my cat can fly

Sentence Meme {Domestic Edition, A-C}
Send my muse one of the following:

“Actually, those are my books.”

“After this, I choose the movie.”

“Another dog?  Really?”

“And now, we’re out of bread.”

“Are those…cookies?”

“Ask first before you tear the fucking house apart!”

“Be patient, I’m busy.”

“Before we eat, you need to wash your hands.”

“Believe me, I’ve tasted worse.”

“Books don’t belong on the floor.”

“Can’t you see that this place is a mess?”

“Careful where you step, my tarantula’s on the loose.”

“Cats can fly, if you kick ‘em!”

“Coffee now, talk later.”

“Come out to the car in five minutes or I’m leaving you here.”

“Cookies are a good source of protein.”