my cat should have learned by now that whenever he sleeps on my bed

Which Witch

Summary: Dan and Phil are neighbors, witches, and enemies. Their feud leads to Dan cursing Phil, only for Phil to curse him right back. 

Genre: smut

Word Count: 4.9k

(i had this in my drafts in google docs with everything except the smut scene written and i’d completely forgot about it so!!! enjoy my dudes)

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request: “Hi. Could I ask for 14, 15 & 16 with Draco x reader. Also I love your writing. It’s so amazing and well done. Thank you xoxo” — by anon

a/n: thank you 💓 hope you like this as much i liked writing it hehe

14. “Who in the right mind would trust me?”
15. “This is the part where I tell you to mind your damn business.”
16. “Wow. True love sucks.”

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    Late night sneaking out has been your thing ever since your second year at Hogwarts. You didn’t particularly know why you loved doing it, you just knew that the thrill of running around the castle with Filch and Mrs Norris hot on your trail gave you such a rush. That’s why whenever it was the last day of the week, you would take it as a job to go out of your common room at midnight to go to the Astronomy tower or maybe even the Black Lake if you were feeling up to it.

    Though it was no question that ever since Umbridge became Headmistress of Hogwarts, it weren’t only two people (or cat, for Mrs Norris’ case) that were your concerns, it also happened to be the Inquisitorial Squad who also roamed around the corridors even when everybody was fast asleep, making your habit hard to do.

    “Where do you think you’re going?” the usual drawling voice called from beside you just as you stepped outside your house’s common room, Draco Malfoy leaning casually on the wall. “Sneaking out again, Y/L/N?” he smirked.

     You gladly returned the gesture.

    “Malfoy, what a surprise. Shouldn’t you be sleeping right now?” you asked innocently, unfazed by the fact that he was a Prefect and a member of the Inquisitorial Squad.

    He chuckled. “I should be asking you the same thing.”

   "Well, I’m sad for you because you ain’t getting an answer.“ you winked.

    Draco straightened his posture and walked towards you, pulling you towards him so that you stood closer to his body. "I miss you, you know.”
    You rolled your eyes at him, your boyfriend for over a year now, while he grinned. “It’s that pink toad’s fault we can’t see each other properly — and let me remind you that you’re working with her now.”

    He kissed your forehead. “I’m only doing that to get on her good side, of course.” he gently let go of you in case his colleagues would see, since you and Draco weren’t even supposed to be within arm’s reach because of the dumb rule Umbridge gave Hogwarts. “Which brings me to my previous question, are you sneaking out again?”

    Draco, of course, knew about your late night adventures that at some point, he even joined you despite not being really keen on breaking some rules. He knew that if his father somehow found out that he wasn’t doing well in school, Lucius would be disappointed and probably pressure him even more.

    But when he was with you, he didn’t care. He was happy and you were the exact reason behind it.

    “Maybe.” you shrugged. “Not going to stop me, are you?”

    “Frankly, I am.”

    You raised your eyebrows at him. “I see that you’re finally learning to betray me, Draco.”

    He chuckled. “Don’t be dramatic, I’m doing it for your own good. I know what Umbridge does to those students who get caught and if you get caught, I wouldn’t be able to stop her.”

    “But I won’t get caught.” you insisted. “Besides, don’t you trust me?” you took a step closer and held both of his hands.

    Draco cocked an eyebrow. “Are you seriously asking me that question?”

    You broke off into a grin, aware that Draco was well educated on how you were so mischievous and daring. “Yeah, you’re right, I wouldn’t trust me either. Who in the right mind would trust me?

    “No one.” he played along and the both of you quietly chuckle. “Okay, can you now please go back to bed?”

    “Draco, I’m going to the Astronomy Tower.”

    “You’re not. This is the part where you go back your common room and sleep.”

    “No, this is the part where I tell you to mind your damn business.” you bluntly replied.

    He sighed. “You do realize that you are included in my business and that I have the right to command you to go back now both as a Prefect and a boyfriend, right?”

    You snorted. “Hate to break it to you but you’re not my mum so —”

    “Y/N, please.” he cut you off. “I’m really trying hard here.”

    “Fine, if you don’t want me to sneak off alone, come with me instead.”

    Draco looked at you as if you were joking, apparently realizing soon after that you weren’t because of your determined expression.

    “You’re serious?” asked Draco.

    You looked around you as if to catch anyone looking, “Yes, Malfoy. Let’s runaway together.”

    He still had a hard time processing your proposal in his head. “Y/N, I love you but —”

    “Wow. True love sucks.” you didn’t let him finish his statement. “That’s literally all I’m going to say if you say you love me but you can’t risk getting caught.”

    “Y/N …”

    You sighed, dropping his hands and wrapping your arms around his torso instead. “Come on, love. Just this one night. I promise you won’t regret it tomorrow.”

    Draco thought about it for a few more seconds, in the same time enjoying your embrace. Finally, with a grit of his teeth, he slowly nodded which brought a big smile to your face.

    “Yes!” you kissed his cheek. “Now, come on, before someone else catches on. We’ve been on that spot for ages …”

    And as you drag him along, he couldn’t help but think that you were really his perfect match. You balanced him out, let him do something that was completely out of his comfort zone. He didn’t actually want to admit it to others but he was also starting to change his views and perspective in certain topics because of you. You kept him sane and for that, he didn’t know how to be thankful enough.

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Love this blog, really makes my day that you try to stay away from the cliches that often get caught in the fandom over the years x: How about SHINee as cats :D

i’m so glad that these make your day, love! yeah i’m hoping that i’m veering away from archetypes but still staying true to the boys ^^ i actually have not spent much time with cats so i don’t think i could fully capture their quirkiness so i tweaked it a little so that shinee finds a kitten! 


  • shows up at the dorm with a lump under his sweatershirt and an “ok don’t be mad” 
  • before the hyungs could say anything a kitten springs from his arms and effectively scares the shit out of all of them (jong would like it to be known that his yell was very manly and he did not scream bc he thought that part of taemin fell off him) 
  • “i named him neko” / shinee: …… you named him cat / taemin: in japanese / minho: taemin he’s cat the cat you can’t DO that 
  • also lugged home a big bag of dried food which he pulls out from his sweater along with two bowls (srsly some mary poppins shit is going on with him and that giant orange hoodie), and calls over neko for food 
  • cuddles with his kitten “we’ve bonded he’s mine now” 


  • the most covered in cat hair even though he spends the least amount of time around neko 
  • the kitty insists on sleeping on his bed EVERY night even if it means he has to sit on the very edge 
  • once when neko jumped on his bed the sudden movement scared him so he jumped a little and neko scrambled off and ran away 
  • felt bad so he lets him sleep with him now 
  • completely unmoved when neko begs him for food (quickly learned that taemin/key are the weak spots) 
  • “omg pls don’t walk between my legs that is not something that you should do unless you want us to be both bodily injured. do you want that neko?? do you???” 


  • is ADAMANTLY a dog person
  • edges around neko for weeks bc “you can’t seduce me with your cuteness cat!!!!!!!” 
  • but one day he jumped on his stomach and started kneading him with his little paws and omg it was the cutest thing EVER 
  • stayed still for hours while neko napped on him   
  • every time he pets the kitty he says sorry silently to roo 
  • can dogs smell cats on people???? 
  • oh no 


  • locked in some strange dominance battle with the cat 
  • “nonono you cannot go on tables!!!!! or the counters!!!!! we eat here!!!”
  • srsly neko doesn’t really go on the table/counters unless key’s around and when he does he v deliberately locks eyes with key 
  • they both stare at each other like  >ΦωΦ<  `ㅂ´
  • whenever he has his back turned neko will invariably stick his head into key’s cups and LICK HIS BEVERAGES 
  • !!!!!!!!!!! 
  • he exasperatedly refills his water all. the. time. and would get annoyed but honestly it’s so ridiculous his ears flatten to his head and he pushes his face down to drink the water 
  • omg you strange cat your bowl of water is two feet away 


  • having a cat walk on your face in the morning is not an ideal way to get up 
  • admittedly effective but not ideal 
  • he only seems to do this to him so he usually feeds neko in the morning 
  • picks up neko like a baby and carries him around the house like that 
  • talks to him like he’s a person and nods v seriously when he meows back at him
  • once the door was open and neko dashed for it and minho caught him one-handedly like a football and scolded him (neko did not look contrite at all) 
  • “yah lee taemin!!!! it’s your turn to clean the litterbox!!!!” 

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“Whose dog is that?” and “You didn’t tell me you had a dog!” Hamburr or jamilton please!

Alex is sprawled on the bed, watching as Aaron slips his shirt back over his shoulders and starts to button it, covering his chest up inch by inch and making Alex wish, not for the first time, that Aaron was staying the night. 

But, as always, the question gets caught in Alex’s throat, too worried that asking it would break whatever new, fragile thing they have going on. So he just continues to watch, trying not to look too put out as Aaron finishes buttoning up his shirt. 

“Could you hand me my phone?” Aaron asks, nodding to where it’s lying on the bedside table.

Alex stretches for it, his finger hitting the home button and making the screen light up. And then Alex can’t resist, eyes roaming over the background. “Whose dog is that?” Alex asks, narrowing his eyes as he takes in the fluffy golden retriever staring back at him, tongue hanging out.


“Yours?” Alex asks, turning his head sharply to stare at Aaron, who is now getting his shoes on. “You didn’t tell me you had a dog!” He thinks he hears Aaron sigh as he bends down to tie his shoe laces. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“You never asked,” is Aaron’s response, the man still focused on his laces. Then he peers up to look at Alex, eyebrows raised. “Why are you so shocked?”

“Cause you never told me! We’ve been-” He cuts off, not sure exactly what they’ve been. The term ‘friends’ doesn’t really seem to suit them. They only recently started talking outside of work, and then doing not so much talking and much more of other things. “We’ve been sleeping together,” Alex finally says. “I feel like I should know personal details.”

Aaron straightens up and fixes Alex with an amused look. “So while we’re having sex, you want me to tell you things like, ‘I have a dog’?” 

Alex splutters at that, face heating up. “No! That’s not what I meant and you know it! I just meant that…” He pauses, chewing at his lips as he considers what exactly he meant. 

Ever since he met Aaron he’s been fascinated by him. He’s the definition of calm, cool, and collected, so basically everything Alex isn’t. And Alex thought he hated people like that, but there’s something about Aaron that pulls him in. He’s sharp, always saying something Alex doesn’t expect, taking him by surprise. Not many people can take Alex by surprise. He usually doesn’t people who do, either.

But it’s different with Aaron. And he wants more. He wants to know everything.

“Alexander?” Aaron asks, voice slightly concerned and making Alex flush even more, realizing a long silence had been stretching out between them. “Are you okay?”

“Yes,” Alex says quickly, shoving the phone into Aaron’s hand. “Sorry. I just…yeah. Never mind. I’ll see you next weekend, or whenever.” He laughs, the sound strange in his ears. He shouldn’t presume Aaron will want to see him.

“What about work?”

“Sure, work.” Alex nods, trying to smile. Him and Aaron don’t even talk at work. “I’ll pass by your desk a few times and you’ll nod at me before you leave. Sounds good.” God, he sounds crazy, but he can’t stop the words from flowing. “Great conversation to look forward to at work. I’ll spend the week not learning anything about you as always. Can’t wait.”

Aaron just stares at him, expression slightly shocked. The moment stretches on, and eventually Alex is the one who looks away, fiddling with the covers on his bed. He hears Aaron murmurs a quiet goodbye, and then his door is closing, and Alex slumps onto the bed, doing his best to ignore the tightness in his throat.


Aaron invites him over to his house the next weekend.

He even did it at work, in front of all their co-workers, and Alex had actually spit some of his coffee out like in some movie, making Aaron rolls his eyes. But then Alex had said yes, well, yelled it really, and Aaron had looked pleased, nodding with a smile before going back to his desk.

And that’s how Alex finds himself on Aaron’s doorstep Saturday night, taking a deep breath as he raises his hand to knock. He waits a few moments, only silence greeting him, but then Aaron is there, opening the door and beckoning Alex inside.

Alex steps in, looking around expectantly. “I thought you had a dog.”

“I do,” Aaron says, giving him a weird look.

“Where is it?” Alex asks, toeing off his shoes and looking around some more. “I thought he would be all over me as soon as I walked in, or at least barking. I even wore my not good pants just in case I got fur all over them.”

“How wise,” Aaron tells him dryly. “Wilson doesn’t bark. Or jump on people. He’s very docile.”

Alex stares at Aaron, wide eyed. “Wait, wait, wait. Wilson? You named your dog Wilson? What kind of name is that?” He snorts when Aaron just glares at him, moving further into the house. 

Then he’s stopping, eyes landing on the dog, who’s sitting right in the middle of the kitchen, eyes on him and Aaron, tail twitching back and forth on the floor. Even when Alex whistles, beckoning with his hand, the dog just sits and stares.

“Is he alive?” Alex asks, only half joking, but Aaron laughs anyway.

“He doesn’t really like being pet.” He pauses, eyes darting to Alex and then staying there. “I have two cats as well. He takes after them.”

“That actually explains a lot.”

“You should see when he tries to jump on the furniture.”

Alex laughs, and then he’s letting Aaron lead him over the bedroom, his heart already starting to beat a little faster in his chest. He doesn’t think he’ll ever get used to kissing Aaron, or being kissed by him. 

He catches one last glance at Wilson before the door is being closed, still sitting in the same position, and he can’t help but snort, somehow feeling like Wilson is the perfect name for that dog.

But then Aaron is kissing him, and Alex can’t think about anything else.

Aaron kisses him hard, lips firm but soft, and then he’s pulling away, eyes dark. “I have a sister,” he murmurs, making Alex furrow his eyebrows in confusion. “Older than me by a year.” Aaron kisses him again, pushing him towards the bed. “One Halloween we dressed as Batman and the Batmobile. I was the Batmobile.”

“Aaron,” Alex starts, wondering what the hell he’s doing.

But Aaron just kisses him again, hands sliding down Alex’s chest. “I thought I wanted to be an astronaut when I was a kid,” he whispers, leaning in to place a kiss on Alex’s jaw. “My favorite color is maroon.”

Alex only has another moment of confusion as Aaron kisses his mouth again, but then it clicks. Aaron is giving him personal details. The thought makes Alex surge forward, kissing Aaron even harder, his arms wrapping around Aaron’s neck.

Aaron chuckles against his lips, pulling Alex closer as his hands go to his waist. “I take long showers,” he continues, and Alex smiles. “And I wear socks to bed because my feet get cold. My favorite flavor of ice cream is strawberry.”

Alex wrinkles his nose at that. “Really? Strawberry? The worst flavor?”

“Are you mocking me?” Aaron asks, lips quirking into a smile. “I decide to share my personal life with you and you make fun of me? That’s not nice.”

“I’m not a nice person.”

Aaron hums, leaning in to kiss Alex again. “I would disagree with that,” he murmurs, lips brushing against Alex’s. “I think you’re nice. Loud and brash and reckless, but nice.” He pulls back, eyes on Alex’s. “I like you, Alexander.”

Alex swallows, trying to keep his hands from shaking or from passing out. “I like you, too,” he whispers, his breath stuttering as he says the words. But Aaron just keeps smiling at him, and Alex feels his heart leap. “I like you a lot.”

“I’m glad to hear it,” Aaron says. “Now, do you want to hear more about my childhood, or can we continue?”

Alex laughs. “I’m good for now, thanks.” He kisses Aaron gently, eyes closing. “But maybe in the morning…” He trails off, not wanting to invite himself for the night, but he hears Aaron hum, and then they’re kissing again.

“In the morning,” Aaron agrees, and Alex grins as he’s pushed onto the bed, feeling like he’s on top of the world. 

Here you go my love, hope you enjoy!💋

“I could have walked away years ago!”

“No you wouldn’t!”

“I could have—”



That shit started coming back to you and it had you packing your things faster than he would have liked. Joshua stood by the bedroom door watching the way you fumbled with throwing in anything you could find into that same small duffle bag you’ve had for years now. He wondered what your next move was going to be seeing as it couldn’t hold much, had you plan to come back home the next day?

He felt his heart becoming heavier and heavier. His breathing was irregular, he wanted to just collapse. “Where are you going?” He asked this while pulling his sweater over his hands and gripping onto the material tightly.

You sighed harshly, “I don’t know.”

“When are you coming back?”

Too many damn questions. “I don’t know.” You snapped at him, staring at him with mean eyes before going back to collecting some of your things. You were finally done, you put your toothbrush in and zipped the bag, and threw it over your shoulder. “I’ll text you when I reach.”

You didn’t know why you left the apartment quite frankly, but it staying in that house right now with him would be toxic. You had to admit, the argument broke your heart, as you could see the hurt in him. Isn’t a mug such a trivial thing to argue over? It had little importance and it could easily be replaced. Who would have thought that a mug would have you revealing some heavy things to him.

You vaguely remember the day he told you he was accepted to become a trainee at some stupid place in another country. You were proud of him, you had been the one who gave him the push to audition after all, but you couldn’t help but think of your own needs and wants from him. You wanted him to be there with you, to hold you, kiss you, to have the relationship with him that you’ve always had. So when he made a plan to take you with him and all he needed was for you to say yes, and you did.

Love did that to a person, it made them blind and vulnerable. It made you feel like you owed the person because they had completely changed your life. You thought that you owed him because he made you love him so much that it hurt at times. You could have said no, you could have walked away, but how could you leave the one person who gave you a reason to want to wake up?

You shut the door and slid the chain on the door to keep some creepy fuckers from making their way into your space. Sitting on the bed made you realize that you needed sleep. It wasn’t as comfortable as the one at home but it would have to do for tonight. You desperately wanted to forget about him just for a few hours but you couldn’t. Your mind was on him rather than sleep, and you hated it.

“I am absolutely in love with you, and I love it.”

“I’m in love with you too.”

“I’m going to marry you one day, you’ll have the most beautiful ring, we’ll have a house and kids. Anything you want.”

“I just want us to be happy.”

You opened your eyes and sighed deeply getting rid of all the stress that was piling into you. You wanted to go to sleep but your beautiful mind had other plans.

“Nothing has ever scared me more than being with you.”

“Why? What the hell do you mean?”

“You make me go crazy, I don’t think I can do this anymore.”

“Okay, that’s fine, call me when you stop being a pussy.”

You laid in the bed staring up at the ceiling, the last message you received was from Joshua telling you to come back home soon. Why did the universe make you love him so much? You closed your eyes and thought about his cat eyes and the way he covered his mouth whenever he laughed at your jokes. How he loves to hold your hand even when there was no reason to. He wasn’t anywhere near perfect, but he was all that you needed.

It was three in the morning when Joshua rouse out of bed upping hearing the sound of the door opening. He crept around the corner and watched as you lazily took off your shoes and jacket and threw them onto the floor. You couldn’t sleep in that room alone, especially after having an argument with Josh, it didn’t feel right so you took a bus home. The couch looked about right—climbing into bed at this hour would be awkward to explain—so you here you were convincing yourself that the couch was fine.

“Y/N?” He emerged from the dark hallway and stood feet away from you with nothing but a shirt and boxer briefs on. “You okay, what happened?”

“I’m sorry that I woke you.”

“It’s okay I couldn’t sleep too.” He was a man who was soft with his words, he spoke in whispers when you both weren’t trying to kill one another. “I-I’m sorry. I never knew you resented me. I should have known, I should have accepted it. I’m just so scared for us, because I do love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you but if you don’t feel the same way then I won’t hold you here.”

Seeing him break down in tears was the most excruciating thing ever. Joshua was never one to show his vulnerable side, he preferred if people not learn all the ways to kill him slowly. But here you were in front of him, your face showing too much worry for your age, your eyes started to become ridden with sadness, and fear plagued your heart of where your relationship with him would end up.

“I don’t resent you…anymore.” Your voice croaked a bit, but you found strength to continue. “I love you, I want to be with you, but there has to be things we need to discuss.”

You sighed and rubbed your face, “we can do this, we’ve been together for what? Four or five years, we can make it to a decade. And Joshie?”

He perked up at your sudden tone, your nickname for him making him smile. “Yes?”

“Your not holding me here, and you’re right I wouldn’t have walked away and I didn’t mean to say that I would have, I just wanted to hurt you. I want to support you, your happiness is my happiness. That’s all that matters.”

“Can I say something cheesy?”

“No our happiness matters.”

Laughing you rolled your eyes at your boyfriend, “come kiss me loser.” You pulled him closer to you and pressed your lips against his, his arms tightly kept you close to his body. The two of you weren’t done speaking about the matter, there was a lot more to discuss about how to move forward with each other in life. There were lots of times you’ve questioned reality, but goddamn you loved the kid, and you weren’t leaving him for a long time.

—Tee 👑

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miraculous x hunter prompt... maybe 'sleep' shaigdjiagjd i love your writing

THANK YOU!!! Your message had me smiling all day I swear ^-^ I’m sorry I haven’t been writing as much but I hope this makes up for it a little bit! Please enjoy anon, thank you for responding to my last minute request thingy~

@softkillua beta’d this for me because he is incredible, thank you Kaz!!!!

Ao3 link


BEAUTIFUL fanart by emthimofnight that sparked this whole au

Miraculous x Hunter tag with other drabbles, asks, etc & the ao3 series page

Gon remembered the first time Killua slept over his house as if it had happened last night rather than eight years past.

He most clearly remembered Killua gaping at him when he’d asked, his startling blue eyes blown wide and round cheeks flushing pink.

“A- a sleepover?” he’d squeaked. It was slight, but Gon noticed the slight tremor in his friend’s voice.  “You- you want me to stay over for the night? Here? In your home?”

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Puppy Love

Relationship: Even Bech Næsheim/Isak Valtersen

Summary: “Are you a cat person or a dog person?,” Even’s eyebrow raise is back. “Be careful now.”
“Cat, always cat,” Isak says “no question.”
Even dramatically clutches at his heart and says “I can’t believe you would hurt me like this. Gutta, sorry, but I’ve decided to break up with Isak, we have to carry all the stuff back”. The boys laugh about it, fucking traitors, so Isak just squints at them.

Or Even and Isak move in together, talk about adopting a puppy, and are in love.

(Read on AO3)

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Bliss (00q)

This is my fill for Prompt 78 for the (technically) Anonymous Prompt Exchange: @a-forger-and-a-point-man I loved writing this for you!


Q walked quietly out on the balcony, squinting at the sunlight from behind his glasses - his prescription, with the passing of the years, had only made the lenses thicker - to put into proper focus the figure bathing in it: James was sitting at the small breakfast table, a pot of tea and a plate with a couple of slices of toasted bread sitting next to the newspaper the older man was frowning down at “You shouldn’t read that before midday, you know it will only upset you” Q pointed out with a smile, making his presence well-known before walking up to his husband and dropping a kiss to his hair.

“You’re right” James let out a sigh and flicked the newspaper closed before taking off his reading glasses; when he had started wearing them a decade or so ago, Q had taken revenge on all the teasing James had done in the past, calling him some truly cringeworthy pet names - four-eyed lover being on the top of the list - that in the end had managed to make James smile and had put him at ease about needing spectacles for reading.

Q nodded with a mischievous smile in place “Always am”

“Sure” James retorted, voice full of sarcasm and a big grin on his face as he turned around on the chair to look up at Q: his husband’s head was a riot of silver curls - he had gone grey early, everyone at MI6 had joked that it was the fault of all the scares he had given him during his career as a Double-Oh - and he still was wearing his fuzzy pyjamas that seemed to beg to be petted “My memory still works fine: I could list without a problem all the ways you definitely weren’t right just last week”

Q playfully swatted him on the shoulder, immediately prompting a loud mewl from Hades “Tart”

James chuckled “You’re just not used to not being the cat’s favourite” he teased, welcoming on his lap the black sphynx that Eve had gotten them from a rescue centre just a couple of years before.

When Pampuria and Turing had died, thankfully both of old age, Q hadn’t wanted another cat and James, despite finding himself missing the annoying balls of fluff, had complied to his husband’s wishes and hadn’t brought home any.

“True” Q hummed, bending down a little to caress the adorable wrinkles on Hades’ head; its skin, soft and slightly oily, felt like a balm on his dry hands “I’m not used to such friendly cats”

Both Pampuria and Turing had seeked out cuddles and attention, but not as much as Hades who followed them around the house and seemingly never wanted to spend a moment alone; after doing some reading, worried that such neediness stemmed from an abusive life with its past owner, Q had discovered that it was a completely normal character trait in the breed and slowly started to learn how to interact with such a different cat than the ones he had had in his life.

Hades waved its tail and sprawled all over James’ lap, exposing its pot belly much like a dog craving cuddles would do “You silly thing” the older man said fondly.

Q rolled his eyes but obliged and started petting the cat’s belly “We should give him a bath before going to the doctor”

James grimaced “Do we have to?”

Sometimes, Q thought that he had been dealing with a child all the time: after retirement, James hadn’t grown out of his dislike of doctors and he actively tried to avoid them even when age had made it necessary that he had frequent check ups “We need to get your prescription filled” Q reminded him gently, subtly spying the plate with his husband’s breakfast to check that his pill was there.

“Already took it” James reassured, both grateful for and exasperated by Q’s care. He nudged his plate closer to his husband in a silent invitation to take the last toast left “I’m full”

“You’ve been eating so little lately, are you sure you’re alright?”

James couldn’t help laughing at that, making Hades trill and purr in pure happiness “You’re adorable”

“What have I done know?”

“Remember when I was the one who used to worry about you not eating enough?”

“I was a strapping young man back then” Q pointed out, chuckling at the clearly sceptical expression on James’ face “Alright, maybe not strapping”

“Definitely not strapping” James concurred, teasingly “You were more like Hades, all soft”

“I didn’t have a pot belly!” Q protested, caressing said body part on their cat that, once it had heard its name being said, had excitedly pushed itself closer into his hands “Besides, not everyone can have abs their whole lives” he added with a sprinkle of envy: on the threshold of his seventies, while not as sharply defined as it had been when they had gotten together, James’ stomach was still hard and muscled.

“You love them”

“I really do” Q nodded, finally deciding to bite into the toast: if James said that he was full, then he wouldn’t force him to eat more but he promised himself to persuade his husband to get a little snack while they were out on their errands “We need to buy a bottle of something for dinner at Eve’s tonight”

James took over petting duty for Q, uncaring of the way Hades affectionately nipped at him from time to time “Do we know what she’s planning on cooking?”

Q shook his head “I don’t think she knows either”


“Mr. Bond, you’re 70” Doctor Granger sighed loudly, holding up in the air a cotton swab and a syringe with infinite patience; she was used to her patient being as cranky as a child, having had him in cure for almost fifteen years now, but she always was surprised about how quickly the man would start complaining: he had no shame at all.

“And the flu has never knocked me over so, I don’t see why I should start getting shots for it” James pointed out, resolutely crossing his arms so that the doctor couldn’t roll up the sleeve of his pullover and jab at him with the needle.

At the childish display of stubbornness, Doctor Granger arched an eyebrow “Do I need to call your husband in, Mr Bond?” She threatened; she had quickly learnt that if there was something the man disliked more than doctors, it was displeasing his husband and she unashamedly made use of that piece of knowledge to curb the other man’s attitude “You know I will”

James briefly glared at her, considering all his options before relenting and offering the evil woman an arm “You’re not going to tell him that I complained”

Doctor Granger mimicked sealing her mouth and tossing away the zip. When they finally emerged from the office a few minutes later and Mr. Gabriel Bond asked her whether his husband had behaved or not - he clearly knew the older man very well - she grinned widely “Like an angel”


“Here, sir. Sit down”

Q looked at the young boy standing up from his spot, clearly offering it to his husband, with dread: if there was something James loathed, it was youngsters treating him like an invalid - his words. Q had tried to make him see that they were just being nice, especially on the crowded tube.

James stiffened “No, thank you. I prefer to stand” he answered, repeating the words that a pissed Q had made him learn by heart after he had glared a young girl into sitting again into her damned seat.

At least he’d been polite, despite the murdering expression he had gotten on his face and Q rewarded him with a squeeze to his hand. Thankfully, the boy wasn’t one of those kids who endlessly insisted and sat back down after smiling at them.

Crisis averted.


Eve opened her arms and rushed to them on her heels - James thought that she would never give up on them, she would probably waltz to her grave in heels - only to promptly avoid their attempted hugs to bend down and free Hades from the carrier, so that she could hoist the cat in her arms and cuddle it against her chest “I missed you so much, you little thing!”

Q arched an eyebrow as he toed off his shoes and hang up his parka, doing the same with his husband’s coat as James followed suit and made himself comfortable “So glad to know that we are ranked below Hades in your affections”

“And to think that we even brought you wine” James sighed dramatically.

“Don’t be so grumpy, you two” Eve chided gently, walking into the kitchen while still holding Hades in her arms, cooing down at it when it excitedly chattered at her “I saw you not even two days ago”

While not officially retired, it had been in common accord between all the department heads and higher ups to let Q sensibly cut back on his hours, recognising that the once youngest Quartermaster in MI6 history had burnt himself out during the previous decades. Now, Q only went in three times a week to check on various projects and to personally tutor a couple of his minions who had been chosen for their brilliance and iron will as his possible successors; which meant that while James benefited from his husband’s company above anyone else, Q didn’t see Eve as often as he would have liked anymore - especially since she had become M.

James knew that Q missed her a lot; after years of seeing her on a daily basis, his husband still wasn’t used to spending considerably less time with his best friend. So, whenever he could, he schemed with Eve to get them together outside of work hours as much as possible

“We brought a white, is that alright?” Q asked, sitting down at the table at his usual seat while Eve worried about feeding Hades - the little wrinkly bugger ate more than all the three of them put together - while James peered into pots and pans.

“There’s ratatoille and steamed trout so, yes” Eve answered, playfully pushing James away with her hip “And red velvet for dessert for all the non diabetics” she added, teasingly.

“You bitch” James scowled fondly at her “We’ll see how you fare at my age”

When they slipped in bed, Hades had already claimed his usual spot between them, tail waving almost as if trying to tell them to hurry up for their snuggle.

James pulled his pyjamas on, long were past the days he could manage to sleep in the nude and not get cold, and slipped in bed while Q finished washing up; Hades burrowed deep in his side, purring at the feeling of soft flannel against its sensitive skin.

When Q finally reached them, James was almost asleep “Come here” he murmured.

The younger man eagerly followed his husband’s invitation, bending down to kiss his forehead “Good night, my love”

“Good night, Gabriel”

 No miraculous AU with aged up characters (around 23-24)

Pair: Adrienette
Rated T, I guess…
Word count: 1,964

Adrien sighed and stared at the ceiling of his old room, somewhere he hadn’t been since he finished high school. It felt as empty as it was when he was in high school. He despised it. His only companion was his cat Plagg, but he had to beg Nathalie to go to his apartment and grab him.

He sighed and relaxed on his pillow, his eyelids drooping as sleep overtook him. The last semi conscious thought being two deep blue ponytails held in place with red ribbons. 

I was always looking at you…

It was sixth grade and Adrien had forgotten a book for student council. His mother, though reluctant to send him to school, especially with his father completely opposing it, agreed as long as he joined some club. Adrien wasn’t great with people and she figured that having him join a club would help with that.

As he grabbed his book, he saw a single girl in the classroom reading. The same girl he always saw after school, he slipped out of view, heat rushing to his cheeks and his heart beating rapidly as his head poked to look in the class. She looked around, not noticing the mop of blonde hair by the door and chuckled. Adrien’s cheeks grew in colour before he stepped into the class. He always saw her alone. Maybe she was bad at making friends? He never knew if he was right. It was the same books he read. “It’s a good series right?” The girl nodded as Adrien grabbed his book for student council. He waved goodbye, as he left the class.

When student council did end, Adrien returned to his class and saw the girl again. “You’re still here?” He inquired.
“I’m always here. I’m to clumsy to help with the bakery so I stay here.”
“Well we’ll have to change that. I’ll see you tomorrow, uh…”
“I’m Adrien.”

It turned out that Marinette was bad at making friends, which was Adrien’s chance. Like every other day, she was alone. “Marinette, you should come play at my house. It’s better than staying here alone.” The blonde grabbed Marinette’s hand as she stuttered an okay. His mother was so happy to see him bring a friend home. Even his father seemed slightly pleased. His face almost broke into a smile. Almost.
It continued like this for weeks and soon, Marinette came over daily. But then it fell apart. Marinette seemed out of it everyday. Not enough to warrant concern, but still it seemed off. It was only near the end of sixth grade that things got really strange.

“Mari, you seem really sad. Want to talk about it?” He inquired softly. The last thing he expected as tears. What had happened? He brushed away the tears as best as he could, but they never seemed to stop. Adrien leaned in and pressed his lips against Marinette’s for a quick peck before hugging her. “I think you know this already, but I really like you. Can you tell me how you feel?” He inquired, pulling away from the hug. The quick smile filled him with hope, only for it to turn to nothing as she spoke. “Can you give me a week?” She left after that.
Adrien groaned and stared at the pillow under him, his kitten Plagg sitting next to him. “A week? I guess kissing her out of the blue wasn’t a good idea.” He thought, pressing his lips to the pillow.

A week passed. Adrien stared at the back of Marinette’s head. “You’ve been really distant lately. Are you okay?”
“I’ve been busy. Things are happening in my family that’s been occupying my mind…”
“What exactly?”
“You’ll learn tomorrow. And about what you asked…” Adrien’s cheeks grew a rosy glow. She couldn’t meet his gaze when she turned around. “I’m sorry.” Adrien couldn’t move as she disappeared, her dark hair being the last thing he saw of her as she ran.

The day after wasn’t any better as it turned out Marinette had left the school. The reason why was never explained, but it broke Adrien. Any time a girl confessed to him he would ask for a week, only to reject her.

Adrien woke up and groaned, burying himself into his duvet. “A nightmare…” He thought, before violently coughing. He sighed as sleep once again took over.

It was the last year middle school. A rumour spread that Marinette moved because her cousin was really sick and her family wanted to be with her. The bakery closed and they moved out.

Adrien was wallowing in despair. He didn’t care about anything anymore. At least that’s what he told himself. He was in despair because he did care. He was still attached to Marinette. By this point he was modelling for his father’s company, being the only thing that helped his father after his mother disappeared. By this point any confession as rejected with a smile. He drained him. But this when he met his only real friend, Nino. He was pretty chill, yet often pointed out how harsh he was. Adrien never explained why whenever Nino asked. He couldn’t talk about Marinette. Even so, Nino brought him out of his depression.

High school soon came, and Nino went to a different school. They were still friends though. He soon met Alya, a blogger and Nino’s girlfriend. It was just after school when the two visited, Alya saying she met someone really cool at school. She pulled a piece of crumbled paper out of her bag and un-crumbled it. Inside was a small beaded crown. “isn’t it cool! You could sell it!’ The blogger exclaimed.
“So what’s her name?”
“I don’t think she introduced herself, or I couldn’t hear her. For now, I’ll call her Ladybug.”
“Ladybug?” The two teens inquired.

Ladybug was a mystery. Alya refused to tell the boys if she learned her real name, only mentioning random facts like her favourite books, or her dream. She’d always bring something with her as well. What Adrien didn’t expect when Alya did bring her to his house, it would be someone he already knew.

“You know each other?” Alya inquired, seeing the simultaneous surprised faces. Even Nino was confused at the turn of events. Adrien never mentioned knowing someone like her.

Did Marinette know how he felt seeing her again? But she ran away again, hiding behind Alya. Adrien gave a cold smile, almost similar to his father’s when Marinette did look over at him. “Marinette. You haven’t changed at all.” He knew how to ensnare her,so she wouldn’t be able to run away again. Adrien could see her overwhelming guilt from the past and he used it. It was the only way he could hold on to her again. He didn’t care if his role over the years would be the bad guy. Because he always loved spending time with her.

Adrien woke up again and Alya’s voice echoed in his head. “It’s your fault for hiding your feelings and harassing her like a little boy! Marinette’s moving and isn’t showing any signs of coming back!”

Adrien wanted to sleep the rest of his life away. Things never worked out the way he wanted to. A soft knock came to the door. “Who is it?” The door opened and Plagg walked in. “Plagg!’ The cat jumped on to the bed and nuzzled against him. “Were you worried? Don’t worry I’ll be fine.” The black cat’s attention shifted to the door. Adrien looked over. “Marinette?”

Plagg left Adrien’s side and nuzzled against Marinette’s legs. She scooped him up and nuzzled against him. “So you remember me too.”
“Too?” Adrien inquired.
“Alya said you were sick so I brought some soup, but I got here when Nathalie was leaving. She brought me in and asked if I could stay here until she came she got back.”
“You can come in. It’s weird talking to you outside of my room.” Marinette hesitantly walked in and sat at the very corner of Adrien’s bed.
“So how are you feeling?” She inquired.
“Just the way it looks.” Silence ensued, before the blue haired woman spoke.

“I didn’t know you were the one who bought the fabric I needed for my winter jacket. I never would’ve guessed it was you.” Adrien grimaced. Nino must’ve told her. He was there when Adrien bought it. He coughed violently and looked at Marinette, covering his mouth.
“That bastard.” He thought.
“It really warmed my heart. I didn’t think you liked me that much…” She confessed. Shock filled Adrien. Marinette thought that he didn’t like her? Who didn’t like Marinette?!
“I would never spend time around people I don’t like!” Chloé came to mind.
“I’m glad to hear you say that…”

Adrien frowned. “I heard you’re moving again.” Marinette’s face was a mixture of shock and sadness. “Why would you do that?”
“Well I’m always travelling–”
“That’s not what I’m asking!” He replied, his voice raised. “Why are you always like that? You always trample over my feelings!”
“You know I’m coming from, right?” She was silent. “Besides you think I don’t know what you’re feeling? I can read people, you best of all. I know what you’re up to. Ever since Alya began working as a journalist for my father’s company you’ve been spending more time around us! Just try to deny it!” Marinette stood up and moved to the bedroom door.
“I need to go home!” Adrien stood up right after her.
“Just wait just a–”

A thud echoed as Adrien fell to the ground, his disease riddled body not being able to support him. Marinette turned around. “Adrien! We need to get you back into bed.” She said her hands resting on his shoulders to see if he got worse. The blonde gripped her hands. He didn’t look at her.
“Don’t move away. Why would you do that to me? Do you want to see me run in circles again?” He looked up at her. He looked heartbroken. “Don’t leave me… I’ve always loved you…” Tears welled in the designer’s eyes.
“Adri–” She was cut off, feeling his lips press against hers. He pulled away and hugged her, burying his face into her neck, her dark blue hair – that was left down today – obscuring his view.
“I’m not a kid anymore. I don’t blindly do what I’m told. Don’t run away. Don’t ever leave me again. Please…”  He kissed her once more, making sure to remember everything he could. He wanted this moment to burn in his memory. “So can you stay Mari?”

Tears rolled down her cheeks as she buried her face into his neck, her arms wrapping around him. He returned the gesture. “I-I don’t know what to do.” She said between sobs. “I couldn’t stand the thought of you hating me. I tried to forget you! After sixth grade, I had to drain away all of my feelings about you. I knew I had to take control of my emotions! But I couldn’t. I love you Adrien. I really love you.” She looked at him. Her eyes were glassy from crying, but there was no guilt. Adrien smiled softly and kissed her.
“Well, it seems that’s been taking care of…” He pulled Marinette closer, her head leaning against her beating chest. He ignored the blue haired woman’s confusion. “Now you can stay with me. I assume you’ve already handed in your letter to let your landlord know you’re moving out, right?” He felt Marinette nod.

A week after Adrien was forced into a sick leave, he returned to modelling. Oddly enough, Marinette couldn’t come into work because of a cold, though only Alya and Nino had an idea why.

Memories That Remain 2

Summary: Whitney Earp is getting married, which in a small town like Purgatory, is big news already, but Whitney has a secret. While sorting through some boxes in the attic, preparing for her move off the homestead, she stumbles across a familiar white stetson, and her mother’s old journal. She learns that her mother Waverly has been keeping something important from her her entire life – Waverly Earp is not her biological mother. Through lies and the perfect scheme, and a wedding that is one disaster after another, Whitney is determined to get to the bottom of the family secret, even if it means getting both of her mothers in the same room after 20 years of estrangement. 

By @haughtbreaker and @jaybear1701 

Also available on AO3.

“You seem so far away though you are standing near
You made me feel alive, but something died I fear
I really tried to make it out
I wish I understood
What happened to our love, it used to be so good.”

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Cat Found

Word count: 2427

Genre: Slice of life Robot AU

Synopsis: Guy-Man jerks the cord from the wall. A soft whirr sounds through the dark bedroom as Thomas’ systems activate. With a twitch, Thomas pushes himself up, using his elbows to support himself. His head twists around the dark room in confusion. 

“Thomas. There’s a cat in our sink.”  


“There is a cat. In our sink.”

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anonymous asked:

reaction from all of the RFA to MC having a cat and please do the scenario after parties, preferably~ godspeed!

a/n: so here’s a fluffy request that was stuck on my drafts! lolol i hope you like it!! chus
/ light spoilers on character routes ~ /

RFA + reaction to MC having a cat


  • okay you know how allergic he was with cats
  • he perfectly emphasized it every time inside the chat room ( even to the point of sneezing just by seeing a photo of a cat )
  • that’s why you were so afraid of bringing it up with him each chance you get
  • so when the party ended and you all bid your goodbyes
  • you were fidgeting all the way don’t even think that ya boi zen didn’t notice that one
  • you just kinda fiddled on your hands as he served you a mug of darjeeling tea, trying to get the right time to open to him how you own the only animal he’s allergic of
  • “Uhm … Zen?” you said as he laid in front of you your mug of tea
  • he looked at you with a look of interest as he slowly sat on the chair right beside you with his own cup of tea at hand
  • his silence has urged you to speak your concerns “Well … I’ve got something to tell you,”
  • his interests were definitely piqued
  • “Hmm? What is it?” he softly said while touching your hand in the process “I’ve noticed that you’ve been extra fidgety since this morning. Are you alright, Princess?”
  • breathe in, breathe out, you can do this
  • “I … might have some concerns? You know, for, uhm … we’re going to live together now, right?”
  • he chuckled as he nodded his head, “Well, that’s the original plan … but if you don’t like it then … I can wait for you. Your interests must come first, always.” darn it he’s just so sweet??
  • “No! No, okay definitely not that one. Just that uhm …” okay this is it here goes “ … I have a pet.”
  • you definitely got his attention 101%
  • “And … we’ll have a slight problem about that one?” teeeeeny tiny voice
  • “Problem?” he gave you a look of confusion “I’m sorry, I’m confused. The only problem we’ll have is that if your pet is a – wait …”
  • you nodded without looking at him
  • “ … you have a cat?” zen asked, a bit unsure if he got it right or not
  • when you looked at him, you saw how horrified he was oh no okay he won’t let you move in with him now
  • “I-I’m sorry I wasn’t able to tell you about this earlier … uhm, if you want, I can you know, compromise? I-I won’t bring my cat here. I know you have allergies and uhm, I know you hate them… But I’ve had her since I was a kid and well …”
    you were blabbering and you were surprised to only hear him chuckle gently as he went closer to you, cupping your face in the process
  • “Sshh. Princess, listen to me.” he cooed as he smiled gently “ … I can always compromise for us. Even that. We’ll see what we can do first about it, okay? If that cat has been your family since you were young then I won’t mind adding her as a part of ours.”
  • you srsly got the best boyfriend ever with lots of sneezing episodes


  • you knew that jaehee didn’t like anything messing up her place or any foreign stuffs spreading around
  • she experienced taking care of Elizabeth the 3rd and she was definitely horrified with all the c-hairs spreading to almost everything she owns; from the carpets, sofa surface and to her clothes ( sideglance @ trustfundkid )
  • so when you both went home just after the successful RFA party, you weren’t sure of how to break it to her that you, yourself have a cat
  • you were preparing her a lavender tea to at least relieve her of her stress from the earlier event when you decided to break it to her of how you own a cat
  • “Uhm, Jaehee?” you called her as you gently laid her cup on the coffee table at her living room
  • she came out of her room, now dressed in her comfy house clothes
  • she looked at you and sat just across you to where you have put her cup of tea, all the while smelling its aroma, “Is this Lavender, MC?”
  • she was smiling softly because of your thoughtfulness ( she knew that lavender tea is an excellent stress reliever )
  • “Yes … I figured you’d be tired today so …” Step 1 of the plan: Success
  • “This is very thoughtful of you.” she smiled as she took a tiny sip, the sensation of relaxation slowly flooding her system
  • “Well … I also have something to tell you.” you said as you sat down yourself while weighing her expressions
  • “Yes? What is it?” jaehee asked with her eyes closed and her back resting on the couch
  • “ … is it okay if I bring my cat over? To, uhm, you know … here? The thing is that …” you gulped, your voice fidgeting “My cat has been with me since I was young. It was a gift … and well, I know you’re not very fond of them yourself but, uhm … she’s like family to me.”
  • jaehee sat up straight as she listened closely to your every words
  • at first, she was hesitant – it was not a problem, really. you can always compromise for her but you just missed your cat so much and you’ve been enduring not being with her for the past days ( you haven’t seen the feline since you joined RFA )
  • she looked thoughtful for a while and you were so sure she’s not going to agree with you
  • “So … you’re proposing we let her stay with us?” she inquired, tone a bit stern
  • “Y-yes, if you’d agree. But if you don’t then … I can always compromise. I-I understand you don’t like them that much and I respect that but … I swear she’s a good girl. She’s really timid and sweet too!” you were a blabbering mess
  • and jaehee laughed
  • wait  – laughed??
  • “Of course she can, MC.” she said with a chuckle “We can use one more company here as well.”
  • is this the real life?? or it’s just fantasy?? “B - But…”
  • “But of course, yes. You’ll help me take care of her mess?” she asked, an eyebrow shot up
  • “YES! Yes, I will!” you squealed as you ran over her while hugging her so tight
  • god has given you an angel in the form of jaehee


  • this was a very awkward situation for the both of you
  • jumin had no clue that you own a cat yourself and you are well aware of his fondness of cats
  • but you are also well aware of the fact that he doesn’t like any other cats around elizabeth the 3rd
  • so the problem here arises
  • your cat is a male and it’s a British Shorthair
  • so chances are 0% that he’ll want to have your cat around inside his penthouse – not around elizabeth the 3rd the least ( unwanted pregnancies are not on cat mom’s list )
  • so when you broke it to him the moment the both of you got home from the party, he was speechless
  • ok he was always silent and listening whenever you state any of your opinions but this time, he didn’t look any closer than being pleased with your news
  • and you were so sure he looked stern and arguable
  • “Jumin?” you asked, unsure of whatever your tone might be
  • he was not looking at you but rather looking way too deep in thought
  • “Let’s not talk here in the foyer. Follow me.” he said and you were quick to your feet to follow him down the hallway and to your room
  • you saw how elizabeth curled peacefully on top of the clean bed, sleeping soundly against the soft fabrics
  • jumin loosened his tie as he slowly removed his coat and put it to where dirty clothes are to be piled
  • you followed his movements as he slowly sat on the bed, his weight making the furniture creak softly
  • elizabeth the 3rd woke up and gently stretched while going towards jumin who’s sitting on the edge
  • “First, tell me … why do you look so afraid?” he began while stroking the fur of his cat - you couldn’t really tell how he looked but you know its intensity despite the room being dark and the only light was coming from his aquarium on the far end of the room
  • “I - I was not afraid! Uhm … I was just afraid of how you’ll be able to take the news.” you reasoned out strongly but was shaking under his intense gaze
  • “Hmm … I see. Well then, if you’re not afraid …” he paused as he released elizabeth the 3rd and slowly walked towards you “Why do you look such yet claim otherwise?”
  • you gulped as you slowly backed down while you stared up to his face
  • you couldn’t exactly crack out what expression he was making — was he mad?? he looked amused too! gahhh give it to jumin to make your heart race badly
  • “Stop backing down, MC.” he growled, his baritone voice filling up the room “You know how I hate seeing you backed down against any hard surface.”
  • yet you backed down a single step again
  • you felt the door behind you and you couldn’t back down any further with jumin only coming closer and closer
  • your breathing hitched and you exactly didn’t know what to do with it and jumin was only making you breathe harder and faster with your racing heartbeat
  • “Hmm … What did I tell you about backing down, my love?” he softly whispered as he locked you with his right arm leaning on your side and his left twirling a strand of your hair “I remember telling you not to …”
  • you swallowed hard as you stuttered “I - I can’t help it … Y-you –”
  • he planted a soft kiss on your cheek – it was so soft you couldn’t almost feel it but it was lingering there
  • “What should I do to you? You really need to learn to listen to me … ” he said and at the same time, someone knocked on the door that made you jump a bit
  • jumin sighed as he ordered, “Do come in.”
  • your eyes widened when you saw a familiar cage enter the room that was held by one of jumin’s security guards
  • and a familiar meow coming from inside it
  • your head turned to jumin as he only chuckled at your priceless reaction; he was satisfied to say the least  – he completely caught you off guard
  • “Are you happy, my love?” he asked as he crouched next to you while you tried to open the cage that contained your pet
  • you nodded and squealed in happiness, giving him a tight hug in the process, “Yes! Thank you! I love you!”
  • “You thought I didn’t know?” he playfully said while kissing your forehead, “The next time, please, tell me anything. Ask me for anything. You know you can. I’m always at your disposal.”
  • and you couldn’t be any more happier and luckier than ever


  • yoosung loves all kinds of animals
  • all of them
  • but he’s particularly not familiar with taking care of any of the feline domestic pets
  • you two have been talking about your pet cat since you two met and he’s so excited to finally meet her this time
  • but he’s so anxious that your cat won’t like him
  • so he’s been fidgeting the entire duration of the party
  • you kinda noticed it too since he’s practically being restless and jumpy
  • when the party ended, yoosung just blurt it out to you on your way home
  • “I - I’m not so sure about this, MC.” he stuttered as his cheeks reddened he’s srsly scared of what you might think about him
  • you stopped on your tracks as you faced him, an eyebrow shot up, unsure of what you heard, “What?”
  • “I - I said I’m not so sure about … having a cat. I - I don’t think I’ll be a responsible parent for her. And she might not like me too …” oh gosh poor bby
  • you sighed gently as you stifled a soft chuckle which confused yoosung more  – cos were you laughing at him??
  • okay no you were not
  • “No, please don’t think that way.” you gently said as you wrapped your hand around his and intertwined your fingers while walking “You’ve been a very good person to me … and you even got to learn to trust more, yes?”
  • he slowly nodded, unsure of where you’re exactly going but he let you continue to speak
  • “Now, learn to trust yourself more. You’ll be a good parent. We’ll be good parents towards her, okay?”
  • he smiled a bit and as you squeezed his hand warmly, it slowly turned into a soft chuckle
  • he pulled you closer to him as he gently pecked you on your forehead, making you blush in the process
  • “You’re a really gentle person …” he breathed in and sighed happily “I don’t know what I did good before to have you in my life.”
  • he cupped your face as he gently laid a kiss on your lips
  • “I love you … please continue to be my light, okay?” he said with a voice full of love and admiration
  • you nodded as you wrapped your arms around his neck and hugged him tight
  • “Now … let’s get home. She’s already waiting!” you exclaimed happily
  • yoosung’s eyes widened
  • “W - what?? Oh my god! What? Huh??” the poor boi was so confused and surprised but just extremely surprised in general
  • “Y - you didn’t tell me we’re going to meet her now!!”
  • yoosung, best wishes of luck


  • breaking it to him was not that hard
  • since he knew it from the start
  • he was just waiting for you to spill it out to him
  • since you two couldn’t go to the party, you kinda told him while cuddling on the couch the night before the supposed date
  • “Uhm … Saeyoung? I wanna tell you something. No, no, wait – suggest something, I mean.” you began while caressing his red locks, he looked up to you, expectant of what you’re gonna say
  • “Hmm?” he said as he slowly sat back up, his curious golden irises looking at you “What is it?”
  • “Well … do you mind adding a member of the family when this all ends?” you asked as you stared right back at his inquiring features
  • he blinked at first then he chuckled, which surprised you a bit
  • “I was kind of waiting for you to tell me about her, MC.” he smiled cheekily as he slowly sat beside you while leaning his head on your shoulder
  • this time, it’s your turn to blink at him in surprise as he was unable to hide the playful smile plastered upon his face “H- how did you …?”
  • “Ohhhh …! Was I not suppose to tell?” he stuck his tongue out as he laughed playfully “Ooops, I guess?”
  • “Gosh!” you smacked him gently on his shoulders as he just continued his small fits of laughter, “How were you able to find out?”
  • “Baaaabbeee. I’m a hacker, remember?” he whined as he wrapped his arms around your wriggling figure “How can I not know anything about you? I even got successfully inside your heart~” seven and his hacker pick-up lines srsly
  • he was really excited about you, transferring your pet cat with you when all of this fiasco finally comes to an end
  • he even planned to make a room just for her
  • and buy her lots of toys and comfy stuffs
  • also he plans to make your cat dress into some outfits he planned
  • so when you finally moved in ( after settling some issues and scores ), your cat wouldn’t let go of you and would often just stay with you because she was still adjusting to the environment
  • and when luciel attempts to hold her, she just kind of growls cutely at him which only makes him melt on the spot
  • one time, when you were playing with your cat as she lazily sat on your lap ( luciel was looking ) he got so jealous because of the close touch he dressed up as a cat
  • and you were so surprised to see him into a very hideous nekomimi outfit
  • “Meow ~ I need affection meow ~”
  • he had been bugging you to pet him all night

What Friends are For: Pietro/Reader

Rating: NC17

Word Count:1977

Summary: You come home from a stressful week of working, unable to complete the mission Fury has sent you on. Being the good friend he is, Pietro helps relieve some stress. 

Author Notes: I’ve wanted to write Pietro smut so badly so I wrote this in about two hours. I got it from a post I saw my prompt was ‘eating you out as a friend’ Printessa means princess. 

(Y/N) fell onto one of the couches in Avenger tower with a satisfying thump. Her head hit the pillow perfectly and she wanted nothing more than to let herself drift to sleep on the couch after a long day. A migraine soon began to kick in. When her body relaxed, the soreness of her muscles became apparent. She let out a groan rolling to her side. This week was really kicking her ass. Fury had the spy looking high and low for a very specific Hydra agent, and he was extremely elusive. She was beginning to expect he knew he was being spied on by how well he evaded her. The stress was hitting hard this time around.

               “Tough day?” Came the beautiful Russian accent of the most attractive man in the Avengers. Captain American be damned, Pietro Maximoff won (Y/N)’s heart any day of the week.

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Zootopia: ☾ Sleep Headcanons

For @sibera-the-wanderer : Nick and Judy (PLATONIC!)

Headcanons in a whole seven teensy teeny little fics!


1. Night Cap.

“You’re drunk, Carrots.”

“Psh… no I am naht.”

“Yes. You are. C’mon. It’s bed time.”

“But I wanna partay!”

“We’re not doing that. Drink this coffee.”

You drink this coffee.”

“I would, but you need it so much more than I do.”

She palms his face. Or tries to. Her hand sort of lands on his chin. “You’re stupid.”

He pats her hand. “Thank you, Judes.”

“Your face is stupid.”

“Have you seen yours right now?”

She makes a noise that’s half between a laugh and half between a burp. And then she throws up on his feet.

And then, after that, she passes out.

All in all Nick learned, as he’s taking his third shower of the evening and still somehow smelling like carrot vodka, Judy was never to take part in a drinking contest against Del Gato ever again.

Unless, of course, he remembered a camera.

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That Time of the Month

Anonymous said: Hi it’s a on who wants to second Winchester girls I wanted to no if u could like have one of them on ther period and they abt conplain and asking how she does this and when tere guys again they never tell her to stop complaint when she’s on her period thanks

Anonymous said: Can u do a part 2 to Winchester girls please >_

Anonymous said: I just read Winchester giraffes and I thought it was funny as fuck can you make a part two? Please.

Anonymous said: Hi! I loved your girl winchester imagine so much it was really good. I was wandering if or when you were going to make another? I loved it and I am sure others did too.

littlered7hood said: Part 2!

grace-for-sale said: Part 2!! Please with Sam and Dean on top!

salt-shells-holy-water said: Please do a part two on Winchester girls

A/N: Due to obvious popular demand, I’ve decided to push this one to the top! And to that, first anon, you read my mind exactly about what was going to happen! Sorry it took so long, but with a three day weekend I should be able to write a bit more.

Part I

Word count: 1,312

Pairings: slight Gabriel x Reader

Warnings: cussing.


“I don’t know how you can do this,” Dean whispered with his unfamiliar voice. “You are never coming to a bar alone again.”

You had spent the day talking to the family and friends of the victims of what appeared to be a ghost. The only thing that was interesting about the case was that the ghost had been ripping the heart out of its victims, just like a werewolf, which had gotten you and the girls confused until you’d learned that the ghost was a woman seeking revenge on girls who had cheated on their partners.

So, even though you didn’t want to waste any more time knowing that the sucker was still roaming through the town, you went to a bar until it was safe to dig out the body without anyone seeing you. And so far you’d lost count of how many guys had hit on Sam and Dean.

“Come on, it’s not like you don’t do the same thing,” you replied, taking a sip of your beer. You knew that biologically Dean and Sam wouldn’t be able to drink as much as they wanted without getting drunk, so you forced them to take the same thing as you.

“At least I leave girls alone when they want to,” Dean replied, his now slick fingers grasping the beer bottle and chugging it down.

“Hey, ‘hot stuff’, be careful with that,” Sam said, repeating what some drunk had called Dean earlier.

“Shut up, Sam,” the other girl replied, her voice a bit gruff.

“Alright, enough fighting, ladies,” you chuckled, “we’ve got a bad bitch to burn.”


You’d seriously hopped that Gabriel would have turned them back by the end of the night. But of course, the mighty Trickster had not made any hint of an appearance, so you and the boys parted ways as you went to sleep.

It was barely even seven when you woke up again, your five hours of sleep interrupted by banging on your door. Groaning, you reached for the gun under your pillow and and yawned as you stood up.


Well, now you were definitely awake. Rushing to the door, you yanked it open to find the girls outside your room. Sam was kneeling on the floor, his hands pressing against his stomach and his face contracted in pain. Dean was leaning against the side of the door, his actions mirroring the ones of his brother.

“Dean?! Sam?!” You dropped the gun immediately, kneeling next to Sam and checking for any wounds before also checking Dean. Neither of them responded, but instead continued to grunt and make agonised faces. “God dammit, women, tell me what’s wrong!”

“Bleeding,” Dean managed to croak out, his voice tainted with misery. His slid down to the floor, hissing like a hurt cat.

“Bleeding where?!” you yelled, checking his body once again just in case you’d missed something.

“Down here,” Sam answered, opening his eyes just long enough to glance at his middle before shutting them with pain.

“Down here? What’s that sup—oh.” You froze as you finally realised what was wrong, your mouth dropping in surprise. How could you have even missed the red spot on their pants?

And then, to Sam’s and Dean’s annoyance, you started to giggle, though soon you were also on the floor like them, your laugh strong enough to wake up the other residents of the motel.

“(Y/N)…not…funny,” Dean whispered, glaring at you.

Finally, with tears pooling in your eyes, you were calm enough to get up again. Taking a deep breath, you wiped the tears away from your cheeks, noticing that your whole face had become flushed while you were laughing.

“Okay, Gabriel, maybe you should ease off on the cramps,” you mumbled, not really knowing if the angel had heard you.

“(Y/N), please, can you just help us?” Dean practically begged, Sam nodding at his words. It was weird to see two full-grown women asking for your help with their periods, but then again, these weren’t your usual women.

You dragged Dean and Sam back to their motel room, cursing underneath your breath at the fact that even though they were less muscly than when they were guys, they were still taller and heavier than you. You eased them into their own beds, your hands on your hips as you looked at them.

“So, how much does it hurt?” you commented casually, though you didn’t really enjoy knowing that they were in pain, you also didn’t mind the fact that now they would finally understand why you complained when you were on your period.

“I feel like my stomach is gonna kill me,” Sam whined, rolling over to his side. “I seriously don’t know how you can go through this every month, (Y/N).”

“I’ve never felt so much betrayal from the favorite part of my body,” Dean said, “please, (Y/N), if I don’t make it out of this alive, I want you to know that I always loved you like my own sister.”

“Okay, first of all, it’s your uterus that’s responsible for this; I get that you guys are in pain, but at least try to think,” you sighed, pinching the bridge of your nose. “And Dean, don’t be such a drama queen, you’re not dying.”

“It feels like it,” he protested, making you roll your eyes.

“Well. Wait a second. Oh, hell no! Does this mean that you guys ruined my clothes?” you groaned, taking deep breaths to calm down.

You weren’t sure you were gonna actually want them back, since they would definitely have been stretched, but it wasn’t like you had the luxury of buying more whenever you wanted. This had just gotten personal.

“Gabriel! If you don’t come here at this fucking moment I swear I will—!”

“You will what, Cupcake?” the angel asked cheerily, suddenly at your side. You jumped slightly, but quickly regained your angry posture again.

“Turn them back,” you growled, narrowing your eyes at him. “You said just one day. It’s been enough.”

“But they just started their first periods!” Gabriel said, staring at you with big puppy eyes. But no matter how adorable you thought he looked, you weren’t about to let him get away with this.
You took a step towards him, you face just an inch away from his. To try not to focus on how dangerously close your lips were to his, you opted to look at his ever-changing-color eyes. This didn’t prove to be very wise, as their current golden color could make you melt on the spot.

“Either you turn them back or I will stab an angel blade through you and bathe in your blood as an act of victory,” you whispered, your voice so deathly that you felt everyone tense up.

Gabriel gulped nervously, avoiding to look at you as he took a step back. With a snap of his fingers, Sam and Dean returned to their bodies, totally naked. They both yelped as they tried to cover up, but you didn’t even bother to look at them. You snatched up the miraculously clean clothes that had appeared in Gabriel’s arms, feeling your anger fade away.

“Thank you,” you smiled victoriously. Who knew that getting an angel to do what you wanted was so easy?

“Anything for you, Cupcake,” Gabriel grumbled, his hands in his pockets. You couldn’t help but laugh at his child-like behavior, and, with a sudden burst of confidence, lean over to press a kiss to his cheek.

“Next time, just give them their own clothes,” you whispered in his ear, walking out of the room before he could see your blush.

Gabriel, however, was too astonished to listen to you, his hand raised over the spot you’d left your imprint on.

Let Me Help You Ch. 3

Pairing: Adrienette, etc.

Rating: K+

Story summary: Marinette pushes herself a little too far. Adrien feels an unexplained need to protect her, offering his help and hoping to learn more about his classmate in the process.

AO3 link!

Ch. 1 ~ Ch. 2 ~ Ch. 3 ~ Ch. 4

Adrien leaned back in his chair, staring at the sleeping girl beside him. He smiled, amused at how comfortably at home she looked. Her raven hair was splayed across the pillows, her pigtails having come undone in her slumber, and she snuggled deeper into his sheets with a content sigh. He reached over to remove the damp cloth he placed on her forehead earlier and placed the back of his hand on her cheek to feel her temperature. Thankfully, the medicine brought her fever down and gave her some much needed rest. Nodding in relief, he stood and walked over to his computer monitors, plopping into the rolling chair and bringing up the Ladyblog to read up on any potential akuma attacks.

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we-are-gathered-here-to-gay  asked:

Sansa Stark and Margaery Tyrell?

1. Sansa is 13 and trapped in King’s Landing, but Margaery steals her away for a few hours where she can forget that. The sun is bright, the sky is crystalline blue, and servants have taken the falcons back to the castle. “Let’s just lie here,” Margaery says, pulling her to the grass. Sansa fears for her dress, but the grass is dry and soft. They lie side by side for a few moments, and then Margaery rolls over, almost on top of Sansa. “Sansa,” she says, a smile playing at the corners of her mouth. Is she going to kiss me? Sansa thinks. But Margaery doesn’t, of course, because girls only kiss sisters and cousins and very very close friends. “Let’s do this again,” Margaery says, and Sansa is oddly jealous of Margaery’s cousins.

2. Margaery wasn’t invited to the wedding; she doesn’t know how it went, even if she has her fears. But that night, after Garlan tells her what they spoke of during his dance with Sansa, she dreams that she was there. The Lannisters flee before her presence, in this dream, for her gown is covered with thorns until she reaches the front of the sept—then the thorns fade back into roses as she takes Sansa’s hands in hers. “It’s you?” Sansa asks, her eyes bright in a way they have only been in dreams. “But they told me I would marry the Imp.” Margaery makes to answer but no words come, only kisses, and the church bells ring all around them. But it turns out that the bells are ringing in the real world, and Margaery wakes. She presses her fingers to her lips, where she can still feel dream imprints of kisses.

3. When the war ends, they’re all called to King’s Landing. Sansa stands tall and cold before the Dragon Queen, her hair a dark flame against the white of her dress. Margaery watches from the shadows where she has, somehow, avoided execution. When Sansa’s eyes finally meet hers, she expects them to be just as cold—but Sansa’s chill shivers, and Margaery’s face lights up in a smile before she can help it. Sansa looks away, then, but Margaery follows her across the hall. How do you say, “I’m glad you survived too?” If you’re Margaery, you do it by holding out a plate of lemoncakes. And if you’re Sansa, you understand, and you smile.

4. Sansa finally visits Highgarden in the depths of winter, when she is 18 and Willas is now 30. “I’m sorry we couldn’t meet before,” he says, smiling. The two of them smile over things that were never to be. “But if you’ll forgive me, I think I’ll let my sister show you the grounds. She has asked so keenly, you know.” His eyes twinkle as he glances to Margaery, and gods help her, she nearly blushes. It probably wouldn’t surprise him to learn that Margaery kisses her for the first time in the gardens, beneath a trellis of winter roses.

5. Sansa knows very little, and Margaery knows so much, and it’s reassuring and terrifying all at once. For a long time there are only kisses, and even Margaery’s hands do not stray, for Sansa cannot keep from shivering sometimes and Margaery knows it’s not from desire. “I’m sorry,” Sansa murmurs, shamed, whenever she forgets and flinches from the touch. Margaery’s hands are so small and soft, they shouldn’t remind her of anything. “Don’t,” Margaery says fiercely. “Don’t be sorry.”

6. No one says anything when Sansa slips into Margaery’s room that evening, so probably no one would say anything to learn that they share the same bath. The water is warm and Sansa knows she’s pink as a blossom, yet Margaery still looks at her like she’s the most beautiful thing alive. There’s an ache in Sansa, suddenly, but she likes how it feels. Margaery moves close, kisses her, wraps her in her arms. They’re naked and slippery and Sansa’s heart beats fast, but she only rests her head against Margaery’s shoulder and thinks that feeling this safe shouldn’t be possible.

7. The first time Margaery comes to Winterfell, Sansa has been impatient for weeks. Her dreams have become more heated, the sort that she should be having about men, but Margaery is the same way and maybe it’ll be their perfect little secret. But before anything else happens, a feast. Margaery gasps, “There’s no lemoncakes?” Sansa shakes her head. “No, but there are raspberry tarts. Aren’t they your favorite?” “They are,” says Margaery, surprised. “I didn’t know you knew.” Sansa smiles. “I pay attention.”

8. Beneath her dress, Sansa notices, after the newness of being close to an unclothed person has faded, Margaery is covered with freckles. They cluster about her neck and shoulders, of course, and along her forearms, but they seem to be everywhere. “Were you born with them?” she asks, for she knows that not all freckles are kisses from the sun. Margaery glances languidly down at her body. “No, love, just sunbathing.” “But—” Sansa starts to say, her eyes glancing to the freckles along Margaery’s thighs. Margaery grins like a cat. Apparently sunbathing is done without clothes in Highgarden.

9. Arya finds out first, but Sansa thinks she cheats and uses her warging skills. She tells Sansa she knows in a voice that’s mostly flat, and Sansa doesn’t know what to do. “I love her,” she says stoutly, in case Arya doesn’t approve. “I don’t care if it’s not how it’s supposed to be.” Arya laughs, a bit dry. “Sansa, not even the gods bother saying what’s ‘supposed’ to be. Or not the ones who matter, anyway.” It might be true, but Sansa thinks of their parents and wonders, if they’d lived… “It doesn’t matter,” Arya says, as if she knows Sansa’s thoughts—she must be cheating again, somehow. “Nothing happened the way anyone planned, or wanted. It doesn’t matter now. The world is different and you’re happy and anyway, if anyone dislikes that, they don’t dare say it to your face.” That’s true, in its way. Arya isn’t one for hugs anymore, but Sansa finds her hand and squeezes it.

10. Every year, the hounds from Highgarden that they’ve brought to Winterfell have a litter of puppies. And every year, Margaery wakes to find all the puppies in their bed. She groans, pushing away the one who takes her waking as a sign that it is now time for face-licking. Sansa giggles. “Why?” Margaery asks, every year. “They’ll leave fur and slobber everywhere, you know.” “Because it’s my castle and I want to sleep with the puppies,” Sansa says, like the queen she is. Margaery pouts. Sansa holds a puppy beneath her chin, and between the two of them Margaery can’t tell who’s the happiest. “Fine, but how am I supposed to cuddle you?” she finally says, unable to pout in the face of such joy. Sansa whistles and all the puppies leap off the bed. “Better?” “Much better,” Margaery says, as she rolls on top of Sansa and kisses her till she squeaks.


Send me a character or a pairing and I’ll share 10 headcanons I have about them

Future ft Michael

michael kills me so like you’d be lying in bed one night and it’s not late but your apartment is quiet save for the street noise outside in the city and you’d just be cuddled up in the sheets giggling and sassing each other because your relationship is just so fun and simple like he’s not just your boyfriend but your best friend too and you guys can just do nothing and still have fun. 

at some point the conversation would switch to the future and michael brings out a list he’s made from his bedside table of everything he thinks about when he’s gone and he can’t sleep which only makes him ten times more excitable and so it doesn’t even help his brain to rest at night.

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Klaroline Fanfiction Wekk Day 4: Humor

I thought this would be the perfect day to use an old prompt (sorry!) from Ms.ZoeiLang: Caroline gets a pet while she is living with Klaus.


If he wanted to, Klaus could pinpoint the exact moment in time he had lost his sanity.

It wasn’t because of some curse, or the death of a loved one, or any of the many supernatural problems that seemed to crop up on a weekly basis. No, the cause was much more sinister than that.

A Kitten.

The hybrid had been adamantly against getting a pet as soon as Caroline expressed an interest. They were too time consuming, filthy, obnoxious, and most of all, too human. His protests seemed to fall on deaf ears, however, as the persistent blonde continued to drop hints and talk endlessly about her latest obsession.

Klaus should have known he would give in eventually; he never could deny her anything. But he never actually got the chance.

As soon as Kol caught wind of Caroline’s desire, and Klaus’ displeasure, he was quick to pounce on the opportunity to irritate his brother. The troublesome Original had burst in one day, without knocking Klaus recalled, carrying a tiny grey bundle in his arms.

Caroline had of course squealed in delight, rushing over and snuggling the small kitten. Klaus had tried to object, but one look into her large blue eyes so full of happiness melted his resolve. He settled for shooting Kol a withering glance and storming out of the room, doing his best to ignore his brother’s laughter.

Caroline had later informed him that the kitten was named Hercules. The way she smirked as she told him indicated the name was some sort of jab at his expense, but he chose to ignore it, instead shooting the cat a glare as it gnawed on the laces of his boots.

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