remembered that in order to cool down a bit, you had left to go stay with a friend for the night. But the next morning, you went back over to Dan’s place where the two of you discussed the issue in a civil manner.

The final page was back to white.


Out of all of the places for us to go on a first date, I think the zoo was probably one of the best choices. Going to the cinema or going out to dinner are so overdone. Why would someone choose to sit in a dark quiet room while they could be feeding giraffes?

As you got closer and closer to the bottom of the page as you continued reading, you noticed that Dan was getting more and more fidgety. He was bouncing his leg up and down as well as fixing his hair every ten seconds. You decided to ignore it and continued reading.

But, the book wasn’t over. You realized there were still a few pages left. You turned the page to find only two sentences.

You probably noticed that the letter “W” was missing. But there’s a reason for that…

You turned back a couple of pages just to check. Lo and behold, “W” was missing, and you hadn’t even realized since you were too engrossed. You turned the page to see the giant letter, similar to the others. It sort of bothered you that it was out of order, but you knew that Dan probably had a very good reason for doing so. Next to the letter was some text.


When we had first started talking during that camping trip–about embarrassing childhood stories, what we feared the most, and what our dreams were, I knew you were something special, but I didn’t realize just how important you would become to me.

But as we became closer over the next couple of months, I knew that you were someone I wanted to keep in my life for a while. And that feeling didn’t change as the years wore on. I’ve fallen in love with everything you are, and never want to spend my life without you.

Will you marry me?

You read that last line over and over again just to make sure you were processing the words correctly. Once you realized you had, the shock set in. Marriage. Dan wanted to marry you. He wanted to spend the rest of his life with you. You hadn’t seen this coming at all. I mean, sure, you had been together for a long time and you had thought a lot about marrying Dan, but the two of you had never discussed it.

You looked over at him as he was getting off of the couch to kneel in front of you with a velvet box in hand.

“I love you so incredibly much. Will you–” he began, but then scrunched up his face before he violently sneezed. “–marry me?”

“Of course I’ll marry you, you goon,” you laughed.

He delicately slid the ring onto your finger before you stood up to kiss him. But before you could, you ended up stumbling backwards and pulling Dan with you as you fell back onto the sofa.

“You’re crushing me,” you muttered as he landed on top of you.

“Sorrysorrysorry. This whole thing is just a complete disaster,” he apologized as the two of you sat up.

“No, it’s not. It’s perfect,” you smiled before kissing him. You then rested your head against his arm.

After a few minutes, Dan patted you lightly on the leg. “We need to leave soon if we still want to make it to dinner in time for our reservation.”

You looked up at him. “Could we– I hate to ruin the plan– but would you mind if we just ordered a pizza or something?”

“You know I can’t say no to pizza.”

Later, while the two of you ate pizza and watched a movie, you turned to Dan and said, “You know, I’m surprised you didn’t use Comic Sans.”

“Oh, trust me. I thought about it.”

A Story In Three Parts


The first time I attempted to read The Satanic Verses, I was eleven. I found the hardcover on one of my parents’ bookshelves and took it down, thinking I was in for some kind of sword and sorcery epic. I was, at the time, deep into the Dragonlance series, as well as Mercedes Lackey’s Valdemar books. In this case, however, I got no further than the first page before I realized there were going to be no wizards or talking horses. But the first chapter–in which Gibreel Farishta and Saladin Chamcha are falling out of a plane over the English Channel–shook me in a way no other book I’d ever read had. Since childhood, I’d had an occasional recurring dream about falling. Every few months, it would happen: there was never any sound, just a gut-twisting loss of balance that would go on and on until it felt like the skin was going to pull off my bones. It wasn’t painful, exactly, but it was terrifying. I had never fallen from a great height, so how my body knew what it felt like remained a mystery. I put the Verses away, afraid it would give me nightmares.

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