my cat is a dumbass

when I was a kid I frickin loved warrior cats. that’s what got me into digital art (on scratch, if anyone remembers that haha) in the first place. now, like 9 years later I stumble upon @climbstudio and this reawakens my love for this world of dumbass cats (though I read like the fourth series just now and realized it’s actually not very good writing at all lol)

and then i found @warriorsredux and I love that a lot more than the actual series!! so much potential!!! now a redux fan 

anyway long story short this is Spottedleaf, my favorite kitty of the redux series (her personality is so much better……..) 

im watching a cat documentary about how cats are wild amazing hunters and i keep thinking about how my dumbass cat eats the neighbor’s flowers and throws them up every time he manages to escape from the house

How Every "My Cat From Hell" episode works:
  • People: My cat doesn't know how to cat.
  • Jackson Galaxy: No, YOU don't know how to cat.
  • People: if cat doesn't cat, cat has to go.
  • Jackson Galaxy: Do the thing and your cat will cat.
  • People: *doesn't do the thing*
  • People: Cat still won't cat
  • Jackson Galaxy: DO THE THING
  • People: *does the thing*
  • People: My cat is catting!
  • Jackson Galaxy: dumbasses.

anonymous asked:

what exactly is a familiar? is it a living animal, or could it be a statue or plushie?

A familiar is a creature (living animal or living spirit) that assists you in magic. Not all witches have them. Some have animal companions, but if they don’t help you with magic then they’re not really a familiar.

I have a cat that’s not actually a cat, she’s some kind of fae that took a physical form to assist me as a gift from Aoibheall. And I have a dragon who is (obviously) metaphysical, but he also showed up to protect and assist me.

I liked the sketch but Im really…shit at colouring. But I spent too long on this to not post it, so…Take a look at the piece that brought me back from my long ass art-block. Inspired by my dumbass real cat who is a coward and sometimes needs to hide under the blanket with me.