my childhood alright


the end of all things // panic! at the disco

that click to see the goat man post haunts and vexes me because when I was a kid I was told stories of a child-eating Goatman who lived in the woods by my family cabin because my mom and uncles were kind of jackasses who loved messing with us kids so every time I see that damn post I’m suddenly nine again and I may not 100% believe Uncle Joe’s weird stories about the time he saw the Goatman by the neighbours’ outhouse, but at the same time there is no fucking way I’m going into the trees after dark because What If The Goatman

There are times when the entire world seems wrong. The way a science classroom without any students…seems wrong. The way a small wooden castle without its wizard seems wrong. The way a fridge without toaster waffles seems wrong. Or a loved one’s blanket fort…without the loved one

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Kermit Shinnosuke... He doesn't seem bad but it's also bad for killing my childhood but it's alright but I can never look at Kermit the same ever again but adhkjdahsdba I'M SO CONFUSED RIGHT NOW! HWELP--- ;w;

Isn’t that the point of drama CDs, to ruin your childhood? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Ok I’m not gonna deny I’m quite curious about this CD but I’m not really a fan of anything animal-related in a romantic aspect so I’m just gonna ignore everything froggy about him lmao