my cheebs

🍂 🍁  Mayor Heidi of Lamb 

🌻 Braided Wig
🌻 Mush Sweater by @mayor-mami
🌻 Bloomers
🌻 Shearling Boots

🍄 Powerful witch, but too lazy to do anything with it
🍄 Likes to wander through the woods
🍄 Falls asleep in random places
🍄 Way too enthusiastic about brewing potions
🍄 Refuses to wear pants

anonymous asked:

Beka what cute nicknames do you give to Yura? Vise versa!

If you are actually curious though, he does call me doll and tiger~ Which can confuse many people~” 

“Shuddup !”

And I call him Bear~ Or mr.Bear~ Do you have any ideas how many bear plushies he has?



Zora cheebs speedpaint is here! \ o /