my cat can fetch

guzzlemilker  asked:

(1) My cat can be a little odd (including playing fetch and dragging sticks into the house), but I've been wondering about one thing in particular- when I come home, he likes too greet my by rubbing his nose against mine. Is that normal? Should I discourage it or is it just a personality quirk of his?

My cat also has a minor cold that he’s never totally gotten over. The vets say it’s fine but to keep an eye out for colored discharge (as of yet, no issues there). I do try to keep his eye dent things (the shallow grooves that extend down the side of the nose, not sure what they’re called) clean though. I do that by wiping my thumb (always washed) from the edge of his eye down towards his nose, because sometimes fluid gathers there and he can’t get it off. Am I harming him? Thank you :D

I haven’t heard about the nose-rubbing thing before, but I think it’s super cute and I wouldn’t consider it anything to discourage. I know cats will sometimes greet by touching noses - I’d guess it might be similar, although obviously he’s not doing it because he thinks you are a cat. 

I generally clean off eye-boogers and I’ve never had our family vet tell me it’s a bad idea. If they’re super hard, rather than using your finger you can use a damp washcloth to soften it a little - it can definitely be uncomfortable for them if it’s clumped into the hair really hard. You might also try giving him filtered water for a while - some animals get extra eye goop from, IIRC, minerals and stuff in tap water that filtered clears out.