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Littlefinger was not trying to get under Jon’s skin, he was trying to do the opposite

I think few people misunderstood this scene. 

“I delivered his bones myself”

He wants Jon to know what a great deed he did. Ned Stark rests in his family crypt because of him.

“Do give Lord Tyrion my best when you see him.”

He wants Jon to know that he is cool with a man Jon trusts and considers a good man. LF wants Jon to know it was through him Tyrion sent the bones of his father. 

“I was sorry when he died.”

He is not mocking Jon. He is trying to let Jon know that he shared his pain. 

“Your father and I had our differences, but he loved Cat very much. So did I.”

Telling Jon his daddy and him had something precious they both loved, it linked them in a way, put them on the same side. 

“She wasn’t fond of you, was she? Well it appears she vastly underestimated you. Your father and brothers are gone, yet here you stand, king in the north. Last best hope against the coming storm.”

Again he is not using a condescending tone. He is trying to praise Jon. Get on his good side. He is sucking up to him.

“If it weren’t for me you would’ve been slaughtered on that battlefield.”

Reminding Jon how he owes him for saving his life, how he should thank him. 

“You have many enemies my king, but I swear to you I am not one of them”

Promising Jon he is on his side, kissing his ass like no one has ever done before. 


I love Sansa as I loved her mother.

This! This is why he was kissing Jon’s ass this whole time, reminding him how, and for what Jon should feel indebted to him for so when he asks for Sansa, Jon would give her to him. He is the king, if Jon ordered Sansa to marry Littlefinger, she couldn’t say no. 

Many people complained Littlefinger is dumb for doing this. I think the show Littlefinger is obviously no where as cunning, or intelligent as the book Littlefinger but this scene was not out of character for him. This is how he always does business. First he politely reminds the person what he has done for them or what he can do, then he humbly asks for what he wants in return. And right now he wants Sansa, he wants her for personal reasons and needs her for business. There is no way in hell Littlefinger can ever become a king on his own. He will need a powerful queen to become king, and he has bet all his money on Sansa. He has no other choice but to stick with Sansa.

Voltron: Legendary Defender, Season 3

- I’m really really gay for the lady generals
> is the cat the same one as Haggar’s? Did she give it to them?
> ❤️ Ezor ❤️

- I’m really really gay for the character development, especially for Lance, Keith, and Allura
> I’m really happy that they touched on Lance’s insecurities more instead of just leaving it in season 2
> I loved Allura bonding with Blue and pretty much every interaction of hers with Lance was really sweet
> keith is learning how to be a leader. I feel like a lot of the fandom (myself included) were expecting way too much, a lot of the leadership skills he’s developing TAKE TIME to develop, he’s not going to be Shiro 2.0 overnight
> I thought that the paladins getting closer and sort of bonding with each other was cool! The light hearted teasing and the increased trust and respect

- why so many food jokes why

- I loved the paladins and Haggar’s backstory oh my god
> Is Haggar Lotor’s mother? He doesn’t seem very familiar or attached to her, and while he obviously isn’t close to Zarkon, he still called him ‘father’
> back to the cat, if she is his mom maybe she gave it to him and he gave it to Narti (sp?)
> Since Haggar and Zarkon apparently forgot about their history, is their relationship going to change now that they remember?

- I liked shiro’s undercut better
> also how did his hair grow so long in what seemed like a short amount of time? Am I wrong about how long he was gone, idk I might have missed something

> I really loved the juxtaposition of enslaving people through war and enslaving them through science
> also Sven

That’s all my brain is really fixating on for now but I’ll probably continue this!