my carbon footprint

I really can’t stand it when you’re discussing the environmental aspects of veganism and non vegans are like ‘BUT VEGANS USE PHONES AND CARS AND PLASTIC AND CRUDE OIL AND’

And I’m like yes.
I know.
And it PAINS me.

For reals, I’m literally just trying to live like a normal person here, so if you can find me some affordable tech made from sustainably sourced materials, I WILL BUY IT.

Like if you can offer me a renewable power supply for my house and an electric car for an affordable price then god damn I will honestly explode with happiness

But for the moment, whilst my carbon footprint is roughly half of the national average, and I’m doing a shit ton more than the vast majority of people, stop waiting for me to give up everything before you will change anything. I’m doing the best I can within my means.

And this doesn’t have to be one side vs the other thing, we’re not doing this for gratification or some kind of personal gain, we’re doing it for the good of the earth and everyone in it, and for the future of our kids and yours alike.

Basically, we’re doing what we can, and the difference is that we’re doing enough, if everyone was causing the same amount of damage that vegans do, then chances are, the earth would have an actual fighting chance at pulling through this.

Please just stop fighting against us and hear us, its more important than you know
And if anyone wants help changing their ways, I’m more than happy to be of service!

Peace and good will to all of you

anonymous asked:

you have the best clothes! where do you shop?

Thrift stores mostly! I go thrifting A LOT and I don’t always find anything, but when I do, it’s always a great bargain. People will tell you you should go to the thrift stores in wealthy neighbourhoods which is true but I also like to go to the ones in rinky dink small towns because everything is dirt cheap and hasn’t been picked over by hipsters.

I also shop at Winners (TJMaxx in the states) and occasionally I splurge at the clearance rack at Forever21 and H&M. Sometimes I shop online.

but really almost everything I own is thrifted, it’s how I have always bought my clothes. It’s not for everyone, but for me it is a way of life and something that I can do to reduce my carbon footprint. Plus I like the treasure hunt! It’s fun!

i’m a vegetarian. i love to live ethically, and sustainably. i’m mindful of my carbon footprint. but there’s just one problem: i love to crumble up styrofoam & sprinkle it on native wildlife

I meet the nicest people on Craigslist.

My old snowblower was junk so I gave it away. Last winter it worked so poorly I cleared snow off my driveway with a shovel instead. We didn’t get a lot of snow. I was lucky. My carbon footprint got a little sexier too!

The thing is I like using the snowblower. Besides my own driveway I clear those of retired and vacationing people on my end of the street. Nice, vertical snowbank edges along the driveway soothe my soul. After city snowplows have been through I can remove the tall, dense pile of snow at bottom of the driveway without hurting my back.

Being frugal, but not wanting a bad back, I set a modest budget. Then I saw what my wife paid for a haircut and coloring and upped my budget.

I decided on a modest single-stage snowblower at my local hardware store. I prefer two-stage machines but that single has enough horsepower. The price was reasonable too, only about the same as two trips to the salon.

The nicer two-stage machines were above my budget, unless my wife decides to get more frequent haircuts and colorings. Should Sheila go to that schedule I’m getting a 2017 Ford F-150 Platinum with a Western plow blade.

Sheila looked online the other day and found a guy a mile from our house selling this nearly new two-stage Toro. His price was very fair. I called to set an appointment. The seller was so nice. He got really embarrassed when he asked if I’d pay cash and not by check.

I went to his house to check it over. He’s my dad’s age and has some health problems so hired a service to clear snow this year. We chatted for a good while. The Toro won’t fit in my filthy Camry so I said I’d be back with my neighbor who has a small trailer.

While I was gone he called me and said he’d be out running errands. I was welcome to take the snowblower from his garage and could pay him whenever! I guess he trusted me after we chatted :) Oh and he changed the oil too.

When my neighbor and I got to the house the seller was home and I paid the cash. This thing runs beautifully. I can’t wait to use it. Heck, I might try it on all these leaves.

My Carbon Footprint Launch Is A Success

On Saturday morning, NYSCI education staff had the pleasure of introducing the My Carbon Footprint curriculum to a group of very enthusiastic teachers. Despite the fact that it was early on a weekend, the educators’ excitement was contagious, and we were thrilled to hear how the participants planned to use the lessons with their students. As soon as the workshop started, the teachers were brainstorming great additions and modifications to the lessons, and we’re excited for them to share their ideas on this blog. We’ll be having some of the teachers guest blogging about their experiences, so be sure to check back soon!

Here is a picture of some teachers adapting a house to withstand a storm surge.

Thanks again to all of you who spent your Saturday here at NYSCI!