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so today my dad was telling us about his high school days and how he was this cool popular dude and how he would make everyone laugh and how everyone wanted to talk to him and how he got invited to all the good parties and told us cool stories. what cool stories am i going to tell my kids i legit have none i cant just say “hey when i was your age i would spend my time crying over tv shows and screaming whenever two grown ass men looked at each other and reading about said men falling in love in every way possible while listening to mcr” what kind of parent would that make me

It’s Gerard Way’s 41st birthday today. I keep seeing these posts like “wow…he’s getting so old….”

And I’m like….man. I’m proud of him for being 41. Because he could have been dead at 27. In his twenties, he was depressed, suicidal, and struggling with addiction. But, he made it past all that. He got sober. He got treatment for his mental illness. He made it to 30, and then 40, and he’s still going. And to me, that’s inspiring.

And it’s not like his career ended when My Chemical Romance broke up, either. I hate when people treat him like some has-been. He’s composing his second solo album right now. His first graphic novel is being adapted into a television series. He’s writing multiple new series for DC Comics (have y’all been reading them? They’re so good). He has a beautiful wife and daughter. He’s thriving.

Happy Birthday, Gerard. Keep it up. You’re doing amazing.

Beginners guide to the emo trinity:

Panic! at the disco: *blatantly gay songs about sex with a love for frank sinatra with bitterness towards ryan ross*

Fall out boy: i would analyze these lyrics but tbh i cant tell what hes saying through 4/7 of the albums

My chemical romance: *so emo they fell apart*