my cat is a dumbass

How Every "My Cat From Hell" episode works:
  • People:My cat doesn't know how to cat.
  • Jackson Galaxy:No, YOU don't know how to cat.
  • People:if cat doesn't cat, cat has to go.
  • Jackson Galaxy:Do the thing and your cat will cat.
  • People:*doesn't do the thing*
  • People:Cat still won't cat
  • Jackson Galaxy:DO THE THING
  • People:*does the thing*
  • People:My cat is catting!
  • Jackson Galaxy:dumbasses.

must I be a raccoon to get inside your tanooki

my cat loves the backyard, he  will spend hours there

 hes not afraid of motorcycles,or  loud cars that  go by

what scares the shit out of him?

 ice creams trucks

he  puffs out panics and wants to come in

 my mom has now told him the ice cream truck will take him away if he’s bad  and he takes off like a shot

dumbass (wonwoo)

synopsis: wonwoo and cats :,)
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warning: so many word ‘dumbass’

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from: slothwoo



to: slothwoo

shut up
im not ur baby



ok then you are my angel
GET IT bc baby youre my angel ;;;;)
and open the door please im infront of your apartment


wonwoo what the hell
its raining outside for gods sake did you get caught in the rain



yes now open the door baby
or ill break the door



jesus i hate you



you hate jesus????
wow I cant believe you






do u really like seeing me suffer like this



you know i like it dumbass



if i die here because of you ill haunt u forever keep that in mind
just open the door pLEASE



ok ok fine

She puffed and stood up from the couch, making her way to the door. She opened it and there he is. His clothes wet from the rain and there is a box in his hand, it doesn’t seem like it got caught in the rain but his wet leather jacket hung on his shoulder explained it. She eyed him, “What are you doing?” And then her index finger points at the box, “And what on earth is that?”

“Wow, that’s a nice greeting.” She rolled her eyes and held the door open for him. He stepped in and look around, everything looked the same from the last time he’s been here. He gently put the box on the table and open it. “Hey, you okay buddy?” She peeked from his shoulder and found a kitty sticking it’s head out. She squealed at the sight of it and pushed Wonwoo away. “You didn’t tell me you brought a kitty with you!”

The cat has white fur with blue eyes, which is one of her many weakness. She picked it up and when she did, another thing peeked it’s head out of the box. It is another cat and that only made her let out bigger squeal than before. This one has black fur and some kind of yellow-ish eyes. “There is two kitties in my house, Wonwoo!” He just smiled at her, folding his arms across his chest.

“And you said you are a puppy enthusiast.”

“Well, I am a puppy enthusiast, but can you really resist this creature?” She takes the black one in her other hand and scoop them both to her chest. “Oh my God, they are so cute!” And his smile only gotten bigger than before. Seeing her like this made him felt so lucky to know her in the first place. She is so… her. And the thought of her has filled all the empty spaces inside his head. Her eyes are like the mirror reflections of all the cities he wished to see.

“Where did you find them?” He wants to travel all of them. Every single street light or star light for that matter, to kiss his skin. Her lips and little smiles held the lines and angels that were co-ordinates to those unspoken wishes.

“Or, are they yours?” Her words were undoubtedly the ones he traces on his wrists when skies are grey and black. Her fingertips and hands gently reminded him of gravity. He was never good with his words, he never knew how could he described her like that.

“On my way home from practice, it wasn’t raining when I found them, someone obviously threw them out. But then it started pouring and the only place that is close to where I was is your apartment, so…”

“Of course you’d come here.” She rolled her eyes, leaving the two cats and walking to her room, he had left some of his clothes here by accident, but that might come in handy at time like this, right? “Here’s some fresh clothes,” He mumbled a quick thankyou and walk towards her bathroom. Shortly, he finished showering and walked out from her room, hearing her laugh echoes through the small apartment.

“Stop licking my leg!” She said in between laughs. “Wonwoo, here!” She said from the kitchen. He made his way to the kitchen and smile when he saw her on the floor with the two cats. “I made you a hot chocolate, it’s on the table.” She smiled and went back focusing on the cute creature clinging to her legs. He saw a cup on the table and quickly grab it, inhaling the scent before sipping some of it placing them on the table again. “You really like them, don’t you?” He sat down next to her on the floor as she nodded enthusiastically.

“I mean they’re real–“

“Can I kiss you?”


Did I just say that out loud? Dumbass. Wonwoo regretted saying it, he didn’t even know how could that slip off his tongue. This is his bad habit, saying things in his mind that doesn’t need to be said. Especially not those four words. He gulped, trying to find something to–at least–make him less embarrassed. “I – I mean, can I kiss the cat–“

And, of course like one of those clichés in books and movies, she cut him off with a kiss. It wasn’t the first time they kissed, but he felt like he is gonna burst to the stars. He had to proceed for 3 seconds that she is kissing him before kissing her back. He smiled and it caused her to also smile. Wrapping her arms around his neck, as he laughs into her mouth. “The cats are watching,” He said inbetween the kiss. “Who cares?” She said, pulling him closer, as he traced shapes on her waist.

“The cats care.”

She pulled away and looked at him with the ‘why-am-i-in-love-with-an-idiot-like-you’ look. He just shrugged, like what he just said doesn’t sound stupid. “Oh my God, you’re such a dumbass.”

She gave him a peck on the lips and pressed their forehead together. “Meanie,” he pouted. “but I’m your dumbass, though.” She smiled, something he wouldn’t get tired to stare at all day, all night, everyday.

“You’re my dumbass, Jeon Wonwoo.”