my cher

You give him the love you’ve been dying to receive. You give him the words you constructed and carefully crafted your whole life for yourself just to make him feel the warm breeze of your embrace. You give him the air left inside your lungs even if you know you cannot get enough of it beneath the crowded walls to support your own life. But that’s how you know you love someone—you give them everything you’ve always been dying to have.
—  an excerpt from my upcoming book, Cher Ami

Aesthetic 120/ mood board: Fuck, fucker, Bullshit, asshole, fuck off… second to laughter, curse words are the best in situations where the rope seems too short at the beginning, middle, or at end of the day. There is beauty in the vulgarity. The words seem to carry all the anger (or whatever it is you are feeling) out of your mouth…it’s such a fucking relief sometimes