my champ :3


Made this bunch of cuties for school. Had to make some stickers so decided to make some of my fave champs in chibis.*3*

  I very rarely draw in this style so it was a good practice, also helped me to color faster than normal. Not usually happy with the stuff i make for school but this ones were so fun to do and really liked the result <D

Have to make even more but for now, the league ones are done. 

thank you for all the prompts last night! I’m saving the bulk of them to use as flow-starters over the weekend when I get stuck again. Still trying to break through this rut and back into a decent pattern, so I really can’t explain how much I appreciate all your help. <3 (spoiler: it’s a Lot)

if you have a prompt for a three-sentence little thing, feel free to send it along! I’ll add it to the group and pull from them later on :) thanks so much!!


As long as this world is plagued by demons, my hunt will continue.

                                                                                               - Valla