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So I practically took a leap of faith and decided to order a Flash plushie from Budsies - who are a company that turn (mostly kid’s) drawings into plushies.

I was pretty nervous before I got the previews, but turns out I am absolutely LOVING the result!!! They did such a great job following the reference and the colours to the best of their abilities and I’m really, really impressed with it!

This is so cool omg……

((Also I love the photo with my cat it looks like he’s so rad she can’t even look directly at him. Who could blame her tbh.))

((PS; The posters on the last image in the set were drawn by the amazing lysergic44 and kholouz, both of which can be found on deviantART - more totally rad art of Flash can always be found in his ever-growing ToyHouse gallery!))


I hope everyone had a great Halloween!! I had a lot of fun and reconciled with my dad, after he pretended I didn’t exist for like 2 weeks so that’s good!✨ I dressed up as a black cat ((bc I love chat noir 💜💜))
I meant to post this sketch comic earlier but I forgot about it. it’s honestly really REALLY messy and just bleh, It probably doesn’t even make sense. In the comic they are like going to a Halloween party and Adrien is waiting for Marinette ((freaking cute)) and they are both dressed up as cats ((cuties))
I llove jealous Adrien tbh 👀😹

anyway I can’t believe that someday some idiot is going to love me and actually CHOOSE to spend the rest of their lives with me lmao what a dumb bitch I love you bby

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could you do some cute aoyama head cannons? ^^

Oh hell yeah i can!! (Aoyama is so underrated tbh???)

  • He loves sweets. Any candy at all. They’re all great!
    • He’ll gladly take anyone’s leftover Almond Joys and lemon Starbursts from Halloween.
    • He can’t stomach black licorice though… he’s only human after all
  • He loves dogs and cats equally but Shetland ponies make him mel t
    • “WHERE ARE THEIR LEGS??????”
  • He collects lots of cute stickers and puts them on his belt, notebook, anything he can find really.
  • Can’t bake for shit I’m sorry
    • He tries though. He really does.
    • He attempted to make pink cupcakes with the intentions of making them look like this but they ended up looking like… this.
  • Sings in the shower regularly and is actually really good!
    • Nobody knows though
    • :(
  • Doesn’t like the color magenta, actually. He thinks it’s too tacky.
  • He memorized the  exact RGB and hexadecimal codes of his favorite color.
    • “Hey do you want this shirt I found online? I think you’d like it”
    • “Is it  #f4bbff? If you’re not familiar with hex codes, its RGB color code is (244, 187, 255).
    • “What the actual hell Aoyama”
    • “It’s lavender.”
  • He’s learning how to speak French and his classmates are helping him!
    • Auxiliary verbs (avoir+ être) when used for passé composé are really hard for him but he’s trying his best!
(A tiny mod shouta addition: he unironically has a “live, laugh, love” glittery sign above his bed)

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Can we also talk about how Bakugou went from "weird haired guy" to "Kirishima. Change of plans". Oh man I didn't realize how much I missed the anime *cries*

BOI CAN’T WE I just spent the whole morning crying over seeing the moment Bakugou recognizes Kirishima as an equal animated nbd at all r i p me - I think this might be the first time Bakugou calls anyone by their name, actually, and I just!!! that’s because Bakugou heard Kirishima’s words and recognized him as a good partner and a worthy hero and someone whom he could respect and I’m gonna be grateful for chapter 133 for the insight on this for the rest of my always I !!!!!! have feelings g a h

Anon said: ok ok ok ok but but listen what about BAKGOU AND OCHAKO they are the most popular couple and the most cutest , i think you should try to draw them once i would love love to see this !!! of course just if you want hehe thanx

Ahhh sorry anon but I really don’t ship that - I mean, it’s true that I ship Bakugou with a bunch of people aside from my main two, but if they’re part of Deku’s group you can fairly assume they’re not between my Bakugou ships? And I only romantically ship Uraraka with Deku, Tsuyu and Iida anyway so! You’re probably not gonna see any romantic baku/ocha from me, sorry o<-<

Anon said: Since we know what Bakugou’s parents are like, what do you think Kirishima’s parents are like?

I have a similar ask somewhere asking about Kaminari’s parents as well, so I guess I’ll answer both here?? As a general rule I don’t really like making headcanons over stuff I’m sure the manga will give me in the future, so I can’t say I’ve thought about this too much - there are a few things I work under the assumption of while drawing, like for example I’m taking for granted they both have at least functional families, considering Aizawa personally visited their homes to ask their guardians about allowing them back to school, and if anything had been weird he would have noticed

I like to think Kaminari got his quirk straight from one of his two parents with no mixing happening, and got the Kaminari surname from them as well, but that’s all I ever allowed myself to settle on as far as Kami’s family goes, everything else changes based on what I need for the current scenario I’m thinking about… I do often end back on him being an only child, though - in the same way depending on how angst or lighthearted I want it to be my ideas for Kirishima’s family change a lot, but generally I think I mostly fall back on the idea of him having a big family? In a scenario like that his parents are kind and love him a lot, but having many children and needing to split their attention on all of them might cause them to overlook him a little (it would explain his obsession with being flashy, for me) then again, who knows? I don’t know how canon you can consider the infos SMASH gives, but in one of the strips Kiri mentions working part-time, and the fact that he doesn’t seem to have problems with money kinda makes me believe he might be independent from his family like that (unless he’s a rich kid, also very entertaining as a possiblity)

I’ve seen a lot of headcanons floating around about both of these guys’ families and possibly being related to villains, that would be cool too, though I’m not sure how much I believe it

I’m sorry this ended up being little to no useful at all lol as I said, I just shift between scenarios a lot - imagine settling on one and growing attached and then having to let it go once Hori proves it wrong, that’d be terrible for me

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MinMinYoongi’s 14k Follow Forever!!! :)

Alright guys…..I’m not fancy or anything. I can’t make a cute banner for this and I can’t bold my mutuals….I run this blog completely on mobile and I’m doing the best I can with that! :) Also, I’m terribly sorry if I forgot anyone. You know I love you all. ♡

I’ll start with a few people who mean a great deal to me.

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@lnsoeng KAMA! The day we first met and started talking to each other, I felt like I had known you for years. You’re so easy to talk to and get along with. I love you so much!

@sunshine-seungri Jackie, you are one of the most generous and amazing people I have ever met. And you were there for me in some of my darkest days. You’re truly amazing. Thank you for that.

@2seoke ELIZABETH!!! 😂 Jo, you are just all around one of the most incredible people I have ever had the pleasure to know. You’re so outgoing and funny and when I met you I felt like I could be myself. I was so nervous before but that day was one of the very best that I ever spent in Chicago. The Kpop store was lit and I’ll never forget drinking Soju by the Chicago river 😂 it was such a great day. You’ve also been there for me when I was in some pretty dark days. And I love you so much. It’s truly an honor to call you one of my closest friends. Thank you.

@hoseokminskitten CAT!!!! Tbh one of my fondest memories of you and I was when we went on the swings in that park in China Town at like 10pm on a weekday…and we somehow just started screaming the lyrics to Don’t Stop Believing by Journey…and it was such a great time. I loved going to our restaurant to eat and going into the kpop store with you. I loved meeting your cats and talking to your roommate about Twice for like an hour. I loved how excited you got over Hoseok. You were my first friend in Chicago and you have now become one of my closest friends. I love you!! I’ll see you soon! ♡

@ricepot-jisung Ramsey!!! I fell in love with your blog and your writing before I even spoke to you and I told you once that I loved your blog…I never thought I’d get the chance to meet you in person but I did!!! And you were so sweet and kind to me even though I was awkward at first. All I said to you was that I loved your blog so much 😂 and when you followed me I was so happy. You remain one of my favorite people and one of my favorite blogs on tumblr!!! I hope we meet again soon! I miss you!

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@pcypuddings Becca! We literally met because we both hate trump and he was in our town and we just built a friendship off that mutual hatred. (And my mom said hatred would get me nowhere lmao) and I found out you lived like a mile from my house. To have a friend like you live so close to me, I got lucky. You’re wonderful and funny and you always get me into new groups and I hate you for that. Just kidding, I love you!

@hanginbyadream Steph! Wow. Let me start by saying that you are so precious to me. And that I am so glad you’re still here. I miss talking on the phone with you. We literally could talk for like hours :’) you’re an amazing person and an amazing friend. Tell your mom I said hello! Hope you’re both doing well ♡♡ I love you, Steph.

@atlantiswonderlust Courtland! Being in New York with you was so fun. Seeing BTS with you was so fun and I will never forget waking up at like 2am to take a train to Newark and waiting outside the venue in the freezing cold for over 12 hours 😂 thank you for giving me a place to stay so I could see BTS and thank you for showing me around New York. It was truly an amazing time. The concert was amazing but you and Raven really made my time there special. Thank you for being so kind. Also, you’re like the only person I’ve been on the phone with for over 4 hours. Seriously, we never run out of things to talk about. Our first conversation on the phone was 6 and a half hours 😂😂

@bunnymurderer Amy! I miss you. You used to be engaged to my older brother. You always deserved better. I hope you’re happier now and thank you for everything you’ve done for me. I love you so much. I will always see you as a sister.


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Thank you so much for 14k. ♡♡♡ I have added some people I had forgotten initially. I’m sorry!! ♡♡

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Ooo, if weiss is the blue paladin, who's the Keith to her Lance?

tbh everything about the AU doesn’t really make sense loll. I like the monos, but Ruby is the Red Paladin so if that’s what ur into then yoooo ship and let ship. It’s kinda confusing cause like Rubys the leader but Blake as the black paladin isn’t. Also Yangs as the Yellow Paladin is the one with the Robot arm and Blake isn’t. Also, Blakes the half galra/cat and Ruby as the red paladin isn’t either. Nothing makes sense and everything on fire and I’m having a great time.

nowadays ive been rlly proud of my blog content… is that dumb???? idk ive just been thinking recently that my shit’s actually fuckin great… rlly represents me and who i am… the perfect blend of shitposts and aesthetic and serious social politics and dumb nerd shit and hip fresh new topics up for circulation on the gay agenda… like okay i may not be the coolest cat in the world but i know exactly who i am and what im about and i make it work… my brand is so strong tbh… like wow im such a damn good blogger… follow me for consistent and reliable gifs and media and updates about my ill-advised gaysian life and activism and The Handmaiden (2016) dir. Park Chanwook and trash memes…

Because We’re Friends

Title: Because We’re Friends
Fandom: Natsume Yuujinchou
Characters: Natori Shuuichi, Natsume Takashi, other mentioned characters
Relationship: Natori Shuuichi & Natsume Takashi
Prompt: Favorite chapter/episode/arc (for May 17)
Word Count: 2263 (not including the additional scene in italics below)
Summary: Shuuichi isn’t stupid. He suspects– knows that Natsume has always been carrying something important with him. He doesn’t know what it is exactly, but he just knows it’s something dangerous. And so Shuuichi’s worry grows. And grows. 

And grows.

Warning: Contains content from manga chapters 14, 60-62, and 72-73, so if you haven’t read up until those chapters then don’t read this yet

Notes: This isn’t actually a single chapter/arc; it’s just that my favorite part/s is/are scattered throughout the manga, as seen in the warning above. 

I just love Natori’s relationship with Natsume and he’s honestly so protective of him, which is why Natori knowing about the Book of Friends really hit it home with me. This is basically just the scenes in the manga written in Natori’s perspective along with my own headcanons. Some of the dialogue were copied directly from the ones in the manga, so, yeah. Disclaimer.

Also, I crammed writing this so I’m sorry if it’s a bit messy and inconsistent. And b o i, I did not expect for this to exceed 2,000 words at all. I thought it was just gonna be a drabble with about 1k or so words, but then this happened. :’))

Anyway. On to the story.

The first time Shuuichi realized Natsume was carrying something important with him, it was at their trip to the hot springs. He had caught the tail end of Natsume’s conversation with the Youkai – Sumie, was it? – and even the part where he had a piece of paper tucked in between his lips.

Shuuichi thought odd of it, but he didn’t have time to think into it further as the Youkai was gearing up to attack Natsume, and he couldn’t have that, so he threw away everything but the thought and the instinct to protect him.

And then everything, his true purpose as to why he was in that inn as well as his motives in bringing Natsume along with him, kind of just unfolded from there.

Needless to say, he felt a little bit guilty about deceiving Natsume to go with him on this trip, when all he could have done was ask, but he couldn’t quite find it in himself to do anything but lie at that time because he was so used to doing so. It was hypocritical of him to say to Natsume that he wouldn’t need to lie when he was with him when he himself did so. But, well… he’d say that old habits die hard, but he feels himself letting up a little bit when Natsume admits that he’d been keeping things from Shuuichi himself, and that statement brings Shuuichi back to what he was doing with the Ayakashi before.

However, that was something that could be done at a later date, and right now what’s more important is to seal that Youkai properly.

Shuuichi could admit to himself that he panicked just a little bit when his paper dolls failed to subdue the Ayakashi, but then he proceeded to feel relieved and amazed at the fact that a Youkai that Natsume had saved prior to their trip had been the one to save them when the exorcism failed. Huh, maybe helping Youkai isn’t so bad after all…?

He’ll… entertain that thought another time.

The next time the matter comes up, a few months, close to a year, had passed. Tsukiko-san had called and he’d sent a paper doll containing the details of their meet up, only to find out that that doll had fallen to the ground due to the rain and was picked up by none other than Natsume.

It was funny how fate decided to let them meet again, and under this circumstance no less, but it was even more frustrating because Shuuichi didn’t want Natsume to be involved in his exorcism business. The various times he was involved, Shuuichi had been infected by his compassion and kindness and recklessness, three things that the people in his line of work usually lacked – and for good reason, because those three things entail weakness, and Ayakashi leech onto that.

But… when Shuuichi looks at Natsume and all his compassionate glory, he can’t associate him with the word. Natsume is anything but weak; he’s brave and determined, and he’s also just a tad bit fragile, but that doesn’t make him weak. He knows that anyone who’s had a childhood dealing with Youkai couldn’t have grown up being fully accepted, and it shows with Natsume’s actions because, just like himself, he’s grown accustomed to lying, he finds certain acts of kindness directed toward him surprising, he has a hard time trusting people, and he…

He keeps secrets, no matter how dangerous, just so he could protect other people.

Are you the Natsume of the Book of Friends that I’ve heard so much about?

And that brings Shuuichi back into the present, because there it is. There it is again. The… recognition that Youkai have of Natsume’s name.


“Tsk, so the exorcist brat is here. Did you overhear us?” the Ayakashi asked.

“…No,” Shuuichi answered, choosing his words carefully. “But it sounded intriguing. Care to fill me in?”

The Ayakashi snorted. “Who would tell a halfwit exorcist like you?”

Shuuichi paused. The way the Ayakashi said it… it seemed more than just an insult. He’d have lapsed into a thoughtful state right then and there, but alas, the Ayakashi has fled, effectively stopping his thoughts and putting him back into reality.

Later on, after the affair has ended and he’s told Natsume that whatever he had to say, he can say when he’s ready, Shuuichi thought. The amount of recognition Natsume holds over various Ayakashi is downright alarming, if only because it means that Natsume is so deep into Ayakashi business that he’s well-known by them across the land. Originally, Shuuichi had thought that that recognition was brought about by Natsume’s big heart for all the beings around him, but maybe there’s more to it than that.

Maybe… maybe he was well-known because of something he has, something that holds importance and– and power over the Youkai. Something powerful and terrifying and dangerous.

Something that the kind Natsume maybe shouldn’t have in his possession.

The Book of Friends, huh…?

Shuuichi had just exorcised an Ayakashi when he heard two small ones fretting over being exorcised themselves.

“Hey, isn’t that an exorcist?”

“Eh?! How scary… we might be exorcised if he finds us.”

Shuuichi finds himself amused, and he butts in, telling them that if he kept exorcising the small fry, it would be bad for his health. The low-level Ayakashi, fearing for their lives, blurt out that they’d do anything he demanded while also asking for forgiveness. Shuuichi, not one to pass up the opportunity, asks.

“Have you heard of the Book of Friends?”

The small Ayakashi are quaking and are weak-willed but they say nothing helpful about it and quickly run off. Shuuichi purses his lips.

Hm, so it appears that the Book of Friends is a well-kept secret among the Ayakashi that, for some reason or the other, should not be known by exorcists.

Now the question is: why?   

What power could the Book of Friends possibly have that would threaten the Ayakashi greatly should an exorcist get his hands on it?

Shuuichi thinks.

Youkai are generally afraid of exorcists because they do not want to be exterminated. So, if an exorcist in possession of the Book would be much more dangerous and fearsome for the Ayakashi, then Shuuichi could safely assume that the Book is fairly powerful.

Now then, Shuuichi mulls over what possible use a book could be to an exorcist. A book contains writings, and Shuuichi could think of a few things that require writing for exorcists.

It could be a book of spells, for example, spells that could effectively and efficiently exorcise Youkai. However, Shuuichi could not see the wisdom in simply carrying a book of spells around so he scratches that thought away.

A collection of circles, perhaps? That could serve some purpose for exorcists, having a ready-made stash of different types of circles made for different purposes. It may be convenient in some way for some people, however, for Shuuichi, it would only limit the sizes of the circles and he’d have to redraw them on the ground anyway if he needed a bigger one.

The last thing Shuuichi could think of that would need writing in an exorcist’s job would be forming a contract.

That… is not a pleasant possibility.

Shuuichi has caught only a glimpse of the Book, and from what he remembered, it was thick. If that thing contained contracts, then it means that a lot of Youkai were involved, and for such a thing to be in Natsume’s hands… he didn’t want to think of the possibility. Not yet. Shuuichi lowered his hat.

He best be going back. Natsume’s coming soon.

When Shuuichi had gone back to his condo with Natsume after picking him up, he was surprised to see one of his acquaintances – Aimiya-san – hanging around by the entrance of the building. And because fate just liked to screw with him, said acquaintance had also invited Shuuichi to an event in the Hakozaki house and managed to drag Natsume along.

Shuuichi had been careless. He should have never paraded around with Natsume, and now some weird rumor had spread about him.

He managed to suppress a sigh as they entered the premises of the Hakozaki house and quickly put on his business smile, listening attentively to Hakozaki-san’s request to find the elder Hakozaki’s study and seriously considering it.

It was a great opportunity, Shuuichi thought. His only regret was having Natsume be in the presence of other exorcists, especially since the Matobas are most probably elbow-deep into this matter as well.

But really, it was an opportunity that Shuuichi could not pass up, and he’d just have to take the risk. Natsume could defend himself fairly well enough anyway, and he had his cat bodyguard too, but just to ease his own conscience a little bit, he asked Hiiragi to go with Natsume as well, and also made Natsume dress as a shiki for good measure.

With that done, he set out to do some searching on his own. Urihime and Sasago had reported back to him after a while with a non-affirmative of the study’s location, but they both promised to search harder and Shuuichi only nodded. He’d thought as much anyway. There was no way his shiki could find it that quick if the people that came here before him hadn’t found it yet by now.

He continued searching on his own but no such luck turned up on his end as well. He sighed forlornly, thinking if it was impossible after all.

Ah, but if it’s Natsume…

Shuuichi found himself thinking. Natsume is different after all; he might just be able to find it.

He might have mused on it more, but then he was interrupted by the presence of another exorcist.


“Natori!” the elder pleasantly exclaimed. “As usual, you pick up on interesting stories very quickly.”

Shuuichi blurts out his greeting and they proceed on chatting. When asked about Natsume, Shuuichi simply waves it off and states that he hasn’t seen him.

He doesn’t want Natsume doing anything with the Matoba clan, not after he read Matoba’s letter to Natsume.

Nanase-san finally leaves and he takes the opportunity to look for Natsume and warn him about her. When Shuuichi does find him though, he was being attacked by a Youkai, and he tries so hard, his hardest, to pretend that he didn’t hear about the Book of Friends from the Youkai, only telling it to stay away from Natsume and attempting to rescue the younger male only for the fat cat to jump in and save him instead, but he knew Natsume knew that he heard it, so he tried placating him, telling him he’d just pretend he didn’t hear anything.

Natsume surprised him with his response.

“Natori-san… I won’t say it now because there are Ayakashi around, but after everything is done, will you hear me out?”

The statement gave Shuuichi pause, but he smiled and replied, “Of course.”

“My grandmother was called Natsume Reiko. It seems she had strong spiritual power.”

Shuuichi perked up at that, slightly surprised at Natsume’s straightforwardness and not expecting him to open up immediately after they’d finished, but he listened closely nevertheless.

“She was bad at dealing with humans so she was always involved with Ayakashi.” A pause. “She would challenge some, and when the Ayakashi lost, she made them write their names on a piece of paper. It seems she collected these.”

As Shuuichi heard the words, he was overcome with a grim disposition.

Natsume had said that she’d made them write their names. Shuuichi isn’t stupid; he’d deliberately told Natsume a while back that contracts formed with Youkai would require a name other than their real one, so the younger male’s lack of elaboration meant only one thing: the real names of the Ayakashi had been written.

It was a forbidden act.

Shuuichi listened on mirthlessly as Natsume continued to tell him about his grandmother, about how she’d made the Book of Friends out of loneliness, about how he’d inherited it and…

And about how, since he’s the only living blood relative of Reiko, he’s the only one able to return the names to their respective owners, which was why he’s now made it his life’s mission.

It was all… very difficult to accept for Shuuichi, because he knew, even if Natsume didn’t say so, that it was dangerous, risky, unsafe, and– and life-threatening. And he knew Natsume knew that as well, yet the younger still persists in doing so, if only to free the Youkai. Such a heavy burden for someone so… young and innocent. Shuuichi resists a shuddering breath.

Natsume was kind.

Natsume was too kind.

“It would be better if… such a dangerous thing was burned,” Shuuichi breathed out amidst the crackle of fire. Natsume, not having heard it because of the noise from the fire, asked what he had said, but Shuuichi merely brushed it off.

When Natsume had gone and the whole Hakozaki affair had been left behind, Shuuichi contemplated. He didn’t want the Book of Friends to stay in Natsume’s hands any longer, but Shuuichi had a feeling that nothing he’d say would persuade Natsume into giving it up, because Natsume’s just like that. Shuuichi can’t see him willingly throwing away the book; if anything, he’d probably fight tooth and nail just to protect it and to not let it fall into the wrong hands.

Shuuichi sighed exasperatedly, looking at the sky.

What was he going to do with Natsume?

End Notes: And yeah, that’s it. That’s the story. I now realize it’s more of a character study actually…? Of Natori, that is. 

Okay, uhm, I lied. That’s not the whole story yet. There’s still a scene I haven’t included in here ‘cuz I’m not yet done writing it, and is2g if I don’t get what I have done out right now, my brain is going to explode. 

The additional scene I’ll add tomorrow, but it’s going to be in a reblog sooo yeah. Y’all better read that additional scene because that’s where the title of this one-shot came from.

Thanks for reading and good night. 

On second thought, I’m gonna add here what I’ve written of the additional scene bc gahhhd I really need to get it out of my system/drafts and if I don’t my frustration would only grow and grow and grow.

So. Here you go.

“Natori-san! Natori-san, wait! The Book– it’s reacting!” Natsume shouted, stopping Shuuichi’s assault on it and momentarily distracting him from the Youkai.

“Watch out–!” Hiiragi warned, and Shuuichi turned to the Youkai, expecting to be hit, but that was prevented by the fat cat turning into his beast form and grabbing the Ayakashi in between his teeth.

“Natsume, now!” The white-furred beast looked to Natsume, his deep voice carrying across the land to where Natsume was, the Book suddenly out and opened.

“One who would protect me…” Natsume chanted, and Shuuichi looked on, confused and at the same time enchanted. “…show me your name.”

As the words were pronounced, the pages of the Book started flipping on its own and then abruptly stopped, a single page left standing. Shuuichi watched, enamored. He saw as the younger male ripped the page from the book and held it between his lips, a sight which he has seen only once before, at the inn with the hot springs.

And then, Natsume clapped, and blew.

The characters from the paper flew towards the captive Ayakashi in Madara’s mouth, and then a bright and soft light filled the air as the ink sank into the Youkai’s forehead, symbolically indicating that its name has been returned.

Yeah, just take it. And don’t give it back. Ugh.

Okay bye, for real now. See you tomorrow. 

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I was debating this: choice Neville or Seth or Cesaro (i couldn't pick!)

While I like Neville, he’s not one of the handful I fangirl incessantly over so that leaves whiskermuppet nerd weasel Seth and sassy Renaissance gentleman professional Cesaro and I’m uh. 

I ADORE Seth and the complexities of his characterization and of course I’m biased because let’s face it I’m a Shield girl for life, but uh

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A. He’s a god damn professional and probably the walking definition of “Clothes make the man” in the entire roster. I mean like, fuck

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I’m fucking smad that WWE aleady has like, one of those thriller military-spy movies with Seth having a role in in and not fucking Swiss Jason Statham over here? What gives? GIVE THIS SWISS CYBORG TERMINATOR JAMES BOND HIS DUE. (Also I thought that him being bald was going to be a point off, but damn does he wear it well)

Also might I present B; Gratuitous abs. Not as well-defined as Seth’s but come on….

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D. I don’t have enough space for the amount of wrestling gifs to paint a picture of his talent here so tbh, he’s a fucking beast in the ring—he’s got a great mix of dexterity, core strength and a pragmatic ruthlessness I adore. Also I get moments like these which are fun to watch non-wrestling fans make some sense of. 

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E. BONUS ROUND Seth may have Yorkies, but Cesaro has Klaus a fat dumpling with whiskers he rescued and I’M A CRAZY CAT LADY who owns two rescues SO

Be still my beating heart. 

CESARO WINS THIS ROUND bask in it you perfect Swiss bastard. 

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hey so, i know this isn't a cat blog really, but i need help and if you know anything or who i could ask that'd be really great.. so uh- my mom has been letting my cat outside for over a year now and i keep telling her not to but now the cat won't stop crying and scratching at the door if we keep her in. i still don't let her out but they do, and even if we try to keep her in she ends up escaping when we open the door. what do i do?? i don't want her to go out and i'm stuck

I am indeed not a cat blog (though all pets and their parents are welcome here! :D) … and am actually a first-time cat owner! (i dont think the cats i had when i was 9 really count since i didnt really care for them like i do now, for my Tiny Kitty lol) my smol fluff is about 8 months old now and she is so good ;u; –but anyways!– I’ve read some awesome(ly brutal tbh) posts about the cons of outdoor cats: “KEEP YOUR CATS INDOORS”

It kind of sounds like your parents might just be annoyed by the meowing and give in to letting her out ^-^” so if that doesn’t persuade them, then compromising might! Cats being totally free-roamed outdoors isn’t a great idea…but some cats still love being outside and I don’t see anything wrong with making some wildlife-safe + cat-safe accommodations! (fair warning, they’d cost some money…and not everyone has a backyard/patio/balcony for their cat to hang out on…and not every cat will be easy to leash/harness train…and if your cat is older then she may never really get used to it or be comfortable with it, but you can certainly try!)

- Cats LOVE to climb! If you dont already have a cat tree, I’d suggest investing in one! there are some super affordable ones on amazon (like something that would cost 200+ in a store is 70-90 on amazon lol)
- Keep your cat entertained! Being outside offers tons of things to do an explore…being inside? probably not as much :/ Having lots of toys / things for your cat to do / explore should help with that kitty cabin fever! :)

Cat Harnesses / Leashes:
- How to walk your cat! (I didnt read through any of these links for you…its nearly 3am and I have to sleep soon, but I trust that you’re a capable person and will be able to figure out what works best for you and your cat! :3)
- Give your cat lots of leash!
- Walking a cat isn’t like walking a dog :O

Window Boxes:
- basically a tiny catio for your window!
- You can buy ‘em
- or DIY ‘em

- Basically a giant, fenced-in + covered outdoor enclosure!
- You can buy ‘em
- or DIY ‘em

Cat Fences:
- If you’ve got a fence, its a device that you affix to the top of the fence! If you don’t have a fence, it’s the vertical/regular fencing with some extra bits on top :) Cat fences can keep your cat in or keep your can in and keep other animals out!
- Purr…fect Fence
- Oscillot Cat Fence
- Cat Fence-In
- Different kinds of roller cat fences
- Different kinds of cat fence toppers
- A post that details some cat fences
- A DIY cat fence, for those on a budget!
- More DIY cat fences

Hopefully this post helped you out at least a little bit, anon :)

If anyone has anything to contribute to this post, PLEASE do!! Whether it be correcting a mistake I may have made, or adding in something that I missed, adding onto the things briefly discussed in the post. Please also share if you have any experience with anything discussed here!! :D

reason #53431947318483 why i love my cat: last night i was very upset and anxious and was playing a game on my phone instead of sleeping, and kyo came and laid down right next to my face (blocking my view of my phone) and purred as loud as he could until i turned off my phone and started to fall asleep.

he’s not the cuddliest cat, so laying on me, let alone right by my face, was very unusual. he’s such a sweet boy and i’m so glad to have him. ;_;

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OH MY GOSH so im polish on my dad's side (they immigrated a few generations ago so no one speaks polish) BUT IM SO INTO THIS I HAVE QUESTIONS!! ok so can you translate +significant other +tattoo +cat +doll/toy +friend +nurse my cousin and i want to learn polish lolol


of course i can translate those for you! ! !!!

  • “significant other” - if translated literally, it’d be “ważny drugi” or “ważny inny”, but it’s ridiculous and nobody says that. we would say “druga połówka”, which literally means “the second half”, almost like in your English “other half”. sweet <3
  • “tattoo” - “tatuaż” and it sounds great tbh. it’s almost like your “tattoo” with added “aż”, “ż” sounding somehow similar to the middle sound in “measure or “treasure”, but it’s sharper
  • “cat”- quite disappointingly, “kot”. just the middle vowel is different
  • “doll” - “lalka”
  • “toy” - “zabawka”, coming from “bawić się” - “to play” and “zabawa” - “game”
  • “friend” - “przyjaciel” but oh man this is a little tricky, because you guys call everyone a friend. xd “przyjaciel” is someone really close to you. “kolega” is someone you know and kind of like, or even like very much, but you’re not very close. “znajomy” is just someone you know
  • “nurse” - “pielęgniarka” (a noun) or “pielęgnować” (a verb)

thank you so much for those and always feel free to ask me anything, i really encourage you guys to try to learn this language, it’s awesome! :D

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my vocal cords are still not all the way recovered from going full Boylethe other night night . I forgot I could go so high pitched (the cats were NOT amused). What do you think Jake did with the real belt ? I think it would be a great thing if he saved it to give to Amy as a wedding or anniversary present. Also I cannot get over Holt at the end with Cheddar and his disgust at Not Cheddar.

IM STILL SOBBING TBH We know Jake altered the belt and not swapped it or anything so I’m guessing the original no longer exists???? But they definitely brought home the proposal one and will keep it with them forever.

I live for Holt’s disgust for “this common bitch” he’s so angry it’s hilarious also when he tells real cheddar “you betrayed me, you’ll explain yourself later” LMAO

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cushion stack & opinion?

cushion stack: which dnp vid(s) is your comfort video, that you can watch when your sad?

Dan Videos:

Top Dan Memes (2016 and 2015 cause it’s really funny seeing all the torture we cause)  Dan’s Diss Track (idk why but when i first joined i always listened to it rip) Truth or Dare (fetus dan was uh something else) Hello Internet (god he was such a twink)

Phil Videos: A Static Lullaby (phil is just amazing) Phil’s Channel Trailer (THAT SHIT SHOULD BE TURNED INTO A MOVIE) Reacting to My Baby Videos (oh dear) Robot Death Machine (he predicted dan :(( ) JUST ALL HIS OLD VIDEOS TBH

Joint videos: Blindfoled Cat Face Game (it’s my header and fuck they’re so in love) Halloween Baking Monster Pops (we live in a post Halloween baking universe) Dan and Phil Blind Folded Makeup (more like bf does my makeup) The Photo Booth Challenge (it’s a great video) AmazingDan (all of them) We’re Moving Out (just for the old apartment) Predicting Dan’s Future (phil pranking dan) Dan Curls My Hair (ughhhh) Will Dan and Phil Survive Australia (they were so cute in this one) The Face Swap Challenge (funny content)  A Day In the Life ( the japan one and Festive one) and obviously PINOF (fuck)

this was like over 10 comfort videos wow rip

opinion: what topic would you want phil to talk about more?

it’s not really a topic, but i’d want him to talk about when and why did he decide to keep his content pg once he started gaining subscribers, and since he’s making more innuendoes now and breaking down those barriers, why did he decide to do that now?