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Picture Perfect - Part 2

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,286

Summary: The reader tries to convince Dean to be her fake fiance, so she can impress her boss and get a promotion.

Part 1

Last night was fucking rough. You told Dean about your predicament at work and it was pretty obvious he thinks you’re nuts.

It doesnt help that he wants to get fucking references from Kevin and Haley to confirm you’re not a wackjob. At this point, you’re not so sure. Normal people don’t do this, right?

You get a text from Dean and your stomach drops. Just read it, Y/N. Stop being a pussy.

Hey. I made my decision. Wanna meet up later and get a drink? I think it’s best if we have alcohol this time  :)

Hmmm. A smiley face. That must be a good sign. Or maybe he’s just really nice and feels bad for you. Ugh.

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My mouth goes dry as April looks at me with huge eyes and pallid skin.

“You’re crazy,” she says.

I am. I am fucking crazy. But this is something that I really want to do. For her, for Alaina, and for myself too.

“Maybe,” I say, the sun shining down on us suddenly feeling way too hot even though it’s close to November. “But I don’t wanna take it back.”

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Imagine getting pregnant after a one night stand with Chibs and you see him years later.

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WARNINGS: Language

Request: Imagine the guys go on a long distance run and one night you hook up with Chibs (and don’t know he’s a Son) and they leave the next day and a few weeks later you find out you’re pregnant. Then, a couple years later you’re traveling to visit family and you have car troubles so you stop at TM and your son looks a lot like Chibs. You can decide exactly how it plays out from there.

Okay so I fucked up but by the time I noticed I had already written it, I accidentally made it a girl instead of a boy so I apologize to the person that requested. If it’s a problem I could change it, I’m sorry :( but I hope you all enjoy :)

“Mommy, mommy!  It’s hot.” Your daughter, Ruby, whined and you nodded, there was a heat wave and you were on your way to Charming with your daughter visiting some family. “I know baby girl I know, mommy’s hot to.” You sighed as you pulled out your phone dialing an auto shop, “Teller Morrow Auto Repair.”

“Hi, I need a tow.” You sighed fanning Ruby with some paper, “The truck is out it might be a thirty minute wait.” You groaned, “I have my five year old and my car won’t start.” You heard the woman curse under her breath, “I’ll pick you up and have one of my boys get your car.” The woman said, “I’m just outside of Charming.” You told her and she hung up the phone.

“Don’t worry baby.” You told her as you, “Come on I think it’s hotter in here than out there.” You told your daughter as you pulled her out of her car seat,  the little girl running back and forth to catch a breeze, how the hell could my car break down I just bought it, you groaned mentally. You leaned into your car and pulled out a water bottle from your little cooler, “Here hon.” You said to your daughter, “Thanks mama.” Ruby said taking a few chugs and you took some to. You looked at your daughter with a small smile, you had her after a one night stand, a man you met in a bar.

“Hey there love.” You heard a man say beside you, you were gonna tell him you weren’t interested until you looked at his handsome scarred face, “Hi.” You smiled as he leaned against the bar, “Chibs.” You held out your hand and he kissed your knuckles, “Y/N.” You said and he winked, “Let the lass have another.” Chibs said to the bartender as he sat down on a bar stool beside you, “So what are you in Nevada for?” You asked as you raised your drink that he bought for you in thanks, “Business.”

“So why are you here by yourself lass?” Chibs asked you and you smiled, “Rough day at work.” You scuffed and he nodded, “To relaxation.” You chuckled and nodded, “Well love do you want to continue this relaxing else were?” He questioned and you nodded, your hand going in his as you lead him outside, “Gladly.”

“Mommy look a car.” Ruby shouted getting your attention as you saw a black suv roll up to you, Ruby going to your side as a woman stepped out, “Your the one that needed the tow?” She asked and you nodded, “Hop in sweetheart.” She said to you and as you went to get the car seat the woman called back, “Don’t need one.” She said and you picked up your daughter and her pick mini back pack walking to the car, “Y/N and this is Ruby.” You said as you strapped your daughter in, “Gemma.”

You and Gemma laughed as you both talked about a bunch of stuff on your way to Teller-Morrow, “Here we are.” Gemma said parking, you noticed a bunch of men sitting at a picnic table eating and laughing, you helped your daughter out of the car, holding her hand. “Mommy why are there big men sitting?”

“There eating lunch baby.” You said down to Ruby and she smiled, “Like in school?” Gemma chuckled, “Just like school.” You followed the woman into the office, your daughter walking in front of you with her mini back pack, “Here you can fill these out I’ll have someone go get your car, hey Ruby you want some brownies.” Gemma asked and your daughter nodded quickly, “Oh yes please.” Ruby clapped and Gemma stood up leaving to go get the brownies, you heard a voice talk outside and your heart stopped. “Aye don’t worry mama I’ll get it.” It worried you that it could be him but you were just being paranoid.

You looked down at your daughter as she pulled out a coloring book from her bag, then her colored pencils, “I think I’m gonna colorrrrrrr the birdy!” She cheered and opened her book to the picture of a little peacock. You smiled then started to fill out the paper work that Gemma handed you, “Here you are, isn’t that cute.” Gemma said as she looked down at the picture then handed your daughter a brownie, “Thank you Miss Gemma.” She smiled then bit into the brownie doing a little dance as she continued to color, “You’re getting better at staying in the lines.” You smiled.

“Yay.” Ruby cheered, as she held the picture in her hand, brownie in the other.

“Yo Gem we got the car.” A man shouted and your daughter stood up, “Thank you for the brownie, here mommy you can have some she said then gave you the rest which you ate happily, “Here you go.” You smiled then handed the woman her paper work, “You can go out there and see what the guys find wrong with it.” Ruby walked out first with her picture in hand.

“This is your car?” A blonde man asked then waved at your daughter, “Yes.”

“Y/N?” You heard a voice call and you tensed then slowly turned to the voice seeing none other than Chibs, “Long time no see.” You smiled and he nodded as he eyed your body, “You look great.”

“Yeah mommy’s super pretty!” Ruby cheered and Chibs looked at your daughter with wide eyes, there was no denying that resemblance between the two, she had his smile, his eyes and his hair, she was his daughter.  “Aye that she is, so lass what’s your name?” Your daughter smiled, “Ruby Y/L/N.” You couldn’t help but smile at her sing song voice, “How old are ye Ruby?” Chibs asked squatting down in front of her, “I’m this many.” Ruby cheered as she held up five fingers, “Wow that many cool.”

Chibs nodded then looked up at you and you swallowed hard, your face heating up but not from the Son from his gaze so you averted your eyes down to the ground, “What’s your name?” She asked and Chibs looked at her with the same smile that stole your heart, “Me, well you can call me…” He paused, his eyes went to you and you knew that he knew, “How about Filip for now lass.” He said and you gave a sigh of relief. “Are you gonna fix our car?” Ruby asked and Chibs nodded with a chuckle, “Aye lass I will.”

“Yay! We were gonna see grandma.” Ruby informed the squatting man and he smiled, “Oh you have family here?” Ruby nodded as she moved her hair out of her face, the wind making it go crazy and the guys laughed at her squeal, “MOMMY I’m being attacked.” She said as she tried to get the hair out of her face. “I GOT YA LOVE.” Chibs said then picked up your daughter putting her upside so her hair fell out of her face, her laughter filling your heart.

You covered your mouth as you watched Chibs spin your daughter before holding her normally, “Haha.” He said with a mock laugh and you smiled thankfully at him. “Hey Ruby you want to meet my son Abel? He’d really like to play.” The blonde man said and you bit your lip, “This is Gemma’s son Jax.” Chibs informed and you nodded at Jax, “Um alright.”

“Don’t worry my wife is right over there.” He said as he took your daughter’s hand when Chibs put her down, “Alright, Ruby you behave.” You warned as you watched Jax take your daughter to his son who waved and smiled brightly.

“Is she mine?” You swallowed hard at the bluntness of the question, you nodded in answer, “Yes. I didn’t sleep with anyone after or before you.” You said and Chibs looked at you with wide eyes but you held up your hand, “I didn’t mean it like that, I meant I didn’t have sex in months before you, work was a hand full.” Chibs nodded as he remembered how he met you. “I came back to the bar a month later, I couldn’t find you.” He said catching you in shock.


“Aye, I was smitten when I met ya.” He chuckled and gave you and amazing smile which you returned, “I could say the same.” Chibs looked back at your daughter, “The lass…she’s beautiful.”

“Looks like you.” You commented and he nodded his smile only growing wider, “I’m gonna have a tough time keeping the boys away from her.” He said and you heard the nervousness in his voice as he glanced at you. You never thought that you would met Chibs again, it was hard raising Ruby alone but not to the point were you regretted or thought your life was over. Hard? Yes. Worth it? Most definitely.

“I would love that.” You smiled and Chibs walked over to you his hand going to your cheek, but you put a hand to his chest, “I fell in love the second I was with you.” Chibs whispered and you smiled, “I know…I did too but…I think we should take this day by day. You can be in her life as long as you want but if you hurt her I will kill you.” You told him and he nodded, “Aye love.” He leaned to you and kissed your cheek before backing away.

It was about two hours before your car was good to go, a man named Tig fixing your car as Chibs played with his daughter, you wondered why he was so quick to being alright with a child. And to your shock you found out he had a daughter but never got to really be there and he told you he was happy to get a second chance. “Alright baby time to see Grandma.” You smiled and Ruby pouted.

“Okay see ya later Chibs.” She said then wrapped her little arms around the man, hugging him tightly which he returned, “Alright love I’ll see ya soon.” He smiled as she pulled away, “Here you can have this.” Ruby said then handed him her colored picture of a peacock, “Why thank you.” The guys and you smiled at the mans shock, “I think I’ll call ya birdy from now on. I’ll see ya soon dear.” He said then gave her another hug. Chibs stood up and you hugged him, “I’ll see you soon?” He asked in a whisper and you nodded

“Okay wave to everybody.” You smiled as you walked to your car.

Ruby waved and all the men returned the action happily, “SEE YA GUYS LATER!”

It was a shocking year but you moved to Charming with Chibs, the both of you sparking with love immediately, Chibs was a huge part in Ruby’s life now and it warmed your heart. You spent a lot of time at the club and it was hard you weren’t going to lie and say that you assumed the role of Old Lady over night, but you did respect the Old Ladies for their strength. Ruby cried when she found out that Chibs was her father, not from sadness but from happiness. Joyful that she was finally going to have the dad she always wanted, and Chibs was done for after that. Ruby was his little princess and he was wrapped around her finger and it made you laugh at the grown man.

All in all…life was well, “Wake up love.” You heard Chibs say then a giggle, “Mommy wake up.” You smiled as you looked at the two people that owned your heart, “What’s going on?” You asked as you sat up, “Happy birthday!” Ruby and Chibs yelled before tackling you back into the bed all of you laughing. “Thanks you two.” Ruby snuggled between you and Chibs, “I love you Chibs.” You smiled as you leaned over and pressed your lips to his.

“EWE!” Ruby squealed covering her eyes and Chibs groaned, “It’s not gross! Don’t make me kiss you birdy cause I will.” He said tickling her and you smiled as you watched Chibs tickle Ruby, they were your world and you couldn’t find it in your heart to ever regret walking into that bar.

BTS reacting to you being successful at young age

Thanks for the request!:) And btw, this is just goals, like having your own house and car and having a good job at 27…please let that be me in some years xD

-Kiki <3



Would be super impressed to see your house and everything.

“How come you have all these things and I am still being stuck with these six children? What did I do wrong with my career choices?” He laughs.

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“I see where you got the inspiration for your successful life.” He smirks cheekily.

You obviously confused by what he means with that remark: “What do you mean by that?”

Looking hurt for you not getting his reference, he starts rapping: “How did you not get that? I want a big house, big cars and big rings…???”

“Haha, oh you mean that…Yoongi, don’t mean to disappoint you but I actually just wanted to be successful, this house and everything is just a plus actually.”

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“Okay wait…how did you never tell me about all this? Like wow, you must be super successful and pretty good at your job. Wow!” He says, walking around in your house.

“Ah, it is nothing actually, just hard work.” You smile shyly, feeling uncomfortable being praised for simply doing your job.

“Don’t be so modest, baby, this is so much hard work of yours, you should be proud!” He smiles and hugs you from behind.

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“Okay…your house is so pretty…you have a similar taste as me when it comes to decoration…and it is so quiet here…mind if I sleep over? I could have some quiet hours of sleep, actually?” He asks.

“Just feel at home.”

“I am already, haha!”

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“Now I feel old and useless.” He states as he enters your big house with a pool in the big garden.

“Why that?” You laugh

“See, you are two years older than me, same age as Jungkook (let’s say you both are now 25 or sth) and you have a sports car and a house for I don’t know how many people to live in and work as a successful manager. And I share my room with two idiots…useless and old.” He chuckles and you hit him playfully.

“Stop talking like that! You have achieved so much already!”

“If you say so…” He smiles.

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“Hey babe, what did you today at work?” Taehyung asks as  he enters your home.

“Oh, I started work a bit earlier today, they needed me for some problems in our recent project with this big company from Europe, you know? What did you do today?” You ask interested, as you still worked at something from home.

“Now that I hear what you do all day and that I see that you are still working, no wonders you have a car and a house and everything. All I did today was making tacos with Jin and I felt like I accomplished something…in relation to you..well taco is taco.” He laughs.

“You have to be joking, tacos are so much cooler than a project with Europe, I hope you brought me one.”

“Of course I did!”

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“May I drive in your car?” Jungkook whines.

“You have your own car, Jungkook, don’t you?”

“No I haven’t. Plus, your car is much cooler.”

“I won’t give you my keys, forget it!”

“But why???”

“I swear Jungkook, sometimes I am asking myself, are you my boyfriend who is my age or are you my son and I am the manager mom?”

“Please, mommy, give me the keys?” He asks making a cute face.

“Drive with your own car, Jungkook.”


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Thanks for reading, hope you liked it! <3

None of the gifs are mine, credit to owners <3

For no particular reason, I just remembered that one of the kids I used to babysit saw my tattoo.
It’s in a rather visible place but I almost never show it, ‘cause I don’t like showing too much skin.
Still, he saw it (he’s in kindergarten, 4yo) and asked me: “Does it wash away when you take a bath like mine does?” (He had a cars one on his forearm) “Did your mom applied it to you?”

And I answered that no, that didn’t wash away, and another person, a very kind one called “the tattoo artist” put it there for me.
He thought a bit and then patted me comfortingly on the arm: “Don’t worry if it’s not cool as my coloured one, it’s still cute.”

And I don’t know. I realized he was looking for things to say about why his cars tattoo was way cooler than mine and he sort of upped me that way ‘cause mine wasn’t coloured.

No Part (Part 2)

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As many people requested, here’s part two to No Part! I have decided to make this into a series and with the help of my friend @pineapplesandstories I have already got the next part done as well! Big thanks to her for helping me our and giving me the idea for this series! Hope you all like it and enjoy! :)

Part 1


“Look, sweetcheeks, I don’t know why you came to me of all people - I mean you could’ve chosen the X-Men, but I’m glad you didn’t. I’m happy you’re here,” Wade said as you walked into his messy apartment with your suitcases.

You sighed as you sat your luggage down after you kicked the door shut. “To be honest, Wade? I really don’t know. I mean if you want me to go the mansion I will it’s just-”
“Wait so you came here because you like me more than the X-Men?” He asked and you could tell he was smiling under his mask.
You chuckled slightly. “You are good company at times, I’ll give you that.”
“That’s good enough for me. Now, where do ya wanna sleep at?”
“Preferably on a bed,” you told him. “But if all you have is a couch, then I’ll take that.”
“Yeah, I wouldn’t trust that couch…” he trailed off and looked away.
You were confused for a moment then it hit you. “Seriously, Wade?! That’s what beds are for. Who effed you, you old avocado?”
After a pause he quietly replied with, “Me.”
You made a face of disgust. “Are you kidding me? I’m taking the bed.” You headed towards the bedroom, knowing the layout of his apartment from the previous times you had been there.
“Yeah, wouldn’t trust the bed either,” he called out.
“Is there anything you haven’t done the deed on?” You asked as you walked back into the living room.
“In this apartment?”
“Yes, Wade.”
“Um…” He put his hand on his chin. “I think the - wait nope take that back. I guess not.”
You sighed. “Where am I supposed to sleep then?”
“I don’t know! Go to the mansion if you don’t like it here!”
You pinched the bridge of your nose. Wade Wilson could be a pain in the ass sometimes. “Do you have like three blankets and a pillow that are clean?”
“Okay that’s it grab everything that needs washed and put them in a bag,” you told him.
“Why do I have to do it?”
“Because it’s your stuff.”
He groaned. “Fine.” About an hour later you had filled three and a half garbage bags with laundry.
“Help me carry these down to my car,” you told him.
“You have a car now?” He asked as he took two bags and followed you put the door, not bothering to shut it behind him.
“Wade shut the door, please. And yes, I have a car.”
Once the bags are in the car you went back inside and grabbed your keys, wallet and phone. When you got back Wade was already sitting down and buckled up. You got in the car and put the key in the ignition.
“So where we going, hotshot? ”
“A place you’ve obviously been needing to go to for a while,” you said while pulling out of the space and into traffic
“Where’s that?” Wade asked.
“The laundromat,” you responded.
“Wait, I can’t go there.”
“Why not?”
“I don’t wanna.”
You rolled your eyes. “Wade, I’m going to be living with you until this whole fiasco is over, I might as well do it with clean sheets.” 

"Why did you join that team of losers in the first place? I mean I wouldn’t have even done that and I’ve done a lot of things.”
You thought about it for a moment. Why did you join the Avengers? “I guess… I guess I just wanted to help people, ya know?”
He slowly shook his head. “No, I don’t.”
“Maybe it’s because you’re the infamous Merc with the Mouth,” you suggested.
“Is that what people call me?”
“Yes, Wade.”
“Except for you.”
“Why don’t you call me Deadpool?  I mean it’s so much cooler than just my real name.”
“We’re here,” you told him as you pulled into a parking space in front of the building. You turned in your seat to face him.  "Okay first off lose the swords.“
"They’re katanas,” he corrected.
“Right, whatever. Just leave them in the car. In fact, leave all weapons in the car,” you said,  getting out of your car to start grabbing a couple of bags from the backseat.
“Why?” Wade asked still in the car.
“’Cause I don’t want people to think we’re here to kill them,” you harshly whispered in his direction.

Part 3

‘Derek what is wrong?, ever since we stepped foot in this office you have been on edge’ You asked your overly protective boyfriend after he pulled you towards him for the millionth time. You were used to the little things he did while you were on a case, such as edging in front of you if the Unsub had a gun but this was just the local police office and it was starting to get on your nerves. ‘Because ever since we got here every officer has had their eyes on you and the two guys by the cooler were talking obscenely about you. So, get into your man’s car so we can go to interview this lady Kitten.’ He was being ridiculous, but rather than start a fight, you climbed in the car and sat back as he drove. As you approached the house of the lady you were interviewing you spoke up, 'You seriously need to ease up Tiger, you can’t always protect my from everything and besides it doesn’t matter what others say as I only have eyes for you.’ Morgan at this point got pretty serious and looked directly at you 'I’ll ease up when men stop looking at you like you’re a piece of meat and I can and will try to protect you every chance I can, even if it kills me.' 

Race (Dean Imagine)

i had to do research for this, as a lazy person i am mad. Anyway its bee a while since i posted but here’s another Dean one :) X

You were driving along the roads, windows open, the country breeze hitting you in the face. Your hair was blowing wild, and your ears were ringing with the sound of your favorite 80’s rock tape mixed with the grumbling of your engine of your brand new muscle car. You had been lusting after a super bee for so long. You’d been admiring muscle cars for a while, and your love growing for them when your boyfriend taught you more about his own. You wanted a bright yellow 1971 dodge super bee just for you. You were a hunter and travelled with Sam and Dean in the impala everywhere, having your own car was impractical as you’d have to follow them around ,but you didn’t care. The only other car you had was a scrapper of a smart car, which was your first one.
You pulled into Bobby’s, cruising up the drive way, turning your music down. Dean had his head buried in the hood of his car, his attention drew straight to you as you rolled up, parking right behind him.
“Hey!” You said with a grin, slowly walking up to dean, placing a small kiss on his lips, but keeping his hands away from you as they were covered in oil. You wiped away a smudge of oil from his face, making your thumb dirty, then stepped back from him, leaning against the passenger door of his car as he stood at the bonnet.
“What the hell is that?” he pointed his dirty hand to your new vehicle
“Thats my brand spanking new dodge super bee”
“its a rust bucket” he turned his face up
“Hey, it could use a little bit of work but its awesome as fuck”
“Um, no. This..” he shut the hood and lightly stroked his hand along it once
“This is awesome as fuck”
“My car is far better than your impala”
“Don’t listen to her baby” he said.
“Mines faster, nicer, hotter, cooler, works better” you listed, ignoring the comment he made to his car.
“Wanna bet?” he cockily asked
“Actually, i do. We race, up the road a bit. When i win, i get your nickel plated colt 1911 gun. If by some weird fluke that you win, you get anything of mine you want”
“I get to pick apart your car, and take the good things out of it, not that there are very many”
“Game on” you smiled
“She’s just fixed up, its obvious i’ll win, but lets do it anyway” he grinned cheekily, wiped his hands on his jeans, staining them forever, then got into his car.
You reversed out, and sped off down the road, you drove to this huge car park, where an old shopping centre was. No-one had stepped foot in the place since 1999 so there was no-one to car if you raced in the massive car park.
You stopped at parking space at the very back, Dean came a little while later, and rolled up five spaces away from you. You wound the window down
“To that bottom street light. You ready?” you shouted over.
“yes, are you?” he called back.
“Hell yeah! we count down at the same time?”
“yes, start driving on 0”
“3, 2” you said in sync “1,0” dean rushed through the numbers by himself, racing off without you.
“Prick” you mumbled as you floored it, and sped up, catching up with Dean in no time. You were neck and neck, he checked his rear view mirror looking for you, not realizing you had caught up so quickly
“Beep beep mother fucker” you laughed as you beeped the horn, picking up your speed. You were ahead of him, the front bumper of his car was roughly align your back passenger door.
You had your eyes on the road in front, but flicking back and checking over your shoulder to make sure Dean was still behind you, he was dangerously close to taking over, knowing your car had it and his didn’t, you slowed down ever so slightly, to make the race more interesting. He was right beside you, grinning, thinking he was going to win, it was cruel but as you raced up, coming towards the street light, you pushed your foot down on the accelerator and took over him. You sped past the street light first, winning the race.
“Woohoooo!” You shouted, punching the air with your hand out the window as you slowed down. You and dean both turned in different directions, as you were reaching the end of the parking lot.
You drove slowly back down the car park, ecstatic at your win. Dean, who was now about 20 spaces away after the turn, wasn’t so happy.
You circled back to the starting point, and parked in roughly the same spot. You pulled the keys out of the ignition, and jumped out of the car. Dean arrived just after, copying your actions.
“Yes!” You shouted, the race had given you with such an adrenalin rush, and winning filled you with a euphoric feeling.
“Fuck yeah” you said more quietly. Dean crossed his arms over his chest and leaned against his car.
“Aw Deany” you said, feeling sympathy for the race loser.
“How the hell did my impala lose to your car?” He asked, truly not understanding it was you and not the car.
“Because your impala didn’t have me driving” you smirked. You walked over to him and un-folded his arms.
“Don’t be grumpy” the side of your mouth smirked as you tried not to smile whilst consoling your boyfriend.
“Damn super bee” he scowled
“Damn super bee that you were looking forward to pulling apart” You smiled. You leaned in close to him, taking his hands and encouraging him to put them around your waist. You lay against him, and tilted your head up to look at him. He was still grumpy. You placed a small kiss on his bottom lip, practically his chin, as it was the only place you could reach without being on your tip toes. 

“Stop huffing” You kissed him again, this time standing up straighter and taller so you could reach his lips. Your hand slid from his back the whole way down the his ass, you pushed the teal colored jacket up, and put your hand on his bare back

“Wow” He said not realizing what you were doing. You gripped the gun from the back of his jeans, and took it out, then brought it round to you. You stood back a bit, but Dean still kept his arms on you, dropping them ever so slightly so they were on your hips.

“I believe this is mine” You smiled

“Yeah” He sighed.

“I’ll let you borrow it from time to time if it makes you feel better” Dean didn’t speak he kind of just looked at you, then a cheeky grin spread across his face. You knew he had either hatched an evil plan or he was about to say something he thought was hilarious but wasn’t really.

“Race to Bobby’s last one there has to cook dinner for the 4 of us” He let go of you and jumped into his car, driving away before you even had a chance to get back to your own. You just sighed happily to yourself, sure you had to cook dinner, you’d probably pick something up on the way home which is easier. But now you got to go for a long drive in your new car, that wasn’t going to be pulled apart by Dean, without worrying about anything in the world. You could drive all night and no-one could stop you, and that’s what you planned to do. You got in your car, blasted the tunes, and went for a long cruise, heading in no particular direction at all.

So Stupid

Another request 😊 (Y/n/n= Your/nick/name)

The bell rang signaling your final period of the day as you slid into your seat next to Taylor in math. 

“Late are we?” He smirked as you pulled out your books hoping your teacher wouldn’t notice. 

“Because you’ve never arrived twenty minutes late to class before, Caniff.” You huff.

“Attitude much?” He smiles and kicks you a little under your desk. You tried your best to get through class without seeming too flirty. You had just gotten over your ex recently and weren’t sure if you were ready for a relationship or not. By the time the bell rang the dirty looks from a couple jealous girls were back.

“You’re coming over again tonight, right y/n/n?” He asked slinging his practically empty backpack over his shoulder. You bite your lip unsure.

“I don’t know, Taylor I should probably-”

“Pleaaaase, you have to teach me physics by Monday. We’ll pull one of our infamous Taylor-y/n all nighters.” He gave you a goofy grin and you can’t help but give in.

“Alright, but we have to get some studying done this time.” You protest despite that he barely heard you.

“Yeah, yeah. You need a ride home again?” He asked walking with you to your locker as you put your books away. 

“Nah, I got my car fixed.” You say locking your locker again. 

“But you look so much cooler in my car.” He smirked again. Yeah he had a flashier car than you but it drew more attention than you liked. You preferred your simple fusion.

“You mean I get looked at more.” You correct him parting ways to go to your car on the other side of the lot. 

“Same difference! I better see you by six!”

“We’ll see!” You shout grinning as you turned around to walk to your car. As you were about to unlock it you felt someone press against your back.

“Hey y/n.” The whisper goes right into your ear as your key fumbles to unlock your door.

“Shit.” You whisper heart starting to race. It was your ex; Aiden. 

“What’s up babe?” He grabbed your wrist stopping from getting into your car. You couldn’t move. The fear paralyzed you.

“Aiden, you’re not supposed to be here.” You choke out. Ever since the incident you had a restraining order put on him and he was expelled from the school no longer allowed on district property. 

“Please…I just want to talk. I’m sorry, babe.” He promised. You still couldn’t move. Not even as he took your keys. “Get in on the other side. I’ll take us to your house, mmkay?” He kissed you and you tried to turn away but had no ability to except following his instructions and getting in on the passenger side. The whole drive he kept his hand on your thigh drawing circles with his index finger the way he used to. Only this time it wasn’t cute; it was terrifying.

As soon as you were up your front steps about to unlock the door after getting your keys back you looked up at Aiden who just looked at you with eyes the way he used to. He was weird…it was almost like he completely forgot what happened and expected you to as well.

“Aiden…you have to leave.” You stutter out your words hoping his hand wouldn’t raise again.

“Not if we’re just talking.” He began to play with a piece of your hair waiting for you to unlock the door. You do so with a shaky hand and he leads you to the couch and takes your hands into his. “Y/n, I need you to forgive me. I forgave you already, it’s about time.” He looked at you squeezing your hands.

“Aiden, I didn’t do anything. I really need you to go.” You tried pulling back your hands but he held onto one and practically crushed it. You whimper in pain and he throws you to the floor in anger. It was starting again.

“What do you mean you didn't do anything?! You gave up on us!” He shouted pissed off.

“You have to go Aiden!” You cry. He grabbed your wrist and shoved you into the wall now knocking the breath out of you.

“Why?! You scared that stupid Taylor kid will come over? That I’ll beat the crap out of him?! I see the way you look at him. It’s sick, y/n.” He growls his forehead pressed to yours. All you could do was let the tears of fear roll and try to pull your arm out of his grip. 

“There’s nothing between us!” You lie only your breath catches in your throat. “You…you see the way I look at him?” You shrink against the wall terrified. He was stalking you. This was a planned scenario for him.

“All you have to do is say you love me, baby. Just say it and it’ll all be okay I promise.”

“I don’t love you, Aiden you need to leave before you get in trouble.” You stumble over words and he twists your wrist. 

“What do you mean you don’t love me?!” He yelled. 

“I mean I hate you Aiden!” You shriek out of anger and impulse. All you see is his hand raise before it comes down on you and you feel a stinging sensation. Your eye was struck along with your cheek. You were only silenced for a moment before letting out a loud scream in hopes a nearby neighbor might hear. This couldn’t end like last time. His hand tried to slam over your mouth but you bit his fingers and he took his hand back and shoved you to the other wall. 

“Stupid bitch,” He pinned you to the wall and you took your previously crushed hand as he attacked you with kisses and smashed the mirror above you making your knuckles bleed. He didn’t even notice. You blindly searched for a piece of glass and after finding one put it to his neck. Now he noticed. “You wouldn’t…” He muttered glaring at you.

“I hate you. I sure as hell will.” You spit back. “Now get out." 

After he walked out you froze in your spot. It took a moment to realize how bad everything hurt. You figured you should take care of the mirror bits before your injuries. It’d be easy to explain how this happened to your parents; you tripped on the carpet where your stupid brother left a toy train or whatever and tried to catch yourself on the mirror. The rest was just going to have to be covered by make up. It’d be hard to conceal the swelling of your eye. You dumped the shards of glass in the trash and place the toy train in a spot where it looked like you had tripped over it and went upstairs to look up how to stop a swelling eye. 

"Shit, Taylor…” You murmur under your breath grabbing your phone dialing straight to his machine. “Hey, I can’t come over tonight. Super sorry I’ll make it up to ASAP though. Bye.” You hang up and bandaged your bleeding hand after taking any bits of glass out of it. Taylor tried calling you three or four times before giving up. You weren’t in the mood to go to Taylor’s anymore, but if you held out too long he’d get suspicious.

Your parents seemed skeptical of your story but believed you upon seeing the shattered mirror and scattered clutter of your brother’s toys. He got a lecture, and you got a free trip to the hospital courtesy of your hand and the requirement of stitches.  

The next day Taylor came by your house having the patience of a squirrel. Your parents took your brother to your grandparents but let you stay home to “recover”. You were grateful. Until nine in the morning when you heard Taylor.

“Y/n? Whatever I did I’m sooorrryyyy.” He whined loudly. He clearly was desperate for your forgiveness as he never was up on a Saturday before eleven. You rubbed your eyes and winced remembering the bright red and purple ring around it.

“I’ll be down in a few!” You shout running to the bathroom putting on concealer foundation and primer doing your best to not make it to cake-y or powdery. You tried combing your hair as well before tip toeing downstairs to see Taylor holding flowers. You almost laughed at how ridiculously adorable he looked. 

“Taylor you didn’t do anything,” You grinned and hugged him. 

“Then what was up with you ditching me last night?” He asked.

“I just…wasn’t in the mood.” You shrug lying. 

“You’re lying, y/n/n.” He glares. “Why didn’t you show up?”

“I just was busy, alright?” You snap. “Why can’t you believe that?!” You yell not wanting to talk about it. Taylor pulls you in for a hug.

“Okay, okay I’m sorry I won’t ask.” He promised. 

“Thank you. Let’s go back to your place now.” You suggest. 

“You sure?” He whispers.

“Yes, I’m sure.” You reply forcing a grin.

“Okay…bring your bikini.” He grins slowly moving his fingers to pinch your ticklish spot. 

“Taylor!” You gasp jumping away from him. “Don’t do that! Besides we should study.” You argue.

“We can do that later.” He insists. You roll your eyes but go upstairs to change and grab your books anyways. He groaned as you got into the passenger seat in your bikini. “Why do you have to be so fucking hot?”

After arriving to his house and racing to his backyard where his pool was. You knew you weren’t really supposed to go swimming with stitches but this was to hard to pass up. Especially because it gave Taylor a reason to take off his shirt…

After grabbing a wine cooler (because his parents weren’t home) you sat in one of the lounge chairs and were about to soak up some vitamin D but a dark shadow was blocking the sun.  

“Excuse me sir, but you seem to be blocking my sun.” You smile up at him. 

“You didn’t want a chair with a view?” He smirked as you stared at his abs. 

“I am the view.” You argue.

“I’d say so.” He grinned checking you out. You leaned up to smack him but he took you into his arms and took a couple steps nearer the water.

“Stop, stop!” You scream as he jumps in the pool with you. You immeadietly got back out shivering. 

“Come back…” Taylor pouts. You roll your eyes.

“Maybe I don’t want to.”

“But I know you do.” He grinned. You stared at him for a moment. The silence was an obvious indicator as to where the moment was headed. You jumped on him dragging both of you under as you released the tension in a kiss.

You came back up and continued to kiss, your legs wrapped around his waist arms around his neck. 

“Do…you…have any idea…how long…I’ve waited for this…” Taylor says in between kisses.

“Don’t talk, just kiss.” You complain as he holds onto you waist. You stop to catch your breath and rest your forehead on his. Both you’re eyes are closed until you hear;

“What the fuck is that?”

You open your eyes at his vulgar tone. 

“What?” You ask confused. He carries you over to the edge and sets you down to inspect you. A panic erupts within you. The make up was gone, the bruises existed. His thumb lightly brushed the edge of the bruise encircling your eye and you leaned away in pain.

“Who. Did this.” He demanded.

“N-no one.” You stutter.

“Y/n. Who?” His voice was hollow and he tried to take your hand into his but you winced and pulled back your hand as well.

“Your hand is broken.” He said without doubt. “Who the hell broke your hand?!” He growled.

“Taylor it’s not broken.” You whine. “Can’t we go back to this?” You whisper seductively placing your lips near his. He was drawn in for a moment before backing up again.

“Y/n y/l/n tell me who did this so I can make sure they never do again.” Taylor half begged half commanded.

“Aiden said he just wanted to talk okay! I didn’t…I didn’t mean for him to come inside but it was inevitable that he would anyways.” You yell out putting your head in your hands. “It was stupid and awful and I’m sorry.”

“Y/n you could’ve gotten seriously hurt! Don’t you remember last time?!” He said concerned. 

“I know I was so stupid…” You shook your head again.

“No, it wasn’t your fault. I’m sorry, I just worry about you. What happened to the restraining order?” He asked confused.

“Violated yesterday. And possibly many other days. He says he’s seen me with you.” You’re leaning on his shoulder now as he waded in the pool. He got out and lifted you with him to get towels and go inside. 

“He stalks you.” He says hollowly after drying. You nod slowly. You could tell Taylor was now a big ball of worry and anger. 

“Let’s just forget about it? Can we watch a movie?” You beg. Anything to forget that psycho. Taylor sighed not wanting to give up the subject but he could tell that you were desperate to not think about your ex any longer.

“Yeah…” Taylor put in Die Hard and pulled you to his chest as you lay on the couch and the clouds gathered outside. After about forty minutes into the movie you fell asleep. Taylor kissed your forehead and slid out from behind you on the couch heading for the garage. He lit the ignition to his corvette determined to find Aiden and beat the shit out of him.

You woke up no longer feeling the strange warmth behind you the credits rolling for the movie. You gasp in surprise; where the hell was Taylor?! Oh no…you knew it was too good of an ending for this to be over. Taylor just had to go out looking for a fight…You found the other set of keys taking another of the many cars to choose from.

You knew where he’d be; they’d both be at the skate park on the east side. That was where Aiden would hang out with his friends occasionally. If he still had friends…

Jumping out of the car you screamed. Taylor had definitely done some visible damage to Aiden but the other way around was true as well. Neither one heard you and continued to swing at each other. Aiden unfortunately had the upper hand after punching Taylor in the stomach and knocking him to the ground and kicking him in the ribs a couple of times.

“NO STOP IT!” You screamed running towards them. As soon as you reached them Taylor was trying to get back on his feet.

“Get out of here, dumb bitch.” Aiden shoved you away and you slid down only being able to hear the horrible crunch and scream of Taylor.

“Taylor!” You shriek running back to find Aiden was gone and Taylor was rolling on the ground in pain blood coming from his mouth nose and bone sticking out of his arm in a funny way. You almost passed out but luckily stayed calm enough to dial an ambulance.


“Caniff?” A voice called into the waiting room. You stood up within seconds and followed her back to where Taylor was. 

“How could you be so stupid!” You walk in seeing a drugged up Taylor playing with an IV cord. He looked up when you walked in.

“Y/n/n! Whatareyoudoinhere?” He stumbled the words together.

“How much did they give you?”

“I’m floating, y/n. I’m floating.” He grinned.

“Your arm is still sticking out.” You comment.

“I know! Like, when are they going to get on that?” He gave you a goofy grin. “And when are they going to fix your hand?” He asked. The nurse looked up.

“Your hand?” She asked. You grimace showing her and stuck your tongue out at Taylor. “We should probably get X-rays of this .” She suggests.

“Way to go big mouth.” You hiss at him.

“You know I don’t have a big mouth, I gotta big di-”

“TAYLOR!” You shriek as the nurse leads you out of the room. “So what’s going to happen with his arm?” You ask the nurse as she waits for the X-rays.

“We managed to reset the bone so he’ll have to wear a temporary cast for a while and come back for more extensive surgery next week.” She explains. “And you will need a brace over your hand for the next two weeks. Luckily the only finger broken was your thumb into your wrist so we don’t have to worry about those but we will have to re-break your wrist for it to heal properly.”

You cringe at that but let them go through with it unfortunately without a pain medication. So upon walking back to Taylor’s room you were in an even worse mood.

“Do you know how insanely reckless that was of you?” You ask Taylor holding his non-broken arm hand.

“I know…you just deserve so much better than him y/n/n.” Taylor looks at you innocently. You can’t help but muster a smile towards him.

“I love that I have you.” You grin giving him a kiss on the nose. “I love you.” Taylor stuck his tongue out at you;

“I love you more, y/n." 

UGH Sorry that took so long to write but I was a little busy today and my stupid keyboard barely works along with the fact that we had to go into my basement every half hour because of a tornado warning in our area…sorry it took so long! Hopefully I’ll post my first chapter of my longer fanfic. tomorrow and be able to write up a few more of the requests I have received and will hopefully keep receiving as I enjoy getting them:)