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I sure do love that Stefon sketch, or as I like to call it: “How long can Bill Hader last before completely breaking down on live tv“

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another adhd lance hc based on my bro & childhood friends hunk and lance: little hunk made sure to carry snacks with him when he would hang out with lance so he could be sure lance ate something cuz adhd meds ruin your appetite

Mmmmmmmm don’t even get me STARTED on Hunk’s relationship with ADHD Lance. Lol oh wait, it’s too late.

  • Hunk is Lance’s PERSON, I cannot stress this enough. Lance and Hunk either became friends in the womb or met the first day of training at the Garrison, either way they are soulmates. (You can interpret that as either platonic or romantic, idgaf, Hunk and Lance are so. Goddamn. Important to each other.)
  • Anyway. Hunk is Lance’s rock… His leg to stand on, as it were lmaoo. Whenever the ADHD is REALLY kicking Lance’s ass, Hunk is There For Him with open arms and a beautifully loving and supportive heart and Hunk is just so good… So Good… 
    • In all seriousness, even with medication and therapy ADHD tends to mess with even the most daily routines. The Garrison seems like it was an elite and stuck-up school; Hunk helped keep Lance afloat.
  • While they were in the Garrison, Hunk arranged the study sessions between him and Lance. Lance is naturally smart, but his studying skills are abysmal; Hunk saved his goddamn life tbh.
    • Aside from Lance’s mama, Hunk is probably the only person alive who can consistently get Lance to focus. It’s because they’ve known each other for so long and they understand each other, you know? Once you do a four hour long studying session with someone right before a final, you pretty much solidify your friendship into a Ride And Die kind of relationship.
    • Lance’s memory is either like… really good, or terribly shoddy. I’m horrible with names for example, but I bet Lance remembers the face and name of every person he’s ever met (Lance voice: “Especially the laaaaaaadies ;)”)
  • That being said, memory would have been something Lance struggled with during his time in the Garrison. Can you imagine how much technical stuff they learned? I can’t even follow three-step verbal instructions… How the hell did Lance survive being immersed in flying lessons along with tech classes along with probably basic engineering and math and- Wow.
    • So yeah. Lots of studying sessions. Hunk made lots of flashcards, because that’s one of the best ways to study with ADHD imo. He also had Lance explain the concepts to him and break them down, because once you like… verbalize something, it makes it more tangible and therefore easier to understand!!
  • Hunk is the Snack King because with ADHD you never know when you’ll get the munchies… Hunk’s fanny packs are filled with both his and Lance’s favorite snacks. This’ll become ESSENTIAL once both Hunk and Lance are in space with Voltron and Lance’s meds run out…
    • Do not get in between a Lance off his meds and food, you will actually die. Only Hunk is allowed in the kitchen when Lance is ripping the cupboards apart, driven by his cravings.
  • Hunk is just… So goddamn good. I love my friends who try to help me with my ADHD, y’all are the real MVPs. Hunk patiently explains to Lance things that he misses, Hunk always helps bring Lance back down to Earth when he starts to get lost in his head, Hunk is just always… There.
    • If Lance starts hyperfocusing on something (i.e cleaning his gun, washing a dish, feeling homesick, etc.) Hunk will be the first to notice and gently get Lance to refocus. Because hyperfocusing can be super peaceful sometimes, but other times it’s awful to break out of your ‘trance’ only to realize that hours have passed by.
  • Hunk will remind Lance what he was talking about if Lance breaks mid-tangent and loses his train of thought.
  • A common situation during their time in the Garrison:
    Teacher: (finishes explaining some long and complicated thing/finishes giving directions)
    Lance: (blinks and looks at Hunk expectantly)
    Hunk: (sighs) Okay, here’s what we’re doing today…
  • Also a common exchange:
    (Hunk and Lance are getting ready in their shared dorm room)
    Hunk: Hey, did you remember to take your meds today?
  • Lance: Ohhhhhh SHIT, thanks Hunk.
  • Hunk keeps a rubix cube on his person at all times because he knows it’s Lance’s favorite thing to fidget with. Lance owns a few stim toys, like the infinite bubble wrap phone case (which I REALLY want lmao), but sometimes Lance just needs to FOCUS on something like a puzzle in order to ground himself. 
    • Hunk and Pidge work together to program this 3D holographic rubix cube that can be reset into a brand new random combination every time Lance finishes it. Lance hugs them for a solid three minutes because BEST. FRIENDS. EVER.

Hey guys! Today, news was released by Warner Bros. that they are indeed in the works of a new Scooby-Doo movie that will be featured in the theater! The new animated feature will bring back the producers from the early 2000s Scooby-Doo live-action films, Charles Roven and Richard Suckle!

Warner Bros. says the movie is set for release on September 21, 2018! It’s sadly three years away but get excited! Scooby is returning to the big screen!

Here are some links to some articles about this news!



Get the news out to all Scooby-Doo fans, guys! I’m so excited! Are you?

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I just wanted to pop in and say that I am in love with your portrayal of Daffy. You really dig deep and expand on the nuances in his character and, just by going through your headcanon tag, I am in awe. Your dialogue is on point and your prose is so wonderful and entertaining to read. You are honestly one of my favorite blogs on here, dear.

jdskdjhskdjhjkHK MAN YOU ARE AMAZING and I can’t tell you how much I love your Snow too. You’ve taken the character that I knew from the Disney movie and turned her into SO MUCH MORE. And the friendship that they’ve got going just makes me melt, it’s so great ♥

AND THANK YOU ♥ he’s been my fav since i was like 9 lmao. my mom and brother and i would always sit in front of the TV and watch The Bugs Bunny & Tweety Show before going out to the school bus, and it was like a daily ritual. It was such an awesome childhood memory! My bro’s fav was Bugs and mine was Daffy and my dad’s was Taz and my mom’s was Sylvester lmao, so I have such great memories of these characters!