my cat is so great tbh


I hope everyone had a great Halloween!! I had a lot of fun and reconciled with my dad, after he pretended I didn’t exist for like 2 weeks so that’s good!✨ I dressed up as a black cat ((bc I love chat noir 💜💜))
I meant to post this sketch comic earlier but I forgot about it. it’s honestly really REALLY messy and just bleh, It probably doesn’t even make sense. In the comic they are like going to a Halloween party and Adrien is waiting for Marinette ((freaking cute)) and they are both dressed up as cats ((cuties))
I llove jealous Adrien tbh 👀😹

Things I’ve learned about Thomas Sanders from his Tumblr

-He’s a huge nerd

-Super nice guy

-Looks like he should be the god of cuteness or something

-Reblogs cute puppies and kittens

-Has the voice of a Disney prince

-Should be the President

-I’ve never met him but I would trust him with my life

-I would not trust him with my dog (because they’d form a deep connection to each other and separating them would just be cruel)

-Reblogs hilarious videos

-Great sense of humor

-Could probably get the Queen to smile

-Comments nice messages on the fanart people draw of him that he reblogs

-Probably reads all the Thomas and Leo fanfics

-Probably writes some of the fanfics

-Is my source of daily cuteness (cats, dogs, otters, himself, funny animals, ect.)

-Would be nervous on Dancing With the Stars

-Is who I want to represent the human race when the aliens come

-Could melt the Arctic with the warmth of his smile

-His heart too, tbh

-Probably has a Canadian ancestor somewhere

-Seriously, how can one person contain so much goodness?

-It amazes me.

-He’s Thomas Sanders

Name | cat 
Nicknames | well, cat is technically a nickname, but it’s the only thing I go by.
Zodiac sign | aquarius 
Height | 5′3″
Orientation | queer (lesbian somewhere on the ace spectrum if we’re gonna get specific about it)
Nationality | american (white)
Favorite fruit | I’m not much a fan of fruit tbh, unless it’s like… in a pie.
Favorite season | autumn (which I mostly miss out on here in florida)
Favorite book | a clash of kings by george r.r. martin
Favorite flower | sunflower
Favorite scent | bergamot, vetiver 
Favorite color | pastel pink
Favorite animal | oh my… stingrays, possums, bats, definitely bunnies, also frogs
Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa | all three depending on my mood
Average sleep hours | anywhere between 5 and 7
Cat or dog person | both are great but especially bunnies!
Favorite fictional character |  oh this one is always so hard. kylo ren, of course. james wilson (from house md). tyrion lannister (who this blog is named after). rorschach (from watchmen).  
Number of blankets you sleep with | literally all of them
Dream trip | somewhere with people I love - and failing that, tuscany
Blog created | ummm… sometime in late 2011, I think? I’ve been on this site way too long.
Number of followers | I… am not comfortable answering this question. it’s more than it should be.

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anonymous asked:

I asked a question like two days ago and I've been sticking around since because this blog is great tbh. Ill probably keep asking questions so you'll see me again. Im trying to figure out if what I'm feeling is just like... aesthetic/artistic attraction or appreciation or if it's something deeper, more sexual? I've been talking to my BFF who used to identify as bi but now identifies as sapphic but I wanted to know if you had any advice on this? ~Cat Anon

I don’t think sexuality is so clear cut. For me I find artistic and aesthetic beauty in people no matter their gender, even if I’m not necessarily sexually attracted to them. I think when I first began to feel attraction (to men when I was like 12 and then to women when I was in my early 20s), it was aesthetic attraction. But then later on I found myself sexually attracted to people of those genders as well. I still find myself appreciating aesthetics of human appearance without any sexual factor at all. 

If you’re not romantically attracted to someone, but you’re not sure if what you feel is sexual, I think there’s two ways to know if it’s sexual. Do they (or does the thought of being with them) elicit any physical response in your body….? Or does the thought of touching them in a sexual way appeal to you? I personally believe you can have physical sexual responses to all sorts of things (I’ve felt it looking at a Van Gogh painting before lol), but that you can also desire someone sexually without a physical sexual response.

When I first realised I was bi it was because I was staring at the boobs of a character from Star Trek (jumpsuits man, I tell ya…) and I thought to myself, ya know what? I would not mind touching those AT ALL…or lying down with her…or kissing her… It didn’t elicit a physical sexual response in me, it was just a nice thought.

For me at the time, it was like there was a very fine line between appreciating aesthetics and physical attraction, you know?

Which leads me to my final point which is, does it really matter? Like does it matter if you’re able to seamlessly categorise all the different types of feelings you have for different people or different genders into neat little boxes? My sexuality is always surprising me. If I tried to pin it down I would always be stressing because it’s impossible. I call myself bi because I want to, and anything that goes on inside my head to do with my sexuality is no one else’s business, and I don’t mind if it doesn’t make sense or if it changes or I can’t put it in a box. 

You can also call yourself bi (or straight or gay) and it doesn’t matter if you’re not sure of yourself. Literally no one is.



hat / cat

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Name - halley kean

Nickname - wheeljack, solus, glitch, any variation of those and anything else ya wanna slap on here

Zodiac Sign - pisces

Height - 5′9″

Orientation - hghkshhskss uh

Ethnicity - white as elmers glue tbh, i mean, technically a quarter jewish, but i was raised out of that culture so :’) 

Favorite Fruit - mmmmmangoes, raspberries, TAMARINDS

Favorite Season - fall? spring?

Favorite Book - good omens and american gods r great

Favorite Scent - i like the smell of cold mornings and warm rain in the evening and also the smell of pillowcases after they’re washed and you’re laying down to sleep on them in the summer?

Favorite Color - purple and gold

Favorite Animal - sssharks?

Coffee, Tea, or Hot Chocolate - depends on my mood

Average sleep hours - 8 or 9

Cat or Dog Person - fuck bro i can’t choose i love both but i guess dogs


Number of Blankets you Sleep With - like three?? i need to nest


Blog Created - well THIS blog is like a month old, but i’ve been on tumblr since 2012. i saw the mishapocalypse.

Number of Followers - like 30?

y’all i’m taggin the same folks, if you see this, you’re tagged

I was talking to birb lady and saying I was sort of more a cat person bc I like cuddling up to the fluffy kitties and she laughed and said her birds were super cuddly and thats also how i came to cuddle a birb

bc she also wanted to show me birbs can be super cuddly and i can happily say im won over tbh

acequeenm  asked:

clouds, stars, saturn, jupiter, and fireworks!

clouds; describe a dream you’ve had?

I had a dream a few nights ago where the Demogorgon from Stranger Things trapped me in the upside down but it was just a bus

stars; a song you love?

Honestly I’m kind of in love with Bloom by The Paper Kites because I’ve been listening to your playlist ??

saturn; something you want to achieve this year?

I want to actually finish a piece of writing tbh

jupiter; five things that make you happy?

  1. you ??
  2. cats tbh
  3. my boyfriend
  4. sleeping
  5. good music

fireworks; describe someone you love?

Honestly I give u Too Much Love already but I love tumblr user @acequeenm and they’re beautiful and talented and I think they have very pretty eyes and lovely freckles ?? they’re so cute ?? and also ur super talented ?? and you’re so kind and a super great friend you always encourage me to do what I love doing whenever I have no motivation or I don’t feel like my work is good enough ?? because you believe in me ?? I’m lov u ??

sss-warriorcats this Warriors series has my favourite art style and cat designs to be honest, Yuji started a great project and I’ll always eagerly watch for more content from you guys *-*

Longtail has the most iconic design of SSSwarriorcats’ adaptation, imo. Too bad there’s so much debate over his pelt and eye colour, but I’m going with what seems to be canon.

thedownworld  asked:

★ i voted for alaricsluke (that url made me emo wow) and also !!! today i got to pet a bunch of cats ?? they were so soft and fluffy and great i loved it

ajskadjs i know im always sad about it tbh…… ahhh cats are good!! ive actually never pet a cat before if u ever get to pet those angels again pet one for me pls

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puffershark  asked:

8, 11, 17 @ GW2 Asks!

8. Whats your favourite zone?
Timberline Falls reminds me so much of my favorite IRL place that I really love just logging into there and sitting around, watching moas wander, the stream babbling by…. Auric Basin is a beautiful map, especially with the radiance of Tarir, but I think it still takes second just because of my personal associations with TF.

11. Whats a piece of gear you always transmute because you love the look of it so much?
Tbh I’m kind of really stingy with charges and usually just wear an outfit while I’m leveling, so I don’t usually transmute levelling armor at all…. But the Fuzzy Leopard Hat and the Cat Ears I have specifically transmuted onto lame armor a few times just to have them because they’re so cute XD;

17. Whats your best guild wars experience?
I’ve definitely had a lot of great experiences in game, but I think the top would have to be one of the times I participated in a massive guild/server PvE event, like Orr vs the World. It was so great to see so many players working together, having fun, and succeeding…and to be a part of it, too! It’s one of the things I have *always* enjoyed about Guild Wars, the community working together in a positive way.

the first day of spring (ava/odin)

tbh at this point i am embarrassed for both of these nerds, holy shit

alternatively titled “cats are great but also demonic” and “ava is having none of your shit odin”. Also, odin can’t drive under stress and ava is glad she payed attention in biology class.

scaredcoffeebean’s shitty roommates au is literally one of my favorite things and it gives me so much life, so go read about it!


Ava Ire was positive she was going to pass out from boredom. 

She sat in her British literature class, staring down at her notes as the professor droned on about the imagery in Shakespeare’s Sonnet 18. 

Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May;

Ava sighed, doodling a flower absentmindedly in the corner of her notebook. The sun was finally warming the earth, making the flowers bloom in ecstatic color; yet here she was, stuck in a two hour monotone sermon about whether or not Shakespeare was gay for some long forgotten “Fair Lord.”

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Infj: I felt under appreciated i mean seriously have you seen some of my posts i’m freaking brilliant come on people let’s focus on something other than the tag urself meme

Enfj: my social circles have become too demanding for me to keep up regular activity on a blog and i spend what lingering time i do have on the internet looking up tasteful images of cats with bowties

Isfj: tbh the mbti fandom is kinda skivvy and drama filled and it is getting harder to continue posting solely home grown organic memes straight from the bloggers themselves without dabbling in dramatics 

Esfj: i only have twenty four hours in a day and can only spend so much of it petting cats

Infp: my lack of posts is a performance art piece critiquing the expectations of entertainment within social media and the ground of information solely for the enjoyment of the masses

Enfp: i’m still thinking up another great pun 

Isfp: i’m dedicating more time to my art and investing in the world around me! : - ) no its not a phase

Esfp: too busy making my sick mix tapes

Intj: no one appreciates my fine sense of intellect and subtle humor in conversations and people keep adding doom to the end of everything like holy wow be subtle we’re trying to remain low key about this alright???

Entj: when i make actual personal posts they sound angry and i’m not about that life

Istj: honestly it’s really just the time of the season. homework is piling up along with other responsibilities and projects and it’s a little hard to balance it all, you know?

Estj: Snapchats more important than tumblr anyway

Intp: I kept writing posts but forgot to publish them all

Entp: lmao nah

Istp: I’ve decided to give up my blogging life and dedicate my time to auto repairs and other real life technologies

Estp: I got temporary amnesia from a sports related injury and forgot my blog existed

So I found this book from about from about 6-7 years ago and…

still accurate today tbh 

good to see i’ve always had great taste

Hell yeah, younger me would be so happy to know I have a cat now

Oh look the start of my emo phase which I’m still in (guess it’s not really a phase but whatever)

…Uhhh ok??


Tbh if u saw Chat Noir at night, in all his leather body and glowing green eyed glory, it would be terrifying. Just…u know when u see a cat and their eyes do the reflective shit and its like staring at a demon with a fluffy tail? Its like that but scarier bc hes a guy who could fight u and kill u. But he will probs just make a pun and fall off a bridge so thats chill


this took me forever to post because i’m in the middle of dead week + finals. but anyways, 2015 has been sort of a big year for me??? so many things happened.. i colored my hair so many times, i met the love of my life @gayleofficial, i moved to portland for school, i got a cat.. and even though a lot of not-so-great things happened also, it’s been an amazing beautiful life-changing year

thx to @daniferrrington for tagging me! i’m so late that almost everyone has done this already but i’ll try to tag some folks.. (also if you want to do one of these but haven’t be tagged, you may consider this an honorary tag!) @scullyprivilege @teresebelivet @thexfiles @ashishorny @iceclownwyatt @leslieknopedanascully @lattelesbian @lattefoam @warholgoth @girlpdf