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“Say her damn name!" 

"You stay the hell away from Carol, you hear me?”

“She gets hurt, she dies, if she catches a fever, if she gets taken out by a walker, she gets hit by lightning, anything, if anything happens to her, I’ll kill you.”

“Why’d you go?”

“Are we gonna eat? Do I have to be a King or something to get food around here?”

“Ezekiel, is he OK?”

Concerned, protective, loving, vulnerable, jealous Daryl. None of this shit is ambiguous, my friends. He is in love with her. 


❀➹Daryl Dixon & Carol Peletier Parallels ❀➹
   ↪ 3.11 “I Ain’t a Judas” (*deleted*) // 5.01 “No Sanctuary” // 5.06 “Consumed” // 2.07 “Pretty Much Dead Already” // 3.07 “When the Dead Come Knocking” // vs // 7.10 “New Best Friends”  


I’m not saying a hacker stole the Caryl Wedding Album and released it on the internet but

A hacker stole the Caryl Wedding Album and released it on the internet

Aka I got out of control, I’m sorry LMAO

Three days until we get sneak peeks of episode 10.

Four days until the Week of Caryl begins. (credit to @ikkleosu for that awesome title.)

Ten days until we get hugs, one on one interactions, protectiveness, and dinner dates. (。◕‿◕。)

“We missed each other this whole time. Me and Andy missed each other, but me and Melissa missed each other too. It’s weird. She and I talk when we’re not filming and we’re like “How are you?” It’s f—ing bizarre! So it’s hard and it’s a bittersweet reunion. We enjoy it, but we don’t enjoy being apart. And that goes for a lot of us. There are certain characters where as soon as they start going, we start bawling. It’s kind of silly. But she’s definitely one of those for me.”

“She’s going through her own thing and there’s a reason why she separated herself and doesn’t want to be a killer anymore. And she’s losing herself, and I think Daryl realizes that. It’s a very selfless act. He tells her what she needs to hear to keep going. He does it for her.”

“I think she can totally handle it. It’s just not what she needs. Everyone’s path is their individual path, and she needs to be away from it because she’s losing herself and that world, when your whole life is changed and your whole world is changed and the dynamics have changed, and you start to lose yourself — then what’s the point, you know? So I think that he realizes that she needs to hold on to something. She’s been working towards it and it’s been hard for her, and he sees how hard it is for her to even make the choice to do what she’s doing now. And selflessly, he tells her what she needs to hear because he cares about her and doesn’t want to drag her into something that she doesn’t want to be a part of.” 

- Norman Reedus

I feel like Caryl would be the biggest cuddlers and super affectionate once they know that sort of behavior is green lighted.

They’ve both been so starved for physical affection and reassurance, even before the turn, that I can just imagine them going for it 100% once they get the chance.

They’d fall asleep on the sofa together, curled around each other and not care who finds them.

They’d say fuck the weather and find reasons to touch, even just a little, in the summer when it’s hot as hell.

They’d wake up like pretzels in the winter. Carol’s head under his chin, one leg between both of his and his arms around her to keep her close.

Daryl would come up behind her while she’s in the kitchen, wrap his arms around her waist and rest his chin on her shoulder for no good reason other than he wants to and she’d lean back and soak it up.

These two would be the most ridiculous - always touching, never close enough, may as well be cats that curl up in cuddle puddles - couples that the apocalypse has ever seen.

That’s my head canon anyway. I can’t wait to see if it comes true.

Seriously, they are hiding this reunion even more than they hid the No Sanctuary one. Then, they gave us a snippet of Daryl running in the woods. Although it was ambiguous and did not show who he was running to, many pieced together that it was most likely Carol - which of course it was.

But now, they are completely, one hundred percent hiding anything that might be perceived as Caryl from the promos. They aren’t even giving us an ambiguous shot of Daryl on the way to Carol’s house. 

Conclusion: this reunion is being kept totally and utterly secret because it is even bigger and better than the No Sanctuary reunion. 


“I love working with Melissa. Everything we do is just fluid, it’s real. When we opened that door in rehearsal, both of us were breaking down in tears. […] Everything she does is just magic.”

“Daryl has watched her go through that struggle of not being able to kill. If she’s losing herself, what’s the point? He cares more about her than anything, so he lies. […] He’ll lie just to protect her. He cares more about her than he does anything.”

                                    - Norman Reedus, WSC Podcast (Feb 19, 2017)