my chihayafuru

please watch chihayafuru:

  • it’s a sports anime with an amazing female protagonist.
  • people mistake it as a shoujo but it is actually josei.
  • the protagonist team is co-ed, yet there are absolutely no qualms that the female lead is the strongest player among them. there are even boys on the team who look up to her as a personal goal for themselves.
  • there are tons of girls in this anime, and none of them are sexualized. in fact, while playing, the teams wear just regular t-shirts or gorgeous hakama.
  • the sport they play might just possibly be the most beautiful sport in all of japan: karuta.
  • a lot of people choose not to watch this because they don’t know what karuta is. in its simplest definition, karuta is a one-on-one card game. a reader recites poetry from the ogura hyakunin isshu and the players attempt to steal their opponent’s corresponding card while protecting their own.
  • the main rival is also an amazing, badass female, who has so many layers to her character.
  • in fact, all the characters are so fleshed out and go through breathtaking character development through the series, as do the friendships.
  • there are so many emotions in this series. you’ll cry (in the first three episodes even), you’ll laugh, you’ll cheer, you’ll be on the edge of your seat. it’s like a journey.
  • there is a romantic subplot, but it takes a backseat most of the time to give more attention to the teams and the characters and the game itself.
  • the art is spectacular. the imagery is gorgeous.
  • there is so much poetry and symbolism that it’ll take your breath away.
  • you’ll fall in love with karuta. that, i can promise you.
Otaku Problems

I can’t decide whether I should:

-watch anime

-read manga

-read fanfic for anime/manga

-write fanfic for anime/manga

-look at fanart on tumblr for anime/manga

-draw fanart for anime/manga

What has my life become?

The struggle is real.




Taichihaya (Taichi x Chihaya) [1/5]

I’m in love with you, Chihaya. Chihaya i love your fingers, your always short nails, your hair, your mouth that opens so unbelievably wide, your smiling face…and i have always, always been, ever since we were little.”