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I think it’s interesting how the Killjoys have become so much friendlier over the years–not just in fandom, but in canon itself. Not that I’m complaining–I definitely prefer reading and writing about the friendly versions–but sometimes I forget how violent and creepy they used to be. In the “Na Na Na” video, the Fab Four shoot and blow up Dracs without batting an eye, but in the comics Cherri claims that they hated killing. NewsAGoGo’s Twitter was full of chilling, post-apocalyptic messages. Tommy, who was just a general sleazy car salesman type in the comics, posted bizarre, creepy ramblings. Cherri straight-up went from a brutal, bloodthirsty Drac killer to a normal, friendly guy who knew the Fab Four. The Twitter accounts made the Zones seem like a violent, horrifying place, while in the comics, everyone basically just screwed around all day (I know Val was violent, but he just seemed like an asshole with  lot of free time, lol.) I’m not sure why, but the wild world of Killjoys was really tamed in the comics.