my cheeks is so hot

Keith: Shut up and drink your hot cocoa, Lance.*blows on his own cocoa”

It has finally snowed! We haven’t had snow like this in a while. As a Hispanic myself it is torturous to stand in, it’s waaay too cold! but nice to look at.

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79~ 80 ~81 <3

79) Talk about an embarrassing moment?

One time a crush had basically asked me out over text message? And so I wrote up paragraphs freaking out about it and gushing about them and what just happened to send to my BFF. Like, embarrassing gushing about him…and I accidentally sent it to him instead of her…. ミ(゜д゜○)The second I saw what I had done I fell on the ground and wanted to smash my phone. I thought I was going to faint omfg and my cheeks were so hot!

Of course he was just like—hahahaha you’re so unbelievably cute—but I wanted to D I E E E E E EE

80) Are there any causes you strongly believe in?

Too many to go into haha I’ll never shut up.

81) What’s the worst injury you’ve ever had?

Broken ribs. Or broken tailbone. Idk which I hated more but it really sucked to be in pain every time I sat lolol


You didn’t bother looking where your hand was going, you figured you would feel the pop corn and just grab it. Your hand was reaching out carefully while you were still watching the movie, and landed somewhere hard, and thick I might say. You were confused, your hand never leaving the place, and you turned your head to a giggling Clint. You followed his gaze and widened your eyes as soon as you saw it was on his crotch. “Oh my God, I’m so sorry!” You gasped, feeling your cheeks get hot. “It’s okay. I didn’t mind.” He said still laughing, making you blush even more. You turned around again to see if the others saw that, but they were too focused on the TV.



it’s all cold. everything I touch is cold - the world, my skin. all the things inside of me are cold.

sometimes I wonder if it’s because of the burn marks across my skin, painted on my ribs and my cheeks - like the fire that burned me was so hot that I’m now numb to everything else. everything is cold in comparison.


Jonathan Toews receives his Order of Manitoba, August 2015 (x)

for @starafar, who also kindly provided me with the video!

Catching up with the Fandom

So for a long time, I’ve never made it past the 5th season of Supernatural. Since I have a few days off and the next two weeks are going to be consumed by a very big to-do at work and moving to a new apartment, I decided to take this one day to chillax, and catch up with the rest of the fandom.

And I have discovered something.

Sassy Crowley is one of my favorite things about this show.

I mean I love the rest of the boys…

And it makes me giggle so hard that Cass is pretty well the ultimate straight man to everyone else’s comedic chicanery (at least as far as I’ve made it. I’m not quite caught up yet XP)

But Crowley’s snarky humor…

That sassy wit…

The snide/affectionate nicknames…

That love me, hate me cheek…

Makes him a very enjoyable character to watch.

It doesn’t hurt that his voice is sexy as hell, too ^///^