my cat loves me; or tries to kill me

Day 3

Sherlock x reader

Note: And here’s day 3 of @prettyxlittlexwriter (whom I have to thank for all her help on this one) Sherlock VDay challenge! This time I’m back to my usual Sherlock x Reader with the prompt :  “I guess this makes you my Valentine.”  I had quite a lot of fun to write it x) I also have to thanks Kevin, whom does not have a tumblr, for the wonderful plot idea.

If anyone of you wants to read more of these, or try the challenge with us, check for the tag #Sherlock VDay Challenge. There will be every kind of fics, from inserts to ships, both from 2 lists, a general one and a smutty one.


“Sherlock, you’re completely missing the point!”

“Psh, I can’t miss the point of something pointless John!”

The two men were sitting at Speedy’s, eating dinner (well actually, John was eating dinner and Sherlock simply waiting there with him since he wasn’t hungry) and, as usual, arguing about sentiment.

“Pointless?! Valentine’s day is the day we celebrate love all around the world, and unless you live as a hermit, you can’t ignore it.” Argued his friend.

“Yes I can. That’s what I’ve done my whole life and that’s what I’m planning to do for the rest of it.”

“All I’m saying is: it’s not a day you’re supposed to spend alone.”

“Oh John… People are boring, love is a nuisance for a detective like me and the whole purpose of Valentine’s day is to make money. How could you even be expecting me to do something?” his friend scoffed, shaking his head.

John sighed and went back to his dinner, trying to find a way to explain his point to his friend, but failing to find any valid argument. After a few minutes in complete and utterly awkward silence as Sherlock stared at the people in the restaurant, something came to his mind.

Something childish, unlike him, but what appeared to be his only chance to get his friend to see someone the 14th.

“I dare you to ask out the next person to walk in.” he said.

“What.” Sherlock gave him a surprised look.

“I. Dare. You. To. Ask. Out. The. Next. Bloody. Person. To. Walk. In.” repeated the doctor, insisting on each word.

“This is completely stupid why would I-”

“Because it’s a dare, Sherlock, and that’s how dares work.”

Sherlock stared at him, trying to decipher whether his friend was being serious or not. The door opened and entered an oh-so-familiar woman, who walked directly to the counter.

“That’s your cue Sherlock.”

The man turned to his friend and shook his head.

“I can’t.”


“It’s Y/N!”

“That makes one more reason to ask her out, you’d rather not go with a random stranger would you?”

The other man groaned loudly and the door opened again, as a huge, stereotypical biker came in.

“Or you could go and ask him out.” Added John, motioning to the robust man.

“Or I could also simply choose to walk out of here instead.”

“Then I would ask both out for you and that, you can be sure will make you look like a coward.”

The detective shot him a death glare with his icy blue eyes and rose up, walking to the counter, where the two customers were waiting. He gulped and looked at the two of them, facing a hard choice. Would he rather be killed by an outraged Y/N or a cat-loving biker? He glanced at the door then to his friend. He didn’t really have a choice now did he… Sighing, he approached the biker, clearing his throat.

“Excuse me sir, please don’t read too much into this, you see my friend here dared me to ask you to be my valentine ” he tried, unsure.

“What?” the imposing man turned to him. “Do I look like a fairy to you?!”

Sherlock swallowed nervously. This was not going to end well.

“No sir, I’m sorry it’s just that my friend-”

“Yeah, your friend thought it would be funny eh? Well it won’t be as much when you’ll be in a hospital bed. I don’t like it when people make fun of me…”

And with that he punched Sherlock right on the face, knocking him on the ground, as the whole restaurant turned to them in shock. John was as white as a ghost, Y/N turned to the two men behind her wide eyed and the cashier let out a small yelp. The biker took Sherlock by the collar and tackled him against the counter, punching him several other times as the detective tried to get out of his grip and some customers to separate them. Kneeing his opponent in the right place, he pushed him away and rose his guard for the next blow, which came faster than he’d thought. The two men fell on the ground, still fighting, rolling over one another as everyone else was trying to stop them. At the tenth blow on his head, Sherlock lost consciousness.


The constant beeping of hospital’s instrument woke him up. He stared at the white ceiling for a moment, trying to recall how exactly he ended up there when Y/N’s voice answered his question.

“Fighting with a biker at Speedy’s? Sherlock, even for you this is a new level of stupid.” Sarcastically stated the woman, sitting on a chair beside him. “John was here about an hour ago. He wanted to apologize to you and cancel his date but I convinced him to do otherwise, you were the one to choose the biker after all.” She paused, “Am I really that of a terrible choice?”

He tried to chuckle a bit but only succeeded in wincing in pain.

“Yeah don’t move, you’ve got a concussion. Usually you shouldn’t have any visitors, but I’ve got my way around hospitals…. Why on Earth did John dare you to do this?”

“I said Valentine’s day was pointless, love a nuisance and people boring when he tried to convince me to spend the evening with someone.”

“And look where it got you now… Stuck in an hospital bed with only me for company.” She joked. “John did found a way to get you a date though…” she added, after a small pause. “Well considering an hospital is far from being the most romantic setting we could have wished for…”

“So I guess this makes you my Valentine then?”

“We could say so.” She chuckled.

He gave her a smile.

“Maybe it’s not as much of a bad thing as it sounds…” she added, “On the other hand, next year, try not to be in hospital this time…”

CC7 - Part 11

I felt Emily quivering and shaking like crazy. Her perfectly shaped body convulsed for the fourth time in lusty ecstasy. My lips traveled upwards and reached her navel. Her stomach was rising and falling quickly when I heard her giggling and panting at the same. One of her hands was grasping my hair while the other one was placed on her forehead.

“Holy shit”, she puffed and swallowed heavily. I smirked slightly at her reaction and felt little aftershocks still rippling through her body. Making my way further up, I planted a bunch of kisses on her heated skin before I met the soft lips. She sighed in exhaustion and probably satisfaction. Her hands were folding around my neck but I lay down next to her, guiding her to cuddle up to me. She did and I needed a moment to let it all sink in.

“That was amazing”, Emily beamed and placed a tender kiss on my neck while I stroked her arm softly. “I almost regret waiting such a long time”, she added with a breathless laugh.

“Just almost?” I questioned with a little grin and felt her pulling the blanket over us.

“It was worth it though, wasn’t it?” my former high school crush asked while we were recovering from our high.

“Yeah absolutely”, I agreed with no hesitation and kissed her forehead.

But that wasn’t the whole truth.

Yes, it had been amazing. Better than most sexual encounters in my admittedly not-so-inexperienced past. It was the first time I had slept with someone after Camila. I knew it was wrong but I couldn’t help but feel…underwhelmed. I cringed internally because it sounded horrible even in my head. It wasn’t fair to compare and I knew that. And if it weren’t for my brown-eyed teammate, I was certain this would have felt like the ultimate level of intimacy.

It wasn’t that Emily hadn’t been more than affectionate and pleasing but I remembered fireworks going off as soon as Camila had touched me in any way that night in New York. I had felt on fire but perfectly content at the same time. The intensity of that night was unmatched. For the first time, I had felt something beyond the physical aspect of sleeping with someone. It was so stupid but maybe there was the difference between making love to someone opposed to having sex.

I knew I wasn’t in love with Emily…yet! But until now, I hadn’t fully realized that I had still been in love with Camila even that night in New York. It hadn’t been about anything else than me wanting to be with here in the most intimate way possible – not revenge or fun.

And now that I knew what that felt like, I was more than conflicted about how to handle being with Emily. We were taking things slow and there was still a chance of me falling for her. Not every relationship had to be so explosive. That intense nature of my feelings for the left-midfielder had caused just as many negative feelings in form of heartbreaks and pain. A milder connection wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. It was comfortable and easy. Camila was my first love and those were supposedly always the most intense. The first cut is the deepest; I recalled a Cat Stevens song and wanted to smack myself for being so cheesy.

The balancing act between giving Emily a real chance and not feeling guilty for possibly leading her on was killing me. But I tried the best I could.

Unfortunately it didn’t work out.

As much as I wanted it to, there was denying after almost another three months that my feelings never completely peaked. I liked her a lot and I was definitely attracted to her but it became apparent to me why I couldn’t fully give my heart to her. It still belonged to someone else. Camila and I had rarely spoken since boot camp in Arizona. We were both focusing on soccer and there was no animosity or weirdness at all. It was cordial but I had to distance myself to at least give my relationship with Emily a fair shot. And I had.

I had seen the blonde model two weeks ago to end things. The break-up wasn’t as bad as I initially thought. She seemed to be on the same page and the split was rather amicable. I couldn’t shake the feeling that Emily knew about my feelings for someone else although she hadn’t said it. She wasn’t mad, which made it worse somehow. I wanted to make sure that she knew how much I appreciated her. She had shown me that I was able to be in a fully committed relationship, a long-distance one even, without falling apart by all the pressures I put on myself. I had enjoyed my time with her and I was more than grateful for having had the wonderful experience with her.

Ending it with Emily was hard. Telling Camila how I actually felt was harder.

It had been two weeks since my break-up and I still hadn’t found the courage to tell my teammate what was going on my head. For the most part, I didn’t want to tell her because she seemed so happy with Ariana. Her life had been such a mess and I couldn’t ruin her new-found happiness, could I? Of course there was also the fact that I was afraid she wouldn’t feel the same way anymore. That possibility was more than probable and I was a coward. I didn’t want her to tell me that I was too late. Maybe they would break up at some point? I hated the idea of being a home-wrecker. But the alternative of waiting wasn’t too appealing either.

I had to wait for the right time…if only there ever was such a thing.


Packing up my stuff, practice was over and I was done showering before I picked up my bag. Just about to leave, I overheard Camila talking on the phone agitatedly.

“What do you mean by sick? Does she have fever? No, don’t do that. I will come home immediately. Yes, thank you. Bye.”

Even though I only heard a snippet of the conversation I couldn’t bring myself to leave the locker room without addressing my teammate. We hadn’t been talking much and that was partly my fault but I was so stressed on how to handle the situation.

“Camila? Is everything ok?” I asked concerned and saw how distraught the younger one was.

“My babysitter just called. Apparently Lara has been throwing up and won’t stop crying”, Camila’s voice shook in fear while she tried stuffing her clothes in her bag. “I have to go home right away.”

“I can drive you if you want”, I offered and noticed her hands shaking.

“You don’t have to do that. I’m sure someone else who lives closer to me will-“

“Camila”, I cut her off soothingly and grabbed both of her wrists gently to make her stop for a second. “Take a deep breath”, I said and finally saw the brown eyes meeting mine for more than a frantic gaze. She exhaled loudly and her shoulders relaxed at least a little.

“I’m sorry, she was just never sick before and I need to get to her”, the brown-eyed explained more composed.

“Alright, then I will drive you. I insist because I want to make sure she’s ok too”, I replied while her facial features softened.

“Ok”, she breathed with another loud sigh and I reluctantly let go of her wrists. It wasn’t the right time to tell her what I mess I was concerning my feelings for her, that was for sure. So I focused on helping her out and being a good friend. Not to mention I was genuinely concerned and worried about Lara. Seeing the young mother’s anxiety quickened my pulse instantly. I led her to my car and drove as fast as I could without endangering us of course.

Arriving at her apartment, I carried Camila’s bag because she had completely forgotten about it in her hurry to leave my car. I sprinted after her and saw her bursting through the door. A cold shiver ran down my back when I heard Lara crying from the hallway. The voice sounded so strained and full of pain that my stomach turned. Hastily following Camila inside, I saw the older woman who babysat holding the three year old before she passed her on to Camila.

Lara was crying hysterically and I felt utterly overwhelmed but wanted to do something to help.

“It’s ok, baby”, Camila whispered soothingly while rocking her daughter in her arms.

“My…tummy hurts…so much”, the girl with hazel eyes sobbed uncontrollably. Camila paid the babysitter and the older woman left when I found some composure to at least put down my teammate’s bag.

“Ok, let’s see”, Camila put her hand on Lara’s forehead. “You’re burning up. I think we have to go to see Dr. Philips, ok sweetie? She will make you all better, I promise.”

“Let me drive you”, I suddenly blurted out and seemingly reminded her that she wasn’t alone. “You don’t have a car, right? And I can’t let you take a bus when Lara is feeling that bad.”

“Thank you”, she didn’t protest this time which was a relief. Lara was still not acknowledging me but that was not worrying me. What concerned me was how worried Camila was. It was probably nothing too bad but the young mom seemed extremely panicky. She was looking for her purse and seemed completely disoriented when I decided to step in again.

“Come on, let me hold Lara for a moment and you can look for your insurance card or whatever it is that you’re looking for”, I said and opened my arms. There was a second of hesitation, she didn’t want to let go of Lara, which was understandable but she needed to calm down just a bit. Holding the light-brown haired girl in my arms now, she was still crying. I rubbed her back comfortingly and let her rest against my chest until her mom was ready to go.

Everything after went by in a blur. I drove them to their pediatrician and sat in the waiting room area like an actual parent. It was strange yet…nice. Of course the circumstances weren’t ideal with Lara being sick but some older man sat with me and asked if I was waiting for my kid too. I decided to simply nod even though it wasn’t the truth. In a way, I was definitely invested in their family and that little lie didn’t cause any harm.

But I found myself driving Camila and a very exhausted Lara home about an hour later. Lara had the stomach flu. That explained the nausea, fever and stomach cramps. The medication had at least eased the child’s pain. She was exhausted and none of us spoke on the way. Being back in their apartment, I didn’t know why I went upstairs again but it just happened. Camila tucked Lara in while I watched for some reason.

“I’ll make you some soup, sweetie. Or do you want to sleep first?” the single parent asked and stroked Lara’s hair.

“I’m hungry”, the high-pitched voice confessed.

“Ok, then let me fix something up for you really quick.”

“I don’t want to be alone. My tummy still hurts a little”, Lara said quietly and focused on me for the first time. “Can Lauren stay with me?”

Both pair of eyes landed on me and I smiled instantly.

“Sure, little one”, I answered as unbent as I could to help everyone calm down even more. Slowly approaching them both, Camila got up and I claimed her seat on the edge of the bed before she left. I put my hand on Lara’s stomach and stroked the aching area soothingly that was covered with a fluffy blanket. It was my first time in her room and I noticed a lot of pictures she had apparently painted hanging on the walls.

“You can lie down next to me”, Lara offered surprisingly and I wasn’t certain if that was really ok. Not only was I afraid the small bed couldn’t support me but we hadn’t been close in a while. The last thing I wanted was for Camila to think I was overstepping my boundaries. “Please”, the child added pleadingly and I couldn’t deny her wish any longer. Taking off my sneakers, it wasn’t easy to fit into the small space on her bed but we managed to do it. I was beyond endeared she would share her confined space with me although she was probably beyond tired.

“Are you feeling better?” I asked carefully and saw her nodding.

“It feels better when you touch it”, she answered and put my hand back on her stomach. I smiled before continuing my soft massage to ease her pain. She was without a doubt the most adorable thing ever. Moving my hand in soft circles, her breathing slowed before she closed her eyes.

“Will you sing something for me?” she asked all of a sudden.

“Um, I can’t sing”, I answered simply and was surprised how self-conscious I felt even around a small child.


“No, I mean…technically I can sing but it doesn’t sound very nice”, I tried to explain and watched her open her eyes again to look at me.

“Please. Mommy always sings for me when I go to sleep”, the three year-old said with a pout.

“She does?” I was genuinely surprised.

“Yeah and she has a really good voice”, she let me know with pride in her young voice.

“I don’t even know any lullabies”, I confessed.

“Sing anything you want”, Lara countered and I swallowed heavily. She was persistent but I didn’t want to disappoint her.

“Ok then I will try and sing whatever”, I whispered deep in thought and kept stroking her stomach the entire time. How was it possible that I couldn’t think of any song right now? The first song that popped into my head seemed so stupid but I couldn’t think of anything else. Clearing my throat gently, I was baffled on how nervous I was. My heart was beating way too fast but the tension eased as soon as I started singing very quietly. There was no need for anyone else to hear and Lara was just inches away.

“Waited for your call, for the moon
To release me from the longest afternoon
I’ve re-arranged parts of my living room
But time is hard to kill since I met you

Looking at the cars that drive on by
While spring is making promises outside
Red cars are quite rare I realize
Then I wonder which colour you like

Seven little numbers
Baby, they could be a start
Seven little numbers
Baby, I know yours by heart

Woo-oh, oh-oh, all the pretty things that we could do
Woo-oh, oh-oh, I feel you in every heart beat
Woo-oh, oh-oh, were you ever in a dream that could come true
These numbers could be lucky for you

Watch the sky change to a darkened blue
I can’t think of another thing to do
And every song just makes me think of you
Because the singer sounds as if she was longing,
As if she was longing, too


I read your name on every wall, on every wall - tell me
Is there a cure for me at all, for me at all - tell me
I read your name on every wall, on every wall - tell me
Is there a cure for me at all, for me at all”

That was as far as I got before I stopped abruptly. I noticed Camila standing at the door and watching me intently. Until now I had only looked at Lara to make sure she was okay while singing just above a whisper. Fuck, was my very first thought; followed by a feeling of horror and embarrassment. In hindsight I realized how true those lyrics were although I hadn’t chosen that song consciously. It had just happened. There was no denying on my end that those words, or the theme of the song, had a connection to what I was experiencing whenever I was around the younger girl staring at me…all the pretty things that we could be it echoed in my head.

I was so preoccupied with being flustered that I didn’t realize Lara had fallen asleep. My eyes were riveted on the chocolate-brown ones. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t read them. Was she endeared? Surprised? Or just appalled? I had absolutely no clue. The thing that I was certain on was the hot feeling in my cheeks as they were burning up.

“That was pretty good”, Camila smiled and I tried to be nonchalant when my pulse was going through the roof internally. I finally broke our eye-contact and dropped my gaze to see the small child sleeping peacefully. At least my singing hadn’t caused her to cringe but rest. Since I didn’t want to wake her, I moved very carefully and managed to get out of the bed subtly.

“I’m not sure how she fell asleep with me screeching but-“, I spoke self-deprecatingly while approaching my teammate still leaning against the doorframe.

“Me neither to be honest”, she teased me with that signature smirk that let me know she was joking.

“Well, thank you”, I chuckled and leaned against the other side of the wooden frame so we were facing each other. “I am singing your child to sleep and all I get are insults.”

“In all seriousness, Lauren”, Camila changed the tone of our conversation and her facial expressions were more sincere. “Thank you for today. Not just driving us but…it was good to have someone with a calm presence there. I was close to losing it.”

“I know”, I replied with a gentle laugh. “I have seen you get angry or nervous on the field but you were on a whole other level of anxiety today. I’m just glad it wasn’t something more serious and I could help out.”

“You did and I can’t thank you enough”, the left-midfielder flashed a soft smile that made my heart flutter because it was so perfect.

“You don’t have to thank me. In a strange way…I kind of enjoyed it”, I hesitated a little with my answer.

“How so?” my teammate seemed intrigued but confused at the same time.

“It’s been a while since we hung out and…I’ve missed…” you I completed in my head but felt a lump in my throat. It wasn’t that hard to say, was it? “I’ve missed Lara”, I said instead and sighed internally. How was I ever supposed to tell her how I felt when I couldn’t even admit to missing her?

“It has been a while, yeah”, Camila agreed but dodged my eyes. “We have all been pretty busy, I guess. How is Emily by the way?”

My heart dropped into my gut. She was still clueless that I had broken up with Emily two weeks ago and maybe this was the right time to tell her. After all, she was asking me about her and I wouldn’t be blurting it out just for the sake of it.

“Um, actually-“, I started but was interrupted by the sound of the frontdoor shutting. Just seconds later Ariana walked in with her pair of keys apparently. The pumping organ took another dive. The other young woman with lighter hair seemed surprised to me and I tensed up instantly.

“Hey”, she greeted hesitantly and before addressing Camila. “I’ve been calling you all day. Is everything alright?”

“Sorry, my phone died and it was a hectic day”, Camila said apologetically and I watched Ariana leaning in. Of course I had no idea what it felt like to be pinched in the heart with a bunch of needles but I imagined it to feel just like that – the small kiss exchanged between them seemed so accustomed and perfectly comfortable that my jealousy levels reached an all-time high. I took a very deep breath to appear unfazed.

“Lara has the stomach flu and Lauren helped me out”, the youngest explained and I felt Ariana looking at me.

“That was very nice of you. Is Lara ok?” my teammate’s girlfriend asked concerned.

“Yeah, she’ll be fine. Don’t worry”, the other soccer player appeased and I felt worse every second I spent with them. “I’m sorry, Lauren. What were you saying about Emily?”

I was frozen for a moment. Looking at both of them and seeing how genuinely close and happy they were, I couldn’t bring myself to tell the truth for some reason.

“Emily is doing great”, I said very simply but faked a smile as best as I could.

“That’s good to hear”, Camila nodded gently. “I assume she is coming to the play-off final since she lives in New York?”

“No, she’s…out of town for some modeling gig”, I completely lied and hated myself even more for it. Why wasn’t I just telling her the truth, for fuck’s sakes?! We were facing Western New York Flash for the final game tomorrow. It was all or nothing. The championship was so close and I wanted to win the game so badly. After all, both Camila and I had contributed quite a lot to reaching the play-offs. One more win and we had it in the bag.

“Oh, that’s too bad. But I’m sure she’ll support you in spirit”, my teammate wanted to cheer me up while I only wanted to get out at this point.

“Yeah maybe”, I mumbled incomprehensibly. “But I have to go. I’ll see you soon then.”

“Ok, I’ll walk you out”, Camila offered politely.

“No, it’s alright. I know my way out. Take care, Ariana”, I added as friendly as I could before pushing myself off the doorframe.

“You too”, Ariana reciprocated.

“Bye”, Camila breathed while I took a last look at Lara. My fucking heart had never felt so torn. It seemed there were too many emotions trying to cramp up space in there and it was close to bursting. Sighing very quietly, I walked away and left the apartment.  

Timing was definitely not on my side when it came to Camila.


This was it. We had fought the entire season for this moment. The final match and there was only one win separating us from the championship title. With only minutes left in the game, the score was 1-1. I had scored very early in the game but our opponents had tied in the second half. It was time to get focused. All the hard work we had put in had to pay off. Western Flash was attacking furiously for the past ten minutes and we were trying to defend our butts off.

But then I managed to steal the ball in our own half and this was our chance for a counterattack. Sprinting like a maniac, Camila and I crossed paths and changed positions. I was running down the left side with the ball effortlessly clinging to my feet at incredibly speed. The defender was right behind me but I knew my teammate was positioning herself perfectly. Looking up for only a split second, Camila had almost reached the penalty spot. That was when I served an impeccably timed pass for her.

Everything happened in slow motion but also in high-speed. All I saw was the left-midfielder sliding the ball into the back of the net. The counterattack was textbook and the perfect sum-up for the season in which Camila and I had shown a great performance.

Before I knew it, the brown-eyed teammate was running up to me and crushed me with possibly the world’s tightest hug. Wrapping my arms around her waist while hers were around my neck, I felt every little inch of her slender body against mine. I never shut off during a game; usually. Being able to stay in game-mode was something I prided myself on but this moment meant more than the championship. It was the straw that broke the camel’s back. There was no denying anymore: I loved her.

Burying my face in the crook of her neck, all the other players were forming a circle around us at this point but neither of us was letting go. It reminded me of our U-17 championship win in Costa Rica. Our roles had reversed where I was giving her the assist to win the final. It had been the beginning of our rollercoaster ride and it was strange to think that we were still in each other’s lives after all that had happened. That had to mean something, right?

Our hug had to end at some point but the game ended just a few minutes after as well. Everyone was now celebrating and I had trouble keeping up. The next couple of hours went by with my mind in a haze. It was too much to take in. We had actually won the championship. Of course we all wanted to celebrate and decided to go out after the game. New York was the place to do it after all.

Kristie was wasted before we had even reached the club but I didn’t mind. It was well-deserved but I wanted to clink glasses with a certain teammate that had scored the deciding goal. Camila was nowhere to be found but I had already gotten two cocktails for us. I asked a few people where she was and they revealed she had gone back to the hotel already. I was more than surprised. She was the shooting star of this season and the heroine of tonight. If anyone deserved a drink it was her.

Knowing her, it made sense she wasn’t with us though. As much as Camila had changed, she was still the introverted teenager at heart. Not to mention she had a sick child at home and probably worried like crazy again.

It didn’t take long for me to decide and I was back to the hotel within the next half hour. Reaching my room, I opened the minibar and mixed two drinks of vodka and lemonade. If Camila wasn’t coming to the club to get her drink, I would bring the drink to her. Admittedly nervous, I was standing in front of her door and knocked gently. What if she was sleeping already? My suspicion wasn’t confirmed luckily when I saw her opening up.

“Lauren?” she said very surprised but smiled in the way that made my heart flutter. “What are you doing?” she half-laughed and looked at the drinks in my hand.

“Look, you won us the championship and…there was honestly just one person I wanted to have drink with tonight”, I said truthfully and the alcohol in my system was helping me relax around her. I definitely wasn’t drunk but a little tipsy and therefore more courageous.

“You didn’t have to do that”, Camila replied and I got a first glimpse of her in her shorts and tank top that she probably wore to sleep in.

“Well, I wanted to. Just one drink and I’ll let you sleep, promise”, I tried my best smile which had charmed a lot of girls in the past, even though I was only interested in charming the one in front of me right now.

“Ok, come in”, the younger one accepted my offer and I followed her inside. Her bags were already packed and I assumed she was eager to get back to Lara.

“Is Lara doing better?” I asked sincerely before handing her the glass.

“She is. I just talked to Ariana and apparently she is bouncing back incredibly fast”, she informed me although the name of her girlfriend caused a stinging ache in my chest once more.

“Then we have even more reason to cheers”, I was set on having at least one moment with her before the season was over. It dawned on me that we wouldn’t be seeing each other every day for practice anymore. There was still the USWNT and boot camps but that wasn’t starting any time soon either. I realized I wouldn’t get to see her for a while if I didn’t make an effort to at least be her friend again. For the past months we had been distant by choice. Still, she had always been around. Now that I was faced with the reality of being separated with no choice, my heart was cramping up.

“Alright, then what are we toasting to?” she held up her glass and looked at me questioningly.

“To us”, I blurted out and saw her eyebrows lifting in surprise. “I mean, we have come quite a long way. It’s surreal to think about sometimes. And to be honest, I never would have thought we would be here…still together in a sense”, I kept going while my pulse was quickening rapidly. “Starting at the youth teams and now we’re both on the women’s team…and we just won the league championship. You have to admit that’s pretty impressive.”

Her lips formed a smile that would make anyone weak in the knees and I couldn’t help but do the same.

“Not to toot our own horn but we played a good season, or half-season in my case”, she agreed and I nodded immediately.

“Exactly. So, here is to us”, I put up my glass and let it clink with hers while locking eyes.

“To us”, she confirmed before we both took a big sip. It wasn’t very strong because I didn’t want her to think I was trying to get her drunk or something. What exactly did I want?

Taking another big gulp, the fluid in my glass was already gone. I saw Camila’s eyes widening but I didn’t look away. For some reason I couldn’t. I felt it: that tension – the attraction between us that made my entire body quiver in expectation and nerves. It was just that feeling, that had never emerged with Emily and affirmed me that I had made the right decision in ending it with my now ex-girlfriend.

God, she was so close. All I had to do was take one step and I would be able to do what my heart was telling me to do. Camila was frozen it seemed. There was some nervousness detectable in the hazelnut orbs. Her smile was gone. She looked like a deer in headlights while my emerald eyes were piercing hers.

It felt oddly familiar to be there with her. The last time we had been in New York, in the same hotel for that matter, we had slept together. The mere memory of that night had my head spinning now. It would have been a lie to say I didn’t want it to happen again. I wasn’t longing for the sex. If I had learned anything from being with the younger one that night, then that there was so much more to it than the blatant physical aspect of it. But I wasn’t even longing for that. I wanted more. I wanted all of her and not just for one night.

Inhaling deeply, I took a step in her direction and took her glass out of her hand, placing both of them gently on a table next to us. Her entire posture changed and seemed to stiffen. I would have given everything to know what was going on in her head. It was all or nothing at this point.

Standing right in front of her, I exhaled quietly and saw her swallowing. No protest. Our faces only inches apart, I couldn’t hold back and felt myself leaning in slowly. My eyes closed and that moment before the actual kiss was the absolute worst. Subconsciously I prepared myself for her to push me away.

She didn’t.

Instead, I found myself kissing the softest lips tenderly. Her breathing was unsteady and I could almost feel her inner struggle. She reciprocated lightly but just enough for me to know I wasn’t forcing myself on her in any way. Her lower lip was trembling in between mine and I captured it again with the same amount of affection. Placing on hand on her waist, I let the other one wander to her cheek and cupped her face lovingly. It was indescribable what I felt. Every inch of my skin seemed to burn up while my mind was blank. All I was focused on was the younger one starting to kiss me back.

Her hands grabbed my shirt and I felt them shaking slightly before gripping the fabric more forcefully. The resistance was crumbling and I grew more courageous, parting my lips and letting my tongue brush against her bottom lip. Camila exhaled laboriously from what seemed to be her internal fight. Tilting my head to the side, my hand moved to the back of her neck and demonstrated a certain dominance that came natural to me. Her lips finally parted a little and I wasted no time to explore the warmth of her mouth with my tongue.

Pulling her in closer, our hips touched and my teammate gasped. I was beyond reason by now and all the pent-up tension was about to release itself. My mouth left hers because I wanted to taste every inch of that smooth skin. Kissing her jawline up to her ear, I stopped there to suck on the sensitive earlobe. The slender girl moaned in a suppressed manner and fueled my fire with that sound. I planted a few wet kisses on her neck and savored the scent of her shampoo. She was already panting when my hand slipped beneath her tank top and started stroking up and down her spine.

“No, stop”, the breathless voice said completely out of nowhere and pushed me away. Of course I stopped and felt my heart thudding in my chest. “I…can’t do this. You have to leave”, Camila demanded shakily.

“What if I don’t want to”, I replied also out of breath due to my ‘work’ on her neck.

“Please Lauren, we’ve been through this and I can’t have this happen again-“

“Camila-“, I wanted to cut in and tell her that it wasn’t about a one-night thing this time but she turned away hastily.

“Get out”, she sounded close to tears and held the door open. My heart took a dive. “Now!”

“Listen to me please”, I tried once more and walked up to her and the door to see her eyes filled with tears.

“Lauren, I’m begging you please”, her voice trembled while she shook her head in desperation. “I can’t do this right now. I want you to leave.”

Sighing loudly, I couldn’t force her to listen to me. Running my hand through my hair full of frustration, I complied with her wish and walked past her to leave her room. The door closed within a millisecond and left me standing on the outside. This was not how I had planned things. Not that I had planned them at all. I wasn’t sure if I should have regretted kissing her or not. Either this was to end or a new beginning.

Whatever it was, clearly Camila couldn’t make that decision tonight and I owed her at least some time to figure it out. But I promised myself to not let her go again.


A week had passed since our championship win in New York. I had not heard from Camila since then. That wasn’t too surprising considering our last encounter but I was starting to get worried. She still had no idea what I wanted and how much I truly cared about her. In her mind I was probably just after another hook-up. My initial idea of giving her time turned out to be torture. And now that soccer season was over, I couldn’t stop thinking about her.

I finally decided to do something about it and drove to her apartment. In hand, I had a picture for Lara since she had liked my drawings before. Walking up the stairs of the apartment complex, I reached Camila’s apartment but saw a bunch of workers in there. They were clearing out the apartment and I saw an older man writing down a few things. What the hell was going on?

“Excuse me”, I approached the man hastily. “Could you tell me what happened? I mean, my friend lives here. Her name is Camila Cabello.”

“Miss Cabello doesn’t live here anymore. Her lease was up and she said she was leaving town so we’re here to get her stuff out”, the grey-haired man answered and I dropped the drawing pad in my hand.

“Leaving town…what…did she say anything?” I stammered and picked up the object on the floor.

“She left about twenty minutes ago to go to the airport. I think she said something about France.”

My head was spinning. France? France?! Without another word I sprinted back to my car and wasn’t thinking at this point. It was purely instinctual and nothing had really settled in yet but I needed to get to the airport. There were so many things racing through my mind but nothing sank in at all. It was all a bur. My only goal was to reach her in time so she wouldn’t be gone – possibly for good this time.

I sprinted from the parking lot to the destination board and screened all the flights. There was one flight to Paris that would board soon. I couldn’t see other French destinations and prayed that this would be right one. Looking at the number for the right check-in, I realized that I wouldn’t be able to pass the area without a plane-ticket. Quickly looking for any counter, I found one with no one in line and told them to give me any ticket. The older woman looked surprised and urged me to name a destination. I named my hometown Miami and finally got the ticket I needed.

Running like an actual crazy person, I surprised even myself with how quickly I made my way through the big crowds of people. A few feet in front of me, I saw her. It was definitely her. She was holding Lara’s hand.

“Camila!” I yelled, not caring about anything else and realized she was in line to board the plane. She turned around and I was completely out of breath when I reached her. A part of me couldn’t believe that I had actually made it. But there was no relief at this point because she was still about to leave the fucking country!

“Lauren, what are you doing here?” she asked perplexed but approached me and gave up her spot in line for now.

“I could…ask you the same question”, I panted and started to calm down just enough to speak. “What is going on? I was at your apartment and they said you were leaving for France?!”

“I signed a contract with Paris Saint German”, Camila revealed and tore my heart into pieces.

“No”, I breathed inadvertently and felt tears swelling my eyes. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I didn’t tell anyone on the team but I think it will be a great experience”, she answered matter-of-factly.

“But I’m not just another teammate”, I blurted out and couldn’t hold it in any longer. “And you know that. After what happened in New York last week, you can’t just bail like that! I didn’t even get a chance to tell you what is going on.”

“It was a mistake, Lauren. You don’t have to explain anything to me”, she said but I shook my head vehemently, close to exploding. “You’re with Emily and-“

“I’m not!” I blurted out louder than before and had a hard time keeping my composure because I saw the other people behind her starting to board the plane.


“I broke up with her three weeks ago”, I confessed and my chest was heaving from the distress I was going through internally. “And I wanted to tell you but you were so happy and I didn’t want to ruin it by complicating things. But I am not imagining this, Camila. When we kissed in New York…it felt right. I know you felt it too. And I have never felt that way for anyone else. I broke up with Emily because I never felt for her what I feel you”, my voice trembled in desperation and anxiety when I finally fessed up to my feelings.

“You shouldn’t have”, Camila whispered but I detected tears in her eyes as well while she was continuously ripping my heart into shreds it seemed. I reached for her hand and held it firmly.

“You can’t leave, please”, I pleaded and heard my own voice crack at the end.

“Lauren, don’t-“, she breathed and took a deep breath to hide her own sorrow.

“I love you”, the three words I had never said to anyone else left my lips with a light sob. The brown orbs shot up and met mine. She looked deep into my eyes, finding sincerity and truth in them and therefore in my words. My fingers wrapped around hers tightly instinctively. The seconds passed like hours in which her eyes darted frantically between mine with a glassy shimmer covering them. We were both about to burst into tears but maybe for different reasons.

“You’re too late”, Camila whispered and I felt the first tear rolling down my cheek.

“No…I love you”, I repeated forcefully yet in despair. “I am in love with you and I have been ever since I was 17. And I know I was a coward for waiting so long. But it can’t end like this”, I said shakily and couldn’t stop my lips from quivering. “Please, Camila. I am genuinely begging you to give me chance”, I continued and saw her wiping her own tears while I let mine stream down my face unconcerned.

“Lauren, I’m sorry”, she breathed thick with emotion and released her hand from mine.

It was over. I was in fact too late. There was no one to blame but myself. I couldn’t say any more. Confessing my love to her was all I had. There wasn’t more for me to give. And it wasn’t enough. Dropping my eyes to the floor, I was fighting my own feelings that I usually bottled up so masterfully. I felt close to breaking and that agonizing pain in my chest felt so real. It weren’t needles pinching away anymore, but a big knife stuck in there while Camila had just twisted it for its deathblow.

Suddenly, I felt two hands cupping my face gently and lifting my head to meet a pair of trembling lips. Squeezing my eyes shut, more tears fell from them while I tried to savor that last moment of Camila kissing me. I didn’t want to know what it meant. Whether it was pity or a goodbye, every possible option hurt like hell. I placed my hands on hers still cupping my face before neither of us could sustain a kiss due to our unsteady breathing.

She let go quickly and turned away to reclaim her spot in line.

“Lara”, I wiped my tears swiftly when I saw the girl with hazel eyes. She walked up to me after Camila allowed her to do so. I bent down and opened my drawing pad, pulling out the drawing for her. It was folded so she couldn’t see what it was. “Here, open it later on. I made it for you. You…can’t forget about me that way”, I tried my best not to sound too sad for her.

The drawing showed a cartoon version of Lara playing soccer. The caricature was wearing the ‘Mini CC7’ jersey I had made for her while a bunch of other kids were trying to get the ball from her. I never would have thought it would be a parting gift but it was now. It killed me to think I wouldn’t be able to hear her adorable giggle anymore when she called me Pancakes.

“Don’t cry, Pancakes. I will miss you too”, Lara softly patted my face and made it even worse without knowing. I smiled bravely and swallowed the tears harshly. Her little arms wrapped around my neck for a hug and I gently rubbed her back. I didn’t want to let go but the Camila called for her because they had to go. She pulled away and kissed her cheek one more time before she waved and ran back to her mom.

Her mom: the young woman and I exchanged a last quick glance before she grabbed her daughter and boarded the plane to Paris. I held it together until they were gone. For a few moments I stood there in denial before the devastation hit me. My efforts were in vain. I was too late, Camila’s voice echoed in my head.

All this time I had waited for the right time without realizing there was no such thing.


A/N: Don’t hate me please. I warned you that this one was going to be a little heartbreaker. But maybe it wasn’t so bad. Feedback is always appreciated and enjoy the rest of your weekend :) - Jazmin

The Ichigo Diaries

As requested by anon. :)

What if Ichigo kept a diary during the first Bleach arc? This might be the result!

1. Dear Diary,

Protected a dead girl from bullies today. I’ve been leaving her flowers. I wonder why she doesn’t have family or friends who leave her flowers. Since she appears to be like nine years old. And dead. Probably best not to think about that.

2. Dear Diary,

Shinigami are real. They are not giant and scary like in Death Note. They are small and angry and they draw mustaches on the faces of helpless humans. Also, they will follow a guy to school and write threatening messages on their hands. And expect you to do their job for them! Like - what?? Why would I want to 

hang on diary i hear something


3. Dear Diary,

I met the hollow that killed my mother. I lost.

I need to get stronger.

A bigger sword, maybe. 

I feel in my soul that a bigger sword will always be the answer.

4. Dear Diary,

Who duels anymore, seriously? Like who goes up to a classmate and challenges them to a duel? Is that a thing? I don’t think that’s a thing! And if dueling were a thing, then it would be an actual duel! Like, hand-to-hand or sword-on-bow or whatever! Not releasing hollow bait in the middle of a crowded town full of humans that are hollow food!

I just don’t understand how that Quincy guy’s mind works. He just seemed really mad that I never noticed him. But who gets that mad just because somebody else didn’t notice them? 

But whatever. I guess the past is in the past since we’re friends now. He saved my life I guess. And tied my sword to his head but we’re not gonna talk about that. Ever again.

5. Dear Diary,

Rukia was arrested. I almost died. My sword was broken. It rained on me. A guy took me to his house and another guy lay on top of me until I woke up. Then I got thrown into a pit for three days with no food while I turned into a hollow.

It’s been a traumatic few days, is what I’m saying, diary.

But now it is weirdly peaceful. I am sitting on my bed, the window is open, and I am waiting for a weird shopkeeper to come find me so that I can go to the land of the dead. 

So by “peaceful” I guess I mean



6. Dear Diary,

I beat a giant today. It was easy.

7. Dear Diary,



8. Dear Diary,

Ishida has reminded me that we are here to rescue Rukia. That is fair. I can’t waste my time beating up random ghost peasants when I am here to beat all of the ghost soldiers.


9. Dear Diary,

I’m going to admit it: I am good at things. I always pick things up really fast. Like fighting. And fighting with a sword. And fighting with a different sword. But man! These cannonballs are IMPOSSIBLE! I just have no sense at all of how to do it. Everybody else picked it up really fast. Even Ganju can do it. And he is Ganju. I guess I’m feeling a little bad about myself. 

Why can’t the cannonball be a sword?

10. Dear Diary,

I am in the sewer. The sewer in the land of the dead. With the world’s tiniest and most cooperate hostage. And also Ganju.

I fought a bald dancing guy. And then ran around a lot. This whole experience is much different than I thought it would be. 

11. Dear Diary,

So you know that big red-headed guy with the cool sideburns and all the tattoos? The one who like swore to kill me and tried to kill me and all of that? Well I think he’s like my squire now? He knelt at my feet and grabbed my robe and begged me to rescue Rukia and I said I would so long story short I think he works for me now. 

He’s like the third shinigami I’ve collected now. Shinigami kind of love me.

12. Dear Diary,


13. Dear Diary,




14. Dear Diary,

Also that Squad 11 captain was just as scary as everybody said. No, more scary. Like, when dancing bald guy said, “Watch out for my captain” I thought, “What? Is he gonna be more bald and better at dancing?” But then I met him and HOLY SHIT THAT GUY WAS SERIOUSLY FREAKY. And so was his tiny lieutenant! Those guys. Man.

But anyway I have to go learn bankai now. Because yeah. Bankai is a thing. A thing I need to finally beat Byakuya. Nobody told me about bankai before now, but it’s a thing. I wonder what else I don’t know. Eh. I’m sure somebody will tell me.

15. Dear Diary,

It is time to go rescue Rukia. And I don’t normally say this, but I have to be honest: I am going to look so. freakin. cool.

16. Dear Diary,

Yeah. I looked cool. BRB I have to go beat Byakuya’s ass for trying to kill his sister.

17. Dear Diary,

I almost died again. During my fight with Byakuya. I really almost died. But then instead, I became a hollow. Just temporarily, but it still freaked me out. Kind of a lot. 

I didn’t get a hollow from Urahara’s pit, did I? No I’m sure it was just a fluke. I am not going to think about it.

Especially not know when everything is finally okay again. 

Time to go home.

18. Dear Diary,

It was not time to go home. A captain with glasses came and stole something from Rukia and then ascended into the sky. Everybody thought he was dead? It was all pretty confusing since I don’t know anybody’s names.

19. Dear Diary,

Rukia decided to stay in Soul Society. I guess that make sense. I’m not sad.

20. Dear Diary,

Weird summer vacation, huh?

anonymous asked:

Ty! You should bring Barnum and Bailey to the bookstore! Make them a nest in the corner. I bet they're super comfortable to lounge with.

Ty: I wonder if there are building codes against tigers in book stores?

Zane: Ty, no.

Ty: Maybe we can get a permit? I miss Barnum. He gave the best hugs. Terrifying and cuddly all at the same time. Kind of like Zane when I first kissed him. Aww, I miss Smith and Wesson too. OH! Maybe when I get better we can track Cross down and I can kill him and steal his kitties!

Zane: Ty … no.

Ty: I miss my kitties, Zane. I miss my kitties.

Nick: What about the mountain lion? Do you miss her?

Ty: Oh that’s mean.


Ty: I miss the kitties who love me, not the ones who tried to eat me.

Nick: Put on a tie and call you Fancy Feast.

Ty: AHAHAAHA oh my god.


Kelly: At least they’re getting along, right?

Zane: I’m going to end up with a cat in my book store, aren’t I.

Kelly: Yeah. There there, Zane.

“I always wanted to draw this handsome tom since I am a major fangirl. If I had the choice to bring one cat back to life, I will pick Ashfur and darn, I will try to become his mate and won’t let some other tom take me away from him. I won’t leave him like Squirrelflight did. I know many people are asking me right now “Why do you like Ashfur, he went insane and almost killed some cats!” even my friends ask me this and I say the same thing, I feel bad for him. Dude, his mate left him and CRUSHED HIS HEART! Ashfur done so many things for her and Squirrelflight just leaves him… I know you guys are now saying “He could have got over it and went with Whitewing!” Wouldn’t that ruin the prophecy a bit? If Ashfur did fell in love with Whitewing and had kits, what would happen to Dovewing and Ivypool? But when he died, I was upset and I said “RIP Ashfur, May You Linger In My Soul.” So go ahead, tear me apart for liking a heartbroken tom who tried killing everyone. You guys can never stop me from liking Ashfur, he never deserved this and we shall rest in StarClan (HE DID NOT GO TO THE DARK FOREST!)“

wow kiddo you are cringeworthy in so many ways