my chemical romance 2

Music Shuffle

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1.  Burn bright - My chemical romance
2. No more dream - BTS
3. Ma city - BTS
4. A daydream away - All time low
5. The quiet - Troye sivan
6. I love you - Akdong Musician
7.  Confession song - GOT7
8. Viking death march - Billy talent
9. Something good - GOT7
10. Running on fumes - Jaymes young
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2017: A Summary So Far

●As It Is released a new album
●Hobbit hair embraced
●Phil turned 30
●Protest and marches
●.“you deserve more than a :thank:you:
my frens. the ones who hold this thing up.
i brace for the fall but you keep on holding.”-Tyler Joseph.

●HDS music video
●Josh’s height debate
●TØP win grammy-no trousers
●All time low announce new album and release single ‘Dirty Laundry’
●Pastel edits irl
●'sad pimp Dan’
●Half the phandom killed with Phils dog shirt (ig:10 feb)
●Floral and Fading music video
●Stranger things season 2 trailer

i saw 3 of my favourite bands
●All time low x state champs x as it is in one picture
●Dan throwing a hat at Phil bc memes
●1-2switch video
●international womens day
●Light-hearted Lester appears
●State champs announce around the world and back deluxe/dvd
●'little red riding Phil’
●13 reasons why
●Lorde drops various singles from upcoming album ‘melodrama’

●Dan paints his nails
●Phils butterfly shirt
●Dans ripped jeans
●Phils silver hair dye
●aquarium/art science museum(?)
●Dan and Phil toxic duet (and other iconic songs)
●DanandPhilCrafts/ 666
●Pastel baking
●Paramore new album announced
●Josh diving with sharks
●Tylers new twitter layout
●Lana Del Ray x the weeknd
●Fall Out Boy M A N I A announced

add anything else there is

me to my uber driver: uhhhh i’m like in this really emo mariachi band outfit

anyway here’s a lead guitar cover for to the end by mcr 

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hellokittyswiftie  asked:

okay but listen, a teenage bratty Groot who has an emo haircut and listens to nothing but fall out boy and Peter can't tell shit to him cause Groot keeps just making fun of him and flipping him the bird and low key hates the world CAUSE NO ONE UNDERSTANDS THAT ISNT A PHASE

Fingers crossed Welcome to the Black Parade made it onto Peter’s Zune