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Kiddie games for Forevers

Jumping/click games:

Nom cat

- feed cats yummy gish and avoid flying bombs! Kinda like fruit ninja but with cats!!

Big Bear

- You play as a bear who wants to go get some yummy fish - but ohno! Some bigger bears want to fight you! You’re not gonna let them win are you? ( It also has a funny feature where you can take a picture of your friend or enemy and the picture will appear on the face of the boss bear at the end of every level!)

Ice cream jump

- A yummy scoop of ice cream with a silly face jumps through various levels and stages. How far can you get?

Jumping Fox

- A tiny fox is jumping ever so quickly through the trees! Watch out that you don’t miss a step!

Collecting/Puzzle/ games

Hamster life

- collect different types of hamsters and dress them up, name them, and expand your collection. It also includes a matching game which is how you make money for upgrades!

Cat life

- If hamsters aren’t your thing here is a game similar to hamster life but with cats instead!

My Tiny Bear

-  create a cute little bear character which you can feed and evolve into at least 20 different bears.

Pululu Cute Pet

- an adorable game where you take care of a little pet who also appears on the side of your screen! (A personal fav of mine as the character has a cute appearance and voice but beware as this will eat up your RAM and upgrading your pet only works if you link your account to your facebook) // this game also comes with several mini games that also function as lock savers for your phone however it requires that you also download the appropriate home design app

My Little Pony

- A very cute game based off the cartoon! You play through all kinds of different puzzles to advance through stages.

Littlest pet shop

- Collect your favorite pets and watch them come to life! This game is especially cute because you can actually scan some of the physical pets you can buy at stores which is just adorable!

Jelly Pet cute

- collect cute little pets! It’s a little like neko atsume in the sense that it’s not really much of a game but something you have to wait for. You have to wait minutes, hours, days for some of the pets to hatch but they’re pretty cute


- Similar to Jelly Pet Cute but with Alpacas instead  


- a puzzle game reminiscent of a a very old bunny game that involved you building a town that i cant remember the name of for the life of me. A litte bit like 2048 from what I can tell.

Sweet Garden

- collect and raise different kinds of plants and play minigames to provide music, water and interesting environments for your plant! Your plant can also appear on your android phone as a widget.

Bigger games/Simulation games:


- cute little word game where you collect bears. It’s kinda like a mix between scrabble and 2048!

Happy Chicken Game

- you run a tiny chicken kitchen and farm. As you level up you can open up a bigger store with more themed decorations, customizable farms and dishes.  

Happy Mall

- you run a little mall where you can choose to have various types of stores

Diner Dash

- There are various diner dash spin off games which are nostalgic from the original diner dash but I personally think you need a lot of patience to play it as you get to the higher levels bc it’s almost impossible to win some levels without buying the help packs for real money. But it’s fine when you’re just starting out!

Penguin Diner 2

- It’s a rip off of Diner Dash but it’s a little bit easier. Also penguins!

Disney Magical Dice

- It’s a monopoly-esque boardgame involving disney characters!

Written by TeddyBear ♡
Edited by Pea

anonymous asked:

My friend says to tell you they think it is going to be a scene where they are having phone sex. You know since they have not been able to spend time together. By the way my friend wants to tell you they are a big fan but to shy to post any messages. Which is why they make me do it.


(It looks like Maya has no pants on and he’s saying something with nipples and twist and ero and stuff - I’m sorry, my japanese sucks xD - and he’s looking at his phone, maybe Nemu is playing with his nipples?? VIDEO CHAT????)

(And Nemu could totally have a phone on his right ear OR FILMING HIMSELF)

OH MY GLOBB!!!!!! 
My imagination is running wild rn xDD

Please tell your friend they’re a genius! And thank you! <3

And in general, people don’t be shy, message me, message us! 
You can add me on facebook and message me there, I have a curious cat account too, I love to meet new people! 

Okay, I’m gonna go and breathe into a paper bag or something….
Phone sex… video chat… imagine… *heavy breathing*



UPDATE: TFOU has issued a statement on the topic of episodes on their facebook account. The following is a translation to the best of my ability:

“Starting next week, find Miraculous on TFOU every Sunday for a new* episode! Ladybug and Cat Noir take you with them in exclusive adventures!”

(Original Text)

“A partir de la semaine prochaine, retrouvez Miraculous tous les dimanches sur ‪TFOU‬ pour un épisode INEDIT* ! ‪‎Ladybug‬ et Chat Noir vous emmèneront avec eux dans des aventures ‪EXCLUSIVES‬ !”

*inedit comes up as ‘unpublished’ or ‘original’ so I have no idea if they mean new or not. Most likely they do. Also, I took out the hashtags.

Hades Design Sheet

My take on a modern!Hades reincarnation I have a disproportionate number of OC’s sorry lol

Bonus Fun Facts

  • Hates humans (naturally) unless they happen to be dead (conveniently)
  • Upon discovering the existence of “cat memes”, has decided that killing off humanity in this time period is more euthanasia than anything else
  • Would still very much like a few more ritual human sacrifices in his name (but alas, makes do with the occasional death-by-unlocked-facebook-account)
  • Has a weakness for and takes in all sorts of stray dogs (since all other animals seem to be afraid of him)
  • His doberman trio is extremely well-trained to act as a unit and simply goes by “Cerberus” - they have no individual names
  • His tattoo can change to a red/orange fire with black flowers when angered

Story #128:

This happened last 2012

I had a girl. She’s very beautiful, kind, smart and witty. She was my everything. I gave more than I could and what I don’t have. I loved her with all my heart. She was my best love and as well as my best pain..

But then again, everything I do seems wrong for her. It’s as if I’ve done nothing right for her. Even though I’ve given and sacrificed so much. I loved her in a way I know what’s right.

Why did she have to hurt me? Why did she leave me? Why did she do this to me? Why did she have to cheat on me?

We were okay, until July 10, she left our apartment with her facebook account logged in in my laptop, then some guy messaged her and I looked up with their conversation. I was shocked to know that she was seeing another guy. Despite that we’re live-in for 2 years. She managed to cheat on me. They started communicating with each other on July 3, and they first saw each other on July 8, that time was supposed to be our postponed date for our monthsary, I was actually waiting for her that time to finish her date with the other guy. But I was calm, I didn’t confronted her about it. Instead I showed her that I am a better man than that guy.

I courted her again, brought her flowers every day, and gave her everything she wanted. But on July 15, she said that she wouldn’t go home and she’s at her relative’s house to stay in the night. I said ok, and I prepared a little surprise for her. 400 pieces of notes with my thoughts about her, scattered on our bed and some flowers. At 3am, I logged in her account on facebook and I saw that the other guy uploaded a photo with her. The guy wasn’t wearing any top and she was clinging onto the guy. It was very painful. I was scared, shaking and nervous at the same time. I texted her that I saw the picture. But she was the one who got angry at me for logging in her account. Then she wasn’t replying and answering my calls. I waited for her to come home. That waiting time was so painful and very long.

She came home at 8pm, and we talked. I finally heard what I don’t want to hear from her. That she doesn’t love me anymore. And she’s sorry that she made a mistake. I said that whatever wrong she’s done to me, even if she’s the worst person in the world, I can still accept her and forgive her. But she doesn’t want me anymore. I cried so hard, I wept all over the floor, she was right in front me. She didn’t even cared and she’s still texting the other guy while I was crying. That hurt so much. I calmed myself after crying for 30 minutes. And I talked to her about our apartment and our things.

I decided that I was the one who’ll leave the apartment and let her stay until the rent expires on July 29, I went over to my friends’ apartment in Taguig to stay over. I was crying, shouting and cursing when I was driving along the highway. On her birthday, July 17, I went to our apartment early in the morning, I gave her a bouquet of flowers and greeted her happy birthday. But she shook me off my apartment to prepare for her party that I’m not even invited at, only her workmates are invited. So I left and waited for her to go to work and I came back. I logged her account on facebook and found out that she invited the other guy. To think that she would invite the other guy at my own apartment. But I didn’t want to ruin her birthday so I just let it go.

The day after her birthday, I went over to her and gave her a rose. She cried. I also cried. We talked. I told her that this shit had to happen when I’m loving her more than I’ve ever loved her. And that I haven’t told her how beautiful she is that time. That I miss her so much. That I’d do anything just to have her back. But she still doesn’t want me back. July 20, her workmates came over my apartment to talk to her. I was there, I was listening to their conversation outside the apartment, her workmates doesn’t know what happened to us. All they know was that I didn’t do anything to win her back, that I was a good for nothing boyfriend. After their visit, I talked to them near our apartment, and I told them the truth about us. They knew something was off about her story. And she became a different person when she and the other guy got together. After that my talk with her workmates, she texted me that she doesn’t want to live anymore, that she’s having a hard time. So I went over to our apartment and she was already asleep when I came. I watched her sleep until I’ve fallen asleep too.

There was a storm that day so I was stocked up with her at the apartment, we couldn’t get out because the flood outside was above the knee level. I was the only one who got out to buy us some food. On the afternoon that day, after the flood subsided, we went over to her friend’s work, to actually found out that was a networking company. She got angry at me because I was giving a bad vibe to their company. Because I knew it was networking. But I held on, we went over to their seminar, I didn’t talked to her for a bit, and she was poking me while I was listening to the speaker, she even held my hand that time. I was confused. We left the place and went on to Baclaran to buy some dress and after that we went home to my apartment, it was raining hard so I couldn’t leave and stayed over.

The day after, July 22, I went with her to find her a new apartment, when we were having lunch at Chowking, Waltermart. She briefly went to Watson’s to buy something. She doesn’t want me to know what she bought, so I was curious. And I knew it in the first place and I was right when I guessed it. It was for a pregnancy test. I cried. It bothered me so much. She used the PT when we got home. But she asked me to leave for a while, and texted me that it was negative. But when I got back, I saw the PT, it was positive. It was so hard to accept. I stayed for the night, I hugged her tightly when she was asleep. The morning after I left for work, and I thought deeply it’s really over for us. She got pregnant with the other guy. I didn’t text her after that day. She’s texting and calling me but I didn’t answer.

Until July 25, that night, I went to my apartment, to find out that she invited the other guy there. I caught them, wearing only underwear, they just finished having sex that time. It was freaking painful. She was the angry one. She’s kicking me out of my own apartment, I held my ground and told her that they’re at my apartment and they should be the one to leave. She started to break down, pleading to me, she said that the other guy doesn’t know that it’s my apartment, and that we lived in for 2 years. That the other guy might leave her and she doesn’t want that because she’s pregnant. She started to get knives and other sharp objects, saying that she will kill herself because she doesn’t want to live anymore. I was stopping her, I grabbed the sharp side of the things and I was the one who got hurt. The other guy was there doing nothing. As if he doesn’t care even a bit. The other guy let her plead to me. I just gave them 20 minutes to leave my apartment, and when they left they ignored me. Oh I brought my workmates that time, but they were outside the building, I was the only one who went inside the apartment.

That was that, it’s over for me. I couldn’t fight anymore. I had no choice but to let go. But even when all was over, I was still getting bugged by her indirectly. I’ve known that she sold the cellphone xperia play that I had trouble getting it for her. Though she’s the one paying, it still rides on my workmates credit card, she still has 10 months to pay for the installment. And that phone holds sentimental value. She even wanted to sell the two Persian cats we’re taking care of. She became desperate. Because the other guy doesn’t have work. He’s only a high school graduate who drinks every night and play basketball for his past time. I even hacked onto his facebook account to find out that he’s flirting with other girls even though my ex was pregnant. The feeling that I’ve been replaced with this kind of guy, I can’t even explain it.


This Morning I Woke up, and I Have an Extra Kid

NOTE: I am not a writer. I am trying to get my head around something that is happening to me. Please excuse my fractured and sometimes muddled writing style.

I have two children. A son, and a daughter. I have given birth twice. I woke up this morning to the familiar sounds on the baby monitor of my daughter ( 2years old) playing and singing in her room. She was talking to her doll, which was making your standard recorded baby doll noises.

I slowly got motivated enough to get out of bed, went the kitchen and put the kettle on, and then went to wake my Son (8 years old) for school. As I walked by his room I noticed that the guest room door was a ajar. I peeked in, and there was a little girl standing by the foot of the bed. I just stopped in my tracks. She looked up, and said, “I can’t find my other sock Mum”.
Mum? I couldn’t form words. My husband appeared. Tossed a pair of socks to the little girl, and kissed me on the neck. “Mornin babe”.
The guest room. It has different furniture. A One Direction poster. Frozen doll collection. It started to spin, and I passed out.

My husband helped me go back to bed.

Migraine, I told him.

Everyone seems to think that she is ours, always had been. I’m afraid to say anything in case they think I’m insane.

I don’t know who this kid is. I don’t know what to do?!

Edit: my two year old had a toddler-meltdown just now. I went out to the kitchen to help out my husband, ( and honestly, I have to take another look). When the little girl came to the kitchen, my toddler said “hi! I’m Cara!”. My husband laughed it off… WTF is going on!!

Edit2: I have a cat. A fluffy, white, prissy cat. It’s cute. I guess.

(Mini edit) in my haste to update, I forgot to mention that, the cat is also new, I didn’t have a cat yesterday, now there is a unexplained cat, and it has apparently been around for several years.

Edit 3. It took absolutely ages for me to get into Facebook today. My password was changed, my account was disabled, my email account password was changed. I just don’t understand. There was no trace of any of the kids on my Facebook account. It’s down to the bare bones. Almost everything is gone. I have no photos, other than one or two from very early on. I talked to my sister, she knows about the little girl. She made an excuse to visit, ( unusual for her, we see each other on the holidays) rushed over, and everything was very tense. She didn’t say much. Other than to look concerned whenever I opened my mouth.

The kid, she’s very standoffish. Very cautious. I phoned my GP. I asked them for a copy of my file, and of our insurance details on file. I want to see if this has happened to me before, ( because I’m actually insane) or if they have insurance details of the little girl on file.

Her name is Alex.

Edit 4: Last night, as you can imagine, I couldn’t sleep. At 4am I got out of bed and went to the kitchen to make some tea. I sat there trying to wade through this dark confusion that is clouding my mind. I just feel… Wrong? I don’t know how to explain it. I eventually came to the realisation that my life is not in danger.

Whatever is happening, I can probably fix, or learn to live with. I went back to bed before the sun rose.

This morning I woke up and Alex was asleep in my bed. Jack,my eight year old, used to do this when he was very little, bad dreams, tummy aches, noises in his room. I studied the features of her face while she slept. She certainly has my nose, ( all the kids do). Her black hair though, the other two have a dull blonde/brown colour. I have to admit, she’s absolutely beautiful.

It felt awkward, and uncomfortable. I tried (unsuccessfully) to get out of bed without waking her. She turned towards me. Sleepy smile. And opened her eyes. Brown eyes. I have blue eyes. My husband has blue eyes. Jack and Cara have blue eyes. Is it possible for a child with two blue eyed parents to have brown eyes?

“Morning Mum, I missed you so much”. She missed me? I asked her when? “When did you miss me Alex?” She smiled, one of those toothy sleepy five year old smiles, “before I was born”.