my champion is fire

Avengers' Meeting
  • Steve: Wade, you're ten minutes late.
  • Wade: 'We are the Champions' came on as I was parking, and you can't just turn off Queen; what do you take me for, an animal?
Something I noticed in Goblet of Fire

When Harry is talking to Sirius in the fire, Sirius says ‘people have died in these tournaments’. But then in Cursed Child Scorpius says that the Triwizard Tournament was stopped because Cedric died. Surely, if people had died before, that’s when it should have stopped?? And if it had been for the reason of Lord Voldemort returning and that’s why Cedric’s death finished the games, after Voldemort had been defeated in the Battle of Hogwarts, why did the tournament not start up again??

My Past Will Not Be Our Future

A small Shance fic based off of this post-
@halloweeninmay enjoy my dude ;3
“You got my back, love?” The knight called over his shoulder, his partner grinning as he knocked another arrow and let it fly, piercing the head of another rogue trying to catch them. “As always, hero!” The blue eyed man chirped happily, the knight whirling to cut down another enemy.
The knight smiled. “Good, I can always count on you, my sharpshooter.” Tan skin heated up red at the praise, slim fingers picking up another arrow and shooting it at the enemy before they had a chance to fire again. “Same goes to you, my Champion.”
No. No no no no! Don’t you dare leave me!” A voice screamed, blue eyes overflowing with tears as he sobbed over the shattered breastplate, a large, warm hand brushing away the tears soothingly. A broken bow and a bloodstained sword lay cast aside a few feet away, a blood trail revealing the path they’d traveled to get away from the mass of bodies they’d left in their wake.
The knight smiled weakly at his heartbroken lover, blood spilling from his lips and the hole through his body where he’d been fatally stabbed by a lucky bandit. “Don’t despair, my love. We’ll meet again. Maybe not in this world, but maybe the next. I promise you that. Goodbye, until we love again…” His hand dropped from the tear stained skin he’d adored so much, the last breath rattling out as he went limp and unmoving.
“No! Please, please, wake up, I can’t stand being alone! You know this! Please, don’t- don’t leave me…” The still living man cradled his dearly beloved, sobbing. “I’ll find you. I swear.I will find you! And I won’t let you go again, I’ll protect you next time, no matter what. And I promise, I will not fail you again.”
Lance woke up with a sharp gasp, tears spilling down his cheeks as he tried to figure out where he was. “Lance?” A sleepy voice, rising to wakefulness quickly in a rising panic, had him blinking even more tears from his vision and he made a choked noise, a sob. “Lance! What’s wrong? Talk to me baby, are you okay?” Gentle hands, human fingers brushing tears away from his cheeks in a terribly familiar way. Lance managed to sit up, crying still as he stared into familiar, concerned silver eyes.
“Sh-Shiro?” He whimpered, his hand coming up to grab the one cradling his cheek. “I’m here, love. What’s wrong?” The Black Paladin asked softly, worried about why Lance looked so upset. Sniffling, Lance leaned forward and wrapped his arms around his boyfriend, sobbing quietly into his bare neck. Shiro shushed the Blue Paladin lightly, arms wrapping around the thinner man in a gesture of comfort.
“Did you have a nightmare?” Shiro asked gently, Lance hiccuping and nodding against Shiro’s shoulder. “It’s okay. I’m here, you’re okay.” The older man soothed, cradling his lover until he’d drifted back off to sleep, still clinging to his hero.

The Beatles are not only “Let it be”

The Who are not only “My generation”

The Beach Boys are not only “Don’t worry baby”

The Doors are not only “Light my fire”

Queen are not only “We are the champions”

The Hollies are not only “Long cool woman in a black dress”

The Byrds are not only “Turn turn turn”

Led Zeppelin are not only “stairway to heaven”

Pink Floyd are not only “Another brick in the wall”

Give these groups a chance and I promise you, one of them will become your favourite group


And when Celaena asked, the room falling deathly silent again, if Maeve herself had ever mated, Emrys told her no—though she had come close, at the dawn of time. A warrior, rumor claimed, had stolen her heart with his clever mind and pure soul. But he had died in some long-ago war and lost the ring he’d intended for her, and since then, Maeve had cherished her warriors above all others. They loved her for it—made her a mighty queen whom no one dared challenge. Celaena expected Rowan to puff his feathers at that, but he remained still and quiet on his perch. [insp x]

VUUR, the new band featuring renowned Dutch vocalist Anneke Van Giersbergen, will release its debut album, “In This Moment We Are Free – Cities”, on October 20 via InsideOut Music. The disc was produced by Joost Van Den Broek, who was also involved in the writing process. Others co-writing partners are Mark Holcomb (PERIPHERY), Esa Holopainen (AMORPHIS), Daniel Cardoso (ANATHEMA), and both of VUUR’s guitar players wrote a song as well.

An album preview, including snippets of all songs, is available below.

The album will be available on special edition CD digipak, gatefold 2LP + CD (including etching on side D) and digital download.

Regarding “In This Moment We Are Free – Cities”, Anneke says: “The cover is designed by Black & Finch, with whom I’ve previously worked on the ‘Verloren Verleden’ release.

"The lyrical themes of this album revolve around cities and freedom. Exposure to big cities can be overwhelming and you can feel engulfed by everything around you. At the same time it’s easy to be a stranger in a big city and for me that brings out a feeling of freedom as well. This past year I’ve thought a lot about the virtues of rural versus urban life, since me and my family are moving back to the city. It’s very exciting, but at the same time I know that sense of urban solitude from past experiences. The cover artwork represents this duality.”

“In This Moment We Are Free – Cities” track listing:

01. My Champion - Berlin
02. Time - Rotterdam
03. The Martyr And The Saint - Beirut
04. The Fire - San Francisco
05. Freedom - Rio
06. Days Go By - London
07. Sail Away - Santiago
08. Valley Of Diamonds - Mexico City
09. Your Glorious Light Will Shine - Helsinki
10. Save Me - Istanbul
11. Reunite! - Paris

Unpopular Opinion

I honestly don’t like either Corrin in the fates universe because of how unbelievably naive and unrelatable they are but in FE:H they become a lot more likeable.

(I think it’s because their personalities are more fit for the “supportive, loving best friend” than the protagonist and in FE:H that’s kind of the role they take on.)