my cat is a dumbass

when I was a kid I frickin loved warrior cats. that’s what got me into digital art (on scratch, if anyone remembers that haha) in the first place. now, like 9 years later I stumble upon @climbstudio and this reawakens my love for this world of dumbass cats (though I read like the fourth series just now and realized it’s actually not very good writing at all lol)

and then i found @warriorsredux and I love that a lot more than the actual series!! so much potential!!! now a redux fan 

anyway long story short this is Spottedleaf, my favorite kitty of the redux series (her personality is so much better……..) 

How Every "My Cat From Hell" episode works:
  • People: My cat doesn't know how to cat.
  • Jackson Galaxy: No, YOU don't know how to cat.
  • People: if cat doesn't cat, cat has to go.
  • Jackson Galaxy: Do the thing and your cat will cat.
  • People: *doesn't do the thing*
  • People: Cat still won't cat
  • Jackson Galaxy: DO THE THING
  • People: *does the thing*
  • People: My cat is catting!
  • Jackson Galaxy: dumbasses.

I decided to have a crack at designing a Loth wolf
The fandom sure seems adamant about these pups being a thing! And who am I to complain!
I took a lot of inspiration from the already canon loth cats and the real world maned wolf (although they’re technically not actual wolves 😅), seriously guys, if you’ve never seen a maned wolf run, go look it up. It’s like a wolf but with the legs of a deer or an antelope