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Today, March 22nd 2017, marks 4 years since My Chemical Romance joined the Black Parade on March 22nd 2013, after 12 glorious years of bandom and adventure. In honor of this anniversary, tagurself presents a My Chemical Romance themed ‘tag yourself’. Killjoys, enjoy.

Mama (3D Vocals)
My Chemical Romance


As requested by fatima-luna-howlter

Mama, originally performed
by My Chemical Romance.

(ik tht you requested for a plain vocal edit but idk I felt like doing a 3D edit sorry :P) Cut me some slack because there are flaws here and there <3

We’re All Gonna Die (Prinxiety)

I seem to get a lot of my inspiration from listening to songs on repeat for hours on end… Also, this title might make this fic look angsty, but it’s not, I promise.

Anyways, the lyrics used in this are from the song “Mama” by My Chemical Romance. 

 "Do you ever wonder when you’re going to die?“ Anxiety asked, suddenly looking up from his phone, making Logic stop in his tracks and Prince glare at him for interrupting his movie.

"If i’m correct, All of us will die when Thomas does.” Logic said simply and continued walking away, leaving the other two in the commons area.
“And when will that be?” Anxiety asked to no one in particular and Prince scoffed.
“Can’t you save your weird questions for yourself? I’m trying to watch Mary Poppins!”
“You’ve seen this movie a million times, Princey.”

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