my cat's birthday

Happy Birthday Kuroo!!

Shouri (x
I ended up being late.
Here’s an update at 11:17pm. 
Yesterday was Kuroo Tetsurou’s birthday!!
Thanks to him, a brand new road opened up for me.
Someday I want to stand together with him again on-stage.  
I’m praying that we’ll get the Battle at the Trash Heap!!

#I’ll buy some mackerel pike for him
#What he and I have in common is blood*

Translated by @nimbus-cloud

*As in, the same word for ‘blood’ that’s used in the Nekoma chant.  

Three minutes after he posted this status, Takato replied to it saying, “Congratulations, Kuro.” 


supercat appreciation post:

exerpt from conversations, by @fictorium

carter has a few thoughts about kara, cat is in denial. (ao3)


  • Albus: Teddy, pretend to be my mom to Scorpius's mom.
  • Teddy: [picks up the phone] Hello? This is...Mum Potter. The children are playing swords. Sorry. Playing with swords. Oh no. They are dead. Do not call again. [hangs up]
  • Scorpius and Albus: ...
  • Teddy: Sorry, I panicked.

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